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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Editorial This time last year when I asked Mr Mornin to write In home learning this year allowed us to gain many the opening for the Wolfhound 2020 we believed the new skills some of which we will continue to employ 2019 2020 school year would be unique Little did in the years ahead Suffice to say it has been a we realise then that we would go through another learning curve but we have all come through it better national lockdown and period of in home learning in equipped to deal with the future 2020 2021 We are eagerly awaiting getting back to normal in Making Connections Shaping Futures Understandably Covid mitigations made this school September In the meantime this is a short overview year very different from usual Baserooms face of what went on in 2020 21 Thanks as always go coverings and copious amounts of sanitising became to staff who contributed and especially to Chris Dee the norm Teachers and other staff clocked up many and Mrs Craig for their assistance with photos I look more steps on their Fitbits and we were unable to forward to cataloguing a full range of activities for the host many of our traditional school events such as 2021 22 school year Prize Giving Nevertheless the spirit of LHS and our motto of Word hard be kind continued to permeate S Jack throughout the school Our pupils adapted brilliantly Editor to the many changes asked of them and staff persevered to teach to the very best of their ability 1

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 with our Year 14s will be moving onto further higher education gap years or into the world of work As a school we wish them every success in the future and reassure them that their school will always be there for them if and when required We are all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat This pandemic put in sharp focus the very important and central role that parents and families have in supporting their child s learning The ability and commitment of our parents and how quickly they were able to adapt to the expectations of in home learning was outstanding The staff also appreciated the kind messages received on a daily basis and indeed the gifts received These acts of kindness really did lift our spirits Reflection of the 2020 21 Academic Year Mr D N Mornin Principal I remember vividly the 18 March 2020 sitting in a Board of Governors meeting when the First and Deputy First Ministers announced that schools would close from 20 March 2020 None of us would have believed that over 15 months later we would all still be in the middle of what has turned out to be such a devastating pandemic Many of us are now well accustomed to virtual meetings via Zoom or other digital solutions I attended one recently with the Department of Education when a leading academic said We are all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat This really struck a chord with me and challenged me about how we all have or indeed haven t been impacted directly by COVID 19 Many families within the local community have been devastated by losing loved ones others are still struggling with the after effects of having COVID 19 and some have been fortunate to escape any direct impact at all We have all had to adjust our daily routines to include one way systems regular handwashing sanitising social distancing and the wearing of face coverings We have also missed seeing our family and friends and travelling to foreign countries This academic year has been very tough for everyone The expectations being placed on teachers pupils and indeed parents to support learning in the midst of this pandemic with their own personal concerns difficulties and complications have inevitability taken their toll What has this pandemic really taught us about the community indeed the world we live in On reflection I feel it has highlighted the importance of science and how when people work together in a collaborative way things can get done a lot faster The importance of public health and the realisation of the lack of investment in our Health and Social Care system has been brought to the forefront The COVID 19 pandemic has unveiled a community of unsung heroes who put themselves forward to support the most vulnerable in our community and it has made apparent how quickly people and indeed our children can adapt to change 2 The WOLFHOUND 2021 I have to say I have been so proud of the efforts of everyone in the school community to ensure that the impact on our pupils education during this academic year has been very limited The staff at Limavady High School in my view have been second to none They have shown that they are flexible adaptable and always looking to find ways to make the best out of a bad situation or make a great situation even better The speed in which they embraced the challenge learnt how to effectively use the technology available adapted their pedagogy managed their own home responsibilities and supported their pupils and colleagues is nothing short of amazing They have also had to adjust to allocating Teachers Professional Judgements and Centre Determined Grades for our Year 12 13 and 14 pupils I want to thank each and every one of the teaching staff for their diligence professionalism and integrity when it came to awarding grades which were reflective of our pupils ability This pandemic has also highlighted the important role the school plays in supporting the young people in our community As well as providing stability routine and consistency to many young people school supports their mental health by providing a positive connection with trusted adults such as their teachers and pastoral leaders I continue to be so impressed by the resilience and determination shown by our pupils during the pandemic This has been the most difficult time for them and their school experience with class bubbles zones etc has not been what we would have hoped for They have shown how they can adapt to the new practices and procedures along with the challenge of in home learning They have shown the ability to be independent and motivated learners The pupils in key examination years have been outstanding in their patience whilst waiting on the examining bodies to announce how grades would be awarded It was very disappointing that we didn t get to have our annual Year 12 and Sixth Form formals and the end of year celebration with our Year 12 pupils Whilst many of our Year 12s are returning to Sixth Form some along Amidst all of challenges during the year we as a school were celebrating our 60th Anniversary Limavady County Secondary Intermediate School as it was then known first opened its doors to pupils in September 1961 although the official opening ceremony which was performed by the Rt Hon Viscount Brookeborough who was then the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland did not take place until Thursday 3 May 1962 Some three hundred pupils enrolled in the first year and in 2021 we are now close to eight hundred pupils The school funded a 60th Anniversary film which will be launched at the start of the new academic year There was also a trip down memory lane with a special exhibition at the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre We unveiled our new leap of the dog statue by local artist Mr David Rosborough and also buried a time capsule We also had the pleasure to welcome the Mayor of the Causeway Coast and Glens who presented a gift on behalf of the council Whilst some events had to be postponed due to the pandemic we will be holding these in the new academic year I would like to put on record my thanks to JKC BMW Coleraine who were our main sponsor throughout the year As a school we are very fortunate to have the unwavering support of our PTA who continued to meet via Zoom and secured funding from the Causeway Coast and Glens to deliver food hampers to families Facebook portals to local care homes and family fitness classes Unfortunately we were unable to have our annual prize day due to restrictions This was very disappointing for us all especially in a year when our pupils excelled once again 95 of our pupils achieved five or more GCSE passes at A C grades this is 17 above the Northern Ireland Average for like schools We also had a further 8 increase on the previous year with 60 of pupils achieving 5 or more A C grades including English and Mathematics This again is 8 above the Northern Ireland Average for like schools Some notable results included Miriam Whyte who achieved 4A s 4As and 1B Emma Cochrane who gained 3A s 5As and 1B and Robyn McNerlin who was awarded 2A s 3As 4Bs and 1C LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL At A level the cohort excelled themselves with the best set of results achieved in a long time with 85 7 achieving 3A C grades which is 28 5 above the Northern Ireland Average for like schools Some notable results included Clarissa Bell who achieved 2A s and 1A Shannon Conn achieved 2 Distinction and 1 Distinction and Chloe Martin who achieved 2 Distinction and 1B This academic year saw the start of the new multi millionpound Shared Campus with Woodvale Construction This has been a long journey for everyone involved Back in July 2014 the Minister of Education announced the Shared Education Campuses Programme The Limavady Partnership SERV Sharing Education in the Roe Valley applied for Shared Facilities with the aim of building a new STEM centre Sixth Form centre and Careers Hub which both schools and the wider community could utilise The Shared Campus affords the opportunity for building on the success of previous collaborative work with teachers students parents and the wider community The SERV programme has been in existence for over 40 years with its origins dating back to the 1970s The partnership has been working extremely hard over the past number of years across a number of different workstreams from Project Team meetings Project Board meetings and Shared Education strategic meetings with the Education Authority CCMS and the Department The buildings should be completed by April 2023 with all pupils enjoying state of the art facilities At the end of each academic year we get the opportunity to thank staff for their many years of service This year is no exception and I want to wish Mrs Loughery health and happiness in the future and thank her for the many years of service and dedication to the school and its pupils I also want to thank Mr Quinn for his dedication in the Mathematics department whilst covering for Mrs Doak Duncan Muguku a businessman from the United States of America is quoted as saying Challenges make you stronger and strengthen your ability to face and conquer more adversity in the future you become more confident from overcoming more difficulties There is no doubt that the 2020 21 academic year will go down as one of the most challenging years in our history I do believe however that we should be proud of what we have achieved this year The Limavady High School family has shown how we care nurture encourage and support one another which has helped us to face the adversity and deal with the challenges together Let s hope that the 2021 22 academic year will permit us to learn from our experience and return to some resemblance of normality 3

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL s o l hel Ms Allen English The WOLFHOUND 2021 Miss Stewart HE The WOLFHOUND 2021 Mr Quinn Maths Hi my name is Miss Stewart and I was given the fantastic opportunity of joining the Home Economics team at Limavady High School in February 2020 Fresh out of my PGCE which I completed at Liverpool Hope University I feel very privileged to have been giving this opportunity The H E department have been wonderful and it has been a pleasure to teach the subject Staff and students alike at Limavady High School have been so welcoming and coming to work here has been a real pleasure This academic year has been unlike any other we have ever experienced nevertheless I have been so impressed by our students ability to adapt and I have been proud to observe how resilient they have been despite the disruption to their day to day education LHS students have faced every challenge with inimitable humour and determination and I feel blessed to be part of this unique period of our shared history We all hope that the 2021 2022 academic year provides us with the opportunity to reset and re establish the high expectations we have for our students In particular I am excited to support my fantastic form class through to their Key Stage 4 studies and take on the role of Head of Key Stage 3 English A bit more about me My favourite food is chocolate My favourite hobby is baking My favourite colour is blue Mr Linton Learning Support and RE Hi my name is Mr Linton and I had the privilege of joining Limavady High School in August 2020 teaching Learning Support Religious Studies and Learning for Life Work Starting a new job in the midst of a global pandemic for most is probably a difficult task but the staff and students made me feel extremely welcome despite difficult circumstances for this I will be forever grateful This school is truly at the heart of the local community personally I have had the pleasure of delivering hampers with Mr Dallas seeing my form class raise 1000 for Marie Curie and watching how the school secured funds to loan a large number of Chromebooks to students during the lockdown It is safe to say I have enjoyed every single day since joining the team During my free time I enjoy playing football and golf walking my dog Benny and spending valuable time with my family Since lockdown I have missed the trips to the cinema and going out for the odd bite to eat I promised to my family I won t be as tight when they re open and I will go out more often for food Outside of school I also bake bespoke cakes and cupcakes for special occasions Then although it can be limited in my free time I love going for walks going out for coffee and exploring new places I am also very partial to a holiday but unfortunately Covid has put an end to that for now Limavady High School is renowned for its family ethos and since my appointment as English teacher I have felt privileged to be included in this family is at the heart of everything I do and every decision I make This is one of the reasons I was delighted to be appointed at LHS when my family and I made the decision to relocate back to Northern Ireland after I taught in England for over ten years LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL As a recently qualified teacher I spent my first year teaching in Strabane After a year there I wanted to explore new opportunities in different schools and meet new people The idea of moving to a whole new school not knowing anyone or the local area was quite daunting Nonetheless those fears and worries were soon put to rest when I arrived at Limavady High School in August 2020 The staff were so friendly welcoming and showed a strong willingness to support me throughout my time here The pupils were very inviting and accepted me into the Limavady High School family as their new Maths teacher I am a passionate teacher who thrives on challenge and seeing students excel in and outside of the classroom I get a great sense of satisfaction when I see young people achieve their goals and sometimes realise they can do things they initially deemed impossible I hope I give the students energy and confidence to aim high and always pursue their goals Your attitude determines your direction I hope all students who pass through my class remember this quote Over the past year I have gained so many memories with the lovely staff and pupils which I ll never forget I hope to be invited back to the Limavady High School family next year to rekindle those great relationships I have developed with so many people here In between these times I will enjoy spending time and going on adventures with my family my two children and our crazy cockapoo Teddy 4 5

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL s e y b good Mrs Loughery This year we are saying Farewell to Mrs Loughery who is closing her teaching planner after more than twenty years in the classroom Mrs Loughery moved to Limavady High School when it amalgamated with Dungiven High School in 2002 Soon after she assumed the role of Head of the Drama department and it is in this role that she directed a large number of very popular High school productions Mrs Loughery also took on the task of introducing Moving Image to the school in 2006 She also became Head of Year before moving to Head of Sixth Form Having had the privilege of working with Mrs Loughery over the past 16 years I know her to be dedicated and energetic with a great passion for her subject areas Although Mrs Loughery is saying Goodbye to teaching she has exciting plans for the years to come She will be sorely missed by her departmental colleagues and friends across the staff and we wish her every good health and happiness for the future Mrs Jack The WOLFHOUND 2021 I can honestly say that some of the conversations I had with individuals will stay with me They allowed me much more insight into the privileged role that a teacher has I learned a lot from my pupils The pupils are what school is all about Without you it would be VERY quiet not always a bad thing There are too many for me to mention individually but you know who you are From the Year 8s who came to Drama Club and went right on to A level every GCSE and A level class thank you for the many laughs and sleepless nights you gave me To those who were on the school trips France Barcelona and New York you were brilliant except in the middle of the night Mr Dallas you were very bad sometimes The school shows I still can t believe I was allowed to produce so many without getting found out Talk about blagging it in the beginning I think they were just grateful I didn t go running for the hills after the first show like most of my predecessors Seriously they remain the absolute highlight of my time at LHS So many brilliant committed mostly hard working and funny pupils that I am SO proud of The staff that had LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL their arms twisted to take part weren t bad either The comedy duo of Mr Dallas and Miss McVea will remain legendary Thanks to you all To any pupil reading this whatever you want to do go for it I started off working in a shirt factory knowing it wasn t for me I can t sew and ended up working with the best pupils and staff in the best role EVER Don t stop until you find your thing I can t sign off without thanking the staff who are second to none in terms of enthusiasm professionalism and sheer work ethic Ian and his team canteen staff love that cracknell the office staff the classroom assistants Dee and Chris the teaching staff Mr Mornin and the Senior Management Team A special mention to Mrs Ruth Hylands and Mrs Susan Jack for your many years of friendship and support I couldn t have asked for a better team Finally thank you to my three special girls Mrs Michelle Watkin Miss Karen Morrison and Mrs Rosie Allison you re simply the best Break a leg everyone Mrs Loughery LEAVING LHS Miss Knipe I m a bit surprised this day has actually arrived Time to put finger to keyboard and say my farewells I ll keep it brief I really have loved working in this school and will consider myself forever blessed that I was given the opportunity to be Head of Drama Moving Image even though I started out teaching English That was at Dungiven High School where I also taught PE and Music Still not quite sure how I got away with the latter Couldn t play an instrument but I had rhythm I actually said that in my interview After the amalgamation with LHS I found myself part of the English Dept I remember the first departmental meeting looking round the table Miss Miller Mrs Cartwright Miss Morrison Terrifying Thankfully for them my time there was brief as I moved on to run the Drama Dept I was the sole drama teacher and taught every pupil at KS3 The minute I started I knew I d found what I was supposed to be doing I loved it most of the pupils loved it and GCSE and A level thrived With the Specialism new challenges came and with it many great memories Moving Image Arts was 6 introduced a brand new A level film studies course that I was lucky enough to be a part of from the beginning Although a steep learning curve it was and still is brilliant to teach and is offered to our partner schools St Mary s and Limavady Grammar That alongside A level Performing Arts and Art saw LHS flourishing in the visual and creative arts I owe past principals Glenn Reilly and David Dunlop a huge thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an important part of our school s history Several of our pupils continue to go on to complete Arts subjects at University college and work in the Arts industry Head of Year and then specifically Sixth Year came my way Somebody advised me Don t do it but I m so glad I did It gave me the opportunity to come alongside pupils in a different capacity and to work with and hopefully support them in a pastoral role In December we said a sad farewell to a member of our Classroom Assistant Team We will miss Miss Knipe s enthusiasm and happy outlook We wish her all the best in her future Mrs Morrow At the start of September Mr Mornin and Mrs Kingston presented a gift to mark the retirement of one of our longest serving classroom assistants Mrs Ruth Morrow The entire school community wish Ruth many years of health and happiness as she enters this new exciting chapter of her life 7

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL A farewell message from our Head Girl Mrs S Armstrong Miss L Winton Mrs M Doherty Miss E Angus We would also like to thank Mrs S Armstrong Miss L Winton Mrs M Doherty and Miss E Angus for their contributions to the Classroom Assistant team this year Their hard work and dedication to our pupils is much appreciated Mrs Connell At the end of March we said goodbye to a valued member of our Classroom Assistant team Emma Connell who has been with us since 2015 We wish her every success in her future Jacqueline Hamilton Limavady High School recently said farewell to Lunchtime Supervisor Jacqueline Hamilton after 30 years of service We would like to thank Jacqueline for her years of service to Limavady High School and we wish her health and happiness on her retirement Vanessa Before Christmas Mr Mornin Lynne and Hilda said goodbye to Vanessa We would like to thank her for all her hard work and dedication during her time with us working at reception and wish her well for the future 8 Looking back at the last 7 years it s hard to believe that my time at Limavady High is coming to end It feels like yesterday when I walked through the doors as a shy girl and now I am now leaving a confident young lady The last 7 years are filled with many memories that I will never forget I never in a million years expected to get the role as Head Girl it was such a priviledge to be selected When I think back on the past 7 years I instanlty remember my sporting achievements from Year 8 to Year 12 from getting the Junior champion and Swimmer of the Year in Year 8 to receiving the Fair Play award in Year 11 and Netball Player of the Year 3 times Another achievement that I will never foget is completing my Bronze and Silver Duke of Ed It taught me personal responsibility teamwork and confidence and much more that I can use in everday life When life returns to normal I hope to complete my Gold Duke of Edinburgh which I am really looking forward to Although my duities as Head Girl were very limitited this year due to the pandemic I really enjoyed those that I was given My first and favourite duty was laying the wreath on Remembrance Sunday with Head Boy Jacob Mr Mornin and Mrs Rosborough It was extremely special as I was wearing a badge that represented my Great Uncle Sam who served in World War Two It s hard to believe that after so many years of hearing about the Shared Campus it s finally being created To mark this special occasion the Education Minister Peter Weir and BBC reporter Robbie Meredith came to the school and I was interviewed with another pupil from St Mary s This interview was televised and I got my five minutes of fame To mark the 60th year of Limavady High School the town hall put on an exhibition to celebrate I had the privilege at this time to meet the Mayor of the Causeway Coast and Glens Alderman Mark Fielding I also took part in School Council and although we couldn t meet in person it took place over zoom It was great to see pupils from all years being able to voice their opinions and ideas that can be implemented into the school in the years to come I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Limavady High for making my time at school so memorable I would especially like to thank my GCSE and A level subject teachers for all their help over the last 4 years Without their help I don t think I could have achieved such good results that I am proud of I would like to thank my A level teachers for all their support over the past 2 years especially during the periods of online schooling A special thanks goes to Mrs McCartney who through this very difficult year was always checking up and asking how we were getting on with our school work and also making sure that we knew that she was there to help Most importantly for making me laugh during these strange times especially in the mornings which isn t easy to do I know I speak on behalf of all the Year 14 when I say Thank you so much for your help over the past year we really appreciate it Although the past two years is not what anyone expected Year 14 really appreciate all the help we have received We are so thankful that we got to celebrate Leavers together with a fanstantic barbeque and waterfight Not only a waterfight but eggs and flour were thrown most of which seemed to end up on me My time as Head Girl has been one of the most memorable and incredible experiences one which I will never forget I am so thankful to Mr Mornin and his Leadership Team for the opportunity to be Head Girl A massive thankyou to Jacob our Head Boy and our deputies Morgan Laura Jacob and Conor for their help over the past year Finally I would like to wish the incoming Head Girl Emily and the incoming Head Boy Steven as well as their deputies Megan and Joshua all the best for the next year and hope that they will enjoy their time just as much as I did The last piece of advice that I would like to give as Head Girl to the new Head Boy Girl and their deputies is to remember our school moto Work hard and be Kind Leah Craig 9

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL A farewell message from our Head Boy It s strange to think that I ve now reached the end of the road in regard to my time at Limavady High school The past 7 years although some days it feels like 70 have taught me a lot not only about myself but about what it means to grow up though some might say I m still struggling with that last part My time at the High has definitely shaped me into a more self assured person and has given me experiences that I could get nowhere else It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child but a school in the enigmatic town of Limavady has hopefully done the trick in my case Henceforth I write this hopefully as a positive reflection of a place that has done right by me The thing I m most thankful for during in my time at school is the cast of characters and personalities I ve met along my way From pupils to teachers to cleaners and everyone in between that forms the backbone of the school I thank you Limavady High School would not be what it is without you and I would not have so many memories of laughing rigorously at your antics After over half a decade I know the school like the back of my hand and every corridor or staircase or classroom holds fond memories The sights and smells though not always good ones of the building will forever be ingrained in my mind as they have been the catalyst to many positive experiences in my life If those walls could talk they d probably say something Limavady like such as Would youns weans stop carrying on and I d not have it any other way During my time at LHS I ve been there done that and got the t shirt or yellow stripe in my case From being a part of Mr Dallas illustrious Male choir that stole the show at Drenagh on several occasions to playing rugby under the guidance of the rural Rory Best in Mr McConnell I ve had my fair share of experiences I have fond memories of doing Duke of Ed and touring sunny Berlin as well as a variety of other things such as helping out on Open Nights Academically my success is not my own as the devotion of several members of staff helped achieve success I never thought possible My GCSE years were probably my favourite at school as they were pre pandemic times when wearing a face mask was something only a bank robber did Particularly I d like to thank my form teacher at GCSE Mrs Keown who went above and beyond for me during those years though it seemed China was more appealing than the cultural melting pot that is Limavady At A level I studied History Geography and English literature Mr Young s sarcastic sayings formed the soundtrack to my historical endeavours but guess who has two 10 thumbs and is actually quite a good teacher David Attenborough s number 1 fan Mr McCarry helped make Geography an enjoyable subject and I ll always thank the English department for making the Wife of Bath and Shakespeare understandable My time as Head Boy while lacking in duties due to Covid 19 has been enjoyable I ve never really felt like I was the right man for the job although I do make the blazer look good However the reassurance of the school helped me to see that I could rise to the occasion My Sixth Form years have been not as full as I would have liked because of Covid however I d like to say thank you to my Head of Year Mrs McCartney for always being there to help and question my dodgy sleep schedule Most people when they write this tend to say they dreaded giving the infamous prize day speech Obviously we missed out on the chance to do it however I would ve liked to as talking continuously is a favourite past time of mine if I did it it would probably be the best in the world However the few duties that I did do I m thankful for Before I finish I d like to thank the deputy heads especially Jacob Meenagh who has been my stunt double on occasion and the whole Senior Prefect team as well as Mr Mornin and the Senior Leadership Team in school I know I ve not been easy to deal with at times but thank you for the opportunity I really appreciate it Our Head girl Leah also deserves a thank you as admittingly you ve been better in this role than me and I appreciate your hard work Also to next year s yellow stripe enthusiasts Steven and Emily and their team hopefully you get to achieve all you want in the role and that your tenure is not marred by Covid 19 Good luck Finally to everyone in my year group if you re reading this I wish you every success in the future no matter what path you walk Remember Success isn t the result of arrogance it s the result of belief Conor McGregor Jacob Coyle Jacob Coyle Leah Craig 2020 2021 Steven Patterson Emily Carton 2021 2022 2021 2022 At the beginning of May we held interviews for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl for 2021 2022 The pupils had to complete a presentation on why they were suitable for the role and suggest a new initiative that we could run to improve Limavady High school We are incredibly proud of all the pupils that were interviewed and they should all be very proud of themselves We are pleased to announce Head Boy 2021 22 Steven Paterson Deputy Head Boy 2021 22 Joshua McKeever Head Girl 2021 22 Emily Carton Deputy Head Girl 2021 22 Megan Milligan Senior Prefects 2021 22 Bo Anderson Robyn McNerlin Charlize Wilson Cartwright 11

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL YEAR 10 Nicholas Millar Olivia Harper Head Girl YEAR 11 Head Boy Jacob Coyle Amella Sinclair Dylan Jackson YEAR 8 YEAR 12 Annie Corner Tyler Brown Kori Donaghy Owen McClenaghan Leah Craig YEAR 9 Alex McMichael Fiona Alsevska 12 YEAR 13 YEAR 14 Charleigh Carrig Jack Mahoney 13

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Mr D N Mornin Mrs S Rosborough Principal VP Curriculum SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM Miss L Fisher VP Pastoral Mrs S Devine Head of Department Mrs H Kingston Learning Support Co ordinator Mrs H Kingston Learning Support Co ordinator Miss K Morrison Head of Key Stage 4 Mrs S Jack Mrs J Calvin CAREERS Miss A McConaghy Ms J Allen Mrs M Kelly DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT Miss K McDowell Head of Department Miss H Kennedy Head of Year 12 Mrs S Rosborough VP Curriculum Mrs J Kelly Head of Year 9 Mrs M Watkin Head of Department Mr K O Neill Mrs L Sharpe Mrs C Doak Mrs J Calvin Mrs J Craig Dr A Robinson Mr D Quinn Mr J Kissack 14 CAREERS Mrs L Clarke Miss E Bowerman 15

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 DEPARTMENT Mr T McCarry Acting Head of Department Miss A Richardson DEPARTMENT Mrs A Dillon Head of Department DEPARTMENT Mr G Dallas Head of Department Mr S Young Head of Year 10 Mrs C McLaughlin Mr A McFarland 16 Mr R Caskey Head of Key Stage 3 Mr D Young Mrs C McLaughlin Mrs K Maguire DEPARTMENT Mr A O Doherty Head of Department DEPARTMENT Head of Department LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Mr P Elliker Head of Year 11 Mr S Quigley DEPARTMENT Mrs R Hylands Head of Department Miss L Fisher VP Pastoral Mrs J Loughery 17

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 DEPARTMENT Miss C Connell Head of Department LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Miss N Hardman Mrs S Jack Head of Department Mrs J Loughery DEPARTMENT Mrs L O Neill Miss L Stewart DEPARTMENT Mrs G Montgomery Head of Department Mrs F Smyth Mrs V McGregor Miss K Curran DEPARTMENT Mr S McConnell Mrs J MCartney Mr N Doherty Miss S McCook Head of Department Head of Sixth Year Mrs L O Neill Head of Year 8 18 Head of Department Mrs L Clarke 19

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Miss L Kerr Ms T McAllister Miss J Gilfillan Mrs R Allison Miss J Little Mrs P Rathfield Miss O Logan Mrs P Bingham Mr H Tate Miss S Gillespie Mrs M Patton Mrs K McClaren Mrs A McDowell Mrs J Truman Mrs A O Kane Mrs J Clyde Mrs C Forrest Mrs G Cole Mrs D Quigg Mrs F Gordon Mrs K Campbell Mr T McGarry Head of Department DEPARTMENT The WOLFHOUND 2021 Head of Department DEPARTMENT Mrs A Burns Mr A Linton Head of Department DEPARTMENT Mr G Dallas Head of Department 20 Mrs L McBeth 21

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 Mrs B Purcell Mrs H Devenney Mrs L Bond LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Mrs G McBride Mrs L Mornin Sixth Form Study Supervisor Mr C McFetridge Miss A Neill Miss S McDermott Mr D Boorman Mr L Irvine Bursar Mr H McElwee Mr R McManus Mr I McIlmoyle 22 Mr G King Mr M McAleese 23

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 fundraising LHS pupils kickstarted their year by making a presentation to the charity Foyle Search and Rescue in September Anyone who put their hands into their pocket for 9T THANKYOU Not only have they raised 720 for Foyle Search and Rescue but they have achieved something even greater by learning how to fundraise and think of others During their first lesson back at school they set out to raise 100 from the thirteen 5 notes Mr Young invested in them Interschools Show Jumping fundraising They came up with a variety of ideas and set about purchasing baking materials for buns soap and sponges to wash cars and even organising a 30 Minute skipping challenge Riley Morrow raised a staggering 436 alone by raffling a giant teddy bear which clearly shows how much he was supported by friends family and the community This money will help save lives and we also want to highlight the memories of those we have lost On a Saturday morning in Septmeber three of our pupils competed in Interschools Show Jumping The girls did the school proud and jumped to a high standard with two of them completing two flawless rounds Well done to Ellie Hudson Lily Craig and Bo Anderson Thanks to Mrs McBeth for accompanying them at the event At the start of September we were delighted to welcome back some of our former Year 14 pupils for a very special occasion The LHS Charity Committee were very proud to make a presentation to L I P S this was a result of efforts over the 2019 2020 school year Jack Turner Secretary of the Charity Committee 2019 20 explains more Last year the charity committee got together and thought long and hard about which charity to dedicate their efforts to While many different organisations and names popped up we ultimately decided to go local and support a charity known as L I P S Their full name being The Limavady Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide Lips are a non profit organisation that do a lot of work within the community spreading awareness and helping those 24 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL who struggle with mental health Being formed by the family of a past pupil we felt particularly inspired by Lips and their message It felt only right that we set our attention onto them in an attempt to help as much as we could After we had decided on our charity we immediately got to work planning various fundraising events for throughout the rest of the school year We set up a confectionary stand for our junior school s Christmas party bun sales filled with various freshly baked good from our very own students and even a valentines rolo service all of which helping us to raise a total of 630 Unfortunately with news of a pandemic induced lockdown being implemented back in March we were unable to continue with our efforts Despite this however we are very proud of what we have raised and we are more than glad to be able to contribute to a fantastic and well deserved cause 25

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL CAUSEWAY COAST AND GLENS Art competition At the start of October we were delighted to celebrate the successes of several of our pupils in a Causeway Coast and Glens Art competition Key Stage 3 pupils Matthew Sproule and Abbi Bredin along with a group of Year 11 GCSE Art pupils had their creations turned into advertising materials to promote Limavady Great work Well done to all pupils involved as well as Mr Elliker and Mr Quigley from the Art department Year 8 first day at school 26 27

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL K OO B On 9th October Year 13 pupils had a visit from Catherine McColgan from Aware NI also marking World Mental Health Day Pupils completed the Mood Matters course and looked at what mental health is things that affect mental health how lockdown impacted mental health signs and symptoms of stress depression and how to look after your mental health This was a very beneficial course thank you again Catherine for coming to deliver it i N EK E W Book Week Ni was held between 19 25 October To promote reading for pleasure some of our staff shared their favourite current reads It s great to see our staff showing their love for reading and helping to promote it as a lifelong pleasure A special badge to mark a special occasion In October we were delighted to launch our anniversary badge celebrating 60 years of Limavady High School educating young people in our town Year 11 pupil Poppy Miller was the winner of the online competition to design the badge Poppy told us the colours represent the colours of our school and our uniform and the six people represent six decades 28 29

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL AntiBullying Week As part of our Anti Bullying Week events in November each form class was asked to nominate one pupil to be their Kindness Ambassador These pupils are kind to others they are helpful and they uphold our core value of Respect Pupils who were nominated received a special badge for their blazer very well deserved SERV Sharing Education in the Roe Valley Shared Classes are a large part of pupil life at Limavady High School and St Mary s Limavady In years 8 10 pupils are taught in shared Learning for Life and Work classes In years 11 14 large numbers of pupils continue their shared classes in a variety of GCSE and A level subjects In November we were delighted to present all our pupils who attend a shared class with a SERV badge to wear on their uniform On the afternoon of 8th November our Head Boy Jacob and Head Girl Leah along with Mr Mornin and Mrs Rosborough attended the cenotaph to lay a wreath on behalf of the school in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice We were so pleased that this event was able to go ahead especially as we were unable to have our usual annual service of Remembrance in school Instead every form class was shown a special video of remembrance during their Personal Development period This 30 minute long production featured 30 many of our pupils Emily Carton gave a beautiful rendition of The White Cliffs of Dover there were montages of photos of local men who had fought and died during WWI the boys choir sang on location at war graves in Garvagh Miss Kerr played her harp and sang a solo which often features during our usual Remembrance service There was also input from our cadets accordion group and bag piper Rhys before the Last Post and a minute of silence was held We would like to thank Mr Dallas Miss Kerr and all of the pupils involved in making this very special commemoration 31

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL FOOD BANK THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our Food Bank efforts in December As you can see the response was brilliant A big thank you to 8I for carrying all those boxes out to the front foyer and all our trusty staff who safely transported the items to the LCDI teamwork Hopefully these items will go a long way in helping families this Christmas time Just before Christmas Mr Mornin on behalf of the PTA was delighted to present Lily Cara and Ellie May with hampers to reward them for demonstrating the school s Core Values in their Key Stage 3 Art classes Well done girls Christmas Truce of 1914 Pictured are students from 10I who have been learning about the Christmas Truce of 1914 On Christmas Eve 1914 many British and German troops started to sing Christmas Carols to each other across the trenches On Christmas morning 1914 it has been well documented that some German soldiers even left their trench to stand in no man s land to wish the British troops a Merry Christmas British Troops were hesitant at first fearing this was a trick but once they realised it was a genuine gesture they then got out of their trenches and shook hands with their mortal enemies This happened 5 months after the beginning of the war and was not repeated Students from 10I also experienced a modern rendition of rations which British soldiers would have ate in 1914 including corn beef and P t 32 33

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Year 11 Praise Heroes Congratulations to Poppy Miller 25 voucher Amelia Sinclair 15 voucher and Millie Thompson 10 voucher for winning the December Year 11 Praise Hero raffle prizes Students received Causeway Coast and Glens gift cards to spend in the local community FUNDRAISING FOR LIPS Students from Form Class 11A1 came together to engage in raising money for a charitable cause in the midst of this difficult year They wanted to raise money and boost morale for both students and teachers alike They ran a quiz Guess the member of staff gathering images of staff members from childhood as babies All form classes had to guess who was who Together they raised 190 00 Daniel Jessica Elisa Ellie Luke and Jake presented a cheque to LIPS for 190 00 Mr Linton form tutor is pictured with them A great effort from all involved well done A special mention must also go to the following students for being in the Top 10 of all Year 11 students receiving Praises this term Poppy Miller Reece Doherty Dylan Jackson Ally Millar Ellie Pedan Emma Kate Risby Marissa Sloan Jakub Cieslik Rebecca Hutton May McAleese Beth McCallum and Andrew Wright Top work keep it up Many thanks to the PTA for funding this reward scheme Year 11 Praise Heroes In December the Parent Teacher Association in Limavady High School presented two cheques of 1000 to Limavady Initiative for Prevention of Suicide L I P S and Friends of Rossmar This money was raised back in March 2020 at the Blue Lamp Disco held at Limavady United Football Club 34 35

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 Counselling grant We would like to say a huge thank you to The Honourable Irish Society who gave us a grant of 1 250 to assist with additional counselling and mentoring in school following the 2021 period of lockdown Supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils is at the forefront of everything we do and this grant helped us to continue to support our pupils during what has been a very difficult year for them International Holocaust Remembrance Day The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Advertising Competition Before February half term the English Department ran a competition in conjunction with Route 66 Icecream Parlour Pupils in Year 9 were asked to create their own ice cream dessert and design a poster to sell it Competition was tough but in the end the winners were announced as follows 1st place Matthew Sproule 30 voucher for the shop and his Broighter Gold ice cream will be on the menu at Route 66 with a percentage of profits going to school funds 2nd place Daniel Laverty 15 ice cream voucher 3rd place Mya Roberts 10 ice cream voucher Congratulations to our winners and well done to everyone who took part LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held on 27th January This date marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp of Auschwitz Birkenau by Soviet troops on 27 January 1945 Although we were learning at home at this time we felt it was an important occasion in which to partake Therefore we asked our school community to pause and reflect on the many lives lost during the Nazi persecution of the Jews in World War II Staff and pupils were encouraged to light and display a candle as a symbol of remembrance and hope that the same atrocity will never be repeated 36 37

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL It was 3am on the first day of my high school I can t believe it today is the day I can hardly sleep I keep packing my bag because the books keep popping out It was so weird and there was no hole I am so excited that I keep falling from my bed actually slipping like something is pulling me out I think I am hallucinating because I can see my clothes on the roof and some books were slipping from the desk I think I should sleep Maybe I am just worried you know teen stuff Just sleep Stacy you don t want mum to wake you up on your big day I opened my eyes slowly and I found myself face down on the ground My body hurts badly I couldn t get myself to stand properly I walked slowly but my foot didn t reach the floor Again I tripped over but this time I slipped down the stairs shouting No one is in the house I can t believe my eyes Why are the things falling and sort of floating I notice my favourite cylinder cup and found water in it I was just about to take a drink but it just slipped through my hands and fell on the ground It ended up in tiny pieces There was nothing greasy in my hands to make it slip To my left I found windows open Maybe a fresh view will be a good start OH MY GOD Wake up Stacy There is no way that the cars can slide down the road without a driver Hundreds of cars sliding down with incredible speed Isn t there a word called grip in the world One of the cars ended up hitting a wall but the terrifying thing was why didn t the wheels stop spinning I opened the door and I slipped down the road On the way I saw a pole I tried holding it but my hands couldn t grip it I tried very hard not to slip Ahead of me was my friend s house and luckily the door was open I knock my head on the desk The slightest air blew the laptop off the table easily I heard my friend shout behind me I ask her Cassy what s happening Why is all this stuff happening to us Then I remember my science teacher telling me something important what was it Something to do with Friction That s it We are in the world without Friction NOOOOOOO That can t be happening Stacy relax this isn t the end of the world I have to do something before that I have to eat something I am so hungry I set my plate down in front of me But as usual it flies across the table and lands face down of course on the floor I get another plate and get some new eggs and pancakes After quickly eating whatever hadn t slid off my fork I carefully stood up and promptly fell down Cassy and I slide to my house and amazingly we reach the house extremely fast 42 Dad Stacy shouldn t your dad be at work said Cassy quickly Oh yeah maybe this part of earth is changing not the others hopefully Later in the afternoon I sit in the chair holding both sides really hard I was taking my hands off the chair slowly but my dad burst through the door making me dizzy and I crashed on the polished floor I noticed the smooth surface is hard Dad says it was very frustrating All of his workers kept on falling over He thinks that someone coated the floor with grease or oil The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL KEY STAGE Dad we have no friction Have a rest while Cassy and I look for mum My house is a disaster The photos frames on the walls are no longer hanging beautifully but are crunched up together in the floor microwave and fridge on top of the table It looks like it is just about to fall off I was about to go to Dad when I saw mum sliding through the door with takeaway food in her hands Mum stopped and looked at me with pity eyes I am so sorry I left you alone said mum sadly I saw a photo frame about to fall from the wall on mum s head MUMMMMMMMMM Watch out It was too late my mum lying in the ground with closed eyes and blood spilling rapidly I was crying In no time I was in my bed with opened eyes Oh great it was a dream I was all sweaty and crying I ran all the way to mum and hugged her It is good to be running and not slipping and able to drink water with no broken cups to clean I wanted to tell everything if I could only stop crying I took a shower and caught the bus with Cassy to school My first lesson was science and guess what We talked about friction I was the one answering all the questions I was the top of the class Finally it is not the worst day of my life Life without friction is kind of fun at first but after a while you get tired of all the falling and crashing and you wish that you could just go for five minutes without slipping or falling over It will be funny if people can t line up for the canteen properly because they keep falling down We are very lucky Kacie Brown 10F 43

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL SPORT FOR GOOD 46 The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL In March we are delighted to have been chosen as one of this year s Sport for Good winners from the Lidl Community Works Sport for Good programme We are 1 of 40 secondary schools in Northern Ireland to be awarded 3000 worth of vouchers to secure essential brand new sports equipment 47

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL During in home learning 8R explored some of Shakespeare s plays including Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest They worked on Shakespearean insults stage fighting costume and set design as well as using their expert acting skills to create tableau scenes at home here is a sample of their fantastic work MAKING MODELS OF WATER CYCLE Why is there no Grip I went to bed early that night I had been revising all evening for the science exam the next day but then it happened How is it that the cars can slide down the road without a driver There were hundreds of cars sliding down with incredible speed Why are their brakes not holding them Some of the cars ended up hitting each other but the weird thing was why do the wheels keep spinning I opened the door and I began to slide down the footpath On the way I tried to grab a light pole I tried holding onto it but my hands couldn t grip it I tried my hardest to get a grip I could see my friend s house and luckily his front door was open I glided through his front door unable to stop I heard Jack shout behind me Alex what is happening Why is this stuff all moving about uncontrollably My schoolteacher had taught me something important what was it It was something to do with Friction That s it We are now living without Friction NOOOOOOO Why is this happening Alex Lafferty 10F 48 49

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL 50 The WOLFHOUND 2021 To celebrate World Book Day at the start of March we thought we d have a bit of fun Six teachers volunteered to read in disguise and each day we posted a video for everyone to guess who was behind the mask First up was Mr McConnell with a brilliant Skeletor costume at the stunning location of white Rocks Beach On Tuesday the costume was a full sized icecream cone Mrs McCartney kept everyone guessing as she read an extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone Wednesday saw Mrs McLaughlin dress as a furball to read from The BFG whilst Mr Doherty became Rocky to read from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Thursday saw Mrs Hylands in disguise as Ironman and our final teacher in disguise was Mr Linton as a Highway man We had great fun guessing and encouraging everyone to keep reading 51

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Exciting times ahead We are so pleased to be able to share these progress photos from our Shared STEM build After many years of hard work and perseverance from senior teachers in both Limavady High School and St Mary s it was fantastic to see the work actually begin on the11 million pound scheme The Limavady High School area of our shared facilities will house a new hightech building for science technology engineering and mathematics students Existing school office accommodation staff rooms science technology rooms and planning manufacturing rooms will also be upgraded Cutting the first sod on the site Education Minister Peter Weir said the campus was a significant milestone for both schools It was fantastic to see the work actually begin on the 11 million pound scheme 52 53

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL fundraising 11A1 have raised an amazing 1000 for Marie Curie Shortly before they presented their cheque a donation came in to bring the total to 1000 Mr Linton is extremely proud of all the students who tried their very best to get outside and step 10 000 steps a day All students in 11A1 have been a positive influence to so many in our school community and without realising it have truly inspired others to get outside and stay healthy while doing good along the way Captain Sir Tom Moore inspired a nation we hope to motivate a community SUPPORTNG THE COMMUNITY Members of our PTA were able to distribute Facebook Portals to local care homes in April These were funded by The Causeway Coast and Glen s COVID 19 Community Support Fund Care homes were delighted with these presentations and thanked Limavady High School very much for this great resource which will benefit residents PTA members Alex Moore and Karen Oldcroft visited Edenvale Care Home Thackeray Place Residential Home Rush Hall Care Home Cornfield Care Centre and Mullagh House 54 55

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 Vocational Studies Horticulture Our Year 11V1 and 11V2 pupils continue to impress us in their allotments as part of their Vocational Studies course Pupils spent time this week preparing to put potatoes in and tidying up their own allotments We are pleased to see that the recent rainfall has enhanced the growth of their vegetables Can you spot the new additions keeping an eye on things The WOLFHOUND 2021 DRAGON S DEN Congratulations Dragon s Den winners The sixth form Business pupils were given the opportunity to take part in the LHS Dragon s Den competition as part of their Introduction to Marketing unit Pupils worked in teams to design and pitch a new product to Mrs Montgomery and Mrs McGregor otherwise known as the LHS dragons The groups presented their pitch to the panel of judges some with prototypes before answering questions about their products and negotiating financial investment Products included Starbucks ice cream Lindt chocolate chip cookies Nike earphones 56 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS The winning team of Ryan Dinika Steven and Matthew designed an eco friendly cabin case with built in solar powered USB charging ports The cabin case transforms from a case to a rucksack to meet the needs of travellers Well done and we hope your idea really takes off 57

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL NWRC The WOLFHOUND 2021 TILING LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Sixtieth Anniversary What a fantastic event we had at school on 14th May as we continued to celebrate our 60th anniversary by unveiling the amazing new Wolfhound statue created by Mr David Rosborough Here our Year 11 Occupational Studies pupils during their last day at NWRC Pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning the new skill of tiling and displayed great talent we are impressed 58 Along with current members of staff who were pupils at the school and current pupils Mr Mornin welcomed back former headmasters Mr Reilly Mr Dunlop and Mr Laverty to celebrate with us 59

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Mr Dallas also buried a time capsule with the help from two of our Year 8 pupils Alycia Sinclair and William Riley We were privileged to have Alderman Mark Fielding Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council visit school in May to present a plaque on behalf of the council to mark the 60th Anniversary of Limavady High School Mr Mornin and Mr Dallas are pictured here receiving the plaque with the help of outgoing Head Boy Jacob Coyle and outgoing Head Girl Leah Craig alongside our incoming Head Boy Steven Paterson and incoming Head Girl Emily Carton a great team 60 61

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Our New Wolfhound We gave some of our youngest pupils the opportunity to take a close look at the new wolfhound sculpture and to ask its creator Mr David Rosborough a few questions 1 How did you feel when you were asked to recreate the iconic dog statue for LHS I felt extremely privileged to have the opportunity to recreate the leap of the dog statue Over the years I have often studied the original statue as it was a very impressive sculpture I wanted to design a new sculpture that would be in keeping with the previous artist s work 2 Please tell us what the dog is made from The dog is made from marine grade stainless steel which is the best grade of stainless steel available to purchase It will never rust or change colour due to the elements it will last forever The base is made of granite which provides a solid base for the sculpture 3 Explain the process of making the statue including how long it took I began by researching images of Irish Wolfhounds to get an understanding of the size scale features and characteristics of the dog I created a collage of full size images focusing on different angles Next I made an outline of the body by using a frame of metal rods I hand shaped the rods to create the structure base of the body I used the same process to create the head legs and tail I hand welded bars to create the outer texture I descaled the metal using a wire brush and completed 3 stages of polishing to create the final finish Initial planning to installation on the Limavady High School site took 400 hours and the dog weighs in excess of 350kg 4 What was the most difficult bit to get right The head was very difficult in particular the shape of the eyes ears and snout This was due to the large size of the head and the ears of an Irish Wolfhound are quite small compared to the body 5 How did you feel when you saw the dog in place at the front of the school for the first time I was very proud when I saw the dog in place at the 60th anniversary launch event After months of design and fabrication in my workshop it was very rewarding to see the sculpture in the front grounds of Limavady High School I hope the sculpture is enjoyed by the local community for many years to come 62 63

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Sixtieth Anniversary EXHIBITION As part of the celebration of the school s 60th Anniversary pupils from all year groups got the opportunity to visit the photographic exhibition at the Arts and Culture Centre Limavady The exhibition itself chronicles in photographs and pop up posters the history of the last 60 years of the school Pupils in Years 8 10 took part in an information treasure hunt through which they learned something of the school s history and the many different characters who have attended as teachers and pupils through the last 6 decades Following this pupils went to Route 66 on Main Street for ice creams milk shakes and waffles This was a fantastic way to end our school year Thanks to Mr Dallas and Mr Linton for organising 66 67

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Army Activity Days Year 10 and Year 11 pupils enjoyed Army Activity Days at the end of June getting the chance to learn about and sample different activities linked to Army careers They learned how to take and analyse fingerprints as well as learning fieldcraft skills including how to apply camouflage paint basic first aid and field cookery skills The PT and Elite Skills Academy sessions allowed them to demonstrate their leadership skills team working and problem solving skills to complete a series of challenges Finally they saw how it all fitted in during a careers talk about the different roles and opportunities in the Army Pupils got stuck in and really enjoyed the days Thanks to the team of Army personnel who delivered all the sessions so well and to Mrs Calvin for organising 68 69

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Year 9 classes are published writers In June 9H and 9I had a great time working with the mentors from Fighting Words NI The pupils had the opportunity to work with a team of published writers and an artist who illustrated the cover for their stories This was a great opportunity to be mentored over zoom and to develop both writing and oracy skills Pupils read aloud their contributions and discussed plot and character development with the Fighting Words team The mentors really enjoyed working with our LHS pupils and we are looking forward to more workshops next year 9H and 9I s short stories can be read on the Fighting words NI website under Stories Bedrock Vocabulary Awards Year 8 This term some pupils in Year 8 have been extremely lucky to be involved in a pilot programme introduced to the English Department called Bedrock Vocabulary This innovative online vocabulary programme quizzes and introduces pupils to new and relevant vocabulary whilst developing their literacy and oracy skills The programme also creates lessons and reports for teachers and parents on vocabulary achievement 70 A group of pupils in Year 8 received the first awards for Outstanding Achievement on Bedrock Vocabulary and Commitment and improvement On Bedrock Vocabulary Limavady High School is extremely fortunate to be one of the first schools in Northern Ireland to be working with Bedrock Vocabulary from September so watch out for more awards in KS3 in next academic year 71

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL June Charity fundraising The School s council also ended their year with some fundraising We started our year with fundraising and ended it that way too Well done to the pupils of 10I who took part in a business project at the end of June where they raised 132 02 for LIPS Ryan and Jay are pictured here on behalf of the class Well done 10I They held a cookie sale at the end of term and raised a fantastic total of 134 42 for Action Mental Health Thanks go to Mrs McGregor and the members of the School s Council for organising fundraising The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Rewarding KINDNESS Thank you to Route 66 Limavegas who donated vouchers to the school to be awarded to pupils who have demonstrated kindness during such a difficult year Erin Year 9 for supporting her family during lockdown The winners were Demi Year 11 for kindness towards staff Kaytee Year 8 for kindness and friendship Nicole Year 11 for supporting other pupils with their learning during lockdown Cain Year 8 for kindness and friendship Lucy Year 9 for manners and respect towards staff Bradley Year 10 for kindness and friendship Abi Year 11 for supporting vulnerable members of the community and volunteering during lockdown Another exciting presentation at the end of June Niall MacFlynn Head of Business and Jordan Holmes Marketing Executive of JKC Coleraine presented Mr Mornin with staff tops as part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations The school would like to thank JKC Coleraine for their continued support throughout the year 72 73

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Over this year Mr Quigley and a group of Year 10 students got to work with Karl Porter from UV Arts a Street Art company based locally They learned a range of stencil techniques and got to practice their new skills with spray painting on a section of playground wall Everyone including all the staff involved enjoyed the freedom to explore ideas on such a large scale Students created ideas to contribute to the renovation of the playground happening June July We ve only just started the wall area and look at the difference already Can t wait to see the final outcome at the end of summer 74 6th Formers helping with the harder to reach sections 75

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Sport managed to return to some form of normality mid June as we were able to run our annual athletics competitions Events were run for each of the KS3 year groups Pupils had the opportunity to score points for themselves and their House teams and at the end of the competition the Minor Junior Intermediate and House Champions were all decided Thankfully the weather was excellent Minor Boys Zach Maguire became Minor Boys Champion after winning the 100m 800m and the long jump as well as placing 3rd in the shot putt Harry Smyth performed well scoring points in the 100m 200m 800m cricketball throw and the long jump Corey Campbell won the cricketball and the shot to finish 3rd overall In the Minor Girls Section Lucy Donaghy was crowned champion after winning the 100m 200m and 800m she was second in the long jump 3rd in the cricketball and 4th in the shot putt Charlotte Conn placed 2nd overall after winning the long jump and scoring points in the 100m 200m and the 800m Autumn Murray finished 3rd after winning the shot and the cricketball The Junior Boys competition was dominated by Bobby Baird who won the 100m 200m 800m and the long jump as well as placing in the shot and the cricketball Bobby also set two new records in the 100m and the 200m running 11 49 sec and 25 66 seconds respectively The previous records had stood since the 1980 s Daniel Smyth provided stern competition finishing 2nd in the 100m 200m and 800m to finish 2nd overall while Samuel Haslett placed 3rd overall Lillyanna Stewart won the 100m and the 200m was 2nd in the 800m and long jump was 3rd in the shot putt and was 4th in the cricketball to become the Junior Girls Champion Lucy McClelland came second after scoring points in the 100m 200m 800m long jump and the shot putt Lily Thompson won the shot and placed in the cricketball and the 800m to finish 3rd overall The competition in the Intermediate Boys Section was brilliant Luke Dennison and Sam Brown battled fiercely throughout the morning Luke dominated on the track winning the 100m 200m and the 800m while Sam dominated in the field events winning the discus javelin long jump and shot putt It came down to a single point at the end with Sam taking the honours and Luke finishing as runner up Ewan Guy performed well in both the track and the field to take 3rd place Jodie McGinnis dominated the Intermediate Girls competition with wins in the 200m and the discus she placed 2nd in the 100m and the shot came 3rd in the 800m and placed 4th in the long jump Rebecca Mason performed strongly in the shot discus and the 100m to finish 2nd overall While Casey O Neill and Lily Craig tied for 3rd place Casey won the 100m and the long jump Lily placed 2ndin the 800m and the long jump and came 3rd in the 200m In the House Competition was a very close affair with the top 3 teams separated by 3 points Massey finished 1st on 98 points Ross were 2nd Alexander were 3rd and Phillips finished 4th 78 House Points Alexander Massey Phillips Ross Minor 17 32 38 33 Junior 16 23 34 47 Intermediate 62 43 8 17 Total 95 98 80 97 Position 3rd 1st 4th 2nd HOUSE CHAMPIONS MASSEY 79

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The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONS Minor Boys 1st Zach Maguire 2nd Harry Smyth 3rd Corey Campbell Minor Boys Minor Girls 1st Lucy Donaghy 2nd Charlotte Conn 3rd Autumn Murray Junior Boys 1st Bobby Baird 2nd Daniel Smyth 3rd Samuel Haslett Minor Girls Junior Girls 1st Lillyanna Stewart 2nd Lucy McClelland 3rd Lily Thompson Intermediate Boys Junior Boys 1st Sam Brown 2nd Luke Dennison 3rd Ewan Guy Intermediate Girls 1st Jodie McGinnis 2nd Rebecca Mason 3rd Lily Craig 3rd Casey O Neill Intermediate Boys 80 Junior Girls The WOLFHOUND 2021 s i n n e T r e t s a T s n o i s s Se LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL In June all our Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a tennis coaching session These taster sessions were provided David Craig and his team at Limavady Recreation Club as part of the Connect Play Stay project to improve well being and mental health through Sport Held at the Recreation Club in Limavady the emphasis was on fun Many of our pupils had never played tennis before so it was an opportunity for them to try out a new sport The pupils were introduced to some basic tennis skills and then progressed into playing some fun games Watch out for future Wimbledon stars The staff also had the opportunity to take part in a session a few of the staff hadn t played for a few years and it was a chance to familiarise themselves with a few skills before playing a few games In the end Mr McConnell was crowned as the tennis champion after beating Mr Doherty 6 4 6 1 6 0 in the final A great way to relax after a long term at school for all who took part thanks to Mrs Rosborough and David Craig from Limavady Tennis Club for organising the sessions Intermediate Girls 81

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LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL The WOLFHOUND 2021 The WOLFHOUND 2021 LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL art LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL LIMAVADY HIGH SCHOOL Do you need to talk to someone We are here to help 1 Teacher Form Tutor 2 Vice Principal 3 Anti Bullying Buddy 4 School Counsellor 5 Lifeline Childline Gateway 84 OUR CORE VALUES 1 Respect 2 Integrity 3 Personal Responsibility 4 Fairness 5 Teamwork 6 High Expectations 85

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