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The LFO greenhouse/shed structure was originally received in 2016 when The Little Cottage Company responded favorably to a grant request. They provided a 16' x 8' combined shed/greenhouse kit at a considerable discount to our church.  A photo of the end-product is shown on this page. The modest structure will allows ample space for the tiller, wheelbarrow, tools, and much more - protecting our goods from the outside elements.  There will also be enough natural light and shelving to start our seeds in the early spring.  A special thanks to John Roffman who arranged to have the concrete pad poured last month, orchestrated stored since it arrived last year AND for having the VERY HEAVY kit delivered this week to the new property. In addition, thanks are extended to the great volunteer construction crew led and recruited by Bill Wittig.  Volunteer construction crew members include: Bill, Al Mebus, Kent Johnson, and Terry Robinson. This project will be a wonderful blessing to the LFO ministry. 

Planned fencing is marked by the dotted line surrounding the schematic and will be installed by D & N Fencing Company once grading is complete.  A row of limestone will be placed alone the south side of the entire garden as a retaining solution for the downhill slope.  The LFO Garden will be planted in roughly 1/2 of the enclosed space and Memorial Garden will be planted in the other half of the space. The Memorial Garden landscaping plan is in the works and will have benches, trees, flowers and other features designed by IC Landscaping.  The plan for memorial portion is not currently funded.  Until that time, it is possible that LFO could grow additional vegetables in that area. 


Fall is the ideal time to get garlic tucked into the ground. We are looking for a couple of LFO volunteers to prep the soil in a portion of the LFO garden in the coming week, plant 2 rows of seed garlic and cover it with some straw. The garlic seeds should be planted about 3 inches deep and about 5-6 inches apart. The seed garlic and straw can be delivered to the garden space whenever a volunteer is ready to plant.  Please contact Peggy at