Publish Your Menu Digitally
(& Impress Your Patrons)

Your printed menu looks like this in the real world.

Menus should act like that in the digital world. It doesn't if you share it as a PDF, but it can with Simplebooklet. Check out the menu below.

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You're the doing type, not the reading type.

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Try out your own menu and see just how much you can impress your audience. No sign up required.

That's a way better customer experience. You display your menu the way it was meant to be shown and you keep your customer engaged on the devices they use everyday.

You Lose Customers When You Share Your Menu As A PDF

PDFs are a terrible way to treat your patrons. No one wants to open a PDF menu from a website, save a file on their device (not with the risk of computer viruses these days), or scroll through an uninspiring vertical presentation of your product. Don't believe me? Try viewing the PDF file of the menu above.

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If you're trying to influence your customer, you need to start sharing your menu online the way it was meant to be experienced.

Thought Experiment
Check out this menu. Here it is as a PDF and as an online Simplebooklet.

PDF Digital

Which one do you think can be easily shared on social networks, sent in email, and posted to websites? Which one encourages customers to call your restaurant right from their device? Here's a hint, not the PDF.

The Way It's Meant To Be

Simplebooklet can take your menu, unlock its creative value, and give it digital superpowers.

All you have to do is take the PDF version of your menu that you currently send to your printer and upload it to the Simplebooklet platform. Choose from one of our professional presentations and add your logo. Put in contact information so your audience can connect with your restaurant.

Simplebooklet automates everything else. Search discovery is optimized with meta and structured data. Links get activated. Customers can keyword search for any item on your menu. And deep-dive analytics, including realtime Google Analytics reporting, give you the insight to act on customer engagement.

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Prepare to be impressed.

Reach Your Customer Everytime

Your new digital menu is incredibly easy to get in front of your patron's eyes. With one click, you can:

Post it on your Google map and search listing.
Send it in email as a rich html message.
Share it across social networks with a preformatted, eye-catching post.
Embed a page-flipping version in your website or blog.
Install it as a native app on any device for offline access.
Download it to any device.
Share it as a Video Teaser (like what you saw at the top of this page).

Your digital menu appears on a dedicated, branded URL you can use anywhere.

Your customers will be so impressed you aren't wasting their time with another painful PDF.

A Lot Of Menus
There are over 300,000 simplebooklets hosted and shared on the Simplebooklet platform.

Some example menus on Simplebooklet