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Lazie Indie Magazine Edition 38

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Lazie Indie Magazine Edition 38 June 27 2023 Ranjini Jose Henrys Chrys Adam Steven K Smith Sisters the Sunday Drivers Drown Again Thirunelli Vibes Part 2 New Releases IIMF 2 Coming soon Cover Story AVA CHERRY

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Content Editor s Corner Featured Artists Ranjini Jose Steven K The Henry s Chrys Adam Drown Again The Smith Sisters and Sunday Drivers New Releases IIMF 2 coming soon IIMF 1 Recall Thirunelli Vibes Cover Story Ava Cherry LIM Page4

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Editors Corner Information The magazine is published by Lazie J Print Edition 38 The month of publishing June 2023 Editorial Team Editor Jay Pillai Coordination and promotion Manoj Verified by Inge Zimmermann Probst Guest Columns Galaxy FM Emma Goldberg Lyia Meta Cover Photo Ava Cherry Cover Photo Courtesy Anette Nieves LIM A lot in the anvil for Lazie Indie Things are heating up at Lazie Indie a lot of Lazie Indie productions will come out soon including documentaries interviews music videos and much more The IIMF 2 is getting finalized and a few other events are planned too along with some very new additions to Lazie Indie Music echo system It has been a tough ask but exciting ones that can help indie musicians a lot A lot has been said about Lazie Indie since we started more than 3 years back We have kept our goals in front and worked without break to move ahead every month The magazine has kind of made a mark in the music scene with our reach going beyond 100 countries and featuring artists from 50 of them and cutting across genre gender race geography religion and politics We have kept the motto of one world in each of our actions IIMF 2 will be coming up in November 2023 and this time too we will have artists coming from all over the world and this time will have more international representation Lazie Indie doesn t hesitate to feature artists from any part of the world and whether the artist has a million followers or not We carefully curate each of our selection and we finalize keeping consideration of only quality and representation of artists from world over in mind The upcoming IIMF will be driven by the same motto and we will have a great event coming up Looking at this edition we have a fabulous line up of interviews and on cover we have the much respected and followed Ava Cherry who has been a part of and a major influence on the music of Legendary David Bowie and Luther Vandross and later as a solo artist We also have the popular singer from India who has been in the music industry for more than 25 years both as a play back singer and also an Indie singer songwriter There are some fantastic artists quizzed in here Not taking away your curiosity to read all the stories Using this column to tell every one who reads this to kindly share this to more and more readers and musicians so that each of us become more and more powerful in our efforts to support each other Thanks Jay Page5

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Ava Cherry is one of the most colorful personalites we have come across in music and story of David Bowie is never complete without talking about this fabulous artist who inspired and influenced his music and life quite a lot Ava has a very colorful personality till date even more colorful than her hair which used to be a statement of fashion too as she super model and was in a way initiated to the modelling by the best Huge Hefner and Playboy as the Bunny at the Playboy Mansion when she was very young Growing up in Chicago with significant exposure to the local African American music culture Cherry became an influence in the works of a number of top artists although she was a respected musician in her own right She released first album Ripe in 1980 and ever since a lot more music and tours as a solo artist working with different bands who back her for performances Her musical stint with David Bowie was initiated with the help of her LIM Page 8

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friend who was the girl of the great Steve Wonder Once they met it was a partnership which made a huge impact in David Bowies music and pushed Ava to stardom backing the legendary musician Later she has been a very important member of Luther Vandross band and became a vital part in his performances too Ava has a lot to tell and enrich us about her career that can be inspirational to an indie artist Thanking Galaxy FM for presenting this much acclaimed artist to Lazie Indie readers through their column Around the Galaxy Jay speaks to Ava Cherry Let us check out LIM Page 9

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Jay You have had a fabulous career so far How do you look at all these years of your musical journey as a whole Ava I look upon all the years that have passed as a learning process of honing myself and knowing the business from the bottom up and being grateful that I had these opportunities And working with the best in the business Jay Where did it all start Who inspired you to take up music as a career Anyone from family or friends Who were your early influences Ava I was inspired by many artists especially Dianna Ross Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight also Prince Jay When you decided to pack your bags for a career in music were you confident of making it big in the music industry those days Ava When I first packed my bags and left home to follow my dream I was only confident that I would make something great happen But I loved the adventure Jay You had taken up your career through many phases as a model with David Bowie with Chaka Khan and Luther Vandross and as a solo performer which of these do you consider was your best time when you look back now Ava Bowie of course was initially the strongest influence on me in the beginning because he believed in me and mentored me then Luther Vandross Jay Your name is ever tied up with the genius of David Bowie how can you explain your time with the Mega Star and what was your best learning from him Ava I learned so many things from David Bowie He helped make me an intellectual He showed me how to work a stage how to present myself in public and to the press And to be my own person in my artistry Jay How can you define Ava Cherry s music as Ava I would define Ava Cherry music as WORLD MUSIC for everyone to enjoy with as much emotion as I can muster positive uplifting lyrics and to give our world hope for their happiness Jay What are your latest musical LIM Page 11

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NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF Especially if you know you have what it takes projects Where can we listen to them Ava The music I have released NOW LOVE SHINES SO BRIGHT AND SO DELICIOUS Also I am working on some film projects and also spokesperson for commercial brands Jay Can you please introduce your current band Ava I work with a band over here but I am a solo artist I can use just about any band Jay Have you toured Asia India Would you be looking forward if someone inviting your band Ava Never toured Asia or India but would love to Jay How did you spend the lockdowns and how did you overcome those tough times I am asking you this because it may inspire a few artists who are yet to come out of the break inflicted by the lockdowns LIM Ava When Covid happened it gave me the opportunity to really write new music and concentrate on keeping myself and my family healthy and fit and really dig deep in to who I am and what I really wanted It was enlightening Jay What was the best advice given to you Ava The best advice I could give to the new musicians and singers or artist period is NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF Especially if you know you have what it takes It s a tough business and you have to be aware of the business and paperwork part of it to or people might try to swindle you Get a music business lawyer Jay What would be your best advice to an upcoming musician anywhere in the world to make it successful in the music industry Page 13

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Ava The best advice given me Was to believe in myself and keep learning things keep getting better And gain the respect of your peers About the columnist Around the Galaxy is a column contributed by Galaxy FM 107 New Zealand introducing artists from across the world especially from New Zealand and Australia Galaxy FM is one of the top radio stations in New Zealand and is quickly expanding its listener base across the world The authors of the column Barbara Harkins and DJ Grant are well known radio hosts at Galaxy FM hosting the popular Breakfast Show LIM thanks team Galaxy for their support Websitewww galaxyfm co nz LIM Page 16

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Indian Film Music Industry aka Bollywood Tollywood Mollywood etc is where the most popular among Indian musicians showcase their abilities and compete with peer and pioneers who can be termed the best in the country The competition and inflow of talent is such that it is extremely difficult for some one to stay in limelight or contention for more than a couple of movies So when someone stays in this scene for 25 years you need to recognize the amount of talent skill and spirit that has kept him her in the race and when someone also charts out a successful independent music journey along with a demanding film music career we can place he or she among the cream of talent we have on both sides of the industry Popular playback singer and Singer Songwriter Ranjini Jose is talking to LIM about her journey in the South Indian music industry and as an independent musician Jay speaks to Ranjini to share her experience with the Lazie Indie family let us read LIM Page 18

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Jay It is great talking to you You have had a fabulous career as a musician as a popular playback singer in South Indian Film industry and as an independent musician too How do you look at this journey yourself Ranjini Thank you for having me Music has been my passion ever since my childhood I got into play back singing at a young age of 16 I have completed 25 years of playback singing as of 2023 spanning over 5 languages But I have always dreamt of being an independent musician since I was young and that dream of mine is being fulfilled through my band right now and I feel a sense of achievement and happiness when I write my own songs It has been a vivid and enriching journey of both playback and indie music Id love to keep creating my own music with my band Jay How did it all begin when did you decide that music is your career and who inspired you to take up music Ranjini I have wanted to be a musician ever since I can remember probably from the age of 4 My biggest inspiration to follow music was my dad and mom My mom who is a Carnatic Musician who is also my Guru and my dad who is a yesteryear Film Producer and an ardent music lover Not to mention the innumerous bands and musicians who have inspired me over the years Jay How has your independent music career panned out these years Ranjini I am asking this because Independent music is where we get to listen to the real you as a musician and your creativity in the music field other than a popular playback singer usually lending your voice to a music director My journey into independent music started way back when I was in high school where I used to write songs in English and we had a band that used to perform I brought out my first single in the year 2004 which was titled Falling Since there were no social media platforms back then it aired on National Television at the time Years later I brought out another single called Onam Rocks LIM Page 20

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which was during the Onam festival time It was in Malayalam Later I penned and composed a song Hey Stranger for a movie KingFish Later on starting from 2019 my original tracks have been Sayahname Malayalam 2019 Nee Thedum Nesam Naane Tamil 2022 and Nin Yugam Malayalam 2023 There are a lot more songs penned and ready to be brought out in due time each of which expresses my self better as a song writer when compared to singing songs written by others Jay How do you go about creating music Do you have a full time band to support you to do it What gets the prime role in your music creations Lyrics or Music Ranjini My main contribution towards my songs are lyrics I believe that I am able to emote myself better when I write my own lyrics I have a full time band named RJ The Band who support me in the process with Charles Nazareth a LIM prodigy in music who produces all my tracks It is a time consuming process where we take a lot of time to go through every bit thats made during a track and go back and re do it till we find it satisfactory to our ears All my musicians play an equal role in the song making process as I have a bunch of perfectionists in my band who make sure the sounding is on the dot Even the covers we do we make sure it has our signature sounding in them Jay Having been there in the music scene since the 90s you would have witnessed the fast and furious changes in the production side of music What do you think these changes have brought to the music do you ever think that we may have kind of reduced the organic vibe or feel that used to be there in the music prior to the tech boom in music Ranjini Yes there definitely has been a tremendous in sounding in the music scene Since Ive been a 90s kid I have Page 22

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listened to genres like Rock Pop and Heavy Metal extensively The tech boom in music that we hear today has definitely taken over precedence over the soul of a track on a large scale and the presence of acoustic band sounding has come down a lot There are both good and bad sides to it The cons of it is definitely the lesser usage of organic instruments sounds and the over use of software The pros are if I may the ability for anyone who has a musical nerve to create their own music sitting at home But being a 90s child at heart I would definitely say that the cons heavily outweigh the pros But hey music has different eras and we are in just one of them right now So might as well make good music in between all the hue and cry Jay What do you like the most Writing music producing music or performing live Ranjini I am a performer for life and I feel that the stage is my second home I forget about the world around me when I face my audience and the music kicks in Jay Where do we find your music on the internet Tell us about your latest release Ranjini As mentioned earlier my latest release is a Malayalam track called LIM Nin Yugam which speaks of my musical journey spanning over 25 years and my dreams of the future as an independent musician which is again penned by me You can find it on my Youtube Channel RanjiniJoseOfficial Jay Covid lockdowns did disrupt the enter music scene But one thing it did is to force a lot of musicians to create content What did you do to overcome those difficult times Ranjini Covid was definitely hard on us as perfomers as we couldnt travel anywhere This also paved way to creating most of my originals which kept me sane during the pandemic I am really glad in a way because it helped me realise that I could not only write in English which was my main medium of song writing but in vernacular languages too like Malayalam Tamil and Hindi Not to mention the immense happiness I felt when each of them released with decent videos It helped bring out a lot of the independent musician in me Jay Indian Indie music does basically goes round and round among Indian communities Though there are a few artists who break away and assert themselves globally most of them get sucked on to the local music circuits and the music Have you felt that you need to go global and what is your plan to do so Ranjini It is a known fact that the music industry is very hard to crack especially for independent musicians on a global scale English songs are still deemed to be alien to ninety percent of the audience in the the country and it is a sad phenomenon Still there have been a hand full of musicians who have been able to break this barrier and place themselves globally Along with hard work luck plays a big role in the form of contacts at the right time at the right place Now a days the scene has been changing with a national upsurge of independent music which gives a lot of artists hope to reach global heights with their music Along with my vernacular songs I hope to go back to writing more in English in the future which is the Page 23

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one language that gets you out there globally along with encompassing the authentic flavours of music in the same tracks that would portray the ethnicity of not only my country but of many genres from all over the world Along with secretly hoping that all languages would be accepted without the English barrier as I believe that music has no language Jay What would you tell an upcoming talented musician to keep in mind if you were consulted Ranjini My one advice to an upcoming musician would be to keep working hard at achieving their dream as hard work always pays not to condemn any work that comes your way as work is always good to keep your heart and humility in check and to never lose hope Coz all roads end where hope ends Jay We thank you for your time LIM Ranjini Thank you for having me once again and the space to pen my thoughts about my music and my band Cheers Page 24

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Steven K started his music career at an early age He was eight when he stepped on his first professional stage with his mentor and superstar Charlie Daniels Before the performance to a sold out show Steven received his first piece of professional advice Charlie asked Steven are you scared boy to which Steven replied yes sir Charlie Daniels then said good if there is ever a time that you step onstage and ya aren t nervous then you are doing it all wrong Steven has just released his version of the famous song Turn the page and this iconic song has had the approval of a remake from the icon himself the legendary Bob Seger Lazie Indie Magazine catches up with Steven to know more about his career so far and his plans for the near future LIM Page 26

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Jay Hi it is great speaking to you You have had a great career so far as a musician How do you feel your journey has been so far Steven I have been playing and performing music professionally since the age of 8 years old I ve stepped on many professional stages over the years and have enjoyed a great career in country music It s something that I love Jay Along the way did you meet any famous artists who inpired you Steven I have always loved country music I grew up listening to the greats George Strait Alan Jackson George Jones Wayland Jennings Johnny Cash Merle Haggard Willie Nelson Country music has been something that I ve loved since I was a small child I have always leaned towards country music because that s the type of music that I love to write compose and perform Jay In you journey so far you have been recognized many times for your creations can you tell us more about that Steven Over the last several years I ve won many awards including 5 gold and 5 platinum disc awards for various songs and albums that I ve written and recorded In 2018 I was a winner at the Red carpet International Music Awards in Holland I have won awards at the JMA music awards I was a nominee on the Independent Ballots for the Grammy Awards I have won two Global Music Awards And many others Jay You have just come out with a cover of the iconic song TURN THE PAGE from the legendary Bob Seger how did you pick that song Steven My producers had asked me if there was one iconic song out there And if I could remake that one song what would it be And of course answer was easy for me it was turn the page by Bob Seger I ve played that song thousands of times live at shows all over the nation Jay Did you meet the man himself for his approval Steven That was all taken care of by my producers they got the licenses and endorsement from Bob Seger and his LIM Page 27

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people Jay Would you be interested to collaborate with the man himself on the song Steven K I would absolutely love to do my version of Turn the page live with Bob Seger that would be a dream come true for me I have seen Bob Seger many times live In concert over the years and to be able to do my version with him would be amazing Jay What are your immediate plans Steven I am currently on Tour in Texas and I have several more Tours coming up in Carolina Florida Arizona Tennessee and Texas Jay What is the best advice your have received as a musician Steven The best advice that was given to me was by Charlie Daniels himself I was eight years old at the time and about to step out onto the stage with him live I was peeking through the stage curtain and looking at all the people in the LIM audience and a large hand landed on my shoulder and Charlie asked me are you scared boy and my reply was yes sir and Charlie said good if you ever step onto a stage and your not nervous you are doing it all wrong I would let the young artists know this Don t ever give up always follow your dreams and stay humble because it is a hard road but it is always worth it Jay What will be your advice to an upcoming artist Steven There really is no secret Hard work and perseverance are the key to being successful in the music business Stay humble always be willing to listen and make sure that you have a fantastic support team that is there for you no matter what Thank you Page 29

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Originally formed in 1993 The Henrys have established a reputation as a highenergy live band with a knack for writing melodic rock and roll songs While nominally a Southern Rock band their musical style swings both to the left and right of that label Some of their songs were seemingly born in a primordial Georgia swamp while others clearly show their 60 s pop rock roots Vocal and guitar harmonies infuse their music throughout This band is all about harmony both vocal and guitar If the vocal prowess of the Eagles married the guitar theatrics of Thin Lizzy they would produce The Henrys as their offspring The Henrys are comprised of veteran musicians who have honed their craft to a fine point having shared the stage individually with the likes of Dokken Jefferson Starship George Thorogood Golden Earring Head East Nantucket Steve Marriott Stillwater Doc Holliday Ricky Burnett Grinderswitch Brothers Brooks Ronnie Hammond LIM Page 31

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Atlanta Rhythm Section Molly Hatchet Ronnie Montrose Humble Pie Marshall Tucker Band Slaughter Ken Hensley Uriah Heap Artimus Pyle Lynyrd Skynyrd Bruce Brookshire Doc Holliday Rob Walker Stillwater Mother s Finest Sawyer Brown Orleans Survivor The Kinleys Creedence Clearwater Revival 38 Special Foghat Overkill and Nuclear Assault Randy Guyeska provides the sonic face for The Henrys with a distinctive vocal style that is instantly recognizable Boo English and Terry Wallace complete a three guitar juggernaut that soars above the music on the wings of the musical foundation flowing from the keyboards of Kent Steel Cementing it all together is the rock solid rhythm section comprised of Loren Bates and Bryan Toll driving through the center of the pocket like a Mack truck The Henrys are currently performing in support of their international debut album Cross Eyed Cat released January 2022 Jay from Lazie Indie Magazine speaks to members of Henry s Jay You have had a good run as a band so far how do you see it yourself Randy Yes we have When the band reformed in 2020 we were really only focused on finishing the album we had abandoned earlier and playing a few shows As time went on it became apparent that we could aim a little higher We think we write some pretty decent songs and fan response bears that out We celebrated our debut album release in January 2022 at the historic Douglass Theatre in Macon Georgia Since then we have received some terrestrial and Internet radio play in the US Ireland and New Zealand and had a song featured on a nationally known podcast Jay Who is are your musical influences How was the band formed Randy Primary influences are Thin Lizzy The Allman Bros and Mother s Finest All of these bands feature vocal or guitar harmony and or killer live performances The Henrys are all about putting on a great show for our fans How did we LIM Page 32

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form Randy and Terry are old Army buddies and started the project originally in 1993 Finding a name proved difficult So each member wrote their choice on a piece of paper and dropped it into a hat The Henrys was literally pulled from the hat submitted by original drummer JR Baker RIP Jay How do you go about your music creation How are the songs written and produced Randy It really is a collaborative process Randy is our lead songwriter and producer But everyone comes to the table with ideas musical or lyrical As an example we recently discovered that gang tackling lyrics is very effective for us Most times we will start with a hook chorus that has developed during rehearsals From there we ll throw lines at the wall and use the ones that stick The lyrics for No More Time were written this way Jay Where can we see your music LIM releases over the internet Tell us about your latest or upcoming release Randy The Henrys debut album CrossEyed Cat is available at all the usual digital outlets Spotify Apple Music Amazon etc CD s of the album can be purchased through outlets like Amazon or our website thehenrysmusic com The Henrys Official YouTube channel has our music available for streaming as well in addition to our music videos Our second album to be called One More Night is almost complete and will be released in the next few months Jay What do you like to do the most in music Writing producing or performing live Even though each one has its own flavor what do you like the absolute best Randy That s an easy question Performing We certainly enjoy the other aspects of music But for The Henrys it s all about the show For us it s ALL about the fans from songwriting to performance Page 33

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Jay What is your choice of recording performing gear Why do you prefer them Randy You ll find the usual suspects around The Henrys Randy Terry and Boo primarily play Fender and Gibson guitars though Terry also has an affinity for boutique brands like Bluesouth Bryan plays a Conklin 7 string bass We use Marshall Splawn and Ampeg gear on the amplifier side Loren prefers Mapex drums Kent loves his Motif and Yamaha keyboards Since we are blessed to have a professional studio owner in the band Boo rather likes his new Trident console Why do we like this stuff Because it is all dependable and sounds great Jay What are your immediate future plans say for 2023 Randy The Henrys plans for the remainder of 2023 are first and foremost to complete our second album One More Night Beyond that we have some exciting shows coming up in Ohio LIM and Maryland that we are looking forward to We have a few irons in the fire going after some high profile opening act gigs in our area Any of those will be great opportunities for us Jay If you want to tour as a band where do you want to do so and why Randy Obviously being from Charlotte we would really love to continue growing our following in the Southeast and MidAtlantic regions Beyond that we know that Europeans are really into our style of rock and roll We would love the opportunity to tour the U K or the Continent Jay What was the best advice given to you and what would you give as a piece of advice to fellow musicians Randy Bruce Brookshire former leader of Southern Rock legends Doc Holliday is a friend of ours He once said in an interview There really is no reason to play music unless you play it for your fans Otherwise you should sit in your own house and play all Page 34

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by yourself We have taken that to heart We write music for our fans We play music for our fans The day that the fans of The Henrys are not our focus is the day we hang it up and call it a day It s all about the fans Let me know if you need anything further Thank you once again About the columist Jay Pillai is the founding editor of Lazie Indie Magazine A musician for 30 years Jay has been an avid supporter of Independent music worldwide and has conceptualized many impactful Indie music promotion programs like Autumnleaf the Big stage TV program winning State Award in Kerala promoting indie musicians IIMF International Indie Music Festival Lazie Indie Magazine and much more Jay has been at the forefront of Independent music movement of late and that has earned him a lot of accolades and respect along with a nomination to the coveted Josie Music Awards LIM Page 35

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A Rolling Stone concert in 1995 pulled 8 year old Chrys Adam from Belgium into Rock n Roll which was further enhanced by the listening to ACDC Aerosmith Guns Roses M tley Crue Elvis Johnny Cash Marlon Brando Freddie Mercury and more In 2014 following a concert Chrys was chosen as sponsor of the ELA association for Belgium and Luxembourg like his French counterpart Zinedine Zidane ELA is an association supporting to overcome leukodystrophies which are a set of neurodegenerative genetic diseases Later he met Anne Marie David winner of Eurovision 1973 and together worked on a ballad and in 2018 he finished his first rock album On faire semblant in Toulouse Phil Delire believing in his potential mixes the 12 titles Many fans then began to follow the artist ever since he has released more music and his latest EP Liberate was released on 21st June 2023 Emma Goldberg speaks to Chrys Adam LIM Page 37

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Emma Hi Chrys welcome to Lazie Indie Magazine You have had a long and exciting career in music so far how do you see it yourself Chrys Adam CA Yes indeed it was great to go on the road because I like it and especially to meet the professionals of the music industry who currently surround me Emma Who is are your musical influences How did you pick up music as a career option CA You know I really like American artists like M tley Cr e Elvis Presley Johnny Cash Chuck Berry Bill Haley Carl Perkins Gene Vincent Freddie Mercury Marlon Brando and so on I m also inspired by French artists like Johnny Hallyday Dick Rivers Eddy Mitchell Jacques Brel Music has always made me live be myself and one day I decided to finally be myself and live my dreams and no longer dream my life Emma How do you go about your music LIM creation How are the songs written and produced CA I m a self producer with the best artistic director He is a super professional musician an outstanding singer crooner and a genius sound engineer in addition to being a great person as we do more First we decide together on the titles while sharing a good meal and then to decide on the authors the musicians the singers the studios Among the best there are Sometimes I write the lyrics myself but you know I m more like a showman and so I now leave the pen to authors as passionate as they are talented who we choose together with my artistic director Lionel Habert Emma Where can we see your music releases over the internet Tell us about your latest or upcoming release CA You can download the songs on all platforms and discover the videos and real ones on my YouTube channel I will Page 38

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tell you that the LIBERTE FREEDOM video was shot in the heart of the Parisian demonstrations by the videographer Eric Lamy under the direction of R gina R becca right in the heart of freedom convoy Soon there will be karaoke versions to that people can sing at home with family friends The release of the physical disc has started and the feedback from people is very positive and I m grateful to them Know that there is also soon the release of my mobile application on which you can also download the songs see the videos the tour dates Emma You have worked with a number of greats who are musicians whom you loved to work the most with and why CA Yes I m so lucky and grateful to work with some of the best musicians because I want to offer to the listeners to my fans simply the best We have recorded in the studio Abbey Road Institute in Paris and then we have recorded musicians and did the mix in Labomatics Studios with the famous sound engineer Dominique Blanc Francard And then we have done the masters in the famous studio Translab previously studio Gang in Paris too Of course I liked working with all of them LIM but the most striking thing is and will remain my artistic director Lionel Habert whom I nickname The Colonel Emma What do you like to do the most in music Writing producing or performing live CA My favourite thing is doing the show on stage giving my all interacting with the public feeling loveless it s magic And in my humble opinion the best reward for an artist is the love of the public Emma What are your immediate futures plans say for 2023 or 2024 CA Right now it s the promotion of my 6 tracks album LIBERTE FREEDOM in the medias in concerts all over France Belgium Luxembourg Suisse and why not in America it s my dream In 2024 we will start the production of my second 12 tracks album which will be called BLOUSON NOIR BLACK JACKET Emma Among all your collaborations which one is the dearest to you And why CA The first one with Lionel Habert The Colonel because he believes in me and knew how to perceive my talent helped me and helps me to develop it to the best of my ability He is also a very nice and friendly person with whom you don t never bored And in addiction to the music and the rock n roll we have a lot of common passions like American cars good restaurant tables good times over a drink whether it s 8 p m or 2 a m He s like a big brother to me that I never had Emma What was the best advice given to you and what would you give as piece of advice to fellow musicians CA Never give up and believe in them every day You can do it Page 39

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About the Columnist Emma Goldberg is French Pop Singer Composer Video Producer Author writing in Italian Spanish English French She also is a radio host in Radio 242 UK introducing independent musicians to audiences across UK France and the nearby countries Emma has her own radio show called Just like Emma which is maintained here for the column she contributes to Lazie Indie Magazine LIM Page 40

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Drown Again has created a unique sound that redefines the Alternative Rock genre thanks to its mix of heavy riffs great production and super harmonies Their musical journey is has been steady since its inception in 2021 Frank Blair on guitars Erik Lundquist on bass and Jason Blessing on drums The album Emerge consisting of ten top tracks produced by award winning producer and vocalist Rob Mancini has been a runaway hit and the band has been on air on many top radio stations on rotation including Galaxy FM who refered this fabulous group to Lazie Indie Magazine Jay from Lazie Indie Magazine speaks to Drown Again to know more about their journey so far and their future plans let us know more LIM Page 42

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Jay You have had a good run as a band so far how do you see it yourself Drown Again DA We have been ecstatic over the positive reaction to the album When we decided to record these songs we were just hoping that people might want to hear what we had created The response has far surpassed our expectations and we feel so grateful to everyone who chose to download the songs or add us to their playlists This has been a very exciting time for us The band has met some very supportive people in radio management and even fan base that has been just amazing Big shout out to DJ Grant and Barbara in NZ Jay Who is are your musical influences How was the band formed DA We all came from a background of listening to 80s and 90s hard rock and metal As we have aged we maintained that love of music but also branched out into absorbing different genres and styles Rob Frank and Erik all dabble in multiple styles of music from Jazz classical music and progressive rock to 70s super bands to today s hard hitters All of these styles are brought to the table during the writing and recording process to some degree or another We all have a wildly different current favourite list of artists we are currently listening to So The Band formed in kind of a weird way Frank and Rob worked on a music project together where Frank and his autistic son had recorded a song together and needed a vocalist to finalize This was just a for fun music compilation Rob also having an afflicted son happily joined in the project and it turned out pretty good Rob and Frank became good friends and started knocking music ideas around sharing files etc One day Rob called Frank and had decided the quality of the music we were exploring was just too good to leave idle Frank contacted Erik and Jason former band mates to jump in on the works Over that year we recorded at multiple studios and really went full steam ahead with the project now called Drown Again We released the album in Oct 2022 and immediately LIM Page 43

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got some very favourable reviews It has been an upward trajectory ever since Jay How do you go about your music creation How are the songs written and produced DA While every band member has input to the creation of the songs in general Frank tends to be the primary song writer Erik the primary lyricist and Rob the producer Frank Yah I tend to write A LOT of music it s kind of a blessing and a kind of a curse lol The amount of songs that bounce around in my head I record ideas and song maps constantly and send them out to Rob and Erik to build on Sometimes I have a lyrical theme sometimes I leave it to Erik and Rob as they do the singing Lyrically and thematically several of the songs on the album are centered around some kind of tragedy The Saving Measure of Man Drown Again Some lyrics were centered LIM around a suggested theme The Raven Sister Mysterious End Begin Again We have tried to approach the lyrics through life experience Letter from a Father for example is a love song but not like one might think of as a love song It s about a father s love to his child and the fear he has of dying before he has the opportunity to teach his son what he needs to know in life It s the other bookend to our break out song Measure of Man Coming out of the Covid 19 shutdowns Frank I decided for the new album I wanted to write music that tends to be a little less dark and maybe a tad more fun I feel people have had enough of the downside and really want to get out there and focus on life in a positive way Music has the ability to influence mood and I want to see people jumping around having a great time We will always write about our life Page 44

Page 45

Be true to yourself Be who and what you are Don t worry about comparing your art to what other people create experiences or serious topics but how one does that can vary The initial feedback from our reviewers has been overwhelmingly positive So we feel the public will truly enjoy this upcoming album as much as we do Jay Where can we see your music releases over the internet DA Currently The Emerge album is available on the Drown Again website on all major platforms and Youtube Drown again Channel links http drownagain com shop https www youtube com DrownAgai n https open spotify com artist 2BHbHhr73SgC0o5S9N5gdF si lpIgMqzTQayE03toZFZ6A Jay Tell us about your latest upcoming release DA We currently signed with PCM Paul Crosby Management Former drummer LIM of the band Saliva He and his team are coordinating the new releases which we will be releasing a new single approx Early July 2023 with full album towards the end of the year Jay What is your choice of recording performing gear Why do you prefer them DA Erik uses Ibanez basses most of the time He finds them to sound solid and have great value for the cost Ibanez bass is well known in the recording arena as a great sounding bass for recording as well as live play Frank primarily uses PRS guitars Hughes and Kettner Amps and Fractal effects Recently a new guitar got brought into the mix for this album from Baum Danish which I really enjoy as a counterpart to the PRS sounds in the mix We have been dealing with Baum direct regarding guitar weights tones etc and they ve been just great Rob uses Page 45

Page 46

Shure and Samson Microphones and Fender guitars with custom Seymour Duncan pickups Studiowise there s pretty much nothing he doesn t have He s an old gear nerd and though using ProTools for mixing he does most of his arranging and editing work on Cubase Jay What do you like doing most in music Writing producing performing live which is the absolute best DA We love creating new music but there is nothing better than playing live to people who are there to hear you to hear live what you have created When people move and dance around to what you are playing and mouthing the lyrics to the songs because they already know them so well there really is nothing to compare to that The audience becomes a part of the band at that point you get to share something intangible with them and they with you Jay What are your immediate future plans for 2023 DA We hope to release our second album by the end of the year Frank has been a song writing machine coming up with new musical ideas almost daily There are currently rough drafts for about 15 to 20 new songs put together for final LIM recordings We just need to narrow them down to the songs we think are best suited to be on the next release We are also hoping to tour possibly in Australia and New Zealand this winter Jay If you want to tour as a band where do you want to and why DA We want to go wherever people want to hear us play We have been getting positive radio play and reviews in New Zealand Australia France England and several areas of the US We want to tour them all Jay What is the best advice given to you and what would you give as a piece of advice to fellow musicians DA Be true to yourself Be who and what you are Don t worry about comparing your art to what other people create Ultimately you create your music and then give it to the world When you get brought in to the music industry there s all kinds of restrictions for radio play RE time constraints for length of song for example Just do your stuff We believe there s an audience for every type of music you just have to find them and in the internet streaming age it s not hard to find them Conclusion We want to give a huge shout out to Grant and Barbara at Galaxy 107 fm in New Zealand Who have been mega Cheerleaders for the band We enjoy them so much just amazing people to have in your corner We also want to give a big shout out to Alterboy music Leon and Franceska who have really pushed the album around the world and finally PCM Paul Crosby management Thanks to Lazie Indie Magazine and to all the fans and readers of this great magazine Drown Again Page 46

Page 47

Page 48

The Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers The Road to Rosie McCann Somewhere Out There An Interview with Lyia Meta B luegrass music is a genre deeply rooted in American folk traditions known for its energetic instrumentation tight vocal harmonies and distinctive style Originating in the rural regions of the Appalachian Mountains in the early 20th century Bluegrass has since gained widespread popularity and continues to captivate audiences worldwide At the heart of this genre are the talented bluegrass musicians who have shaped its sound and contributed to its enduring legacy One of the most iconic figures in bluegrass music is Bill Monroe often referred to as the Father of Bluegrass Monroe along with his band The Blue Grass Boys developed the distinct sound that came to define the genre In addition to these pioneering artists many other talented musicians have helped shape the bluegrass landscape The Osborne Brothers with their smooth vocal harmonies and innovative arrangements brought a polished and contemporary edge to the genre The Dillards introduced a progressive and experimental approach blending elements of rock and folk into their bluegrass sound And the legendary Alison Krauss known for her angelic voice and fiddle prowess has brought bluegrass to mainstream audiences with her crossover success Beyond the individual musicians bluegrass music is characterized by its instrumentation Traditional bluegrass bands typically include the banjo guitar mandolin fiddle and upright bass The interplay between these instruments often featuring intricate solos and improvisation creates the vibrant and dynamic sound that defines the genre I stumbled across the Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers through a mutual friend via Facebook Annemarie Picerno who is a devout supporter of all indie and a force of good introduced me to Kelli Lewis one half of the power duo that is the SSATSD I have yet to have meet her sister Wendi but I have definitely heard their work and although Bluegrass to me isn t a genre I listen to often I do listen to it and appreciate its multigenerational appeal musicianship and its distinguishable acoustic stringed instruments syncopated rhythm tight harmonies with it s strong influences of jazz and blues A personal favourite is Sing Me a Country Song where it showcases the sisters harmonies Kelli s yodelling the banjo washboard and mandolin players Infectious the song s refrain kept playing in my head long after I turned down the music Some other songs of note are The Road to Rosie McCann featuring Pat Hannon Face to Face which touches on the heartbreak of losing their father and Elvis on the Jukebox No One Else Around And speaking of Elvis it was a surprise when I discovered that sisters Kelli and Wendi are related to the late King of Rock and Roll himself Elvis Presley being 7th cousins removed At hindsight LIM Page 48

Page 49

I guess it should not have been a surprise as their dad himself Fred Sherry Smith was a child singer who has appeared numerous times on television including The Dinah Shore Show and in three movies that have won Academy Awards Humble as they are of their relations it still is wonderful knowing that they have traced their family tree to the one person that holds the honour of being a symbol of the modern American youth cultural phenomenon with a legacy that continue to exist unsurpassed to this day Talk about stories to tell your grandchildren With the Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers a little bit of American Roots Country and California Bluegrass brings a colourful palate to the canvas American roots music also known as American folk music or Americana encompasses a diverse range of musical genres that have deep historical and cultural roots in the United States It is a rich tapestry of musical traditions blending elements from various sources such as folk blues country gospel bluegrass Cajun Native American and Appalachian music Californian Bluegrass for one is a genre that piqued my interest as I wasn t as familiar with it but with sub genres pinpointing more accurately what one is listening to I found it of interest to note that California played a crucial role in the spread and evolution of bluegrass music In the 1950s and 1960s a vibrant folk and bluegrass scene developed in the state It became a hub for musicians who were drawn to the region s cultural climate and opportunities in the music industry And of course Bill Munroe was a Californian Let us sit back for a quick Q A with one half of THE SMITH SISTERS AND THE SUNDAY DRIVERS Kelli Lewis LM Hi Kelli Thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with me and the readers of Lazie Magazine about the music of The Smith Sisters Could you please share with us the story behind the name of your duo AND tell us what it means to you and your listeners KS Our full name is Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers and indeed we are LIM Page 49

Page 50

sisters We are Kelli platinum blonde and Wendi brunette Neither of us have kids but we want our dad s musical legacy to continue in his name our maiden name as he was and still is our musical inspiration and hero The Sunday Drivers are those who perform with us live and all who record with us too We work with a variety of musicians across the nation depending on if we are recording or performing live From the West Coast to the East Coast and in between These are the Sunday Drivers LM Describe SSATSD in three words SS Humorous Sincere Wholesome Kind LM What genre of music do you SS California Bluegrass American Roots Country LM Where are you based now LIM Page 50

Page 51

SS Orange County CA USA LM Have you ever traveled and performed outside of the United States SS We have not traveled as musicians outside of the US but we have appeared on ITV in the UK One of the songs recorded Sing Me A Country Song was written by CMA Award Winning International Radio Presenter Brian Clough The song charted here in the US and the story and song were featured on ITV https youtu be UNgWwwm4Bik LM What s the most recent song you listened to SS Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash LM What s something most people don t know about SSATSD SS You will have to follow our future music to find this answer out LM I ve read some of your colourful and extremely interesting family history LIM Page 51

Page 52

The apple doesn t fall far from the tree as I read that your father was a performer himself Please tell our readers about his work and how it came to influence you and your sister SS Our dad Fred Sherry Smith was a child singer appearing in a boy s choir in movies and they still still appear on television today He was in at least 3 Academy Award winning pictures I have included some of the movie posters for some of the ones he was in Our dad also won a nationwide radio contest that was much like today s Americas Got Talent or America Idol In 1951 he was the grand prize winner of The Horace Heidt Youth Opportunity Program Pictured is our dad showing the Chaplain his 5 000 check the grand prize winnings In addition to performing in the army band he was also a cook and a Chaplain s assistant LM What inspires you to write music lately SS God our family stories and stories of others we meet along our journey LM If you could record a duet with any current artist it d be SS The Gatlin Brothers LM Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley Why LIM SS Too close to call But Wendi loves Johnny most because he had soul and was the epitome of cool Kelli says Elvis because he was great musically and as an entertainer plus we are related and without question he has inspired our music LM How about hobbies outside of music SS Photography going to garage sales attending car and air shows and of course shopping LM Tell us about your proudest achievement s so far SS I Kelli wrote a song about our dad Fred I called him on the phone and read him the lyrics Our dad hung up then called back and said I wrote a song about the same subject Sadly before he could complete his song our dad passed away BUT when going through his personal effects we found his lyrics and Wendi took them and completed the song for him So Kelli inspired him and Wendi cowrote with him Dad s last song written became Wendi s first song written LM If you didn t have your music what would you be doing SS We would have our own animal rescue In the meantime we do what we can to support animal rescues LM Your father was in the daytime TV What show was he in and what s his story SS He appeared numerous times on television but to name a couple big ones he was on The Dinah Shore Show and The Arthur Godfrey Show He also appeared on what he believed was the pilot of American Bandstand He said that there was another host originally and the last minute they had to change the host to Dick Clark because of a scandal Our dad appeared on that show However today we have not been able to find any footage LM Could you tell us your favorite TV show SS Neither of us watch a lot of TV but one of our current favorites is The Chosen series LM What does your writing process look like Page 52

Page 53

SS Kellie Typically I do most of the song writing When I started writing music back in a 2015 I began waking up early in the morning about 3 AM In the silence ideas and thoughts come and I write out the lyrics It s as if they are funnelled through me Then typically a month or sometimes much later I will return to the lyrics and the tune drops on me I record what I hear on my cell phone and my husband transcribes these recordings into charts Like our dad and many musicians we know I don t actually read music Wendi does read music LM Please tell our readers what we can expect from SSATSD in 2023 and where they can find you SS We are currently in the midst of recording a new version of a single entitled I Could Quit you In A Minute Written by Kicking Eagle featuring Pat Hannon on vocals Deanie Richardson on fiddle Bob McGilpin on guitar and mandolin and David Spicher on upright bass The producer is Bob McGilpin We can be found on all digital platforms and socials across the internet It s set to release on Wendi s birthday June 22nd Ending our interview on a high note I LIM look forward to both Kelli and Wendi s next release and I wish them the best in their future endeavours Supporting others in our field not only strengthens the community but also creates a network of allies who can uplift and inspire each other With every person I meet whether in our virtual world or in person I discover a wealth of knowledge and appreciate the industry that has since become my very lifeblood With the SSATSD it gave me an insight into Bluegrass Today bluegrass music continues to evolve and incorporate influences from various genres while staying true to its roots with contemporary artists like Chris Thile Punch Brothers and Sierra Hull who bring a fresh perspective to bluegrass pushing boundaries and expanding its horizons Bluegrass musicians and their music have played a vital role in shaping the genre s identity and ensuring its longevity making it a cherished part of American musical heritage In conclusion the Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers have done so and will still keep captivating their audiences with their harmonious vocals Together with skillful instrumentation and unwavering passion for their music they are all heart soul and perseverance This to me is crucial in pursuance of any art form I have said it before and it bears repeating The independent music scene is an artistic landscape brimming with passion talent and boundless creativity However it is also a realm that presents artists with numerous challenges and insurmountable roadblocks Breaking through the noise and capturing the attention of audiences saturated with mainstream offerings can feel like an impossible task Despite these obstacles independent artists persevere fuelled by their unwavering dedication to their craft and an unyielding belief in their talent And THIS is their power The true belief in oneself when everything else is stripped away It is within these trials and tribulations we find ourselves our unique identities and hope to leave a mark on the music industry that would Page 53

Page 54

inspire others to follow and carve out their own creative paths We MUST forge ahead You can stream download music from the SMITH SISTERS AND THE SUNDAY DRIVERS on ALL platforms iTunes Spotify iHeart Radio YouTube etc Webpage https smithsistersandthesundaydrivers com about 2 Follow https www facebook com SmithSistersandtheSundayDrivers LIM Page 54

Page 55

Page 56

Page 57

About the Columnist Musings observations music related articles and interviews from South East Asia Anything that resonates with me Lyia Meta is an international multi award winning singer and songwriter and an exhibited visual artist She s a full time live performer in the Kuala Lumpur club circuit holding residencies all over the Peninsula of Malaysia She finds her greatest influences in rock and blues yet she fearlessly defies genre barriers in every project she creates LIM Page 57

Page 58

Page 59

Release Name Clean Old Fashioned Hate Band Name Propter Hawk Toronto s Propter Hawk indulges listeners once again with their third single Clean Old Fashioned Hate An animated dance number inspired by the early days of American rock and roll and Motown Clean Old Fashioned Hate breaks tradition in the most Propter Hawk way with their cynical anti establishment lyrical narrative The song cheekily points a finger in the seat of power s general direction while imploring the have nots to cavort with whatever energy they have left LIM Page 59

Page 60

AIN T NOTHIN BUT THE BLUES is the Sophamore album from multi award winning Philippine based L M Project Band The band explores the different styles and influences of blues music in this 9 track Gem sure to please both the blues and rock enthusiasts alike The albums RAW sound captures the bands actual recordings and is kept simple in production reminiscent of Classic 60s 70s Rock Blues Rock Blues Gospel Blues Metal Blues Funk Blues and a couple original tributes to James Brown and Frank ZAPPA assures to give something to delight any taste http www landmband com https youtube com thelmprojectbandartist3965 https open spotify com artist 4baSKMVQJT7SHNDJbuEokQ si Vd9FtcfpQc6r0JpSkDsaIw LIM Page 60

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Page 62

The IIMF 1 was held from Nov 9 13 at Kerala Arts and Crafts village Kovalam Trivandrum starting an annual event series brining together artists from all over the world The first edition had artists from USA UK Italy Papua New Guinea Malaysia Singapore and rubbing shoulders with Indian artists to create a sound scape that laid the foundation to the series These independent artists cutting across genre and seniority became one team and celebrated the fest in all its colors Music really can bring people together IIMF was conceptualized by the Lazie Indie Magazine team and held in collboration with the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village w a subsidiary of Govt of Kerala Tourism Department The event drew a lot of attention internationally and the coming November we will have the second edition of this phenomenal event this time with bigger backing from the Govt and a great impact of IIMF 1 Reported Globally IIMF will soon be the best place for Indies worldwide LIM Page 62

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Thirunelli Vibes - 2

Page 66

Thirunelli Vibes is a documentary featuring top artists coming down to the beautiful and a remote village called Thirunelli which also has a temple which has almost 4000 years of history This documentary was shot after hosting an event bring top musicians to this paradise of a place which lay secure from the vices of modernity offering absolute peace and a sense of all encompassing love and happiness to any one who happens to be there either as a tourist or as a pilgrim A few resort owners joined hands to collaborate with Lazie Indie to create this experience and document it which will be released soon as a video Watch it on release to feel the place the history of the place the unique traditions there and of course the event we held to bring this feeling to you as a Lazie Indie family member We look at this as a start for a new branch of activities called Shack Festivals which can be a small fest with a purpose of promoting tourism and music As in part 1 of the write up here too we are introducing 2 more resorts who put in their resources to ensure such a great feat happens without any hiccup and pull it off quite well lets read LIM Page 66

Page 67

Koomankolly Heritage Retreat

Page 68

T SUKUMARAN NAIR OWNER Koomankolly Heritage Stay LIM What made you to invest in this location Sukumaran Nair Thirunelly has been an attraction to me right from my college days When I read the novel Nellu by P Valsala the famous Malayalam writer This novel is a cross section of the life of Tribes Adivasis and narrates beautifully about Thirunelly Later in 1998 I came here for an official assignment This land in the lap of nature attracted me more and made me an investor and it took the shape of Koomankolly LIM Details about the property and what can one expect when they stay at the property Sukumaran Nair This divine land is a part of Nilgiri biosphere stretching as western ghats One can unbound his self with nature Luxury has no limits but nature exceeds all the mental unity if you engage In this property one can engage this unique way LIM What is your future plan for investment and growth Sukumaran Nair Koomankolly future plans align with its mission and vision of LIM creating an ecosystem where travellers can live harmoniously with nature in Wayanad and Thirunelly Our expansion and investment focus is on developing Koomankolly into a rejuvenating retreat that offers traditional tribal massages detoxifying organic food and meditation practices Additionally we aim to provide nature lovers a safe and immersive glamping experience a midst the picturesque Bramagiri hills complete with traditional Wayanad tribal dances and songs Koomankolly strives to be an international destination that allows nature lovers to enjoy the best of Wayanad while nurturing their mind body and spirit LIM What would you tell in a nutshell to international travelers Sukumaran Nair For international travelers seeking the ultimate wildlifethemed resort experience Koomankolly is the epitome of perfection You will experience the untamed wonders of Wayanad as you embrace an ecosystem that harmoniously coexists with nature You will enjoy the best traditional tribal massage detoxify with organic cuisine and find tranquility through meditation all while experiencing the breathtaking Bramagiri hills and rich cultural tapestry of Wayanad Thank you Page 68

Page 69

Page 70

Mr NAGESH SHARMA OWNER Blue Mango resorts LIM What made you invest in this location Nagesh Our investment in this campsite property in Wayanad was driven by our aspiration to create a sanctuary amidst nature s splendor providing an escape from the bustling city life By offering a tranquil setting surrounded by lush greenery we aim to provide an oasis of serenity for our guests allowing them to rejuvenate reconnect with nature and create lasting memories LIM Details about the property and what can one expect when they stay at the property Nagesh At our campsite in Wayanad guests can expect Spacious tents on an elevated platform 8 feet for a safe camping experience A watchtower with panoramic views of the picturesque landscapes Guided visits to tourist spots including wildlife sanctuaries and ancient temples Adventurous trekking expeditions through the peaks Brahmagiri Homemade delicacies showcasing the flavors of Wayanad LIM Swimming in a jungle stream for a refreshing dip A visit to the revered Thirunelli Temple for spiritual exploration Experience tranquility adventure and authentic cultural encounters at our campsite LIM Importance of the location recreational historic tourist spots in the locality you are present why the fest Nagesh We invested in this property for its unique geographical position and rich historical significance The region s lush greenery mist covered mountains cascading waterfalls and sprawling coffee plantations provide a serene setting that entices travelers seeking an escape from the chaos of city Our campsite offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region while also exploring its vibrant past and cultural heritage LIM What is your future plan for investment and growth Nagesh We ve already started another project called Sri Chakra Residency for those guests who want to enjoy the camp life but are anxious to stay in tents Here we provide them night accommodation at our newly built lodge LIM What would you tell in a nutshell to international travelers Nagesh Experience tranquility and natural beauty at our campsite in Wayanad With good accommodations serene surroundings and a range of recreational facilities we offer an unforgettable retreat for international travelers Discover the captivating charm of Wayanad while indulging in exceptional hospitality and culinary delights Thank you Page 70

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Page 72