Photographers using Simplebooklet

Use Simplebooklet To Help Your Photography Business

Make and promote a photography lookbook, portfolio, and pricing sheet to potential clients using Simplebooklet. You'll impress and win more clients while avoiding additional expenses by promoting and supporting clients using digital collateral. Using Simplebooklet, you can:

Share your portfolio
Show off testimonails
Distribute your print marketing online
Deliver proofs
Turn your client into an advocate

Your new online content will reach client's where they hang out, across social networks, in email, and in blogs and websites. All this from a dedicated microsite for your business that is designed to make a professional first impression and encourage a call to action from your potential client.

What Makes Effective Online Marketing Content For Photographers

Making effective content for online marketing will do three things for you: reduce the costs of communications, build a richer relationship with clients, and free up your time to make your high value personal contact time more effective.

Simplebooklet microsite's contain all the ingredients to turn your existing collateral into compelling online content and let's you make new content on the fly from your online assets.


Put all your Simplebooklet microsites together into a single collection you can share from a branded weblink.

Content that builds clients:

Portfolio Showing off your skills and professionalism goes a long way to winning a new client. You can make multiple portfolios for the various themes and types of photography you do. Examples are wedding photos, graduation photos, family sittings, and baby shoots. It's a great way to build awareness of your professional capabilities.

Educational Content If you have some existing collateral that helps people understand the value of a professional shoot, this can be very useful for building trust and confidence in your business. And educational booklet showing the benefits of proper poses, settings, and presentation help build trust and confidence that you know what you are doing.

Personal Vision and Mission Who you are and why you love doing what you do. Think of it like a baseball card that can get across your authenticity.

Testimonials Your last clients are huge advocates for your abilities. Get permission to share the praises of an existing client. A positive testimonial will go a long way to convincing someone they should work with you in the future.

Product Pricing Sheets Everyone want's to know what it will cost to use your service. Making sure your pricing page is available online shows your transparency. You want this to look professional and clear which is why a Simplebooklet can make it very easy for a client to see your pricing options.

All of these content pieces are part of a long tail of content. What I mean by that is this content can be online for years and bring you new client relationships without requiring any maintenance or updates. People will discover it from searches, old bookmarks, and peers resharing it on social networks.

Did you know that most blogs make more than 75% of their revenue from articles that are a year old? It's a testament to the power of good content to get surfaced in search queries and shared over time among clients.

Go Where Clients Hang Out

Post it to Facebook
Your Simplebooklet cover page looks great and is compelling. So post it to your facebook newsfeed. And do it a few times a month to keep it front and center for your social audience.

Pin it to Pinterest
Adding your Simplebooklet to pinterest is a great way to have it get bundled with other relevant content. You'll find your digital marketing gets pinned to boards with content that enhances and lends credibility to your content. Your Simplebooklet will end up getting pinned to multiple boards.

Embed it on your own existing website
Hey, this is where people actively look for your stuff. Why not make sure your Simplebooklet and the collection of all your marketing and communications are there and ready to be flipped?

Make it downloadable
When you save your Simplebooklet as a PDF, it actually saves it in the right order for viewing as a PDF. Then you can save it as a mobi and epub file so it can be read on e-readers like kindle.

Add it as part of your email signature
Placing the link to your latest Simplebooklet in your email signature means it's available to anyone who reads your email correspondence. They can choose at anytime to open up your Simplebooklet and see your latest communication.

Send it to your email list
With the Simplebooklet mailchimp integration or just as a stand alone email, you'll send a rich html email that highlights the cover page and encourages your recipient to open your content.

As you can see, you don't need to spend a lot of time, money or effort to get your printed portfolios, price sheets, product showcases and testimonials online and distributed to your existing and potential clients. It just takes a few minutes to make that critical good first impression.

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