Lazie Indie Magazine
Magazine Edition 5
October 2020
Aditi Iyer
Bamil Gutiérrez
Len Rainey
Mama Ska
Vanilla Base
Joshua Paulmer
Hart&Bowes, Vanz Artiste
Charles Laloma - LDM Radio
Jorg's Corner- The Metal Byrds
Alessandro Porcella- PA74
Cover Story
Tomiko Dixon
Editors Corner
More of Less better than Less of More
Aditi Iyer
Len Rainey
Hart & Bowes
Vanilla Base
Mama Ska
Bamil Gutiérrez
Joshua Paulmer
Vanz Artiste- Dhyan Surya
JORGS Corner- The Metal Byrds
PA74- Record Label
LDM Radio
Gig Story
Concertidaldivano- Italy
Cover - Tomiko Dixon
" Granddaughter of Blues"
RIP Project and more ...
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Editors Corner
The magazine is
published by
Lazie J
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The month of
October - 2020
Editorial Team
Editor: Jay Pillai
SubEditor: Manoj
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Inge Zimmermann
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Column and Review
Cover Photo:
Tomiko Dixon
Cover Photo Credits:
Lee Ann Flynn
More of Less better than Less of More
Lazie Indie Magazine
From the start we have maintained one rule, we will not
have too many artists crowding the magazine and ending
up becoming just another face. We believe each artist is
unique and needs to be given enough space whether it is
a newcomer or a veteran. We adapted a questionnaire
method where everyone gets similar questions unless
there is something very important to be told about the
artist. This may have caused a few of our Indie friends to
wait a little bit as we close the artist entries to each
edition as soon as we reach a manageable number. This
doesn’t mean that we don’t want to feature any more
artists. It is just that we are full in the current edition and
will certainly include your feature in one of the coming
editions. Hope our Indie friends will appreciate this. Our
readers get to know more about your music than just
your picture on one page. Coming to this edition Yes!!
This edition has the youngest Blues Hall of Fame
Inductee and Ambassador of Blues
Tomiko Dixon as the
Cover artist. She is the worthy granddaughter of the
Willie Dixon and aptly called the granddaughter of
Blues. We have
Aditi Iyer the child prodigy from Mumbai
who is blossoming into a phenomenal singer-song writer.
The veteran Blues Artist
Len Rainey, Top artists from
Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, and India, Italian Label
and our usual Radio Talks, this time with LDM Radio
also JORG’s Corner - where veteran radio show host and
musician Jorg reviews Artists and albums - Hope you will
enjoy the read- Jay along with Manoj and Inge for LIM
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"The granddaughter of the Blues”, people often tell her that
she is touched by her grandfather, the illustrious Willie
Dixon. They say she has a natural ear for music and she
always replies by saying “You're right. It is definitely in the
blood you see, my grandfather never died, he lives on
through me”.
Tomiko Dixon carries Willie Dixon's
legacy with care as the youngest inductee into the
Blues Hall of Fame
and as someone who is recognized as
an '
Ambassador of Blues'. Her latest project 'Real Indie
or the 'RIP' where she joins other indie artists is
taking the music world by storm topping the charts on all
major music platforms.
LIM is glad to speak to Tomiko
Dixon about her incredible musical journey.
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LIM: How do you write your own music? And how do you
produce the songs?
TOMIKO: I simply write from my life's experiences. I write
from the heart. Sometimes lyrics and melodies come to me
in my dreams or sometimes they come to me from
situations and worldly events. It is like when I hear music it
speaks to me and when I think of worlds I hear melodies. I
realize that this is one of my many unique gifts. When I
produce a song I go by the feeling I get and the topic of the
song to determine whether or not it's a go. I choose what's
best for the song's production and delivery. That's another
one of my unique gifts. Having the ability to know a
charting- recording when I hear one.
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The Real Indie Project a.k.a. RIP... A collective Group made up of
Independent Artists, Grammy Members, Top 10 Billboard Charting
Artists and Record Labels. Oliver Sean and The Real Indie Project's
new album "Devil is Back" hit the iTunes UK Pre Orders Charts at #4
(All Genres) and #3 on the iTunes US Blues Pre Order Charts when
it was announced. The album went on to hit #1 in the US and the UK
iTunes Blues Charts when it was officially released (Aug 14th 2020),
creating quite a stir when it kept hitting the #1 spot everyday for 2
weeks on the iTunes US & iTunes UK Top 40 Blues Album Charts.
‘Devil is Back’ is now officially on the Billboard Blues Charts at #8 for
the week of Aug 29th 2020 - one of the few tracks to be given the
‘highest gains’ tag by Billboard for that week. The album has also
broken into the Official UK Top 100 Album Download Charts for the
week of Aug 21 to Aug 27, 2020. Devil is Back also hit the coveted
Amazon Hot Releases List (in Blues Albums) at #2 recently.
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ADITI is a young, gifted Alt/Pop singer-songwriter with an
Opera/Classical background from Mumbai, India. She has
collaborated with some great musicians and has released
some fantastic music . She has been featured in All Access
Music USA, and in Indian media such as The Times of
India, Asian Age and Reader’s Digest. She was invited to
sing in the ‘NCPA Experimental Theatre’ as part of the
gifted youth series in Mumbai where she was the sole
vocalist. “Somebody” is
ADITI’s debut single, which is a
reinterpretation of the 2004 song by Bonnie McKee, the
song featured in radios across US, the UK, South Africa,
India, Germany, South America and more.
ADITI speaks to
LIM about her career so far and her new single 'Alien'.
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" it won’t matter if you keep going at it and bouncing back whenever they kick
you down, because you will definitely get your due and your high if you keep on
doing this no matter what anyone says"
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LEN RAINEY's Chicago upbringing has artistically melded
Blues, Jazz, and Rock and Roll. Len Rainey and the
Midnight Players is a refreshing band that has been playing
over 20 years around the world.
Len Rainey has four CDs
out and working on the next one, the group's 30-year
history of rocking together is a must-see, check them out if
they are ever in your area. One can find Len Rainey's songs
in all major digital platforms like Reverbnation, Facebook,
YouTube, iTunes,, spotify etc.
Len Rainey spoke to Lazie Indie Magazine about his
illustrious career so far and his future plans.
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'Keep working on your craft, love what you do'.
- Len Rainey
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ROCKER HART is a hard rock guitar player born and raised
in Ottawa, Canada. His interest for playing guitar started at
age 11, inspired by local musician John Ricci of the Heavy
Metal band Exciter.
RON D BOWES cut his teeth as a
bassist and vocalist in various semi pro rock and prog rock
bands during the 70s and early 80s. He has worked with
many musicians on the indie scenes and has carved out a
reputation as a consumate blues rock solo artist. Together
they are the rocking tour de force known as
Hart&Bowes has a powerful sound with excellent guitar
riffs and solid vocals that has won them quite a few fans
across the indie music world.
LIM catches up with Hart
&Bowes to know more about their music and their plans.
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Honest, heartfelt lyrics and music with a touch of vanilla,
that is what
VANILLA BASE is all about. Reaching deep
down to find its truth and conveying it with an assortment
of rock and pop melodies that ignite, transform and connect
is what the group has always attempted to do. In its long
and winding path through the years experimenting with
different sounds, vocal leads and messages there has always
been the desire to bring out its truth and embrace its
listeners with music and lyrics that resonate with them.
LIM quizzed Julie Martin the lead singer of Vanilla
Base, about her journey as a singer songwriter and their
plans as a band for the immediate future.
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"Learn an instrument! I would have loved to have learned to play a musical
instrument. It gives you a lot of versatility in terms of creating your own songs and
then also understanding music in general"
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MAMA SKA is a Italian alternative band from Lecce City.
MAMA SKA blends several styles of popular music such as
rock, patchanka, pop, reggae, ska, music into a very
energetic, groovy sound. Born in Salento (South Italy) on
the verge of 1998,
MAMA SKA presented their debut with a
line-up of 6 musicians. In the summer of 1999, The band
won "ONDEROCK FESTIVAL" which was a turning point
for them and the band has never looked back since
then. February 2020: Fresh from their twentieth
anniversary, they launched the new single "Cielo di Puglia"
online and in all digital platforms, which will be a part of
their new album titled "VIVA LA VIDA, VIVA L 'AMOR!"
Mama Ska Spoke to
Lazie Indie Magazine.
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"This is simply our life, we dedicate many hours a day on the project, for us it is
everything, as well as our work."
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BAMIL GUTIERREZ is 14 times Akademia Music Award
Winning Singer-Songwriter from Puerto Rico, A Multi-
Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Music
arranger, and Chart Hit Maker across Pop, Rock, Jazz,
Latin genres. He is also the 2018 Indie Star Radio Awards
Male Artist Of The Year, 2018 World Songwriting Awards
Winner, and 2019 Akademia Executive Award winner.
LDM Radio (Bronx, New York) 2019 Rock Artist Of The
Year with his song 'If I Could Change The World For You'.
BAMIL has had a very successful career so far.
Lazie Indie Magazine catches up with BAMIL to talk about
his musical influences and his career so far and about his
plans for the immediate future.
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"If you want to make a place in the music biz you need to be strong and do it with
love. Never make or record a song expecting awards or you are in the wrong
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JOSHUA PAULMER plays various styles of music right
from Jazz, Blues, Lounge, Rock, Rock and Roll, Reggae,
He also made Boney M get up and dance to their music and
jammed with them and has also played for the cocktail
event held for Colin & Brad of Whose Line is it Anyway
fame, Being a regular on corporate show
entertained quite a lot of celebrities in the Indian/
International corporate, and entertainment world .
His own releases are available on all the major digital
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"Music was always my passion and I always wanted to do it full time. Took a
while to get the courage quit my job once I did it was totally worth it".
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Artiste", is arguably the youngest music producer of India
with 16 years of age currently doing his 12th grade GGPS-
Daltonganj. He is quite enthusiastic in creating new
dimensions in music and started to try out form the age of
eleven. A lot of album's launched by Various Big Record
Label's like T-series, Times Music, Speed Records, etc. has
VANZ as the music composer. He has also appeared on
Radio Mirchi, SG1 Radio UK & Prasar Bharti (Govt. Of
India). He runs his own record label called Bollywood DJs
Club with partner Mr. Satyam Sharma. Both of them
together made a company ‘Red Square Original for
promoting Independent Music.
VANZ speaks to LIM.
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"I thank God and my parents for their blessings and yes my younger brother who
is my source of strength eventhough he gives me trouble when I work on music
also to the for covering my story in a holistic way"
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Created in Voghera (PV) - Italy in 2004 on the initiative of
Music Producer and Composer
Alessandro Porcella
of PA74- Music Publishing company has been promoting
Independent music for the last 15 years armed with much
passion and very effective promotion strategies that has
helped a number of artists over the years to reach a world
wide audience,
#concertidaldivano live streaming project is
their latest attempt to help Indie artists worldwide to
present their talent and to provide a source of income the
artist during these difficult circumstances of a worldwide
lockdown hitting the live music scene and the artists very
limited options to break even.
Alessandro Porcella ( AP)
spoke to LIM on PA 74 plans for Indie artist promotion.
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" Never give up. You don’t have to chase the path of success and easy money, because it’s not
so easy to have. Music it’s the universal language to express yourself, your emotions and life
experiences. Be as sincere and authentic as possible with you and with your fans. It is hard
work. Live with the music, you need great inspiration, knowledge, and great determination"
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Team PA74
CEO- Alessandro Porcella, A&R and Project Manager International Catalogue and Artists-
Victoria Moro, Producer and Project Manager EDM Catalogue - Sergio “Sygma” Marini.
A&R and Project Manager Italian Catalogue and Artists- Dino Scordino.
Project Managers #concertidaldivano-
Didi Bettini Fiore and Stefano Bologna.
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The idea comes from PA74 Music following the period of health emergency
that we are experiencing now and for which many artists will be forced to give
up live concerts and their earnings. After several meetings with artist, friends,
and Industry colleagues PA74 team have developed an idea of alternative
entertainment that can allow artists to monetize or donate to charities of their
choice through the voluntary support of their fans.For more info visit:
Facebook #concertidaldivano
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PA74 #concertidaldivano
#concertidaldivano is the first virtual club in Italy that allows
live performances directly from the sofa at home.
LIM Page62
PA74 #concertidaldivano
This event is conducted to promote artists and anyone can join the community
by paying a small amount and watch a number of artists perform from your
living room thus helping the artists while enjoying your comforts of your home
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LDM Radio is a part of LDM Network a TV network which
was formed by
CHARLES LALOMA who started out with a
Magazine covering music and slowly developed into a very
successful TV network covering multiple topics and one of
them course is music.
LDM Radio was formed for
promoting talented indie musicians and bands and further
to which the
LDM Music Awards were instituted.
CHARLES LALOMA has contributed to the careers of
many independent musicians by actively promoting them in
LDM Radio and TV. He took some time to explain how and
why he got into this business and what does he look
forward in the coming years for
LDM Network. Well ! LIM
is happy to be a part of the awards featuring the winners.
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"The first thing is to never give up because if you are doing music from the heart
it should not matter if 1 or millions of people are listening. Promote the radio
stations that help you because if no one is listening to them then they are not
listening to the artist. Especially the station that does more than just play music".
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