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Lent 2014 Devotional

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Wednesday, March 5th

A Warm Shower by Rev. Bobbie Chapman


Thursday, March 6th

In The Garden by Bill Rafuse


Friday, March 7th

Just As Before by Peter Cunningham


Saturday, March 8th

GPS: God Provides Salvation by Nancy LeCain


1st Sunday of Lent, March 9th

Give Us Peace; Grant Us Peace by David Boes


Monday, March 10th

Isn’t There Another Way? By Rev. Terry Bobzien


Tuesday, March 11th

Choosing the Work of Faith by Rev. Don Mayberry


Wednesday, March 12th

Fearfully Made by Mark Jurewicz


Thursday, March 13th

My Dad’s Job by Rev. J.R. McAliley III


Friday, March 14th

Law and Grace by Helen Cunningham


Saturday, March 15th

The Scent of Life by Beverley Gill


2nd Sunday of Lent, March 16th

Rest in Peace by Rev. Kenaz Solomon


Monday, March 17th

Who, Me? By Helen Cunningham


Tuesday, March 18th

Welcome Home by Linda Timmer


Wednesday, March 19th

Which are You? By Rev. Dr. Marilyn Danielson


Thursday, March 20th

Refocused, Refreshed, Reenergized by Rev. David Fox


Friday, March 21st

Mom’s Bible by Carol P. Taylor


Saturday, March 22nd

Lean on Him by Nella Hobson


3rd Sunday of Lent, March 23rd

Come Home by Rev. Rae H. Munsell


Monday, March 24th

Google Maps Destination: Home by Dr. Rick Martin


Tuesday, March 25th

Stand Up by Rev. Don Mayberry


Wednesday, March 26th

Shhh by Carol P. Taylor


Thursday, March 27th

Spiritual Blindness by Rev. Steve DeGangi

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Friday, March 28th

Being Still by Rev. Rob Fredrickson


Saturday, March 29th

Love Me; Love One Another by Rev. David Stasiak


4th Sunday of Lent, March 30th

A Simple Lenten Sermon by Rev. Jerrold Jones


Monday, March 31st

Anchored in Forever by Pastor Luken Pride


Tuesday, April 1st

The Way of the Cross is the Way of Repentance by Rev. Jaime Julian


Wednesday, April 2nd

They Were Angry by Pat Hysom


Thursday, April 3rd

Homemaking by Rev. James J. Backing


Friday, April 4th

Are You a Cracked Pot? By Kevin Raymond


Saturday, April 5th

Memory Loss by Phyllis Agers


5th Sunday of Lent, April 6th

Come by Janet Johnston


Monday, April 7th

Visiting Graves by Mike Mullany


Tuesday, April 8th

The Good News Divinely Given by Sharon Binger


Wednesday, April 9th

What Really Matters by Rev. Helen Gierke


Thursday, April 10th

To Light the Way Home by Janet Keyes


Friday, April 11th

The Way Home by Rev. Dr. Charles A. Packer


Saturday, April 12th

Your Mountaintop by Rev. Karen Robu


Palm Sunday, April 13th

Going Home with Jesus by Linda Timmer


Monday, April 14th

Live It Fully by Rev. Robert A. Higle


Tuesday, April 15th

Heaven is Home by Anne Butman


Wednesday, April 16th

Revealing Light by Rev. Steve DeGangi


Maunday Thursday, April 17th

The Beauty of the Season by Rev. Dr. Lori Wiley


Good Friday, April 18th

Amazing Jesus by Maureen G. Breen


Holy Saturday, April 19th

It is Too Hard by Rev. Bobbie Chapman


Resurrection Sunday, April 20th

God Can Use Anyone by Connie Hellam