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Lazie Indie MagazineEdition 1427 June, 2021Dellacoma RioColm GavinJimena ArroyoKeshetFiasco, Word 66AshramRegarding HenryLiz MandevilleMaineStream, Vin Sinners,Bongo Boy RecordsOn CoverBarry Benedetta

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ContentEditors CornerAshramDellacoma RioThe FiascoJimena ArroyoRegarding HenryThe MainestreamLiz Mandeville -TDGBRKeshetThe Word 66Colm GavinVin Sinners - Dats ColumnBongo Boy RecordsCover StoryBarry BenedettaLIM Page3

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Editors CornerInformationThe magazine ispublished byLazie JPrint Edition 14The month ofpublishingJune - 2021Editorial TeamAuthor/Editor:Jay N PillaiCo-ordination andPromotion:ManojVerified by:Inge ZimmermannProbstGuest Feature:Column and Review:Tomiko DixonGalaxy FM NZLDarshan ShankarCover Photo:Barry BenedettaCover Photo CourtesyRalph HeilA written magazine in a Digital Age?A written magazine in a digital age when everything in musicruns on videos and viral content looks outdated today andthat too of about not so popular artists? This looked a badidea when I started this. One year down the line a lot ofpeople tell me we are doing a tremendous job and magazinelooks great. After 14 editions and 3 Special Editions I can saya few things about this now. We now know people still like toread and know more about their fellow artists and not justwatch videos. And you don't need to be the most capabledesigner to do this. You need a sincere wish to talk about andpresent a fellow musician the best you can to world at large.Over time, I have realized that if your intentions are good youwill find great contributors who can bring in the value youwant to pass on and a lot of people will read and support yourwork. You need to take the first step to bring them to oneplatform and that requires a lot of integrity and hard work. Afriend once told me that Indie music scene is full of selfseekers and that is why they stay independent. Well! That isnot entirely true... Not all are self seekers else Lazie IndieMagazine wouldn't have been here. Coming to this edition, wehave an excellent line up as we always do. We have artistscutting across genre and cutting across continents, fromAustralia to Austria to India, to Argentina, USA and the listgoes on. Our aspiration is to keep this as broad as it is nowand expand our horizons to other allied activities. Hope wewill reach there soon along with our friends. Thank you foryour support. Keep supporting musicians as all they do isentertain you and they deserve our support. Do check ourMerchandises also ... Thank you, Jay.LIM Page4

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Lazie Indie Magazine caught up with ace guitarist Barry Benedetta, the formeraxeman for Waysted (formed by Pete Way of UFO) which became a part of Metalhistory by being in the "4th best Metal Moments of all times". He also played themuch acclaimed guitar solos in the Cinderella's (80s Hard Rock powerhouse)Multi-Platinum hits from the album "Night Songs". Inspired by Jimmy Hendrix,Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker, Van Halen and inspiration to many whofollow him,Barry Benedetta earned a place of his own amongst the 'Guitar Greats'who made the 80s the colorful time in music it was.Barry now works on hisown Project 'DeBenedetta' which is releasing new singles adding up to theiralbum“Rise Up” which is scheduled to hit the music world soon.Jay from LIMspoke to Barry Benedetta to know more about his illustrious career, his influences,his gears and much more...LIM Page6

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Jay: Hi Barry, it is an honor to speak to you. Thank you for yourtime. You have had an illustrious career spanning decades.When you look back, what would Barry Benedetta tell himselfabout his career?Barry Benedetta: I would say it has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride!Jay: Who were your musical influences and why did you chooseplaying Metal and Hard Rock?Barry Benedetta: My main influence starting out was JimiHendrix. After him I was inspired by, learned from and modeledmyself after Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), MichaelSchenker (UFO), Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen.LIM Page7

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Jay: Your band Waysted had greatsuccess as a band with your songs wellreceived and the tour in 1984 ranked the4th best Metal Moments of All Times”.How were those days with Waysted?Barry Benedetta: That tour was so surrealthat it felt like a dream the entire time.Pete Way is legendary and was also inUFO with my biggest guitar influenceMichael Schenker, so it was an honor toplay with him.Jay: How was your entry into Cinderellaand did you expect the project “NightSongs” to go multi platinum?Barry Benedetta: No I had no idea thatthe album would sell well over 3 and ahalf million copies worldwide. How Ientered the situation was Tom Keifer hadasked me to join Cinderella, but Ideclined the offer. Later Tom asked me toplay on the album and I accepted theoffer.Jay: You have collaborated with somephenomenal musicians and performedduring one of the most colorful times ofRock music the 1980s…What do you seeas the notable difference in musicalapproach of artists now and then?Barry Benedetta: In my humble opinionthe quality of the production andsongwriting has improved significantly.Image is still important but not asimportant as it was in the ‘80s.Jay: How is DeBenedetta projectprogressing? Can you let us know moreabout your latest releases?Barry Benedetta: After moving toNashville and writing music for a reallyhip church we decided to record aChristian album entitled BarryBennedetta “Arise In Glory”. From thatrelease I was approached by a recordcompany and manager from the UK.LIM Page8

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"The best advice given to me was by former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth withMichael Schenker right beside him. He said, “You have to believe in yourself, because ifyou don’t then no one else will believe in you either.”"-Barry BenedettaListen to DeBenedetta 'Shadows' at : them I met Shimmer Johnsonand her Juno Award winning husbandCorey Johnson and we immediatelystarted working on the DeBenedetta“Shadows” CD. It is going very well andwe are currently working on our secondalbum “Rise Up”.Jay: What gear do you use whilerecording and also while playing live.Which is your absolute favorite guitar andwhy?Barry Benedetta: In the recording studiofor my guitar solos I use a Kemper. Live Iuse Marshall amps and Fender ClassicSeries ‘70s Reissue Stratocastersexclusively. For playing in church I usea Line 6 FIREHAWK FX and go directlyinto the mixing board. My favoriteguitar is the Fender Classic Series ‘70sReissue, which is an exact replica of theFender Stratocaster I had in highschool only with several improvements.Jay: How did you cope with the Covidscare as a musician and what do youthink would be the best way to overcomethese terrible times for musicians,especially live performers?Barry Benedetta: The COVID-19pandemic I’m sure was quite devastatingfor a lot of touring musicians who dependon touring as their main source ofincome. Performing and teaching online Ibelieve is one way to cope during timessuch as this.Jay: What are your plans for theimmediate future as a musician and foryour projects? Have you toured India andwould you be looking to do so in future?LIM Page10

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Barry Benedetta: I hope to be able to tour soon to promote the Shadows CD. No Ihaven’t toured out of the country except for Canada.I would love to play in India and all around the world. It’s up to God to open andshut the right doors in my life.Jay: What gives you the kick - Writing songs, recording songs or playing live?Barry Benedetta: Playing in the studio has to be so precise and can be stressful attimes depending on who you are working with of course. Playing live is the ultimaterush for me.Jay: What is your opinion about online live programs?Barry Benedetta: I don’t have an opinion about online live programs because Ihaven’t seen any for many years.LIM Page11

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Jay: What was the best advice given to you? What would yousuggest to an upcoming artist/band to help them do better inmusic as a veteran Rock musician who has seen generations ofartists?Barry Benedetta: The best advice given to me was by formerScorpions guitaristUli Jon Roth with Michael Schenker rightbeside him. He said, “You have to believe in yourself, because ifyou don’t then no one else will believe in you either.”- Thank youPhoto Credits: Ross Halfin, Kalli Mellenius, Linda Benedetta,Ralph Heil and Shimmer Johnson.LIM Page12

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In 2004 while touring India, Austrian musicians Manuel Seidl(vox),Boris Seidl (guitar), Dominik Hofer (drums) and GermanSchwarz (drums/bass) who had been playing together for 6years asFur Balloon founded their new oriental rock-fusionstyle outfit called Ashram adding Indian members Ajayan Gopi(takil), Saju Nivas (vox), Hari Kumar, Anu Praveen and SoorajSanthosh to the outfit. They toured extensively in Indiaspecifically for a project called Prison-tour visiting jails withtheir music.Ashram played in over a hundred prisons over theyears. In 2006 the band got together again in Kerala for therecording of their first album in Thiruvananthapuram . In 2007Ashram released their first self titled album in India. After thatIndia tour the band realized the vision to bring all musicians onone stage in 2007 in August and September 2007 when theyLIM Page14

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presented their first album and playedmore than 30 gigs across Germany andAustria with new members Adrian Millerand Jayaprakash in the line up.BorisSeidlthen went around Los Angeles (US)searching for a professional musicproducer for Ashram.In May 2009 the band regrouped withIndian vocalist Anu Praveen. They alsoroped in top producer from L.A - ThomRusso who had worked with bands likeSystem of a Down, Audio slave, JohnnyCash and Michael Jackson. CurrentlyAshram is working on their third albuminspired by Hermann Hesse's Indiannovel Siddhartha. It is due to be releasedin 2022.LIM speaks to founding member BorisSeidlwho talks about their journey so farand their future plans.LIM: Hi Boris, welcome to Lazie IndieMagazine, great to have you speaking toour readers. Could you kindly introduceAshram to our readers how was the bandformed, who all are the line-up and whopicked whom?Boris: Hi Lazie! Thank you for theinterview! The band Ashram cametogether when I (Boris Seidl – guitarist)travelled to India in 2004 and met AjayanGopi (Takil) and Saju Nivas (Vocals).Fascinated by the sound we were creatingduring jam sessions and we started toenvision a cross-continental band. Fewyears later, we have already toured acrossEurope for seven weeks. 2006 we metHari Kumar in the studios of Trivandrum.We were impressed of his skills and askedhim to join our band Ashram. After ashort time Anu Praveen and SoorajSanthosh joined this Band as singerstoo.LIM: Who or what were your musicalinfluences and how did you arrive at thisgenre you play?Boris: Before 2002 the Europeanmembers of Ashram played in differentRockbands. Manuel and I were mostlyinfluenced by the sound of the 70ties.Especially Led Zeppelin have been ourmusical heroes. Boris even met LedZeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page in personin London. Thereby it came to aconversation about Ashram. At that timeBoris talked with Jimmy Page about apossible Cover version of the songKashmir. Jimmy Page said at that timethat he could imagine a collaboration. Hesaid that he already had the thought of anIndian version of Kashmir some yearsago.LIM: How do you go about writing yoursongs? Who writes in the band and whatgets the precedence lyrics or the music?How does a song progress to a finalpresentation?Boris: It is not easy to write songs forAshram. Most songs have lyric lines inEnglish and Malayalam or Sanskrit. Also,we need to merge Rock music and Indianclassical music. For normal we start witha demo song, written on guitar withvocals. Step by step we try to developdrums, percussion, bass, and differentinstruments. Unfortunately, we do not lifein the same countries, so it takes a longtime to create this style.LIM Page15

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LIM: How do you record and produceyour music? Are you particular withrecording gear which you feel isimportant to bring out the kind of soundyou want?Boris: This Is also a long process. We tryto catch emotions, so we record differentparts many times in different locations.Perhaps writing music could be comparedto drawing a picture. It takes a very longtime, sometimes you must wait to get newideas. We record, wait, delete and recordagain. And sometimes we start from thevery beginning.LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Boris: I think the drive in producing analbum is to create something new. It’s liketo build up something. And for sure youneed to present the artwork. To play on astage in front of hundreds or thousandpeople those support you is the bestfeeling you can ever catch! In the end, weare all passionate musicians. Why youmake music is a big question. You can askthis question in all fields of life. You do itbecause an inner voice says you have todo it. Maybe comparable to the Indianidea of a karma.LIM: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Boris: These worldwide lockdowns are ashame on humanity. Many people havelost their jobs and their livelihood. Tosurvive, you need a job and something toeat. Unfortunately, the big losers are thepeople who already had to live a hard lifebefore. Fighting a virus is okay, but thereare many other battles in life that youhave to fight to survive. A really difficultsubject to deal with. We try to make thebest out of the situation. That's why we'reworking on our third album right now.We're in the studios having virtual bandmeetings. With our third albumSiddhartha we try to send a positivesignal to the world. We will be back in2022 with our band Ashram, so we wantto encourage many people.LIM Page16

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Find Ashram's album “Prison Without Walls” recorded in India and Austria, and mixed down bymulti-Grammy winner “Thom Russo” in L.A. in the below, and also in Spotify.LIM: What are your immediate futureplans?Boris: We want to continue with Ashram,even if this band is not easy to keeptogether. On the one hand, we are a bandthat lives on two continents. On the otherhand it is difficult to generate incomewith the music. Especially now, when youcan't even play a live tour. It's a bigchallenge and you need a lot of energy.That's why we are especially grateful toShaheer SS, bassist of the band CycleChain. He is a longtime friend and a veryspecial person. It is thanks to him that weare trying a reunion with a third albumwith Ashram next year. Among otherthings, we have Shaheer to thank for thisinterview.LIM: Being a successful musician yourselfwhat would you tell an upcomingmusician to keep in mind to launch asuccessful career in music?Boris: Good question. We mentionedbefore that we met Jimmy Page a fewyears ago. Boris asked him exactly thesame question. Jimmy Page answeredduring this conversation in London: Abasic rule is, that a general answer to aquestion will never be enough. There isno rule or magic formula that leads tosuccess. If there was one, someone wouldsimply wrap it up in a general formula forsuccess and could sell it very expensively.Those were the words of Jimmy Pagewhen we asked him in a personalconversation a few years ago what the keyto success is. At that time, we asked him aother question too, why the band didn'tcontinue: "Led Zeppelin without JohnBonham, wasn't Led Zeppelin anymore.We lost an incredible musician and avery good friend. We were alreadyLIM Page18

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trying with other drummers at that time, but without John itwasn't Led Zeppelin anymore". These words of Jimmy Pageshowed us the spirit and genius of the band. Led Zeppelin wasmuch more than four individual top musicians. It must besimilar for every band, family or team. Success is the sound ofeagles respecting each other and pulling on a rope together. Tofinish the illustration with Led Zeppelin, we as Ashram can onlyagree to those words of Jimmy. We have unique musicians andwe are a band for many years and it's time to live uniquemusical moments.- Thank youLIM Page19

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Born in Seattle but raised in Australia, Dellacoma Rio has beena sensational stage performer for more than a decade. Afterspending 6 years acting in the USA on stage and TV, he returnedto Australia in 2007 and recorded and toured with 2 Sydneybased bands; Innertone (2008-9) and Sunset Riot (2009-2013),before launching his solo Rock band career in 2014 with “DeadWill Rise” EP followed by a debut full-length album “South ofEverything” (2015). In 2018 Rio joined the INXS tribute band“The Australian INXS Show”. 2019 saw the release of a new“Dellacoma” single “Vampires” as well as the release of Rio’sfirst book; a collection of poetry entitled “Red Threads”.Dellacoma released “Till We All Belong” in 2020 and hisupcoming release is scheduled on July 15th across digitalplatforms.Galaxy FM NZL speaks to Dellacoma Rio...LIM Page21

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GalaxyFM: For the benefit of our readerscan you kindly introduce yourself?Dellacoma: My name is Dellacoma Rio,I've been dubbed the "electric gypsy" byByron More of "the Beautiful Car Crash".From 2009-2013 I was the front man forSydney based rockers "Sunset Riot".Following the breakup of that band Istarted my solo band (Dellacoma) in2014, released a debut album in 2015, fanclub EP in 2019, 2 stand alone singles in2019 with our second full length albumdue for release mid 2021.Galaxy FM: Since when have you beeninto music?Dellacoma: I've always enjoyed music andsinging but I started taking music moreseriously in 2008 when I joined Sydneybased Pop rockers "Innertone".Galaxy FM: Who were your musicalinfluences and how does it reflect in thegenre of music do you create?Dellacoma: Growing up I was heavilyinfluenced by Bee Gees, James Taylor,Carole King and Chicago. In high school Idiscovered Aerosmith, Matchbox Twenty,Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair andSoundgarden who all heavily influencethe music I write today. I love raw,passionate music and thought provokinglyrics.Galaxy FM: How do you go about writingyour songs?Dellacoma: When inspiration strikes I tryto just open the door as wide as possible. Ialso love to co-write as much as I canbecause I enjoy the collaborative process.Galaxy FM: What do you look to conveyto your listeners when you create musicdo you look to set a lyrical theme first oryou let the music dictate the lyrics?Dellacoma: I do both but generally I writeand it just takes shape. Lyrically speakingthe concepts generally present themselvesthen I just refine the edges.Galaxy FM: How do you record andproduce the songs?Dellacoma: I demo initial ideas using thevoice memos app on my phone or a co-writer will send me a musical idea. Fromthere I refine it vocally/lyrically then sendto Voya (producer/co-writer/guitarist),LIM Page22

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"Never give up, do what sets your soul on fire and always be open to learning"he then works his magic and when we'rehappy with the song we then set aboutrecording, which in the current climate isall done remotely.Galaxy FM: What are your plans for theimmediate future? Tell us more aboutyour latest release?Dellacoma: I don't really have touringplans for the immediate futureunfortunately with the currentrestrictions in place in Australia it’s veryhard to plan much. My latest release isdue for release physically on 07 July anddigitally around the world on 16 July onall good streaming platforms. Hopefullywe can then tour it in 2022! My last fulltour internationally was back in 2018, soI'd say it’s high time.Galaxy FM: What gives you the kick,writing, recording or playing live andwhy?Dellacoma: Playing live is definitelywhere I get the biggest rush but theprocess of creating a song is incredible Imust say.Galaxy FM: Where can we find yourmusic on the internet?Dellacoma: Just search "Dellacoma" onany good streaming service or YouTube.If you want to dig a little deeper you canalso search for "Sunset Riot", we made 2EP's (Self titled and "Uprising") andreleased 3 music videos.- Thank youLIM Page23

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About the columnistAround the Galaxy is a columncontributed by Galaxy FM 107, NewZealand, introducing artists from NewZealand and Australia. Galaxy FM is oneof the top radio stations in New Zealandand is quickly expanding its listener baseacross the world. The authors of thecolumn, Barbara Harkins and DJ Grantare well known radio hosts at Galaxy FMhosting the popular Breakfast Show. LIMthanks team Galaxy for their support.Check out their website Page24

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The Fiasco is a British Pop Rock band which is steadily climbingthe ladder of success with their hits ‘Played Me At My OwnGame’, and ‘Breaking Out’ released 30th April 2021. Their songshave got steady airplay in radios across the world and that hashelped the band to secure their deal with a major UK Publisher.The Fiasco has a very attractive Pop/Rock sound with catchyhooks, melodies that will stick in your head and red hot guitarsleaving you want to keep hitting the repeat button!.Jay fromLazie Indie Magazine spoke guitarist and producer Adam aboutthe musical direction of the band and their story so far...let uscheck out.LIM Page26

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Jay: You have had a promising career inmusic so far. When you look back how doyou feel was your journey so far?Adam: Hi, thanks for having us! Ourjourney so far has been fun! Myself(Adam) and Tim met back in school andhad similar tastes in music and sodecided to get together one day for a jamand it just went from there. We havehoned our writing skills and are releasingregular music now, and the next stage forus is to build our live presence around theUK.Jay: How was the band formed? Whopicked whom?Adam: The band was born back in 2007when I met Tim in college. We played forthe first year as a 4 piece band, howeverour drummer and bassist left as they wenton to do other things and live in differentparts of the country. For a few yearsafterwards myself and Tim continued torelease music but perform live as anAcoustic Duo which we had a lot of fundoing, however we missed the buzz aboutplaying full band live shows. Jack was afriend of ours, who played bass and hehad similar tastes in music so he joinedthe band in 2015, and we found Mattthrough a Facebook group whilst lookingfor a drummer. The 4 of us hit it offtogether right from the first rehearsal.Jay: How do you go about writing yoursongs?Adam: It's usually myself and Tim whowill write the songs. One of us will comeup with an idea, record a demo and thenbounce it off the other one until we have afull song fleshed out.Jay: How do you record and produce yourmusic?Adam: I have been a professionalproducer for the last 5 years and workedwith bands all over the world. We haveour own studio, where we record andproduce all of our music. It's really handywhen we have an idea and we want towork on quickly, as all of the resourcesare at our disposal.Jay: Where do we find your music on theinternet? Which is your latest release?Adam: All of our music can be found onLIM Page27

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"I think it really comes down to an innate desire to create music and express yourself.Ask any musician WHY they write and perform music and it's usually because they can'timagine their life without it and that's very much the same for us!".Spotify, Apple Music and all the usualplaces... just search for 'The Fiasco'. Ourlatest single is called 'Breaking Out'.Jay: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Adam: Great question! I think it reallycomes down to an innate desire to createmusic and express yourself. Ask anymusician WHY they write and performmusic and it's usually because they can'timagine their life without it and that'svery much the same for us! Being able toreach people and connect people with ourmusic is an extremely rewardingexperience, and if we can help just oneperson through a difficult time, or put asmile on one persons' face, then that'sawesome!Jay: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Adam: Lockdown has been tough forsure! Especially for musicians, but thereare so many other avenues to connectwith your fans in the current climate! Yesit's been hard not playing live, howeverlivestreams have worked really well for usto continue to grow our audience. Also it'sentirely possible to produce and recordmusic remotely these days (I've beendoing this since long before thepandemic) so we've still been creatingand releasing music too!Jay: What are your immediate futureplans?Adam: Our immediate plan is to get backin the studio and finish up our next singlerelease which is planned at some point inJune/July. After that, we will be back inregular rehearsals and booking shows.We currently have one show planned inOctober in Norfolk with our friendsRANE.LIM Page28

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Jay: Being a successful musician/band yourself, what would youtell an upcoming musician to keep in mind to launch asuccessful career in music?Adam: Be true to yourself in your music and what you do, anddon't compromise! If you want to reach a goal enough, then youwill find a way to make it work... the most important thing istaking action towards your goals!- Thank youLIM Page29

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Jimena Arroyo is a singer-songwriter & author from BuenosAires, Argentina. At the age of 8, she wrote her first song inEnglish. At the age of 19, she won a car in a singing competitionon the TV show "1,2,3 OUT!". She has published sevenchildren’s books so far and co-written songs with very talentedmusicians and producers from across the world. She releasedher first album "Ten Waves" on January 3rd, 2020 and isreleasing singles for her solo album, co-written with andproduced by multi-instrumentalist CJ Teffner (Arizona, USA).Her music is being played on radio stations worldwide and hasbeen nominated for several prestigious independent musicawards. She won the ISSA award for Best International FemaleVocalist in 2020.LIM spoke to Jimena Arroyo about her careerand future plans.LIM Page31

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LIM: Hi Jimena, Welcome to Lazie IndieMagazine, great to have you speaking toour readers.Jimena: Hi there! Thank YOU for havingme. It’s a real pleasure.LIM: You have had a rising career inmusic. When you look back, how do youfeel was your journey so far?Jimena: It was a bumpy ride for sure,with many ups and downs, but I guess it’snot any different from that of many otherindependent artists out there. We knowthings aren’t easy and sometimes we feelfrustrated and discouraged, but it’s thepassion for music that keeps us going.LIM: Who or what were your musicalinfluences and how did you arrive at thisgenre you play?Jimena: Growing up, I was obsessed withRoxette, Heart, Richard Marx, Aerosmith,Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Shania Twainand Alanis Morissette, among many otherartists. I love Pop-Rock from the 80’s and90’s and I can’t help feeling my songs areheavily influenced by those artists. Ibelieve my genre lies somewhere betweenPop-Rock and Adult Oriented Rock.LIM: How do you go about writing yoursongs?Jimena: Sometimes songs come from avery strong internal need to vent, toexpress myself and be understood. WhenI write on my own, I pick up the guitarand start playing around with differentchord progressions and melodies. Lyricscome last, once the lead melody is ready.Other times, when I co-write with othermusicians, I am usually sent aninstrumental platform to topline (write amelody and lyrics on top). And there aretimes in which ideas come back and forthbetween co-writers and a song startstaking shape. I enjoy all the differentsongwriting processes, really.LIM: How do you record and produceyour music? Are you particular with anyrecording gear which you feel isimportant to bring out the kind of voiceyou want?Jimena: I track my vocals in my homestudio and send them over to theproducers I work with. I don’t produceLIM Page32

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Website: songs myself. I prefer to focus onwhat I know best: Singing and writing. Iprefer to leave that to the professionalproducers and mixing engineers I’ve beenblessed to work with (CJ Teffner, JonnieCook, Phil Trickey, Torbjorn Vagle, MikeGabriel, to name a few).LIM: Where do we find your music on theinternet? Which is your latest release?Jimena: My music can be found on allmajor streaming platforms, such asSpotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon,Deezer, YouTube, Soundcloud… I’m alsovery active on social media: Instagram,Facebook and Twitter mainly (my handlefor all those sites is the same@IamJimenaArroyo). My latest release iscalled “Scarlet Stream” and it’s a song Ico-wrote with CJ Teffner. It’s a rock songabout feeling in despair because thingsdon’t go as we had planned them.LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Jimena: I truly enjoy performing live.Similarly, I could spend my days in arecording studio tracking vocals. Butwhat I’m really passionate about is thecreative process: Writing lyrics andcoming up with melodies that give megoosebumps. It’s just a magical process Iadore.LIM: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Jimena: Well, I stopped playing live andtouring when I became a mom, longbefore the lockdown, so I stoppedgenerating a livelihood from gigging. Butnow, thanks to globalization and access tothe Internet, we, musicians, have severalresources to promote our music onlineLIM Page34

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and reach people from all over the world,which is a blessing indeed.LIM: What are your immediate futureplans?Jimena: I’m really looking forward tofinishing the album I’m working on withCJ Teffner. I’m also pitching my songs forTV, films and advertising and I hope to beback on the stage in the near future.LIM: Being a successful musician yourselfwhat would you tell an upcomingmusician to keep in mind to launch asuccessful career in music?Jimena: Keep doing what you love.Pursue your passions and dreamsrelentlessly. There will be setbacks,frustrations and moments in which you’llfeel like giving up. Don’t. Keep going. Ittakes time, patience, hard work anddetermination, and yes, blood, sweat andtears as well, but you’ll get where youwant to be eventually. Just believe inyourself. Thank you so much for havingme! I look forward to seeing you allonline, until the live music scene startsbeing active again. Stay safe! - Thank youPhoto Credits:Eugenia Talice - FotografiaLIM Page35

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Henry Mittnacht is the main man behind the project RegardingHenry. Influenced by The Beatles he picked up his guitar andhas been guitar player, singer and songwriter since the early 80sand after his original band STATEMENTHenry decided to takea break in the early 2000. He started his home recording in2006 and joined a community, where he met andcollaborated with many artists across the world. He collaboratedin more than 300 songs and in 2020, he decided to start his ownproject bringing in other like minded artists calledRegardingHenry. Jay from LIM speaks to Henry about his career and hiscurrent project.LIM Page37

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"It all happens "in-the-box" these days ( all software in the PC) and if e.g. I want a realdrummer I send him my tracks, he does his drums and sends me them back."Jay: Hi Henry! Thank you for taking yourtime out to speak to LIM! You have had acareer great in music. When you lookback, how do you feel was your journey sofar both as a musician and as a band?Henry: After my original bandSTATEMENT decided to take a break inthe early 2000 I played - and still do - inseveral cover bands. I always felt the needto record my original songs and with theupcoming possibilities of home recordingand the internet I started home recordingin 2006/2007. By the year of 2008 Ijoined an internet platform,where I met lots of musician with thesame idea. I played guitar on approx. 300songs, we had band projects with bandmembers from all over the world, withwhich I started to write and produce myown songs. In 2020 I then thought it wasabout time to leave the shadow of myhome and presented my first self titled EPRegarding Henry.Jay: Who/what were your musicalinfluences and how did you arrive at thisgenre you play?Henry: It all started with the Beatles, ofcourse, which led me to pick up a guitar atthe age of 14. By the age of 16 rock musicentered my world with Deep Purple´sRitchie Blackmore, followed by Eddie vanHalen and finally Toto´s Steve Lukather.I always was more on the melodic popside of Rock music and listened to bandslike Journey, Styx, Kansas, Saga or theEagles.Jay: How do you go about writing yoursongs? In your band who writes thesongs?Henry: In my band I was the mainsongwriter but everyone contributed andLIM Page38

Page 39

added their dedicated parts to the basicsong ideas. Since I do my own stuff, Ichoose co-writers when I´m stuck or needinspiration, especially with lyrics I love towork with native American lyricists. Overthe years I found great musicians,composers and lyricists whom always goback to.Jay: How do you record and produce yourmusic? In the case of your band who doesit and how?Henry: I built myself a home studio whichused to be a real small, maybe 4-5 squaremeters place in my attic but since my kidsare out a house I moved in a bigger room.There I have all my guitars and recordingequipment set up, ready for use any time.It all happens "in-the-box" these days (allsoftware in the PC) and if e.g. I want areal drummer I send him my tracks, hedoes his drums and sends me them back.Jay: Where do we find your/your bandsmusic on the internet? Which is yourlatest release?Henry: It all started ant the MCS (seeabove) but now we communicate directlyby email.Jay: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Henry: It´s always great to see whathappens with a simple chorus line andhow it develops to a fully arranged andproduced track. It’s like being a painter infront of a plain canvas and you add somecolor here and there and finally you havethe picture done. Playing live with mybands is a whole other story but sinceFebruary 2020 until now all live activitiesare cancelled due to the pandemic.Jay: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate aLIM Page39

Page 40

livelihood for musicians?Henry: There´s a silver lining at thehorizon for live music. We’re lookingforward to at least 2 shows in summer2021. In the meantime, I was able togather over 1k fans and listeners on all theplatforms I use, like Facebook, YouTubeor Instagram. I was hoping for a fewplays, maybe a hundred in total. But itgrew and now I have fans and listeners allover the world. I never expected that!LIM: What are your immediate futureplans?Henry: Well, my second EP "Diversity" is(almost) ready for release but since mycollab song (Soon it will be Over), which Iwrote but perform it with some of myfriends, is having a momentum, I´m notin a rush, anyway.LIM: Being a successful musician/ bandyourself, what would you tellan upcoming musician to keep in mind tolaunch a successful career in music?Henry: Get all your tasks done way beforeyour release! Keep in mind that you planyour release with up to 6 months ahead,including videos and what not.- Thank youLIM Page40

Page 41

Page 42

Rocky Turen has been in the Phillipino music scene for quite a few years and hislatest venture is band formed calledThe MaineStream which is A Multi-Genregroup from Philippines. The band was formed byRocky Turen (Guitar/Vocals), JoloValdivia (Keyboards/Vocals), Raymon Agot (Bass/Vocals) Michael Valdivia(Drums/Percussions) & David Melendez (Saxophonist) from Sampaloc Manila,Philippines. MaineStream has released 7 radio ready songs through Cove RecordsPhilippines and has been awarded in Indie Music Award for 3 categories.Rocky Turen also featured in The Global Philipino Magazine. Lazie Indie Magazinespoke to Rocky Turen about his journey so far as a musician, about thebandThe MaineStream, and also about their future plans. Let us check out!!!LIM Page42

Page 43

"Humbly speaking, being a successful musician is not easy, You need to rattle your diceand gambling yourself to become successful. You need to urge yourself and be part ofyour life. Just to keep in the minds that you need to be ambitious and ready yourself forstruggles".LIM: For the benefit of our readers couldyou kindly introduce yourself?Rocky: Hi, I am Rocky Turen from theband, The MaineStream, together withJolo Valdivia, Raymon Agot, MichaelValdivia and David Melendez fromManila, Philippines.LIM: Who/what were your musicalinfluences?Rocky: Basically, we had a lots ofinfluences, but we as a group loves TheBeatles, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Greenday, 1975and more. And also we listened toMotown music and Indie Musicians.LIM: How do you go about writing yoursongs?Rocky: When I was 9 years old, I love tomake poetries and short stories, readingbooks. I discover my talents in makingsongs by admiring Lennon’s and Dylan’smusic, I just wrote several songs just formyself before but I tried to make itseriously when I feel that I need to be likethem. “That was a great job!”. I wannamake my music to inspire people and giverespect and bring back the good music inthe future. Our music brings peopletogether, no matter what language youspeak what color you are and what faithyou have. We'll just make happiness andsatisfaction to the people who can hear usand believe on us.LIM: How do you record and produceyour music?Rocky: First thing, when I was on a solocareer (DIY Recordings) I record mysongs on the low budget equipment athome and started to download it just forfree and independently, I used Bandlabmusic app. And that was it. I made myown sounds of drums, bass, guitarsanything until it came to my mind that ILIM Page43

Page 44

need to grow, I need to be in the band. Soeven though it’s PANDEMIC, I decided toget a call with the lads and make live atCOVE RADIO here in the Philippines,and the management manage us onCOVE RECORDS, and we recorded firsttime on the real recording studio with anlabel. It was cool and very productivesituation. We already recorded 7 songsand 3 music videos as well and the restwill be history.LIM: Where do we find your music on theinternet? Which is your latest release?Rocky: You can check our music on alldigital platforms worldwide on Spotify,YouTube, Apple Music, ITunes, and alsocheck our Facebook page and Instagrampage: THE MAINESTREAM, also checkCOVE RADIO Facebook and YouTubePage.LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Rocky: Like what I’ve said, we want to befamous someday, we want our music tobe known and no matter what languageyou speak, what color you are, we wantour music brings people together. Imyself do this because this is my passion,and music will live us forever. As of now,we are making virtual live thru socialmedias and making virtual guest in allradio, TV platforms here in thePhilippines.LIM: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Rocky: Actually, on the first, it’s hard forme (on us) to make this “VirtuallyHappened”. It’s hard for me to embracethe “New Normal” thingy, but the realityis we need to embrace it and we need togo outside the box. The reality of internetspeed here in the Philippines is not somuch higher, but when we got to CoveRadio platform, everything is good andthe quality of music is right. Weexpressed our music lively and wepromote our music easily to the platform.Until now, we are in the midst ofPandemic but we need to embrace the“new normal”, and I know if you areurging to be famous and to your dreams,no matter what, you will do it with love!LIM: What are your immediate futureplans?Rocky: We’re just making music foreverand promoting the band, that’s what wedo, more recordings, albums and liveperformances even though it’s virtually,and hopefully we can play live to thepeople VERY SOON!LIM: Being a successful musicianyourself, what would you tell anupcoming musician to keep in mind tolaunch a successful career in music?Rocky: Humbly speaking, being asuccessful musician is not easy, you needto rattle your dice and gambling yourselfto become successful. You need to urgeyourself and be part of your life. Just tokeep in the minds that you need to beambitious and ready yourself forstruggles. Everyone can be a successfulmusician, don’t care for the bashers andnon-followers just do what you want to doand write your song freely andindependently.- Thank youLIM Page44

Page 45

Page 46

Award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist/record producer/Blues Hall of Fame inducteeLiz Mandeville is also a fascinatingblues historian who gives fun, interactive workshops packedwith music and juicy blues info. She brings to the stage a giantpresence that’s impossible to resist or ignore crafted over yearsof touring, performing & studying the music she loves.Liz'smusic showcases her powerful, rich, versatile voice, hercreativity as a producer, arranger, guitarist and song-crafter. Lizis many thing rolled into one, she is a Blues Musician, a theatrepersonality, a blues historian a Yoga instructor among her manyavatars.Tomiko Dixon speaks to Liz to know more about hermusic so far and her plans for the immediate future...LIM Page46

Page 47

Liz Mandeville speaks to Tomiko Dixon"I was inspired by surviving a car wreck that totaled mytouring van and ended a chapter of my life! It's amazinghow much energy for life you get by almost dying. I'malive, praise GOD!! And thriving thanks to the love andconcern of my family, friends and fans all over theworld."Tomiko: Who inspired your project and or music?Liz: I was inspired by surviving a car wreck that totaled my touring van and ended achapter of my life! It's amazing how much energy for life you get by almost dying.I'm alive, praise GOD!! And thriving thanks to the love and concern of my family,friends and fans all over the world. My latest project, Playing With Fire, was reallyinspired by the fun I had making my previous release, The Stars Motel. On thatalbum I co-wrote with 4 other guitarists on this release I co-create with 4 maleguitarists and 2 female violin players. After the great recession, Chicago venuesstopped offering rooms to traveling musicians. A guitarist from Tulsa that I'd metwhen we both had releases on the Earwig Music Co. label called me up and said"Hey Red, I got gigs as House of Blues and Buddy's with a day off in between and norooms, what should I do?" I told him "You can stay in my studio, but while you'rehere we have to write and record 3 tunes." He agreed and that was the start of it. Wewrote the tunes and recorded them with his rhythm section and my engineer. Afterhim Rachelle Coba, a Cuban blues woman from Miami and protegee of Matt GuitarMurphy, that I'd met playing in Clarksdale MS, got nominated for a Blues BlastAward. They were holding the ceremony in Carbondale that year. She called me upand said "Hey Liz! I know how to get to Chicago, but where the hell is Carbondale?"I told her "Come on up, stay with me for a few days, let's write some tunes and I'lldrive you to Carbondale!" We wrote and recorded 3 great songs. Then DarioLombardo from Italy came to play the Chicago Blues Fest in a tribute to Phil Guy,Buddy's brother, who he'd played with over 19 years until Phil passed from cancer. Igot a call, "Hey, can you pick up Dario and have him at your place for a few days?Somebody messed up." So I went and got him from the airport and brought him tomy studio. He ended up staying for a month, playing a bunch of gigs with me and wewrote 3 awesome tunes. I had 9 great tunes, not quite an album, but my regularguitar player is Minoru Maruyama. He's originally from Japan and used to play withJohnny B. Moore and Billy Branch when I first met him back in the day. I called himup and said, "Hey Minoru, do you have any tunes you're working on? Wanna do thisalbum with me?" He was like "I'll be right over!" So that was The Stars Motel.Everybody had come for the release parties and we played gigs in Michigan,Indiana, Wisconsin and several release parties in Chicago including a guitar blowoutat Buddy Guy's. Then, when I'd finished all the promotional gigs for that record andeverybody had gone home, I had a gig in Highland Park the night beforeThanksgiving. We'd played, it was fun, but I kinda had that post-event, post-partum, let-down feeling. I was driving home thinking "Man, why am I still doingLIM Page47

Page 48

this crazy music thing? Who do I think Iam,dressing up like a hoochie, going outto tell my stories, shake my shimmy, singmy songs and expecting people to care?I'll bet nobody would give two hoots if Inever sang or played again!" I believe Godwas listening to me that night. I believehe was thinking "Seriously? Is that whatyou think?Well, I'm show you!" Cos all ofa sudden I hit a guy. He'd been sitting,like parked, in the slow lane on the Eden'sExpressway, I was doing 70! I didn't seehim until I was hitting him, turned hissedan into a hatch-back. There werecrashes all over so the cops were rightthere already and saw it happen. ThankGod nobody was in the van with me, butmy drummer, Andy Sutton, was drivingin the next lane and he came around totalk to the police with me. Andy said hedidn't see the guy either, he just heard thecrash when I hit that guy. So the upshotwas I had hit my head and had aconcussion so I couldn't look at screens.No Facebook, Insta, Netflix, Prime, noSmart Phone, no Kindle. I had bruisesand contusions on my heart, lungs andbones so no singing, no going out, nopeople. I couldn't risk catching cold, ithurt so much to breathe that coughingwas enough to make me fall out! Theimpact hit my spine and did nervedamage, so my hands was all pins andneedles, so no guitar playing! The doctorsat the emergency room saved my life. Bythe time I got there my BP was 280/190, Idon't know how I lived! Andy put a noteon Facebook and my husband Carl posteda Thanksgiving photo of me in the ER onInsta, so people immediately startedsending messages of support. Andy calledlater and told Carl thousands of peoplehad posted that they were praying for me,people started sending flowers and gifts,it was the most incredible, humbling outpouring of love I'd ever felt. So Godrules!! I got it and I'm grateful. It was ahard road back to wellness. (One of thesongs on Playing With Fire, Boss Lady,tells this story) The doctors gave me ascript for Oxy and said go home, sit onthe couch, you're done. But I said "NO!" ILIM Page48

Page 49

hated the way that drug made me feel. Itdidn't take the pain away or cure mybody, it just made me so I didn't care. So Ifound an acupuncturist who treated mewith herbs and needles and I started toget better. After about 3 months he said"If you were Chinese I'd tell you to do TaiChi, but you seem to like Yoga so go doYoga. And walk every day." So that's whatI did. First one and then another of myfriends came to visit and the writingprocess started again. My friend PeterStruijk, a slide guitarist, who's won theIBC with his Dutch band, came fromHolland during the winter. He and Iwrote and recorded 3 tunes and, becausehe's a great ragtime player, we recorded acover version of John Hartford's classic"Hey Babe You Wanna Boogie?" ThenDario came and we did a little tour in thesummer. Of course we recordedsome more. The following year, PhilFernandez and Gilles Gabbison, friends Imet at a jam in Paris, came for the BluesFest. I put together a review during thefest so they could play with some Chicagoall stars and we did a kick-ass session.Ilana Katz Katz, another woman I metplaying Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale,who's a raw, Appalachian style fiddler,came to do a few gigs for Delmark. Welaid down two tracks. Minoru and I cameup with a traditional Chicago, slide guitartune, Comfort Food Blues, that's been thehit of the album. After we'd laid down therhythm tracks I took on the job ofproducing the tracks with my favoriteengineer, Jim Godsey. I'd seen OtisTaylor play following the Blues Fest in2018 and was just knocked out by hisTrance Blues approach. Then I happenedto hear The Mississippi Magnolias on aplaylist and they knocked me out withtheir Living Color approach to the blues.So I produced one of Dario and my tunes,Everybody Got Wings, using thosemusicians as inspiration. I invited theamazing Anne Harris (who played withOtis for 8 years) to contribute herpassionate violin to the track. That song isthe most modern sounding music on thedisc, almost Hip Hop, but with abeautiful, emotional slide solo andequally moving violin throughout. Wemade a video of that song which was usedto raise money for the Greater ChicagoFood Depository in a WGN StreamingBenefit. I'm so proud of that work!Playing With Fire became that collectionsname. All the songs are so different, eachexpressing the unique qualities of theartists I collaborated with along with myvision of where the blues came from andwhere it's going. I really feel that this isthe most ambitious project I've done sofar, but I aint done yet!Tomiko: Who would you most like tocollaborate with and why?Liz: I'd love to work with Buddy Guy. He'ssuch a great player, great entertainer andwise man. Over the lockdown I read hisautobiography and did a lot of listening tohis catalogue. I really admire him. AfterBuddy, I'd like to work with CarlosSantana. I also read his auto-biographylast year. He's also had an amazing lifeand I admire his commitment to hisfoundation and his spiritual life. Third Ilove Billy Gibbons. I have ZZ Top's latestrelease FUTURA in my car CD player. Ijust listen to it over and over. I love thatband!LIM Page49

Page 50

Tomiko: What is one message you wouldlike to give other artists that areinspiredto get into the entertainmentindustry?Liz: Educate yourself! Learn your craftand keep learning. I'm always takinglessons and classes, always practicing,always keeping myself in shape. You haveto be ready because you never know who'swatching you or when your break willhappen so treat yourself like an athleteand keep training.• Living the life of an entertainer is hard.You spend a lot of time traveling, awayfrom your family and doing work that'snot the show. The show is only a smallfraction of the time in your life as anentertainer. Learn to take care of yourself,how to stay healthy and sharp. Justbecause you PLAY the Blues don't meanyou have to LIVE the Blues!• Learn to network! They say it's not whatyou know it's WHO you know. That'sreally true but if you can rememberpeople's names, keep in touch with peopleand treat people with respect it will reallyhelp you.• Have good manners! People rememberif you're rude or if you talk down to them.People don't remember what you say theyremember how you made them feel.Humility and gratitude are alwaysappreciated.Tomiko: Which entertainer do youadmire the most and why?Liz: Tina Turner! I first saw her on TVwith Ike Turner Review when I was achild. She blew my mind! More than anyother performer, I love her voice, herenergy, her style both musical andfashion. I read her book, I saw her movie,I own probably 12 of her LP's and evenmore CD's, even cassette tapes! I've seenher perform live, watched her videos, I'mjust hooked. Her story is so inspiring, theway she created and recreated herself, theway she revealed her truth andher salvation through spirit. Have youLIM Page50

Page 51

heard Tina singing in Sanskrit? It'sso powerful. She is my hero.Tomiko: What is the best advice beengiven to you?Liz: I did 4 albums for Michael Frank, thepresident of Earwig Music Company. Hetold me always record my original tunesbecause, as an artist, publishing is a goodsource of income. You only makepublishing income from songs you'vewritten, so only one of the songs on the 8albums I've made over my career is acover tune. I get a small check for mypublishing royalties every month. If youget a hit record it can buy you a house! Orif someone else cuts one of my songs theyhave to license it and I get paid for thattoo.Tomiko: What’s next for you?Liz: I'm already working on my nextrelease. I'm a prolific songwriter and Ialways produce more songs than I canuse. So this new release is actually madeup of songs I wrote over the last decadethat didn't fit with the record I wasworking onat the time. I love all types of musicbesides the Chicago Blues I'm known for.I'm especially into classic Memphis Souland when I the accident that causedmy concussion, I spent a lot of timelistening to the radio. I discoveredWDCB, which plays Jazz, Blues and otherand I do a live stream show from myFacebook Page every Thursday.Tomiko: Do you have any upcomingevents?Liz: Every Thursday @ 7PM CST, I do aHappy Hour Blues Party Live Streamfrom my Facebook page. For about anhour I'm coming to your living room tosing and play my guitar. I treat it like agig, getting my outfit and game face on,but it's more intimate because it's just metalking/performing just for you! Wealways have a "Cocktail of the Week" andI change the set list every week to keep itfresh. I'm not really booking anythingpublic for the time being, although I'mgetting offers for private parties andevents, I'm very selective.Tomiko's Review:Liz Mandeville has a fun & unique style.From the Roots to the Fruits she strives todo everything from excellence and itshows. I can tell that she always give heraudience and listeners over 110% in everyshow and performance. I personallyappreciate that in an artist. That's why myrating for Liz Mandeville is a high 5. I'mextremely impressed by Liz's manytalents & showmanship. She's a greatartist and definitely embodies the spirit ofthe Blues.Long Live The Blues !!!Photo Credits:Anna Sutton, Jenifer Noble.LIM Page51

Page 52

About the ReviewerThis column is contributed by TomikoDixonwho is the granddaughter of theGreat Willie Dixon and also theyoungest inductee to the Blues Hall ofFame and an Ambassador of Blues.Lazie Indie Magazine is glad andhonored to join her cause to keep thespirit of Blues alive.LIM Page52

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Page 54

Keshet from Australia, has produced music and performed inthe Middle East, Europe, Asia and of course Australia. Havingbeen a founding member of a few bands and a much in demandsession guitarist for others, he embarked on a journey as a soloartist, refusing to be tied down by a single music genre. His artis also represented in the videos that accompany his songs,which he directs himself. Innovative use of vertical screens, stopmotion animation, 360 degree captures and more, sets his workapart from most of his peers.Keshet is also renowned for hisability to rearrange songs and turn them over their heads. Hisknack for creating original covers has resulted in hundreds ofthousands of views on YouTube.Jay from Lazie Indie Magazinespoke to this incredible musician about his musical journey andideas that inspire a lot of fans and musicians who follow him...LIM Page54

Page 55

Jay: Hi Keshet, welcome to Lazie Indie Magazine!Keshet: Hey Jay, thank you so much for having me!Jay: You have had a great career in as a creator, performer and producer of musiccutting across genres and sharing the stage with many artists. When you look back,how do you feel was your journey so far?Keshet: My journey has not been without peril, but that is part of the fun, isn't it?The way I see it, even a bad day in the art industry, is better than a good day doingsomething I am not passionate about.Jay: Who or what were your musical influences and how did you arrive at this genreyou play? Is it the demand of being a session artist which eventually helped you tocreate music with so much versatility?Keshet: I think you hit the nail on the head. I grew up a rocker through and through.LIM Page55

Page 56

But it was session work that opened me toFunk, Soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop, WorldMusic and more. Classic Rock andGrunge were my main influences, but Iwould say that nowadays I feel morecomfortable *not* playing Rock. Isn't thatfunny? For the style we created at TheHollow Cause, I was seeking a way tocombine Western Classical OrchestralMusic with traditional Middle EasternMusic. It was definitely a stretch, even forme. I feel I have grown a lot from theprocess.Jay: How do you go about writing yourown songs? In the case of collaborationswho writes the songs? And how does itcrystalize into a final composition.Keshet: Well it changes. I used to stumbleon cool sounding guitar riffs and/orgrooves and then find a collaborator towrite lyrics and vocal melody andtogether we would arrange the song.Later on, when I opened up to the notionof writing everything myself it wouldcome a lot of times from lyrical ideas andthen I would tryand find music to express them. But whenI write ambitious musicals, it has to cometogether. I pretty much sit and wait untilmy mind comes up with a "hook" - astrong lyrical and melodic statement.Once I have that I can keep writing therest of the lyrics around it as well as therest of the music.Jay: How do you record and produce yourmusic?Keshet: I have a humble home studiosetup. Humble is an understatementhaha, the rooms are not acousticallytreated in any way. I have one cheapdynamic and a couple of condenser mics.But through my years working at topstudios I learned that you can makeanything sound good if you know how tomix. So, we get a lot of mileage out of myhome setup. It is more the flexibility thatI can record at any time and not worryabout time or money that makes it worthit, even if it is a hell of a lot more work inmixing to polish everything. In terms ofproducing my process is as this: I arrangeeverything in advance, all the instrumentsand all the vocal lines. Then I recordguitar to a click, which is very uninspiringas I have to imagine the rest of the musicwhile recording. Even the guitar solostend to be recorded before there is anyother instrument to feed off. Then wewould record the rest of the instrumentsand eventually do a vocal session.Jay: Your covers of popular music too isunique. How do you bring about a wholenew approach in an already popularcomposition without totally hurting thefeel of the original but sound totallydifferent?Keshet: You know, I think this was myoriginal gift. Long before I got into music,as a kid, I would hear songs on the radioand have the audacity to say: "that wouldsound wicked with a violin line", and stufflike that. I just can see different ways asong can be "translated" to. So, I loveputting that skill to use and exploringthose ideas.LIM Page56

Page 57

"I definitely think writing first and foremost, it is the most enticing of feelings. You get tocreate something from nothing. It never gets dull".Sometimes it is about flipping the song - aballad turned hard rock, a rap songturned ballad. Sometimes it is aboutgenre fusion - how will this funk songsound on a middle eastern groove? Mymost recent cover was a simple idea -what will happen if we take thephenomenal song Wicked Game whichsits on 4/4 meter and play it like a waltzon 3/4 meter. The idea is always tohonour the song and try to add somethingto it, instead of just mimicking it.Jay: Where do we find your music on theinternet? Which is your latest release?Keshet: I am most active on Facebook,but can be found on YouTube andInstagram and streaming platforms.Search Keshet and you will find me. Mylatest release is a single The WorldBelongs To Me, from a new operaI panned entitled The Hollow Cause.Jay: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Keshet: I definitely think writing first andforemost, it is the most enticing offeelings. You get to create something fromnothing. It never gets dull. I LOVEproducing, but I hate recording, I amalways too critical of myself. Playing liveis probably my 2nd favourite - especiallyoriginals. The energy from the crowd islike a drug, and it is amazing how muchyour playing changes when you "get intothe zone".Jay: How do you cope with the lockdownon live music? Is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Keshet: I absolutely detest internet basedperformances. What's the point? If youcan't get the energy from the audience itis just not worth it. I prefer to go to theLIM Page57

Page 58

"Diversify your talents. Don't be "just a musician". You don't need to acquire all skills,but the more you can get - the more you'll be in demand, and it will help your own careertremendously".studio and write/record more things. So Ididn't jump on that bandwagon.However, thankfully I live in probably thesafest place on earth in terms of Covid-19- Perth. We had very little restrictionscompare to the rest of the world and veryshort lockdown times. I actually ended upgigging more than ever last year. Howweird is that?Jay: Being a successful musician/bandyourself, what would you tell anupcoming musician to keep in mind tolaunch a successful career in music?Keshet: Diversify your talents. Don't be"just a musician". You don't need toacquire all skills, but the more you can get- the more you'll be in demand, and it willhelp your own career tremendously. Byskills/talents I mean: Learn moreinstruments or to sing.If that's not yourthing - learn to arrange, become a musicdirector or producer. More technical?Learn sound engineering. More visual?Learn graphic design and/or videoproduction. You can be a phenomenalguitarist, but think of it this way: Who doyou think a band will choose: An amazingguitarist? Or a guitarist that can alsocreate the flyers and videos for the band,record and mix them himself and has theproducing oversight to help everyone inthe band become better? ;)- Thank youSpecial thanks to:Victoria Moro of PA74Italy for arranging the interview.LIM Page58

Page 59

Page 60

The Word66 is a Christian Rock Band bringing to you it's catchymelodies, thought provoking lyrics and overall great catchymusic. Founding memberSteve Scott spoke to Lazie IndieMagazineabout how the band came into being and theirinfluences.The Word 66 impresses the listeners with very well-crafted songs and each song has it's own heartfelt message thatfellow brothers and sisters will relate to with a deepunderstanding and will be moved to sing along. The band isboth excited and honored to share with the listeners what Godhas allowed them to create to glorify his name. Let us check outmore about them...LIM Page60

Page 61

"I had put my axe down for many years and was really unsure if I was going to continue in themusic industry. After an incident happened in my life, I believe that God called me back to fulfillmy purpose in life. To spread his word through the music".LIM: Hi Steve, welcome to Lazie IndieMagazine, great to have you speaking toour readers. You have had a great inmusic. When you look back, how do youfeel was your journey so far both as amusician and as a band?Steve: Man, lots of ups and downs, goodtimes and not so good times. It's such atough industry to begin with. There isnothing like the love you get from yourfans and watching them smiling, rockingout and singing your music, it's amazing.The Word66 has a totally differentpurpose to fulfill and we are really excitedto see where the Lord takes us.LIM: Who/what were your musicalinfluences and how did you arrive at thisgenre you play?Steve: I had put my axe down for manyyears and was really unsure if I was goingto continue in the music industry. Afteran incident happened in my life, I believethat God called me back to fulfill mypurpose in life. To spread his wordthrough the music. Influences vary fromSabbath, Priest, Zeppelin, Shinedown,Godsmack, & Disciple. My guitar favs areSatriani, Vai, Petrucci, Schenker, &Moore to name a few.LIM: How do you go about writing yoursongs? In your band who writes thesongs?Steve: I guess you can say I write all themusic and lyrics. I usually have a prettygood vision on how it goes and we all dosome fine tuning. I'm usually messingaround and a riff will just come out of theblue. That's when you grab the cell phoneto make sure you won't forget it.Sometimes the lyrics flow at the sametime. This music take a bit more thoughtas I enjoy adding scripture when I can.LIM: How do you produce your music?Steve: I think a lot is pretty standard. GetLIM Page61

Page 62

the rhythm section down as that is thefoundation of every song. Usually do ascratch guitar track along with it. Laydown the rhythm guitar and solos andthen all of the vocal parts. We kind ofmixed the new EP from a bit of a ClassicRock perspective. It's important to hearall of the instruments. We are talkingabout doing some remixes with a heaviersound.LIM: Where do we find your music on theinternet? Which is your latest release?Steve: Our new EP is called "On the wayto the promise land". It's available onmost of the platforms. Spotify, Apple,Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, Bandcamp,etc. and of course, we are on Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and a bunchof other music sites.LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Steve: That's a tough one. All of theabove. When you are writing the musicthe creativity takes over and takes you toa destination you had no idea you wereheaded too. When in the studioproducing, you're watching your visionactually come to life and all kinds ofspontaneous things can happen. Thenplaying live is the culmination of theother two and you see, feel and vibe onhow it makes your fans feel.LIM: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Steve: It's called collectingunemployment. LOL. We were actuallyheading into the studio when it wasannounced. We were in limbo for a whileuntil things started to lighten up a bit.Internet performances can be a challenge.LIM: Your immediate future plans?Steve: We are going to head back to thestudio to record some more tracks andprobably add a remix or 2 to the CD. Mostlikely the title track "On the way to thepromise land" as it has opened up a lot ofdoors for us. We also should be out andabout playing some concerts andfestivals.LIM Page62

Page 63

LIM: Being a successful musician/band yourself, what would you tell an upcomingmusician to keep in mind to launch a successful career in music?Steve: It's a really tough business to say the least. Make sure you really have what ittakes to get to that level of success. Always work on your craft. As good as you are,you can be better. Practice, keep creating and be persistent. I would spend 8-10hours a day researching and promoting the music and making connections. And ifyou really want to be taken seriously, spend some cash to make a professionalsounding demo that's radio quality. - Thank youLIM Page63

Page 64

Page 65

Colm Gavin is a 28 year old singer-songwriter from Dublin,Ireland. He is currently signed to BEO Records home to TheFirst Lady of Celtic Music Moya Brennan. Colm's first two soloreleases (Your Endless Slumber/A Voice For The UrbanDarlings) both reached number 1 in the Irish Charts at the timeof their release singles from his debut album have reached thetop ten in notable Indie charts in Norway, Australia, USA,Canada & Japan.Jay from Lazie Indie Magazine spoke to thisamazing talent to learn more about his career so far, how hemakes his soul stirring music and also to know a bit more abouthis plans for the immediate future...LIM Page65

Page 66

Jay: Hi Colm, you have a promisingcareer in music. How do you feel was yourjourney so far as a musician?Colm: I’ve been very fortunate, I’vemanaged to establish a reasonablyagreeable life for myself arrangingunusual sounds in an order that’spleasing to the ear (or at the very least, tothe ears of some).Jay: Who/what were your musicalinfluences and how did you arrive at thisgenre you play?Colm: I was fortunate enough to have awonderful teacher in the form of PeterStanton, who is sadly no longer with us.In my early teens he introduced me to anumber of avant garde composers(Stravinsky, Harry Partch, John Cage)and that radically changed my perceptionof what contemporary music could orshould sound like.Jay: How do you go about writing yoursongs?Colm: I try to employ a 6 hour a day, 4day a week approach of extensivecollaboration and individual compositionwith regards my own material, mycollaborative works and songs that I amassigned to write, be they for commercialuse or earmarked for another artist torecordJay: How do you record and produce yourmusic?Colm: My longest standing in-studiocollaborator is without doubt, AdamWalsh. In my humble opinion, he’s one ofthe finest musicians to come out ofIreland in the last 100 years, his homerecording facility “The Cabin” has alreadybecome the stuff of Irish music folklore.Jay: Where do we find your music on theinternet? Which is your latest release?Colm: My forthcoming EP “The 1992Tapes” will be released this summer on allmajor download/streaming platforms.The 1992 Tapes boasts a sentimentaloffering of contemporary Jazz inspiredballads, tales of love affairs in orbit,fictitious New York neighbourhooddalliances, Satchmo incantations,postponed Peruvian pilgrimages & dewy-eyed star gazing, all coming together toLIM Page66

Page 67

"Write and perform what appeals to you, do it well enough and maybe some like mindedcherubs with discerning ears will pick up on what you’re doing and spread the goodword. Ignore fads they’re dead before they’re born. Don’t kick a man when he’s down, hemight just get up".serve up a smattering of delicious modalinterchange & harmonic charm.Jay: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?Colm: I get a “kick” out of all aspects ofthe enterprise, but there’s a particulararoma to live performance that you justdon’t find in all of the other mechanisms.If the people listening are enjoying it,then so am I.Jay: How do you overcome the lockdownon live music and is the internet-basedperformance good enough to generate alivelihood for musicians?Colm: I’ve accumulated a number ofcreatively beneficial habits over the spaceof the lockdown that I perhaps, otherwise,would not have. I’ve given almost 100virtual concerts since the beginning oflockdown, collaborated extensively withCharlie McGettigan (to date we’ve writtenalmost 60 songs together) and I’verecorded and released two full length EPsof new, original material. So, I’ve been abusy beaver.Jay: What are your immediate futureplans?Colm: I have an extensive amount ofpromotional work to do over the next twomonths for The 1992 Tapes. I’ve alsorecorded a solo piano performance in TheBord Gais Energy Theatre which will betelevised in July.- Thank you.LIM Page67

Page 68

Page 69

Vin Sinners is a UAE-based rock band that was started in 2009in byVin Nair a.k.a Big Daddy Vin. The band released theiralbumAn Element of Surprise in 2011, which reached the top ofthe charts. The band signed to UniversalMusic India in February 2014. After a brief hiatus and a series ofchanges in the lineup,Vin Sinners regrouped in 2017. Vin Nairalong with the new band consisting of Michael Schiller on leadguitars, DJ Praful (ex-Millennium) on bass guitars, Josh onrhythm guitars and keyboards and Thomas Mielenz on drumsand percussion worked on their new album calledVS III, anindependent release.Darshan Shankar aka Dats spoke to VinNair to learn more about their story so far and their progressever since they regrouped and their greatest hits album"A Decade of Sins" which is due for release in Dec 2021.LIM Page69

Page 70

Dats: Hi Vin, it is great speaking to you.For the benefit of our readers, kindlyintroduce yourself and your band?Vin: My name is Vin and I am the frontman and founder of the UAE based rockband,Vin Sinners.Dats: Since how long have you been intomusic, and how did you come into music?Vin: I began my musical career back in achurch choir when I was 8 years old andthen went on to form a band in collegeback in 1991. The band was essentially acovers only gig and we were calledAcanthus. It lasted for 3 years before Ipursued my career in advertising andmusic took a back seat. In 2010, I decidedto get back into music and formed VinSinners the following year. It was like amassive high that I just refused to let goof. What started off as a solo project wenton to become a band and we beganworking on our 1st record whileperforming in local clubs in the UAE. Wereleased our first record called 'AnElement of Surprise' in Dec 9, 2011. Whatfollowed was a series of gigs and a tour ofIndia in Feb 2013 which caught theattention of Universal Music. Later thatyear, we became the FIRST Rock Band inthe Middle East to be signed to a majorrecord label on a 3 year multi albumcontract. Work had already begun on our2nd record and on April 5, 2014, AMighty Black Box was released under theUniversal label. What followed was a slewof gigs and local performances. Due to avariety of reasons, the band took a hiatusbetween 2016 and 2018 while I continuedto work with individuals on a proposed3rd record. On April 22, 2020, VS III wasreleased. 2021 is our 10 Year AnniversaryYear, and we are now working on aSpecial Edition record that will bereleased on Dec 9, 2021 and will be called'A Decade of Sin'.Dats: Who were your musical influences?Vin: My primary influences are LedZeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Rammstein,Pink Floyd, Motley Crue, The Doors,Deep Purple to name a few.Dats: How do you go about writing yoursongs ...incase of your band, who writesLIM Page70

Page 71

the songs and how?Vin: This has been a mixed exercise. Thefirst album was pretty much a soloexercise. The 2nd record was a true bandeffort and while I write all the lyrics, themusic was a collection of ideas from thethen band members. The 3rd album was avery, very complex exercise as itcomprised of elements from formermembers, current members and piecing itall together was a mammoth exercise, butit was incredible fun. As a band, today, Ido the lyrics and the musical inputs comefrom the rest of the band AND myself.Dats: How do you record and produce thesongs?Vin: Laughing! If I were to tell you, Irecord musical ideas on WhatsApp andsend it to my band mates and they look toplace them on guitars or keyboards,would you believe that? Well, we do that.I have 2 of my band mates in 2 differentcountries. Our lead guitarist sits inGermany while my bassist is based inBangalore. The drummer, the otherguitarist/keyboardist and I are based herein Dubai so putting all of this together is acrazy exercise. We piece together astructure to the song after which it goes tothe drummer who puts in his ideas andrecords a scratch of the direction he isgoing with. The 3 of us here in Dubai gettogether and play the pieces of the songand see if it all fits well. Each one thensends their final pieces to the producerwhile I go to the studio and record myvocals over there. Once that is done, theproducer and I sit together and put it alltogether and we go from demo to the nexttill we are in a position to freeze on thefinal product. Doing this across 3 timezones and with one member who speaksvery little English is hilarious, but we alllove, what we do. I use Google Translateto communicate with my lead guitarist.It's quite crazy and only if you were in it,would you understand how mad it reallyis! Haha!Dats: In your opinion has the internethelped your music pursuit and otherindependent artists?Vin: Absolutely. Independent artistswould never find a way to get heard bypeople across the world. Today, not onlydo we have band mates in 3 separatelocations, but we have fans from Europeand South America; something we couldnever have dreamed of if there was noInternet.Dats: What are you plans for year 2021and the immediate future?Vin: 'The Decade of Sin' Compilation isgoing to be the UAE's first Greatest Hitsrelease by a rock band here. It willcontain 12 of our older songs with a fewvariations in there and 6 new songs and isquite a large project. The new songs arecurrently 'Work in Progress' at differentstages of completion. We have a busy fewmonths ahead of us to get this projectdone and over with. Should be fun.Dats: What gives you the kick? Writing,recording or playing live and why ?Vin: I love it all. Writing, recording andpost production and seeing a projectcompleted is a very different sort of high.Performing requires a lot of rehearsalsand is a lot more fun when you have avariety of audiences. I used to like the livegigs a lot a few years ago but of late, I ammore keen on creating quality material.Don't get me wrong. When theLIM Page71

Page 72

opportunity does come and when theshows open up, I will definitely be up totaking the band back to gigs again.Dats: Where can we get your music on thenet?Vin: All of our records are available onSpotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Musicand other platforms. All our music videosare on our official YouTube channel and Iam personally very active on Twitter withthe handle @vinsinnersDats: What would you suggest to anaspiring independent artist?Vin: Do it because you love doing it. Lookto create an original stamp on your music.Try new things. Work on collaborations.Be open to ideas. Get your work out thereand believe in the music you put out. Donot think about the fame, the big shows,the performances but focus on doinggreat work with a good bunch of peoplewho believe in it too and you will see theresults. And when things look like theyare crumbling, take a break but KEEP ATIT. Never, Ever, Give up on your dream ofcreating your legacy, whatever that legacymight be and does not always need to beabout performing in front of 30,000people.- Thank youLIM Page72

Page 73

About the columnistDarshan Shankaris a popular singer andhas been the front man for many top actssuch as the legendary Indian Band 13 Ad .He runs a very successful event companyin the Middle East.Darshan has also beena very active promoter of IndependentMusic and has conducted many festivalsand other events promoting IndependentRock Bands in India and Middle East.Lazie Indie Magazine thanks Darshan forhis columnDATs Column which will fromnow on, introduce great musicians fromacross Middle East toLIM readers.Photo credits: Vin NairLIM Page73

Page 74

Page 75

Bongo Boy Records is a FULL STACK MUSIC COMPANY forthe Independent artist since 2010. With a USA office outside ofNew York City and a Canadian office.Bongo Boy has released,promoted and supported music by artists like The Yardbirds,Santana, Mark Lindsay, Iggy Pop, The Dead Daisies, DankoJones, Little Steve Van Zandt, Jesse Colin Young and manyothers. With operations in Hong Kong China, London, Canadaand USA;Bongo Boy Music Group & Bongo Boy Records offersmore distributions and promotions to the Independent Artistsworldwide. This is one company which an Independent Artistcan approach with full confidence to promote his music.LazieIndie Magazine spoke to Monique Grimme (Executive Director)andAnnemarie Picerno (Nashville Location for Bongo BoyRecords and TV) ... Let us know more...LIM Page75

Page 76

LIM Speaks to MONIQUE GRIMME andANNEMARIE PICERNO of BONGO BOYRECORDS.LIM: How did Bongo Boy Records comeinto being and what was the aim of doingso?Monique: Bongo Boy Records began in2010 with myself and Gar Franciswanting to help Independent Artists havetheir music heard on radio, television,with promotion that was professional andaffordable. We have a USA office outsideof New York City and a Canadian officeoutside of London, Ontario Canada aswell as a Hong Kong office in China, Asia.We have artists that are on our label thatcan get assistance from artists themself,Frank Trousdale in Canada andAnnemarie Picerno in Nashville. Theybelieve in what we do and introduce us tonew talents. We have released, promotedand supported music by artists like TheYardbirds, Mark Lindsay (Paul Revere &The Raiders) Iggy Pop, Joe Bonamassa,The Dead Daisies, The Doughboys, TheSloths, Danko Jones, Little Steve VanZandt, The Smithereens, Santana, JesseColin Young, Stephen Bishop and manyothers. With operations in Hong Kong,China, London, Canada and USA; BongoBoy Music Group & Bongo Boy Recordsoffers more distributions and promotionsto the Independent Artist worldwidealong with expanding to Grammy® ForYour Consideration promotions and ourfamous Email blasts that have deliveredpositive results many times.LIM: What kind (mainly genre) of musicdo you usually promote?Monique: We offer single and albumdistribution for all genres, as well ascompilation albums by genre to assistIndependent Artists from just startingout, to Established Artists. We also havefun seasonal albums and encouragecreativity and quality in shapingpromotion that suits the needs of eachparticular artist across social media,radio, television, music reviews and emailpromotions.LIM Page76

Page 77

LIM: As an Independent Artist how doesone get noticed by your talent managersand if someone wants to submit music toyou how do they contact you?Annemarie: Visit to see allwe offer: Distribution, music video, tvshow, radio airplay, synch licensingopportunities, press releases, emailblasts, and performance opportunities. Tosubmit, an artist may their songmp3 or video YouTube link and we willrespond with what promotions may suittheir individual need. Be sure to read thewebsite which lists current albums we arefilling as well as discounted specialsbundles.LIM: What would you look forward to, inan artist? What do you look for inparticular in the demos?Monique: Music must be radio ready andin mp3 and wav format for distribution.For our music television show, a file ofthe mp4 video in widescreen format canbe sent via for the actualshow. YouTube link is accepted on theinquiry for consideration. We do ask forprofessional photos, bio and social medialinks to assist in the promotional set upacross social media and emailpromotions. Artists should have theirmusic registered with their songwriterpro (BMI, ASCAP,) and copy written.Most of all, the songs should be originaland of good quality. DIY Sponsorshipapplies when accepted.LIM: How do you help the artist as a labelto reach the world of listeners? Could youelaborate on that aspect?Annemarie: Along with distribution tomusic stores, Bongo Boy Records has asubscriber list of radio stations as well aspromotions across social media.We also have Bongo Boy TV a growingsyndicated Television Show aired to 72terrestrial television channels in the USAand our own Bongo Boy iSpin RadioStation.All releases not only get airplay on ourstation, but are sent to genre specificradio stations in our Radio Campaignemail blasts, as well as receiving pressand music reviews in blogs andpublications.As an artist myself, I can attest thatMonique and Bongo Boy Records hasdefinitely helped me and many artists!LIM: Post-COVID lockdowns live music istaking a hit. What do you foresee in themusic industry? Do you expect the livemusic scene to return in full flow or is itgoing to be reset with new realities?Annemarie: The lockdown proved to bechallenging, but as Independent Artistsare perseverant and self-starters, manyturned to television, live streaming andpromotional video concerts to keepperforming and engage their fans. BongoBoy Records has assisted with these livestream promotions and plans to continueto find innovative ways to help promotetheir music and be heard.LIM: How can a label like you be of helpto talented upcoming artists in a period asstressful as this? Do you plan anythingspecial for the bands you sign up toovercome the stress?LIM Page77

Page 78

Monique: I think we are getting back infull force and artists are beginning tobook events and live tours. Manyproduced and recorded new music andput out even more so during thelockdown. Bongo Boy Records has ourradio and tv 10th anniversary special witha music video on USA Television whichincludes 72+ Terrestrial TV Channels inthe USA. The song is also included onphysical cd and digital album by variousartists, plus receives at least 3Independent Music Reviews, PressRelease, Social Media Marketing, eMailBlasts, and featured spot-on Bongo Boy'sRadio Station. We can also promote tourand concert dates so be sure to contact uswith your needs! Details: As a veteran in this fieldspotlighting many artists over the years,what would you give as advice toupcoming musicians?Annemarie: Be professional, have goodquality music and be willing to explorenew opportunities. Be aware of newmusic trends, read industry news andshare with us your ideas.Monique: We are here to help yousucceed! Bongo Boy's slogan: "You'reSuccess Is Our Business"LIM: Where do you see Bongo BoyRecords going from here?Monique: We are pleased to berecognized in Rolling Stone Magazine,Billboard and other news as a reputableand innovative Independent Label. FromIndependent Artists just beginning, toGrammy® award winning artists, there issomething for everyone here at BongoBoy Records. We are willing to go theextra mile as well as try new things as alabel in this ever-changing musiclandscape. Emailsubmit@bongoboyrecords.comLIM Page78

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Check out some cool merchandises fromLazie Indie Magazine@ discount code: lazie indie magazine fan to avail an introductorydiscount.LIM Page79

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