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My Other Half

By: Liana Lepak

The start happened faster than the speed of light. Well, that's what they all thought. What really happened, well, it's a long story. Anyhow, welcome to The Story of My Life. My name is Midnight. My last name you may ask? Oh, well, I'm an orphan, the mistress, Ms. June, didn't fell like giving any of the girls' last name.If I recall correctly, the name was St. June's Orphanage For Girls. It was quite lonesome. All the girls talked about me behind my back. If there were any boys, at least I know they wouldn't talk about me behind my back. 


"Why did I even get up?" I ask myself.

"Becuase. You did. Dummy." yells the oldest and longest girl here, Megan. 

"Shut up. It's not like You were wanted anyway. No wonder you're an orphan." I say back, tiredly

"It's not like you're wanted." she mocks. I was about to yell back when ,WHAM, something hit the back of my head. I turn around and look on the floor to happen to see a note folded into a ball. I pick it up and shove it into my pants pocket.


"I'll read it later," I say under my breath.   


After the 20 chores we had to do, it was now time to go to our rooms. I walk in, close and lock my door, and pull out the note.



The Start of My Life

The world means everything to me and you are my world. I love you. 

My love for you has no end and I will keep loving you till my last breath.

I love you, even on the bad days, when everyone else annoys me. xoxo


The note read. "Hmmm... What does that mean?"