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 Odd Couples: The True Bonding Of Six Animals 

I dedicate this book to all of the great animal frendships for being so unique and special  

    This book tells the story of a true bound between 6 animals Sahara and Alexa, Torque and Shrek and Milo and Bonedigger.

                  First let’s meet the odd couple Sahara and Alexa. Who knew a Cheetah and a dog could be such good friends! When this 12 month year old cheetah first meat Alexa she hissed and scratched at her like any other cat and dog would. But later as Sahara got used to having a puppy around they became good friends, now you will not see these two amazing animals apart  This odd couple lives in the cincinnati zoo in Ohio they are a part of the animal conservation fund. This cheetah and dog are two inseparable animals.


Next we have Torque and shrek the greyhound and the long eared owl. This adorable owl was taken away from his mother 3 days after he was born because keepers feared that his mother would eat him if she got  stressed.



Lastly we have Milo and Bonedigger. This weiner dog and lion are best friends. Bonedigger may seem like a big and bad scary name for a big and bad lion, but Bonedigger is a kind lion he shares his meals with Milo and his other wiener dog friends Bullet and Angel. Bonedigger has lost his legs by the cause of a metabolic bone disease. Somehow the dogs sensed that Bonedigger had a mild disability because they protected him.



             When these two animals meet they were anything but friends. Sahara could not stand having a dog around so she hissed and scratched at Alexa.One of the keepers Mr.Knights states “there bonding got off to a slow start” But after time they became more comfortable with each other and became great friends. Soon Sahara and Alexa were the most popular couple at the zoo. They lived tougher for several weeks but before they became comfortable with each other. Now they live tougher at the cincinnati zoo in Ohio and are part of a  Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF).


Sahara & Alexa 

This is a map of the Zoo that Sahara and Alexa are living at

     In Africa the Cheetah Conservation Fund works to raise awareness for cheetahs and save them in wild, and this is a great program for Sahara. One of the workers Linda at the cheetah awareness program states,  “we want to show the farmers that the cheetahs do have respect for the dog and that, more importantly the dog has no fear of the cat”.Sahara is the cat ambassador of this program. Linda also explained “The point of the Cat Ambassador Programme is to protect cheetahs from over-zealous farmers in Namibia and South Africa”next she adds “Hopefully, if the farmers all take on the Anatolian guard dog then we can eradicate the need to shoot them because they won't be getting near to the livestock.” . 


Also Linda goes on to say 'The dog is a fantastic non-lethal predatory solution. It has been bred in Turkey for thousands of years as a sturdy herd dog and would never leave livestock that it was trained to guard.”. Cheetahs often cross Farmland and they are an easy target. The cheetah conservation fund is a great help with Sahara as one of the ambassadors.


                       Does Alexa think she is a dog. Does Sahara think she is a cat. Alexa is a zoo dog and she spends most of her time with cats which makes zoo keepers wonder does she think she is a cat. Sahara spends most of her time with domesticated cats and of course Alexa but she can not be let near other dogs incase she tries to bite them like she did the first time she met Alexa. Sahara and Alexa may think they are a dog or a cat but one thing is sure these animals are a great couple.   

This  is Sahara as a baby cheetah 


                       Does Alexa think she is a dog. Does Sahara think she is a cat. Alexa is a zoo dog and she spends most of her time with cats which makes zoo keepers wonder does she think she is a cat. Sahara spends most of her time with domesticated cats and of course Alexa but she can not be let near other dogs incase she tries to bite them like she did the first time she met Alexa. Sahara and Alexa may think they are a dog or a cat but one thing is sure these animals are a great couple.   

Sadily Alexa died in 2010.  Amazing couple will be remembered for a long time as the first dog and cheetah odd couple.


                 Sahara and Alexa will be remembered. Today Sahara is still teaching kids about CFF even if she does not have her loyal sidekick Alexa. NOw she is only allowed to be around other domesticated cats. The zookeepers are afraid that if sahara is allowed to go near other dogs she will hiss and bite them. Even if Alexa is dead she will still be remembered as a great match for Sahara.



Torque & Shreck 

Torque and shrek are a crazy but cute couple. The story of a this wild   couple started when Torque was just 6 months old, and Shreck was only 3 days old (a newborn) when he was taken away from her mother for protection because keepers though her mother would eat her if she got too stressed. First they were introduced by Torque’s owner at Ringwood Raptor and Reptile Centre in Hampshire's New Forest, and everyday Torque and Shrek would spend more time tougher soon Torque became familiar with the scent of the baby owl. Within day’s this greyhound adopted shrek, and became just like a father. This odd couple will steal your heart.


                 This dog is just like a dad. He cares for this owl like shrek is Torque’s daughter. They watch shows on the television together. Shrek is free to roam around but she normally chooses to cuddle with Torque. Torque’s owner says “they play with each other on the evening while i’m watching television it’s an opportunity for shrek to wander and stretch her legs” He adds “I was a little wary of introducing them in the start but now i fully trust Torque 100%. Because he is only a puppy he didn't feel so threatened by having a new animal joining his pack. He talks about shrek when he says “ Shreck is doing well and becoming used to human animal contact. I’m sure that it will be beneficial when she is taken back to because nothing will scare her.”

Torque and shrek are a great pair. They always cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV. Torque is like a father to Shrek. In return Shrek is like a daughter to him if shrek wants to stretch her legs Torque will get up and go with her. To conclude these animals are truly a great pair.

Torque & shrek


These photos are of Torque and Shreck getting ready to watch TV first they play than they get comfortable on the sofa and, finally John Piction put's on the TV for them

These amazing animals are still alive and living happily ever after at Torque's owners house they truly do enjoy cuddling up and watching a good show on the television. Also they enjoy running around the house playing that gives Shreck an opportunity to stretch his legs. Though this is an odd couple these animals will forever be a little family of a dad and a daughter.


This is a close up of Torque and Shreck 

The owner of Torque and Shreck is John Picton  he is the one who introduced Torque and shreck to each other he is a very genours person he has let Torque adopt Shrek and, he is also a falconer. A falconer is a person who flies a falcon the use of trainedf but that is not it is now used to describe the use of trained and traning all animals and, making use making use of raptors and there pray. His thoughts on Torque and Shreck's relation are "Torque seems to have adopted Shrek as his daughter and is now very protective. He follows her around at home and keeps his eye on her." Lastly John Piction  is a very genours person.

        This couple will be remembered for being a great pair and a little family of there own. They will be remembered for a dog adopting a owl after it was taken away from it’s mother three days after it was born. Could you do that? would you be able to live if you were taken away from your mother because people though your mother would eat her.Finally this odd couple will definitely be remembered as long as they live. 

I hope you will consider the following after having read my article. Do you think if you were in Torque’s place you would have done the same? Do you think you would feel weird being slowly introduced to another species? Then sharing all your meals with it how about spending more and more time with them?

         If you were in shreks position how do you think it would feel? Being taken away from your parents three days after you were born? Knowing that your mother would eat you if you got to stressed?

Milo & Bonedigger 

Bonedigger may seem like a wild and violent lion but really he is a kind and friendly lion well atleast he is kind to 3 wiener dogs Milo and his two friends Bullet And Angel. These dogs sensed that the lion was mildly  disabled so they thought to protect and comfort him. Truly he is not a terrible and bad lion he is caring and loves his friends.  


           Bonedigger loves these three dogs so much he even shares his meals of raw meat with them. Milo and Bonedigger are so close that Milo the 11 pound dog cleans Bonediggers teeth. He will forever love these dogs.



This  photo shows Milo Bonedigger Angel and Bulet at there home.


Milo shares a special bond that not most animals can have. Milo is like a dentist for this kind lion. These friends have been tougher for 8 years. One of the keepers emails “The dogs thought he was just a big puppy and have loved each other ever since. I also think they know he is not as normal as the rest.” “You do not try to take his dogs out of the yard” Joe exotic said via email. Joe also adds “ It makes him very mad. They sleep on top of him. They want to protect him”.Milo and Bonedigger live at G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Milo does his best to copy Bonedigger when the lion tries puffing to communicate with other lions in the park', says Mr Reinke. This lion really isn’t a big bad lion like his name would tell you.


Milo & Bonedigger 

           Milo and Bonedigger are a crazy pair. Milo is Bonedigger’s doggy dentist. Milo will stick his mouth into his mouth to clean up his teeth by liking them clean in return Bonedigger shares his meals of raw meat. Milo Bullet and Angel sleep on top of bonedigger like a big blanket. Bonedigger will get very mad if anyone tries to take his dogs out of the enclosure.


 Now a days Bonedigger and his pack of dogs enjoy cuddling feasting on raw meat and play in the grounds together. Milo is still the doggy dentist for this crazy cute lion. Also Bonedigger has stuck an unlikely bond with a human who has also lost two of his legs.

 In these photos Milo bonedigger and Angel are playing tougher 

Milo and Bonedigger will be remembered for being a lion without two legs and three best friends being dogs. Could you live without your legs? How about your friends being another specus and you could not communicate with them and before you ask there are no cell phones?


I hope you consider all these questions after reading about this extraordinary pair.  


    What happens now?

These animals are truly great friends. Who knew that a cheetah and a dog could be such good friends or how about three dogs and a lion. What about a dog with an owl for a daughter. :Let’s start with Sahara and Alexa. Sadly Alexa passed away in 2010, but Sahara is doing fine, and living well in her zoo. Next up is Torque and shreck this couple is living happily in Torque’s owner’s house frolicking around the house, and they enjoy watching Television while cuddling up. Finally we have Milo and Bonedigger this crazy pair enjoys playing, sharing their meals, and Milo will be a dentist for this 500lb dog.  


About the author

Lucia Harrison is a sixth grader at Ardsley Middle school so of course she has to live in Ardsley/Dobbs Ferry in New York and, she has recently moved. She also loves her dog Lucky. To add he is 8 years old.  Her best lives in Canada and they are writing a novel tougher.



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About the author 

This book is about the true bounding of six animals. These crazy pairs will steal your heart. If you want to know what happens when a dog adopts a baby 3 day old long eared owl or when a cheetah and a dog go around america teaching kids about the CFF. How about a three dogs who are best friend with a Lion who lost two of his legs because of a metabolic bone disease.These animals truly have a great bound.

About this book