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LeBron Raymone James is a 3 time NBA Champion, and
a 3 time Finals MVP.
He was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio.
LeBron went to St. Vincent-St. Mary high school
averaging 18 points a game just as a freshman and 31
points a game as a senior.
LeBron took his high school team to the Division III state
championship game 3 times and won all three
He went to the NBA straight from High school and was
considered the “Chosen One”.
LeBron played for the Cavaliers for 7 years and went to
the Miami Heat for 6 years and is currently with the
Cavaliers once again.
LeBron is having a very successful career and Is know as
the best basketball player in the world but he also went
very successful from investing in a pizza shop called Blaze
Pizza where he has made 35 million and is increasing just
from a 1 million dollar investment he made in 2012.
What motivated LeBron into Investing
into Blaze pizza is from the past when
he went to his first Blaze Pizza shop and
he said it was absolutely phenomenal,
one of his managers showed him how
much he can be making if he invests in
Blaze Pizza and LeBron decided to
take a shot, LeBron left McDonald's
and used all of that money into Blaze
pizza and is now having tremendous
success. Another, reason why he did
this is because of his love for pizza and
the millions of people who do as well.
Lebron took a risk by leaving with
McDonalds which was guaranteed
money for him but now is even making
more with his investment.
This company is for pizza lovers just
like LeBron. Blaze Pizza is fast,
affordable, high-quality pizza shop
that opened up the pizza
category for customers The idea of
build-your-own pizza ready in
three minutes caught the
attention of many Pizza Lovers.
Blaze opens its 200
today in Mentor, Ohio. The
contribution this Pizza Shop makes
to society is by bringing pizza
lovers together to enjoy their
favorite customizable pizzas.
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