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LeadBelly's Evening Menu

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GOOD EVENINGDESSERTSMENU SERVED IN THE RESTAURANT DAILY FROM 5PMSLOW COOKED CHICKEN CASSOULETChorizo, Chicken thighs and Cannellini Beans slow cooked for a hearty rich casserole served with a side of steamed Potatoes.13.95GF DF _______PORK TENDERLOIN & PARMA HAMLoin of Pork wrapped in Parma Ham served with Colcannon Potato cake, Apple Dauphinoise* and Sage buttered Leeks*.14.95GF DFO* ______PAN-SEARED LAMB RUMPRump of Lamb with Herbed Sweet Potato mash* steamed Green Beans* and a Red Wine jus.15.95GF DFO* ___________ROASTED SALMON WITH LEMON GNOCCHIPan roasted Salmon Supreme with Potato Gnocchiin a Lemon & Spinach Cream* sauce, topped with slow-roasted Plum Tomatoes.14.95GF DFO* __ROASTED SQUASH & CRACKED BUCKWHEATGarlic and yme oven roasted Harlequin Squash and steamed Buckwheat, with Pomegranate, Rocket and Feta*, Yogurt dressing* and toasted Pumpkin Seeds.13.95V VGNO* GF SPICY MEATBALLS WITH RICEBeef Meat Balls in a Cumin and Paprika spiced sauce with grilled Harissa Aubergines and Coriander Rice.12.95GF DF ____________LB’S FISH & CHIPSBattered Haddock with Fries, Mushy Peas and Tartare sauce.13.95GF DF ___________________FLAME GRILLED BEEF BURGERFlame grilled Beef, melted Applewood Cheese*, crisp Gem Lettuce, Tomato and our secret Burger Sauce in a Brioche Bun*. Served with Fries.13.95GFO* DFO* ________SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN BURGERTender Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken, chargrilled Pineapple, Garlic Mayo and crisp Gem Lettuce in a Brioche Bun*. Served with Fries.13.95GFO* _______SOYA BEET BURGEROur Soya Protein, Beetroot, Potato & Paprika Patty with Chipotle Almondaise, crisp Gem Lettuce and Tomatoin a Brioche Bun*. Served with Fries.13.95VGNO* GFO* DF _____________STARTERS, SIDES & SHARERSHALLOUMI BITES WITH SWEET CHILLI DIP4.50V GF _____SKINNY FRIES / SWEET POTATO FRIES4.00VGN GF DF ___SOUP OF THE DAY WITH BREAD*6.00VGN GFO* ________BUTTERED* STEAMED POTATOES4.00V GF DFO* _________HUMMUS AND PITTA BREAD*4.50VGN GFO* DF _________SIDE SALAD WITH A CITRONETTE DRESSING4.00VGN GF DF CALAMARI & SWEET CHILLI DIP7.00GF DF ___________BUTTERED* GREEN BEANS3.50V GF DFO* _____________CHARRED BROCCOLI & GARLIC LEMON DRESSING4.00V GF DFBREAD*, OIL & BALSAMIC3.50GFO* DF ______________If you have any questions speak to your server.GF = Gluten Free GFO* = Gluten Free Option DF = Dairy Free DFO* = Dairy Free Option VVGN = Vegan VGNO* = Vegan Option6.50CHOCOLATE BROWNIEServed with Salted Caramel Ice Cream.V GF ___________________6.50STICKY TOFFEE PUDDINGServed warm with Vanilla Pod Ice Cream.V GF _________________6.00ICE CREAMChoose 3 scoops from:Pistachio/Chocolate/Vanilla Pod/Salted Caramel.V GF __________________________6.00CHEESECAKEAsk your server for this week’s avour.GF __________________________6.50CRUMBLE OF THE WEEKAsk your server for the avour of the week! Served with dairy free Custard.VGN GF DF ______________6.00SORBETChoose 3 scoops from:A changing array of exciting avours – ask your server!VGN GF DF ________________________OLIVES TO START3.50