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Secrets of Extreme Couponing

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Learning to Coupon

Term One--

Term Two--

Term Three--





Terms and Abbreviations 

This is where we will put a paragraph about terms and abbreviations for couponing.

This is where we tell the importance of planning...Couponing is not learned overnight, and it may seem overwhelming at first. Etc., etc.


Plan, plan, And plan some more.

Breakdown of the above deal.

This is where we tell about overages. What they are, how to find them, and the best methods of using them to your advantage. Tell the different store policies on this subject. 




the key to free

This is where we put a small paragraph telling what price matching is, and how it can help in getting even bigger savings using coupons.

Price matching

This is where we can put info on details of how price matching works, and different store policies regarding price matching. This could be a good lead in to different store coupon policy links.

store coupon policies links