How Your Lookbook Can Work Online (& Influence Your Customers)

When your customer get's their hands on your printed Lookbook, this is how they experience it.

You've Got A Great Lookbook

-Use It Online

A printed Lookbook provides good marketing value. It's portable, it's to the point, and its a well proven, well understood presentation tool.

But you're leaving a whole lot of marketing value on the table if all you do with this Lookbook is print it.

That's because 100% of your customers use phones, tablets and computers all the time, every single day. If you aren't leveraging your Lookbook marketing content to reach your online audience, you might as well not exist at all to them.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Check out the brochure below to see how professional, influential and engaging you can make your Lookbook present online.

Don't Waste Your Time With PDFs

You might be thinking "well, I just attach my Lookbook PDF in an email when I want to share it, or give them a link on my website". Sure, that's easy for you.

But what about your customer experience. Remember your last experience you had opening up a PDF online? Its just bad.

First, you can only receive a PDF through email as an attachment. You get that knot in your stomach, check the email address, and cross your fingers you aren't downloading a virus. That's if your email server will even accept an attachment larger than a couple megabytes.

Second, when you're downloading a PDF from a weblink, you end up in a new browser tab, with no idea where the PDF got saved on your computer, and still have the same concerns of a virus. Then you get a generic, vertical presentation of the Lookbook content.

Is that really how you want your customer experience to be? a bland, boring presentation of your content without any easy way for your customer to act on the information in front of them. Its hardly inspiring and certainly won't set you apart from the competition.

The Way It's Meant To Be

Simplebooklet can take your Lookbook, unlock its creative value, and give it digital superpowers.

All you have to do is take the PDF version of your Lookbook that you currently send to your printer and upload it to the Simplebooklet platform. Choose from one of our professional presentations and add your logo. Put in contact information so your buyers can connect with your organization.

Simplebooklet automates everything else. Search discovery is optimized with meta and structured data. Links get activated. And deep-dive analytics give you the insight to act on customer engagement.

Give it a try.

Reach Your Customer,


Your new digital catalog is incredibly easy to get in front of your customer's eyes. Your digital catalog appears on a dedicated, branded URL you can use anywhere. Your customers will be so impressed you aren't wasting their time with another painful PDF.

  • Send it in email as a rich html message.

  • Share it across social networks with a preformatted, eye-catching post.

  • Embed a page-flipping version in your website or blog.

  • Install it as a native app on any device for offline access.

  • Download it to any device.

  • Regular Documents Look Lifeless

  • Post it on your Google map and search listing.

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