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Learning About Sand
Lesson Objective
The student will be able to understand that rocks break down over time to make sand, describe what they see when they look at the
sand, and use small magnifying glasses to look at the sand.
Background Information for Teacher
Words said by the teacher are in bold.
Student Prior Knowledge
Magnifying Glass
Color pencils or crayons
Step-by-Step Guided Lesson
Step 1: Start Video
(Tips: Interact with the video by pausing, to ask questions or discuss information viewed with student.)
Step 2: Teach Lesson
Explain that you have a mystery item and have them guess the item (a bag of sand). Give the student three clues: You find it at the
ocean. It is made up of a bunch of tiny pieces. You can build things with it.
After sand is guessed show the bag to the student and ask them if they know where do you find sand? (in the ocean). Also ask
how do you they think sand is made? If the student does not know, then explain how rocks hit against each other in the water and
break into tiny pieces. Then tell the student that they are going to be a scientist today. Talk about how scientists pay attention to
details and that they should draw the sand bigger than it is. Tell them that their job will be to look at some sand through a magnifying
glass and draw what they see. Explain to the student how to use a magnifying glass and that they will have to be careful with them,
just like scientists.
Have the student feel and experience the sand. The student will then discuss what they feel and how they can describe it in as many
ways as possible. Then have the student draw the sand using a magnifying glass.
Step 3: Complete the worksheet attached below.
Worksheets for extra practice
Step 4: Review. Start the next lesson with the game or activity attached below for review so the student can demonstrate
understanding of this lesson before moving forward.
Make Moon Sand (offline) project