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LBRR 2023

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May 4th - 6th, 2023Arnprior, ONDesigned for small and rural libraries and the peoplewho work in them!

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WelcomeWe want to welcome you to the oursecond Little Branches Rural RootsLibrary Conference! Following a hiatus due to Covid, weare thrilled to be back and able tocome together to network, learn andcontinue to grow our small libraries. The steering committee wishes tothank all of our sponsors, presenters,volunteers and vendors who havemade this happen. We hope all of you leave feelinginspired, relaxed, connectedand invigorated! The Steering Committee

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RegistrationInformationFEESFULL CONFERENCE (INCLUDING ALL SPECIALEVENTS)$150DAILY FEE$60/DAY Registration fees includes:SWAG!All PlenariesLunch and Dinner on ThursdayLunch on FridayLunch and Sundae Bar on Saturday Please note: Tickets are required forlunches and dinner. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT IS APRIL 24, 2023*No refunds will be processed after theregistration deadlinePARKINGThere is FREE municipalparking in the downtownlot behind Shopper's DrugMart (accessible fromMadawaska Street, JohnStreet and Elgin Street). Parking at the library isfree, but spaces arelimited to 32 with 3accessible spaces.Downtown street parkingis also free, but limited to3 hours. Residential side streetparking is not time limited.

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Meals RE F RES H M ENT S TAT I ONAvailable throughout the conference and located at the circulationdesk, the refreshment station features coffee, tea, citrus water andsome packaged snacks.SE N D -OF F SUN D A E B A R !SATUR D AY FO L LO W IN G C L OS I NG RE M AR K S Enjoy a sweet end to the conference at the make-your-own sundae bar!!IMPORTANT NOTES: ALL MEALS ARE INCLUDED IN THE CONFERENCE FEE,BUT MEALS DO REQUIRE A TICKET Delegates can opt-in during the registration process. Lunch & dinner on Thursday, as well as lunch on Friday andSaturday require advance ordering with the caterers. Last minute tickets will NOT be available. The conference is unable to accommodate all dietaryrestrictions, but vegetarian options will be included. Note: Friday night dinner and breakfasts are not offered by LBRR. TH U R SDA Y LUN C HNO O N - 1 PMProvided by RILEY'S CATERING. Ticket required.TH U R SDA Y NI G H T DI N NER6 P M Catered by NEGI'S INDIAN CUISINE. Ticket required.FR I D AY L U NCH12 : 15 PM - 1 :1 5 PMProvided by VALLEY ROOTS CATERING. Ticket required.SA T U RDA Y LUN C HNO O N - 1 : 00 PMProvided by VALLEY ROOTS CATERING. Ticket required.LB R R IS G OIN G ALI T T LE G R EEN !LBRR is focused on zerowaste. We’re providingeach delegate with atumbler for hot and coldbeverages. Meals will be served onbiodegradable plates (andcutlery) which will be usedin the creation of a newpollinator garden bed at theArnprior Library

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Accommodations MANY ACCOMMOD A T I O N S A R E W I T H I N WALKINGDISTANCE OF TH E C O N F E R E N C E V E N UE CO U NTR Y SQU I R E M O TOR I NN111 Staye Court DriveArnprior, Ontario, K7S 0E8,CanadaTel: (613) 623-6556Toll Free: 1-800-267-5378www.countrysquiremotel.caKN I GHT S INN175 Daniel Street South Arnprior ON K7S 2L9Tel: 613-623-4271 KI R KMA N HOU S E B& B294 John St. North, Arnprior, ON K7S 2P6Tel: 1 (613) 623-5890 N IEL H OUS E B&B127 Daniel St. North, Arnprior, ON K7S 2L2Tel: 1 (613) 769-8168 Text Message friendly Madawaska BoulevardArnprior, Ontario K7S 1S5Phone: 1-613-623-7991Toll Free: 1-877-700-5637 N PRI O R MO T O R I N NAR N PRI O R QU A L ITY INN168 Daniel St.Arnprior, Ontario K7S 2L8Phone: 1-613-623-7906Toll Free: 1-888-299-4952 S O C H E CK O U T A I RBN B FOROT H ER A C COM M O DAT I ONSIN THE A REAMA C N AMA R A HO U S E153 Daniel Street South Arnprior ON K7S 2L9Tel: 613-296-4521

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THE FUN STUFF! TH E AR T COR R I DOR :SH A RE Y O UR S U CCE S SES !During registration, delegates will be asked to provide a photo of their libraryand a conversation starter to be displayed in the library’s Art Corridor. Thisconversation starter (brag piece) can be a report, poster, brochure, mediacoverage, photo with caption etc. of a recent event or program at your library.It’s time to share your innovation! CO N FER E N CE B A G D E COR S TAT I O NLBRR is providing conference sturdy handled bags that delegates candecorate at our “Creativity Station”. There are prizes available for Creative Swag Bag décor! BO O K A R T EX H I BITA book art will be exhibited in the main leveldisplay cabinet TH E GI A N T " P L INK O " GA M E A giant “Plinko” Game Board will provide great prizes throughout the conference!TH E NE T W ORK I N G!The best part of any conference is the networking! By having several mealsincluded with the conference fee, we are hoping delegates will use this time tovisit the vendor booths and network. Meals may be consumed anywhere within the library and specific areas may beassigned for topical discussions / networking. We are hoping to provide moretime to chat, meet new people, and develop valuable new connections! PA T RIC K KLI N E , C E L LIS TThe Thursday night dinner will be accompanied by live cello music my the amazing Patrick Kline.KA T R INA K A HN, Z U MBA M O MENT S !Shake your sillies out and have a fun time doing it during our Zumba breaks!

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VENDOR BOOTHSProud partner of Canadian libraries for over 35years, Whitehots is proud to partner with librariesacross Canada, coast-to-coast, large and small.Learn how their innovative solutions, robusttechnology, and expert team can help tostreamline your library's workflow.Join Paul Barclay, President of Carr McLeanwho will not only be providing informationabout the company, but will also be sharingTIPS ON BOOK REPAIR! The more we usebooks, the more they become prone to wearand tear. That is why learning how to protectand repair them can help extend their lifespanand preserve their value.Ever wondered what this JASI is all about? JoinOLS staff for a demonstration of the Sirsi DynixWorkflows software used by more than 115libraries in the province of Ontario. We will showyou how the software works, talk about theperks of the consortium, such as cost savings,Cataloguing Manual and JASI Help DeskSupport and answer your questions!While unable to send a rep, thiscompany did send lots of information andsome giveaways, so make sure to stopby their table! Saunders is another Canadiancompany based in Collingwood,ON. They are an exclusivedistributor and publisher ofchildren's books for schools andpublic libraries from K-12.Saunders represents over 25educational publishers inCanada. Chat with them to seehow they can support yourlibrary's needs!Watch for LBRR's roving photographers from Dupuis Photography who will be catching moments throughout the conference!

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Conference at a Glance 9:00 AM - 10:00 AMCheck-in Begins 10 AM- 10:30 AM: Official welcome featuring Algonquin Welcoming Song performed by Roberta Della-Picca,Official Mayor's Welcome 10:45 AM - 11:45 AMModified Capital Campaigns for Small LibrariesORFostering Collaboration with Your MunicipalityORCELA in Your Library NOON - 1 PMLunch provided by Riley's Catering 1:00 PM - 2:30 PMTransitioning to Your New BoardORSmall Spaces, Big Impact 2:45 PM - 3:30 PMFirst Nation Communities READORThe Importance of Having a Library BrandORSee How It Grows: Starting a Seed Library 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM AUTHOR PLENARY with Suzanne Evans and Amy Tector 4:45 PM - 6:00 PM Free time to check into accommodations, network, orgo to the Swag Bag Decor Station 6:00 PMCATERED DINNER by Negi's Indian CuisineTHU RSD AY

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Conference at a Glance FRI DAY 8:30 AM - 10:00 AMPLENARY: Facing and De-escalating Conflict 10:15 AM - 11:00 AMCataloguing PanelORWho you gonna call? Connecting Patrons withCommunity Resources 10:15 AM - 11:45 PMCommunity Arts in Small Spaces 11:15 AM - 12:15 PMTips for Developing Funding Proposals and Addressing Community Needs: Part 1ORStronger Together:Creating Dementia-Inclusive Communities 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM LUNCH provided by Valley Roots Catering 1:15 PM - 2:15 PMTips for Developing Funding Proposals and Addressing Community Needs: Part 2ORNewcomers and Integration: How public libraries (no matter how small) can help 2:30 PM - 4:00 PMCEO PanelOR2:30 PM - 3:30 PM: Introduction to 3D Printing 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM: Coding with Micro:bits 4:15 PM - 4:30 PM ZUMBA BREAK with Katrina 4:30 PM - 5:30 PMPLENARY: Writing Stories and Songs - Collaborative Community Partnerships with Craig Cardiff

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Conference at a Glance SAT URD AY 8:30 AM - 10:15 AMYouth Services Panel (from littles to teens) 9:00 AM - 10:00 AMAdapting Our Social Media for 2023:Strategy, tactics, tools, and safetyOREasy Come, Easy Go Collection:Development and WeedingORFood Insecurity and How Libraries Can Help 10:00 AM - 11:00 AMARCHIVES OPEN HOUSE 10:30 AM - 11:30 AMDigitizing Your Local HistoryORPolicies and Libraries: What you need to knowORInclusive Storytimes 11:30-11:45 PM ZUMBA BREAK with Katrina NOON - 1:00 PM LUNCH provided by Valley Roots Catering 1:00 PM -2:30 PMPLENARY: Drag Queen Story Times 2:30 PM - 2:45 PMClosing remarks followed by the SUNDAE SEND-OFF BAR!

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Thursday Plenary Author PanelEthel Mulvany and her Starving Prisoner of War CookbookSuzanne Evans offers the first full biography of "force of nature" EthelMulvany, who, while a starving prisoner of war, organized imaginaryfeasts at the infamous Changi Jail, Singapore, during the SecondWorld War. Suzanne will share Ethel's story as she and hundreds ofother women coped with the horrors of their situation with imaginationand creativity. Ethel's story and challenges continue when she returnsto her life in Canada after the war.Suzanne Evans, author and historianSuzanne Evans holds a PhD in Religious Studies. After working, studying and living in China,Indonesia, India and Vietnam, she now lives and writes in Ottawa. Her writing, which has appearedin academic and literary journals, newspapers, magazines and books, has a strong focus on womenand war. Her recent book, The Taste of Longing: Ethel Mulvany and her Starving Prisoners of WarCookbook has won four awards since being published in 2020.Photo by Alan CumynAmy Tector, author and historianAmy Tector is the author of The Honeybee Emeralds and the DominionArchives Mystery series. She has spent more than 20 years plumbingthe secrets squirrelled away in archives and currently works atCanada's national archives. Amy has a PhD in English literature from the Université Libre deBruxelles and lives in Ottawa, Canada with a daughter named Violet, ahusband named Andrew and a dog named Daffodil. She is anenthusiastic, but incompetent, cross-country skier.Photo by Meghan Hall Photography

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Friday Plenary Facing and De-escalating ConflictThis is a 1.5 hr experiential workshop on conflict in the libraryworkplace. All public workplaces may face a variety of conflictsfrom disgruntled, confused, belligerent, and even threateningindividuals. There are many values and skills that relate to facingthese conflicts with confidence and appropriate resources. TheWorkshop on Facing and De-escalating Conflict will include: Presented by Theresa Dunn, Facilitator,Peace ProfessionalBrief content on the background of my field in Conflict Transformation and how it informsconflict resolution in this day and ageDiscussion and interactive exercises to understand “how you face conflict”. Exploringdifferent styles and their appropriate application Examining the principles of a violent free workplace and how to provide a safe place for staffand public alike This light and fun presentation will provide insight and strategies intopotential or real experiences of challenging or disturbing encounters.This light and fun presentation will provide insight and strategies into potential or real experiences ofchallenging or disturbing encounters.Theresa's first job was as a library "page". That experience opened her up to endless possibilities.Since then, besides traveling and experiencing the wonders of the natural world and its people, shehas worked in mental health, conflict resolution, and organizational development for more than 35years. She has been privileged to provide service to community organizations, faith groups,international organizations, and individuals. She now works primarily in providing online coachingand presentations.

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Friday Plenary Writing Stories and Songs: Collaborative Community PartnershipsEnjoy a collaborative song writing and story writing session withCanadian singer-songwriter, Craig Cardiff!Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops, or other devices asaccess will be given to to Soundtrap and Canva projects forcollaboration and sharing.Concert and Songwriting withCRAIG CARDIFF Craig is also part of the team at Song Collab Studio. The team delivers remote and in-personworkshops encouraging confidence, connection, literacy, and joy through performance, songwritingand recording. They work with students and teachers and do the song, the singing, the recording, alltogether as a team. They work with artists who believe that teachers and art can make all thedifference in the success of a student.Song Collab Studio believes that strengthening mental health, building confidence andfostering resilience comes from artistic expression, working as a team, and building on smallsuccesses of creating.The core team is Rachel Raditz, Kaia Fortis-Scott, Lindsey Barr, Craig Cardiff, and host of 30+student illustrators, painters, musicians, audio engineers, artists, animators, and video editors.Craig has been a performing/working artist for 25 years. Has 150+ million streams on all platforms.Presently 40+ shows a year with teaching commitments. 180+ shows annually in North America andEurope (Pre-pandemic). 20 albums / eps released on own label, licensed to labels. Gold single inCanada for original song "Dirty old town". His music has been featured in film and tv, including NBC’s‘This Is Us’. He is a Juno nominee and a Canada Folk Music Award nominee / recipient.There will also be giving musical performance! His latest album, “All This Time Running" is his firstwith True North Records. Be Honest, Silly + Kind. Avoid Mischief + Jealousy.

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Saturday Plenary Drag Queen StorytimesThe recent experience at Brockville Library Drag Storytime has informed some newbest practices that Libraries can follow in serving their communities needs safely.Geraldine is the CEO of Brockville Public Library. Bomb threats and fires set in thelibrary are not going to stop us from being fabulous. Panel Discussion: Make it Fab and Safe, featuring:Geraldine Slack, CEO, Brockville Public LibrarySophie Smith-Doré, Pflag Canada Chapter LeadSophie Smith-Doré is the Pflag Canada Chapter Lead for Arnprior, Ontario and Co-Founder of Arnprior Pride. Sophie is a business owner currently studying psychologyspecializing in gender and women's studies.Holli Cow, Drag QueenHolli Cow (she/they) is a fabulous drag queen who was born and raisedon a farm outside of Arnprior. Holli now travels across Ontario toperform at venues, host story times and advocates at workshops ofimportance and inclusion for the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. More than anything, Holli wants attendees at all of her shows to feelsafe, loved and that their uniqueness should be celebrated -maintaining safe spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ people is more important thanever in the current climate.Julia Farnsworth, CommunicationsBrockville Public LibraryJulia (she/her) has been with the Brockville Library for 4 years and has recently takenon the new position of Communications Coordinator.Photo courtesy of iHeart Radio

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Thursday Sessions10:45 PM - 11:45 PMMODIFIED CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS FOR SMALL LIBRARIESPresenter: Rob LaveryThere's a model for capital campaigns - but does it work for every situation? We'll have a discussion aboutwhat works and what doesn't for small, rural libraries.FOSTERING COLLABORATION WITH YOUR MUNICIPALITYPresenters: Robert Tremblay and Kelly ThompsonThe CAO of the Town of Renfrew and the CEO of the Renfrew Public Library will discuss how to foster andmaintain a relationship of collaboration between municipal and library partners.The Centre for Equitable Library Access, or CELA, is Canada’s most comprehensive accessible readingservice, providing books and other materials to Canadians with print disabilities in the formats of their choice.CELA provides access to over 1.2 million reading items including books for all ages, newspapers andmagazines in accessible formats through a fully bilingual, accessible web site and catalogue. CELA IN YOUR LIBRARY: How CELA can help you connect your patrons withprint disabilities to audio and other alternate format booksPresenter: Jessica DesormeauxAll libraries in Ontario offer CELA services for free, but not every library is aware of how they can use CELA toserve their patrons who cannot read print due to a learning, visual or physical disability. This presentation willgive an overview of CELA’s services for libraries and the different ways libraries can help their patrons withprint disabilities access reading materials that will help them to fully participate in learning, work andcommunity life. 9:00 AM - 10 AM10 AM - 10:30 AMCHECK-INOPENING CEREMONIESWelcoming song performed by Roberta Della-Picca. Official welcome from Arnprior Mayor Lisa McGee, andthe LBRR Steering Committee.

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Thursday Sessions Cont.SMALL SPACES, BIG IMPACTPresenters: Nicole Zummach, Karen Filipkowski and Kelly ThompsonSmall and rural libraries are experts at working with what they’ve got, and what they’ve often got is oldinfrastructure and awkward spaces.Learn how two libraries in Renfrew County transformed their small and awkward spaces for maximum impact.Hear top tips on creative use of space and get some expert advice from library space “magician” Mike Wark.Send us photos of your challenging own library space to share and get feedback during ourbrainstorming session. TRANSITIONING TO A NEW BOARDPresenters: Peggy Malcolm and Brandon FratarcangeliIn this session, Consultants from the Ontario Library Service (OLS) discuss items that CEOs and BoardMembers may wish to consider as the library boards transition following the municipal elections. Threeoverarching topics will be discussed: Resources for understanding the role and responsibilities of serving on the Library Board: In advance ofthe new Board terms, OLS has created orientation documents that CEOs and library boards arewelcomed and encouraged to incorporate into orientation packages for board members. TheConsultants will present these documents and provide suggestions to encourage education and learningthroughout the board’s term. Setting up expectations for serving on the Library Board (i.e. time commitment, governance vs.operations): Library Boards are an extension of local government in Ontario. Specific legislation existsfor library boards, and rules for Library Boards can differ from community-based non-profit boards. TheConsultants will discuss these differences, the importance to focus on governance, and other tips thathelp Board members understand the role. The relationship between the Library Board and the Municipality: public libraries receive approximately90% of their funding from local municipalities. The Public Libraries Act establishes Library Boards asindependent corporations. Working closely with your municipality and aligning goals are bothconsiderations that will come before the Board. The Consultants will present some tips for introducingthe importance of the relationship with the municipality. 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Thursday Sessions Cont.THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A LIBRARY BRANDPresenter: Amber SweeneyIn this presentation we will discuss things to consider if you have no budget to invest in a professional branddesigner and ways that you can still create brand cohesion in-house on a small budget. We will also discussthe process, deliverables and the brand assets of hiring a professional to create a visual identity for yourlibrary and how in the long term it can streamline so many elements to the library's marketing, presence andoverall perception within a community. We will have Kelly Thompson from Renfrew Public Library speak on her experience in working with us andthe benefits she has since seen first hand with the RPL rebrand. The presentation will wrap up by providingsome food for thought on what are good indicators a rebrand could be of great benefit, while also providingthe audience with a bit of background on the CANVA app and how it can be utilized to help with the overallbrand cohesion.3:45 PM - 4:45 PMAUTHOR PLENARYSEE HOW IT GROWS: STARTING A SEED LIBRARYPresenter: Mary Kate LaphenSeed Libraries are trending, but finding the time and space (and money) to start one can seem daunting. But there are ways to do it! Find out how a small library was able plant and grow a valued new service tothe community – one that has also blossomed into new community connections and partnerships. FIRST NATIONS COMMUNITIES READFirst Nation Communities READ is a national Indigenous Book award program thatcelebrates the very best of Indigenous literature in Canada. During this workshopparticipants will learn about the program, its history, and how their libraries can benefit.Delve into the amazing world of Indigenous literature.Presenter: Nancy Cooper2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

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Friday Sessions CATALOGUING PANELPresenters: Pat Smith, Monica Blackburn and Caroline ZeemanEach panelist will introduce their different journeys in cataloguing and their own approaches to the craft. Wewill each talk about a specific cataloguing project that we are either working on now or have worked on inthe past. The session will end with a Q & A period.WHO YOU GONNA CALL? CONNECTING PATRONS WITH COMMUNITYRESOURCESPresenters: Nicole ZummachLibraries are a vital link between community members and community resources, but knowing where andwho to direct people to isn't always so obvious. In this session, you will learn about the community resourcesyou might not be aware of, the community needs that your library can help to meet, and best practices forhelping patrons find their way to the appropriate resources.10:15 AM - 11:00 AMCOMMUNITY ARTS IN SMALL SPACESPresenter: Anya GanstererParticipants will be introduced to the philosophy of community arts with an emphasis on how small ruralspaces such as libraries are perfect places for community art making and installations. The session willinclude examples of local collaborations with libraries via Pop Up Art. Participants will collaboratively createa mini Little Branches Rural Roots art installation. 10:15 AM - 11:45 AMPLENARY: FACING AND DE-ESCALATING CONFLICT8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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Friday Sessions Cont.NEWCOMERS AND INTEGRATION: HOW PUBLIC LIBRARIES NO MATTERHOW SMALL) CAN HELPPresenter: Joseph ArtingerAn overview of immigrant information needs and ideas for programs or collection development than canassist newcomers in becoming integrated into their new culture and community. See description above for Part 1.TIPS FOR DEVELOPING FUNDING PROPOSALS AND ADDRESSINGCOMMUNITY NEEDS: PART 2Presenters: Carmen Goold and Louise Lauzon1:15 PM - 2:15 PMSTRONGER TOGETHER - CREATING DEMENTIA-INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIESThe Stronger Together Project focuses on reducing the stigma associated with dementia so that peopleliving with dementia and their care givers feel supported. valued and respected. This session offersparticipants an opportunity to learn more about the types of dementia, the statistics of dementia, warningsigns & communications tips, the physical environment and prevention.Presenter: Catharina van EsTIPS FOR DEVELOPING FUNDING PROPOSALS AND ADDRESSINGCOMMUNITY NEEDS: PART 1Putting a puzzle together is the perfect analogy for preparing a funding application. This presentation willcover 24 tips that will touch on important pieces such as: the funder and applicant relationship; beforethinking about applying; funding sources; partnerships; guidelines; planning a project; workplan and budgetrisks (project and organization); performance measures and evaluations; sustainability; writing anapplication; assessment criteria; assessment from a reviewer’s perspective; and resources (potentialquestions, funders, letter of support). The tips provided in this presentation are based on years ofexperience from a Funder’s/Reviewers point of view.Presenters: Carmen Goold and Louise Lauzon11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

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Friday Sessions Cont.4:45 PM - 5:45 PMPLENARY: CONCERT AND SONGWRITING WITH CRAIG CARDIFF3:30 PM - 4:30 PMCODING WITH MICRO:BITSPresenters: Instructors from the University of Ottawa Engineering Department's OutreachProgramIn this interactive workshop, you will learn basic coding concepts and will create your own game using avirtual micro:bit board. A micro:bit is a small board, half the size of a credit card, that has a microprocessor,accelerometer, sensors, a display of 25 LEDs, and two programmable buttons. It’s now used around theworld to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software and building new things.The challenge is to code a coin flipper and rock paper scissors game that you can play with your micro:bit!However, this code can be built once you’re familiar with the program.2:30 PM - 3:30 PMEducating library programmers on how to deliver the following workshop geared to grades 2 to 6 and 7 to 12.Be introduced 3D printing, its functionality and applications. In small groups, you will have the opportunity tocreate your own 3D model using TinkerCAD, a user-friendly 3D modelling software. Using 3D printers, you’llalso be able to turn your design into reality!INTRODUCTION TO 3D PRINTINGPresenters: Instructors from the University of Ottawa Engineering Department's OutreachProgram2:30 PM - 4:00 PMCEO DISCUSSION PANELFacilitators: Karen DeLuca, Kelly ThompsonWhat is keeping us up at night? Discuss the trials and tribulations we face as CEOs / managers of smallpublic libraries. Share your struggles and get feedback.

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Saturday Sessions Our collections are still one of our main focuses. Talk about cost effective options to create a great collection, approaches to collection development, the importance of weeding and best practices to get the job done Presenters: Peggy Malcolm and Kelly ThompsonEASY COME, EASY GO: COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT AND WEEDINGWe as libraries offer more than books, and not just from a material stand point. From boosting a car toconsoling a broken hearted patron, we really do so much more for our communities than is acknowledged orseen. For us at BUPL, food insecurity is something we’ve focused on because we saw the need for it, evenmore so with the rising cost of food. This session will discuss what libraries can do to help their communities'bellies AND minds!Presenter: Bee StillarFOOD INSECURITY AND HOW LIBRARIES CAN HELPbuilding a strategy to manage our mix of CPP - communication, presence, and promotionschoosing which networks to invest time into, including two you might not have consideredunderstanding how the feed algorithms are working for us – and against us – and tips for how to build ouraudience and influence. (Hint – it’s not only about our own page.) leveraging tools and automations to help one-person and small teams become more efficient and effectiveprotecting our channels and our patronspreparing alternatives for when social media fails us. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the constant changes in social media. In this presentation, we’ll talk abouthow to evolve and adapt a resilient social media program to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigatethe disadvantages for both our libraries and our patrons. The session will include information on:We’ll focus on strategies and processes that are manageable for Little Branches and their available resources.The goal is for you to feel comfortable with and in control of planning your social media activities. We’ll keepthings as jargon-free as possible and make time for Q&A as well.Presenter: Paul ThompsonADAPTING OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR 2023 – STRATEGY, TACTICS, TOOLS,AND SAFETY9:00 AM - 10 AM8:30 AM - 10:15 AMYOUTH SERVICES DISCUSSION PANEL & CRAFT SHARING: FROM LITTLES TO TEENSFacilitators: Caroline Swayze and Emily KrosseLet's talk about child and youth services! Bring a craft or program idea to share, or an issue you wish todiscuss. We will share our successes and our struggles!

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Saturday Sessions Cont.Participants will leave this session with a toolkit for designing and delivering welcoming and inclusive libraryprograms for children of all abilities. Presenter: Leanne GordonINCLUSIVE STORYTIMES1:00 PM - 2:30 PMPLENARY: DRAG QUEEN STORYTIMESWhen SOLS wrote the first Sourcebook on policies – there were by-laws plus six policy statements – HR,circulation, facilities, volunteers, reference, and collection. These policies represented written documentation on‘best practices’ for the library. Fast forward and the world of policies has shifted. Employers in Ontario havespecific legislated obligations relating to the workplace and its employees. For example, under Ontario’sOccupational Health and Safety Act, employers are obligated to “instruct, inform and supervise their workers toprotect their health and safety”. But how can public library CEOs and supervisors keep track of these types ofobligations and requirements? How can policies be managed in a smaller public library?Presenter: Peggy Malcolm and Cathy FairbairnPOLICIES AND LIBRARIES: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWArchivist Emma Carey will present on the topic of digitization in small, rural libraries and cultural institutions.She will talk about the Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives' experience digitizing and making available a largecollection of local newspapers. A Q & A session will follow, which is a great opportunity to dive into the specificissues that the rural librarians are facing with local history collections.Presenter: Emma CareyDIGITIZING YOUR LOCAL HISTORY10:30 AM - 11:30 AMARCHIVES OPEN HOUSE10:00 AM - 11:00 AM2:30 PM - 2:45 PMCLOSING REMARKS FROM THE STEERING COMMITTEE

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BiosTHURSDAY SESSION PRESENTERSROB LAVERYRob worked as a funding and development consultant at SOLS for nearly 18 yearsand then a small contract at the Ministry.ROBERT TREMBLAYRobert Tremblay completed his Masters of Public Administration in the LocalGovernment Program at Western University. He is completing his PhD in Rural Studiesat the University of Guelph looking at the role of the municipal CAO in small places. Robstarted his career at the City of Ottawa in 2001. He joined the Town as its CAO in June2022, having previously served as CAO in Whitewater Region since 2013. He is thePast President of the Association of Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Managers ofOntario.JESSICA DESORMEAUXJessica Desormeaux is CELA’s Communications and Access Specialist. She has aMaster of Information Studies from McGill University, and she is enthusiastic aboutpublic libraries and the key role they play in making reading and information accessibleto everyone.BRANDON FRATARCANGELIBrandon Fratarcangeli is a Consultant with the Ontario Library Service since 2016. Heworks with public libraries on a variety of topics related to management, library service,and governance. He holds a Master of Information from the University of Toronto.

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BiosTHURSDAY SESSION PRESENTERSPEGGY MALCOLMPeggy Malcolm has been a writer and consultant with the Ontario Library Serviceand its predecessors, for 32 years with responsibilities from distance education, topools to general consulting and training. Located in eastern Ontario, there are veryfew library branches in the area that she hasn't visited! Peggy is also presenting asession on Saturday.NANCY COOPERNancy Cooper is from the Chippewas of Rama First Nation in southern Ontario. She isthe First Nation Consultant at the Ontario Library Service and works with all 46 FirstNation Public Libraries in the province. She also administers the First NationCommunities READ program.Mary Kate Laphen has been CEO (and most other things) at the Merrickville PublicLibrary since 1994. In recent years, she has worked to expand partnerships withindividuals and groups in the community. Mary Kate hates writing bios, but isenthusiastic about the opportunities that joint projects, such as Seed Libraries and StoryTrails, offer libraries to contribute to their communities.MARY KATE LAPHENAMBER SWEENEYAmber Sweeney is the owner and founder of a local Renfrew based graphic designcompany, Sweeney Curations. Specializing in business branding and working withclients across the country, within various industries, she has a very diverse portfolio.Amber considers herself a minimalist designer, where less is always more and attributeshaving built a successful company on being personable and listening to her clientsthroughout the design process. She thrives on her collaborative approach and deliversbrand identities that her clients can run with and utilize themselves.

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BiosFRIDAY SESSION PRESENTERSANYA GANSTERERAnya is a Co-Artistic Director of Ottawa Valley Community Arts. She is currently theproject coordinator and curator of Pop Up Art Ottawa Valley, an initiative that seeksto integrate artful experiences into the everyday lives of Ottawa Valley residents. Caroline is a Library Technician at the Carleton Place Public Library. Her other titlesinclude Programmer, Cataloguer, Dungeon Master, KPOP Stan, and Terry Pratchettfangirl.CAROLINE ZEEMANPAT SMITHPat is a Library Technician graduate from Algonquin College, 1983. Born in Arnprior, Patfollowed in the footsteps of her mother and older sisters and worked as a part-timestudent at Arnprior Public Library, which solidified her decision to make "books" acareer! Directly out of college she worked as the Children's Librarian for 4 years atRenfrew Public Library. She and her husband relocated to Belleville where despite notlooking for work (with a new baby at home) her dream job fell into her lap. Incorporatingher love of numbers and attention to detail Pat began a 12 year career at BellevillePublic Library as primary cataloguer of the Adult Collection, and while retaining thoseduties was promoted to Technical Services Supervisor. Family brought her back toArnprior in 2000, and again serendipity intervened, with a job opening back where it allbegan, at Arnprior Public Library. MONICA BLACKBURNMonica has been at the Mississippi Mills Public Library for over 35 years. Among hermany duties, she has been responsible for cataloguing for over 20 years.

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BiosCARMEN GOOLDThroughout her career, Carmen has worked at all levels of government as well aswith a variety of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. For more than 20 years,Carmen has been Renfrew County's connection to Ontario government programs andservices such as tourism, culture and sport, seniors and accessibility andfrancophone affairs. She is well know to genuinely connect with people andorganizations - her ability to create synergies and new ways of collaborating and FRIDAY SESSION PRESENTERSLOUISE LAUZONLouise Lauzon is a Regional Development Advisor with the Government of Ontariorepresenting several ministries such as the ministries of Tourism, Culture and Sport;Seniors and Accessibility; and Francophone Affairs. She supports regionalengagement activities throughout communities across the counties of Prescott-Russelland Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry, the City of Cornwall and the Mohawk territory ofAkwesasne. and cooperating is a trademark of hers. Her passion for service extends beyond external stakeholders asshe consistently makes time for mentorship and coaching. It is her unique combination of leading byexample and sense of civic duty that makes Carmen's service truly excellent. Carmen has been widelyrecognized over the years for projects such as the repatriation of Canada's Unknown Soldier, the CommunityAboriginal Recreation Activators program, and the heritage designation of the Ottawa River as part of theCanadian Heritage Rivers System. One of her main strengths is facilitating linkages between not-for-profit organizations and all levelsof government. She has substantial experience with volunteering, training and coaching otherswhich aligns with her strong beliefs of the importance of skills and knowledge sharing. She hasorganized and lead several workshops on a variety of topics. Louise knows the importance oflooking at a funding program through the lens of both the funders and the applicants. She has apassion for coordinating, collaborating, sharing and trying to make things easier for all.

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BiosCATHARINA VAN ESCatharina van Es is the Project Manager for the “Stronger Together Project –Making Ottawa & Renfrew County Dementia-Inclusive”. The project focuses onreducing the stigma associated with dementia so that people living with dementiafeel supported, valued and respected. Catharina spent most of her career workingin the financial services industry where she honed her skills of prospecting,presenting and leading teams. After a 40 career, she retired from BMO Bank ofMontreal and found a way to give back to her community through the work of theproject. This has been a truly rewarding experience for Catharina. JOSEPH ARTINGERJoseph Artinger has studied Immigrant Integration and public libraries since 2010,first presenting research at the CAIS at Concordia University in Montreal. He iscurrently the librarian at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer.FRIDAY SESSION PRESENTERS

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BiosSATURDAY SESSION PRESENTERSEMILY KROSSEPAUL THOMPSONFor over 15 years in web marketing, Paul Thompson has helped both small and largebusinesses and organizations establish their social media presence, build theiraudiences, and has managed and optimized both their communications and promotionscampaigns. When not at his keyboard, he’s happiest wandering the Ottawa Valley trails andbackroads by bike, boots, and skis, camera at the ready. Or luxuriating in a great book,whether Victorian Lit or murder mystery.BEE STILLARBee is the Program Coordinator at the Bonnechere Union Public Library where is canbe found spearheading programming for all ages and abilities. Outreachcommunications and marketing is her forte. Extrovert extraordinaire.CAROLYN SWAYZECarolyn has been Youth Services Librarian at the Arnprior Public Library for morethan 12 years. During this time she has introduced a wide variety of innovativeprogramming for of all age groups. In 2016, she was recipient of the Ontario LibraryAssociation Youth Services Librarian of the Year award. Her dream is to have aresident goat at the Arnprior Public Library. She's also a big believer that dreamswill come true.Emily Krosse works for the Renfrew Public Library as a Library Technician specializingin Teen Programming and Marketing. In her role, she encourages teen engagement atthe library through programs that meet the needs and interests of the community.Additionally, Emily promotes library services, programs, and materials to the communitythrough social media and local marketing channels. Emily is completing an onlineMaster of Library and Information Studies with the University of Alberta part-time. Shehas been attending class and working on projects with classmates across the Worldand Canada. Her favorite novel in the last year was “Luck in the Shadows” by LynnFlewelling.

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BiosSATURDAY SESSION PRESENTERSCATHY FAIRBAIRNLEANNE GORDONThrough her 20 plus years working with children, 15 years has been as aneducational assistant. Leanne has worked with many children with special needssuch as Autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome etc. She continues to learn somethingnew each day in the field of special education. EMMA CAREYEmma Carey is the Archivist at the Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives. Shereceived her MLIS from McGill University in 2014. After a few years of living abroad,she came to Arnprior, ON to be closer to family and to take on her first big role asan Archivist in 2018. Five years later, she is still here and is more passionate aboutcommunity history than ever! SUSAN ARTYMKOSusan is the Head Librarian/CEO of the Bonnechere Union Public Library. Herresponsibilities includes wrangling the board and making the big decisions! Withyears of experience on library boards, and a lover of words, she has become adedicated CEO at BUPL. Oh yeah, she rides motorcycles, too! Cathy is the CEO/Head Librarian at the Lake of Bays Township Public Library.Photo courtesy of

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BiosSPECIAL EVENTSMellissa D'Onofrio-Jones - JASI Information StationMellissa received her ECE and BEd from the University of Windsor and her MLISfrom the University of Western Ontario. She worked at the London Public Libraryduring her studies and had the privilege of serving as Director of Library Services inAlberta at the Drumheller Public Library, and CEO of the Brighton Public Library inBrighton Ontario. Mellissa served as CEO for Ontario Library Service North from 2019onward through the amalgamation process and is currently the CEO for the OntarioLibrary Service.ROBERTA DELLA-PICCA - Opening Ceremonies Roberta, a Bonnechere Algonquin Kwe (Woman), also of Settler heritage, utilizesthe wise adage, “to serve one’s people, there could be no greater honour” as herraison d'etre. She has been described as a warm, sensitive, socially-consciousmember of the community. Roberta dedicates her passion, devotion andcommitment to social equity, through advocacy, activism and community-engagedand expressive arts.PATRICK KLINE - CellistPatrick Kline, now residing in Arnprior, is a retired elementary school teacher and thefounding father of the Strings of St John's. A graduate of the Canterbury School of Arts, Patrick has performed on cello and basswith many local groups including the University of Ottawa Symphony, Strings of StJohn's, and the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra. Photo courtesy of 234 StringsKATRINA KAHN - Zumba InstructorWith over 30 years in the fitness, yoga and movement industry Katrina brings bothpassion and expertise to every class. Katrina offers classes in: yoga, Pilates, Zumba,interval, meditation,and more.PAUL BARCLAY Book Repair Tips at the Vendor BoothPaul Barclay started in the Carr McLean warehouse in 1990. He now shares CarrMcLean ownership with his wife Janice and sons Taylor and PJ. Paul is 64 years oldand has no plans for retirement as he is having too much fun working with his family!

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BiosTHE LBRR STEERING COMMITTEE KAREN FILIPKOWSKIKaren is the recently retired CEO of Madawaska Valley Public Library in Barry's Bay.Previous to this she held positions as a children's librarian, Chief Librarian and as themanager of the North Coast Library Federation (NCLF) in northwestern BritishColumbia. As a Chief Librarian and NCLF manager she worked with a number ofrural, small libraries and understands the joys and challenges they present. KAREN DELUCAKaren DeLuca has a background in communications and has worked at theArnprior Public Library since 1992. She's been a "jack of all trades" in the libraryfield: circulation clerk, mending, processing, IT, Children's Librarian and CEO since2009. Karen was recipient of the 2017 The OLBA W.J. Robertson Medallion forPublic Librarian of the Year and accepted the 2018 Minister's Award for Innovationfor the Library's Music of Your Life Program.NICOLE ZUMMACHNicole is the CEO/Head Librarian of the Killaloe and District Public Library. Nicole hasalso been the editor of HoOPLA since 2019. Nicole will be co-presenting on severalsessions throughout the conference.KELLY THOMPSONKelly Thompson has a Master of Science in Library and Information Science fromDrexel University, as well the APLL certificate (Advanced Public Library Leadership)and has worked in public libraries for over 24 years. She is currently the CEO ofRenfrew Public Library and the Director of Community Services for the Town ofRenfrew. She is a passionate advocate for rural and small libraries. Kelly will be co-presenting several sessions throughout the conference.

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