Get Your Print Newsletters Into The Hands Of Your Online Audience

You've got a newsletter you get printed and mailed to your select audience. Your audience may be members of your club, a customer list you maintain, or your employees. Every week, month, or quarter, you faithfully collect content and use your preferred authoring tool to create the newsletter (word, indesign, etc). When it's ready, you send the PDF file off to your print company to print and mail out to your audience. It's a time tested and effective way to keep your audience up to date.

However, you can't avoid the fact that people want to read your content online, now more than ever. Its where most people consume their news and stay in touch with their community. You need to serve these onlinr people with your great information as well. Plus, you want to take advantage of expanding your audience while enjoying the huge cost savings of distributing your newsletter digitally.

This is where things get tricky. You've got a couple of questions to ask yourself.

How can I reach my online audience without having to add additional work producing and distributing my already completed print newsletter?
How do I make access to my online newsletter frictionless for my audience?
Which digital channels will best reach my online audience?
How can I make the presentation of the newsletter to my audience engaging and impressive?

Once you've answered all these questions, you'll know you have a solution that services your online audience just as well as you currently do with your offline audience.

Putting a print newsletter online with the least amount of effort

You've got the PDF version of your newsletter on your computer, now you need to get it online. If it's too difficult or cumbersome for you to get your newsletter online then you'll never do it on the weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule a newsletter requires.

Do a Google search for online newsletter and you'll get a long list of services like mailchimp, constant contact, mad mimi, and more. The problem with these services is they expect you to reformat and change the way you design your newsletter. That means work, lots of it. You'd be forced to create two versions of your newsletter, an online and print version. You probably don't have the time or resources to do this.

This is why most people fall back to emailing out a PDF attachment (the same file you send to the printer to create the offline version of your newsletter). Or add a link to download the PDF newsletter from their website. These are both terrible solutions.

PDFs are large files and can be difficult to send as email attachments or download
No one likes to open an attachment in an email or a download for fear of a virus
PDF viewers display your pages in a flat, generic, boring presentation

This hardly makes someone want to read your newsletter. It shows you don't really expect your audience to read the content, you just wanted to hit a distribution metric.

It doesn't have to be this way. Let's consider alternatives that will bring your print newsletter to an online audience with as little effort as possible on your end while also creating an impressive, professional reading experience for your audience.

Removing the friction for you and your audience

A service like simplebooklet can make it dead simple to get that print newsletter online. You upload the print version (PDF, word, or doc file) of your newsletter and simplebooklet automatically turns those pages into browser friendly web pages.

Your newsletter gets its own dedicated microsite with its own easy-to-remember weblink. You don't have to worry about hosting, formatting, or changing anything in your newsletter. You upload your newsletter file (the same one you send to your printer) and voila, you've got an online newsletter ready for distribution.

This beats a PDF attachment or download any day.

A simplebooklet newsletter is a simple link you can tap to open.
The pages have been optimized for online viewing, so very low bandwidth requirements for the viewer.

Now your newsletter is available from a single tap, not a forced download, or even worse, a proprietary viewing app. Your audience is reading your newsletter as easily and quickly as possible.

Making sure your audience is impressed

You want your reader to know you care about their experience reading your newsletter. A traditional PDF viewer always falls down on this front. The reading experience should be consistent across device types (mobile, tablet and computer) and reinforce your brand. Plus, you designed your pages to be opened and displayed in a certain way, so the presentation of those pages online should be the same.

With simplebooklet, you can customize the microsite your newsletter is displayed on.

Add your own logo and url
Customize your page transition
Customize your own background
Configure your own navbars and support menus
Add call to action content buttons and embed multimedia content onto your pages
Create a table of contents
Encourage readers to reach out and contact you

All of this leads to a unique and visually appealing reading experience for your audience. Compare that to opening a PDF file and scrolling vertically through your newsletter pages.

Create an archive Gallery

One of the cooler features of simplebooklet is you can create a dedicated page that displays an archive of all your newsletters. You set up a custom domain and curate the newsletters and the order that they appear. You then get a unique weblink to share and can embed it on your website. Plus you can make multiple newsletter galleries that you share on specific topics or timelines.

Distributing your new online newsletter beyond email

Your newsletter should appear where your audience is online. The web is no longer destination driven. You need to get your newsletter to where your audience hangs out. They peruse social feeds, skim their favorite blogs and websites, check email and text messages, and get recommendations sent to them them from friends, coworkers and family.

You may think your newsletter is filled with content of the utmost importance, but most likely your audience isn't going to search it out, if they even know a new issue exists. They'll flip through it if it's conveniently placed in front of them, but they aren't remembering every day that this is the day your newsletter is available. Hoping they will connect to your site (which they visit infrequently, if ever) is a recipe to guarantee low readership.

What you need to do is engage your audience on every digital channel you can think of and draw them back to your newsletter content. You can't do this with a PDF and your email newsletter is single channel focused. You need a solution that allows for a compelling link with a strong call to action that engages the audience in all of these different channels and encourage them to open your newsletter.

Simplebooklet has an extensive set of distribution and sharing tools to do just this. You can send your newsletter as a rich html to a mailing list, post your newsletter to all major social network newsfeeds, embed your newsletter in your own website, save a download version in PDF, mobi and epub formats, and share your newsletter from its unique web address.

Post it to Facebook
Your newsletter cover page looks great and is compelling. So post it to your facebook newsfeed. And do it a few times a month to keep it front and center for your social audience.

Pin it to Pinterest
Adding your newsletter to pinterest is a great way to have it get bundled with other relevant content. You'll find your newsletter gets pinned to boards with content that enhances and lends credibility to your content. Tourism newsletters get pinned to destination pinboards, restaurant newsletters get pinned to favorite restaurant boards. Your newsletter will end up getting pinned to multiple boards.

Embed it on your own existing website
Hey, this is where people actively look for your stuff. Why not make sure your newsletter and the gallery of all your archived newsletters are there and ready to be flipped?

Make it downloadable
When you save your newsletter as a PDF on simplebooklet, it actually saves it in the right order for viewing as a PDF. Then you can save it as a mobi and epub file so it can be read on e-readers like kindle.

Add it as part of your email signature
Placing the link to your newsletter gallery in your email signature means it's available to anyone who reads your email correspondence. They can choose at anytime to open up your newsletter.

Send it to your email list
With the Simplebooklet mailchimp integration or just as a stand alone email, you'll send a rich html email that highlights the cover page and encourages your recipient to open your newsletter.

As you can see, you don't need to spend a lot of time, money or effort to get your printed newsletter online and distributed to your valuable audience. It just takes a few minutes and you'll be showing customers you value their time spent reading your content.


Some example newsletters on simplebooklet