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Southcrest LIFE Groups

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1SECOND FLOORGYM220522042203220120412044204822082209211021092108210720342027202821062105210421012102210320252039PRETEENAREAMIDDLE SCHOOLAREA2211HIGH SCHOOLAREA2206ELEVATOR

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WHAT ARE LIFE GROUPS?LIFE Groups are an extremely important part of the Bible study program at Southcrest. These groups are designed to help every individual grow in their personal walk with Christ. In a LIFE Group, you will experience love, learn from God’s Word, and fellowship with other believers.LIFE Groups are the place for establishing life-long relationships within the church family. Sunday morning LIFE Groups meet at 8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am at the church. Weekday LIFE Groups meet at various times and locations. TABLE OF CONTENTSPage(s)Specialized GroupsCollege (The Journey)/Young ProfessionalsSingle AdultsYoung/Median Adults55+ Adult Sunday GroupsWomen’s Weekly GroupsYoung/Median AdultsPreschool/Children’s Sunday GroupsPreschool/Children’s Wednesday NightsStudent Sunday GroupsStudent Wednesday Nights109111314Men + Women Sunday Groups 151617124567Men’s Weekly Groups2

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We have a passion for teaching children and students the love of Jesus Christ in a safe environment through a variety of activities. Our desire is to partner with parents to help them disciple and train their children to have a daily relationship with Jesus. CHILDREN + STUDENT GROUPS

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PRESCHOOL/CHILDREN’SSUNDAY GROUPS4rachelw@southcrest.org806-776-0538Rachel Weldy(Preschool)PRESCHOOL/CHILDREN 9:30AMSunday SchoolCLASSAGEBig Gig (Children's Worship Hour)6 weeks–PreKK–4th Grade 11:00 AMSunday SchoolSunday School6 weeks–PreKK–4th Grade ROOMPreschool AreaThe DockPreschool AreaChildren’s AreaSPECIAL FRIENDS 9:30 AMSpecial FriendsCLASSA group for individuals with intellectual disabilities to form agrowing relationship with Jesus Christ. AGEK–4th GradeROOM2101sharlat@southcrest.org806-786-6612Sharla Tyson(Special Friends)

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AWANA 6:00–7:30 PMABOUTAGE2 Years–4th GradeAWANA is held on Wednesday nights September – May. Kids check in at the gymfor our mid-week discipleship program.Sword Drill is a time during October – Marchto memorize scriptures, key passages, and booksof the Bible. Meet us in The Dock after AWANA!SWORD DRILL 7:30–8:00 PM4th–6th Grade5pamc@southcrest.org806-776-0545Pam Copeland(Children)PRESCHOOL/CHILDREN’SWEDNESDAY NIGHTS

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STUDENTSUNDAY GROUPSPRETEEN 11:00 AM20395th + 6th GradeROOM AGESPECIAL FRIENDS 11:00 AM21015th–12th GradeA group for preteens and students with intellectual disabilities toform a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. MIDDLE SCHOOL 11:00 AM22117th + 8th GradeHIGH SCHOOL 11:00 AM22069th–12th Gradesharlat@southcrest.org806-786-6612Sharla Tyson(Special Friends)JOIN US FOR COMMUNITY, SMALL GROUPS,AND TIME IN GOD'S WORD.6

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STUDENTWEDNESDAY NIGHTSJOIN US FOR WORSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, ANDTIME IN GOD'S WORD.AGE5th + 6th GradePRETEEN 6:20 PM2039ROOMMIDDLE + HIGH SCHOOL 6:20 PM22067th–12th Grade7kelliem@southcrest.org806-797-9000 ext. 0584Kellie Martin(Preteen)austind@southcrest.org806-776-0506Austin Damron(Middle + High School)

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We want you to grow closer to one another and the Lord while you are here. We believe that living in community with other believers is a crucial part of living as Jesus did. Consider becoming a part of a Sunday morning LIFE Group, connecting with other families at our Wednesday night activities, or joining a discipleship class!ADULT GROUPS

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COLLEGE | THE JOURNEY+ YOUNG PROFESSIONALS9tylerd@southcrest.org806-776-0512Tyler Dunn(College + Young Professionals)COLLEGE | THE JOURNEYSUNDAY 9:30 AMA group for 23–35 year olds.Room 2108MiddletonEmail Tyler Dunn for details.WEEKLY HOME GROUPSEvery ThursdayTUESDAY NIGHT GATHERING 6:30–9:00 PM6:30 pm Dinner Once a Month / Snacks Weekly | 7:30–8:30 pm WorshipWorship CenterEvery TuesdayYOUNG PROFESSIONALSWEEKLY HOME GROUP 6:00–8:00 PMEmail Tyler Dunn for details.

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SUNDAYSPECIALIZED GROUPS10DEAF ADULTS 11:00 AMHouchin/King30–70 3–5 1011SPECIAL FRIENDS 9:30 AMMcElwainTEACHER AGE18+CLASS SIZE8-10ROOM2102A group for individuals with intellectual disabilities to form agrowing relationship with Jesus Christ. CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE 11:00 AMPettiet30–65 5–9 1105Discipling individuals from other countries to support their Christian life in America.nickw@southcrest.org806-776-0523Nick Watts(Adult Discipleship)sharlat@southcrest.org806-786-6612Sharla Tyson(Special Friends)

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SINGLE ADULTSROOM1107210321072103SUNDAY 9:30 AMTEACHER AGE60–80CLASS SIZE5–10Nunnally40–65 5–10Howard/Stone11:00 AM25–45 8–12Burke45–65 8–10Stone11nickw@southcrest.org806-776-0523Nick Watts(Adult Discipleship)

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12YOUNG/MEDIANADULT GROUPSSUNDAY 11:00 AMTEACHER AGE25–35CLASS SIZE11–15ROOM2102Henderson/Fellers30–44 35–55 1007/1008Reeves/Riley30–45 13–17 2048Mouzon/Bailey30–45 8–11 2027Eubanks/Taylor30–45 10–15 2104Watson/RobinsonMONDAY 6:30 PMYoung married and engaged couples. Email Nick Watts for the address.25–33 12–15 HomeMaddoxWEDNESDAY 6:00 PM25–40 10–15 1010Braishernickw@southcrest.org806-776-0523Nick Watts(Adult Discipleship)

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YOUNG/MEDIANADULT GROUPS1311:00 AM40–55 16 2027Wood/Henderson40–69 21 1103/1104Milford/JonesSUNDAY 9:30 AMTEACHER AGE CLASS SIZE ROOMWattsAll Ages 221165–75nickw@southcrest.org806-776-0523Nick Watts(Adult Discipleship)

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ROOM100310091007/100820391007/1008101122061003220110092109100910102105/2106ConferenceSUNDAY 8:00 AMTEACHERAGE60–85CLASS SIZE35–45Graham/Fellers55–85 20–30Key/Richardson55–85 40–55Cudnoski/Gray9:30 AM55–75 28–36Bryant/Pinkerton65–95 23–30Richardson/Clark60–75 10–14Igo/Evans55–85 86–118White/Holly70–90 36–46Jones/Oglesby44–77 18–25Rogers/Rogers55–75 23–35Robbins40–70 NEWBownds/Flemons11:00 AMBristow/Kinman70–90 18–25R.C. Littlefield/Gilliam65–95 18–22Newsom/Turner/Powell45–70 28–33Walters/HouchinGrandparents 11–14Smith/Sexton50–65 7–11 11061455+ ADULTSUNDAY GROUPS

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MEN + WOMENSUNDAY GROUPS15Williams/Pierce55–89 30–40 1103/1104Posey/Clark60–85 23–28 1101/110211:00 AM40–70 5–10 2025Daniel/DanielMEN | SUNDAY 9:30 AM65–80 4–7 2204WisdomTEACHER AGE CLASS SIZE ROOMWOMEN | SUNDAY 9:30 AMTEACHERAGE CLASS SIZE ROOM11:00 AM40–75 23–30 1101/1102Ford/Jones50–87 39–44 1003Thornton/Askew/Danielnickw@southcrest.org806-776-0523Nick Watts(Adult Discipleship)

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WOMEN’S WEEKLYDISCIPLESHIP GROUPS16melissam@southcrest.org806-776-0536Melissa Meredith(Women’s Discipleship Groups)Email Melissa Meredith for start dates and more information onWomen’s Discipleship Groups. *Multigenerational GroupsSUNDAY5:00 pm Reeves*TIME TEACHEROff-Campus5:00 pm Stelter*1003ROOMTUESDAY9:30 amSims (Precept)*6:30 pmShatley*10081008WEDNESDAY9:30 am9:30 am12:00 pmBarnett*McCraw (Stonecroft)*Richardson*101010031008MONDAY6:30 pmRichardson*Zoom Only

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17MEN’S WEEKLYGROUPSdannyh@southcrest.org806-776-0503Danny Henderson(Men’s Weekly Groups)FRIDAY 12:00 PM1008Men at 12:11 pmTHURSDAY 6:11 AM1008Men at 6:11 amTUESDAY 6:11 PM1011Men at 6:11 pmTUESDAY 8:00 AMConferenceMen’s PrayerCLASS ROOM

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