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Editors Corner
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Let us Welcome 2021
Well by now the most repeated sentence of 2021 would be
Good riddance to 2020 Welcome 2021. Yes we were all in it
and some how managed to sneak through without much
damage to our lives though some of us suffered quite a lot on
many aspects of our lives, health, finances and career. I think
we all need to say is "Let the Party Begin" and let us celebrate
2021 as a year we bring our lives back on track, especially
independent musicians. I can agree to most of this. But I
would say that the last year also brought us together like
never before and The Lazie Indie Magazine is a proof of that.
We started last year with an intention to help struggling
Independent Musicians by giving them coverage and bringing
them to readers and response has been really encouraging for
each one of us. We reaffirmed that we are in it together.
Well! To start this year we have a power-packed edition. We
have great artists from across the world covering multiple
genres like Jazz, Country, Rock, Blues and also Radio . We
have Blues Ambassador, Nashville recording artist, Berklee
Alumni, Veteran Rockers from around the world and also our
much respected columnists writing about their favorite
musicians. To me, this Edition is special as this being the
30th year of our existence as The Autumnleaf (our band) I
would personally like to introduce our band to you which has
been the foundation to all we do in music.
Looking forward to you enjoying the read. Also wait for the
Candian Content Corner featuring a legendary band releasing
soon. Well! that is another story.
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Multi awarded Berkelee Alumna Mar Fayos is a Spanish
Jazz Vocalist from Barcelona who recently graduated from
the Berklee College and is now completing a Master
Program at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute thanks to a full
scholarship. On December 18th 2020, her first album of
original music, Mi Propia Religión or My Own Religion
became available on digital platforms. The album has been
released independently and it has been recorded in
Barcelona during the summer with top Spanish musicians.
Her distinct and very identifiable voice and excellent
compositions have made it a "must listen" album.
spoke to Mar Fayos about her career so far, her new album
and about her plans for immediate future. Let us read on.
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"I am trying to learn to plan less and enjoy the journey more, which is being
super challenging because I used to love to have it all under control. Right now, I
hope the album will arrive to the people that want to listen to it and that is willing
to let the songs become theirs"
LIM: Hi Mar Fayos, Welcome!
For the benefit of our readers can you
kindly tell a bit more about yourself?
Mar Fayos: Sure ! My name is Mar
Fayos and I am a jazz vocalist,
composer, producer of live music
events and music educator from
Barcelona, graduated from the Berklee
College of Music. I want to thank you
for inviting me, I am very excited to
have the opportunity to talk with you
and to introduce you to my first album,
called Mi Propia Religión, now
available on digital platforms.
LIM: Since how long have you been
into music and how did you come into
Berklee College of Music?
Mar Fayos: I started singing in a
children's choir when I was three years
old, after discovering Tony Bennett's
music while spending a Sunday
afternoon at my Godparents home and
feeling that singing jazz was what I
wanted to do. After studying classical
music in the conservatory of my town,
I got started into contemporary singing
and I became a musical theater actress
and a voice instructor in different
music schools, until I decided to
commit all my time and effort to
pursue professional studies in jazz
music, my true passion. That passion,
together with the aim to follow the
path of my voice mentors, made me
start dreaming about becoming a
Berklee student, and I still don't know
how I found myself auditioning to
access the school. I thought I was not
ready and that I wouldn't be accepted,
LIM Page7
but a few months after all the
stars aligned, I moved to Boston and
my life changed forever.
LIM: Who were your musical
influences and how does it reflect in
the genre of music you create?
Mar Fayos: My musical influences
have changed over time and keep
changing constantly. I have always
been inspired by the work of Tony
Bennett, and after him, by the
discovering of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie
Holiday, Carol King, The Carpenters,
The Jersey Boys, Elis Regina, Rosa
Passos, Mercedes Souza, Freddie
Mercury, Stevie Wonder, Amy
Winehouse, Jane Monheit, Diane
Reeves, Dee Dee Bridgewater, but also
by Armando Manzanero, Alejandro
Sanz, Manuel Carrasco and Joan
Manuel Serrat, just to name a few.
Lately I became obsessed by Jamie
Cullum, Jazzmeia Horn and Andrés
Cepeda, a Colombian singer-
songwriter that inspired the creation of
my first album.
LIM: How do you go about writing
your songs?
Mar Fayos: I write songs to explain
stories through music and I do my best
to find what words, melodies and
harmonies are meant to work together
to support those stories and the
emotions they convey.
I connect with artists that are
authentic and unafraid to be who they
are on stage and out of it, what brings
me to listen to many different styles
and to be very eclectic myself.
LIM: What do you look to convey to
your listeners when you create music?
Do you look to set a theme first or you
let the song take over your lyrics?
Mar Fayos: The process of writing
songs starts with a feeling, a situation
or a story that I literally need to shout
to the world and I couldn't share if it
was not through music. My song "El
Fantasma de la Soledad" started with a
melody with lyrics on it that came to
my mind and kept repeating until I sat
on the piano and I wrote the entire
song, but "Tu Versión Perfecta" and
"Puzzle Sin Abrir" had a powerful story
to be told, and they became the best
way I found to articulate my feelings
and thoughts, to understand them and
learning from those life experiences as
a result.
I try to let each story speak for itself
and inspire the structure and musical
elements of it, and never letting these
musical elements interfere with the
story and its purpose.
I do believe that the process of writing
music able to connect with others
starts with being honest with yourself
as a creator and truly willing to open
your soul to others and establish a
direct connection with whoever that
feels like listening.
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LIM: How do you record and produce
the songs?
Mar Fayos: This album was
something I wanted to do for a long
time, but I was very afraid of not doing
it well enough and not being ready to
make it happen and make somebody
be interested in listening to it. It was
very challenging to work on accepting
who I am today and connect to that
person and what that person had to
tell personally and musically. Once I
committed to share it with the world,
and to trust a bit more on myself, the
rest of elements started to work
together to turn that dream into a
reality. First, the two people I wanted
to work on the album as a producer -
Oriol Padrós- and arranger -Gabriel
Peso- said "yes" to the project without
even listening to the songs, and they
gave me the courage I needed to finish
the writing. Once we met for the first
time to talk about it, I felt like I was
doing what I was supposed to do with
the right team, and we worked on
deciding the instrumentation and
crafting the arrangements together.
Later a group of incredible
professionals and human beings
started to join us until we ended up
listening to the album finished only a
few months later. To me it has been an
honor and a great gift to be able to
share time, music and experiences
with all of them and I can't wait to
meet them again to be able to bring the
songs to the stage.
LIM: What are your plans for the
immediate future?
Mar Fayos: I am trying to learn to
plan less and enjoy the journey more,
which is being super challenging
because I used to love to have it all
under control. Right now, I hope the
album will arrive to the people that
want to listen to it and that is willing to
let the songs become theirs, and
LIM Page10
remain open to see what happens next.
In the meantime, I am taking the
opportunity that the Covid-19 crisis
gave me to come back home and spend
time with my family after having been
living abroad for so long, and I am
enjoying so much the experience of
being a student of the Master Program
in Jazz Performance at the Berklee
Global Jazz Institute and witnessing
the growth of my talented students,
hoping to be able to sing live again and
travel as much as possible thanks and
for my music.
LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,
recording or playing live and why?
Mar Fayos: Playing live was my first
love and it will always be. Nothing
compares to the adrenaline of getting
ready for a concert and being in the
moment, sharing music that I love
with people that are willing to listen
and connect to it. My greatest
memories are related with music and
with being on the stage, and there is no
other place I would rather be at!
LIM: Where can we find your music
on the internet?
Mar Fayos: The album is now
available on platforms such as
Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify,
Youtube, Tidal and Deezer, among
many others, and soon it will also
become available as a physical CD,
together with some merchandising
products I am preparing with much
care. I would like to encourage the
ones that enjoy my music to become
part of my new Patreon family by
getting a monthly membership on the
platform, which would let me know
them better, and it will also allow them
to receive exclusive rewards and live
unique experiences only available to
LIM: What would you suggest to an
aspiring independent artist?
Mar Fayos: I would encourage them
to not let others convince them about
them not being good enough or not
having what it takes to "make it" in
music. I would also tell them to trust
their instinct and invest time and
resources in learning and keep
working. Music is a lifetime journey
that requires lots of patience,
perseverance and resilience, at least
from my experience. I also think it is
very important to have mentors that
inspire and guide you when you make
mistakes and lose your way, and to
understand that it is okay to fail, to feel
defeated and to ask for help when
needed. The best lesson I learned is
not trying to become a bad imitation of
somebody else, and focusing my
energy on becoming the best version I
can of myself.
- Thank you
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Mi propia religión - translated as My Own Religion - is the
first album of original music released by
Mar Fayos, which
collects three compositions written during her stay in the United
States and adding unpublished compositions created in
Barcelona in the Spring of 2020, as a result of a very personal
work of introspection and self-discovery, and of the will to open
herself completely through her voice, her messages and her
songs to all those who want to listen to her. The intention of this
project, which is the artist's presentation card, has been at all
times to let the messages and songs speak for themselves,
paying special attention to both the musical arrangements and
that the subsequent editing process not interfere in them, but
accompany them, in order to communicate with the audience in
the most direct and sincere way possible, simulating the effect of
LIM Page14
listening to a record recorded live.
In this project, financed through a successful
crowdfunding campaign, which received
financial support from sponsors coming from
Spain, the United States and from Latin
America, the vocalist has had an exceptional
team with which “it has been a real privilege
to work in this first child that we all prepared
with so much love”. The producer and
guitarist Oriol Padrós, together with the
pianist and arranger Gabriel Peso, joined the
project without hesitation, even without
having heard the songs. The chemistry
between them was immediate, and they were
joined by experienced musicians who
"brought their magic and talent to each of the
compositions, making them come to life",
such as Jordi Portaz on bass and upright
bass, David Simó on drums, Nan Mercader
on percussions, Joel Sempere on saxophone,
Alberto Pérez Jordana on trumpet, Núria
García Pastor on viola, Carolina Bartumeu
on cello and Esperanza Delgadoon backing
vocals. The album, recorded in August of
2020 between La Casamurada studio
andOriol Padrós' own studio, and mastered
at Sterling Sound, in the United States,
consists of eight songs - seven in Spanish and
one in English - and it will be released at
market in digital format on December 18th
by Discmedi as a music distributor, and
shortly after in physical format in all record
stores throughout Spain. The album comes
from jazz but blends it with styles that are
very influential for the author, such as pop,
Latin music and soul, and it aims to put
music to the soundtrack of some moments in
the lives of those who listen to it, as she has
already done with hers. If circumstances
allow it, the work will be presented to the
public through a tour in Spain, Europe and
the United States, followed by Latin America,
throughout 2021.
LIM Page15
"When you think nobody will catch
your eye, Mar comes to make you
change your mind! "Where an
incredible voice and a huge
persistence meet to shine!"
-Miguel Manzo, Vocal Coach.
“Mar Fayos is the real thing. She feels
Latin music in her bones and delivers
a performance that is iconic yet
extremely personal. Her musicianship
shines through everything she does
but it is her authenticity that makes
her so compelling.” “Mar greets every
academic challenge with eagerness
and an open spirit. She is a joyful
presence in the classroom.”
-Eric Stern, Musical Theatre
Conductor and Educator.
"Mar is the greatest Catalan voice, a
priceless jewel".
- Javier Limón, Producer, Songwriter,
Performer and Educator.
“Mar’s singing taps right into the
listener’s emotions from the first note
she sings to the last” “Mar has a
haunting voice and personality on
-Nando Michelin, Latin Jazz Pianist
and Educator.
“Mar truly understands how to
deliver a lyric. She seamlessly
integrates her storytelling with
excellent technique and presents
captivating performances.”
- Ned Rosenblatt, Arranger, Choral
Conductor, Educator.
“This young woman is one of the most
talented and hard working people I
have ever had the pleasure of working
with and immensely mature as well.”
“Her work as a Conductor shows
wonderful sensitivity, insight, depth of
understanding and a remarkable
ability to inspire people through her
passion.” “I have witnessed her
perform. She lights up the stage, has a
beautiful voice and is clearly a
consummate entertainer. She loves
what she is doing and it truly come
across to her audiences and they love
her!! It is such a pleasure to
experience her perform!”
- George Monseur, Orchestral
Conductor and Educator.
Photo Credits:
All photos courtesy : Berta Tiana
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The internationally touring Nashville recording artist
Jessica Lynne Witty moved into USA from Denmark in
2010, soon she took took the Pacific Nortwest by storm
opening for acts like Diamond Rio, Dustin Lynch, Keith
Anderson and performing in the most popular and
respected venues like Gorge Amphitheatre, Oregon
Jamboree... winning the Washington state award of Texaco
Country Showdown. Her award winning single "Crazy on
the Outside" helped her move up the ladder to be counted
among the top country rock artists in Nashville.
Lynne spoke to Lazie Indie Magazine in detail about her
career so far and her plans for the near future.
LIM Page18
LIM: For the benefit of our readers
can you kindly introduce yourself?
JESSICA: My name is Jessica Lynne
Witty and I am a Nashville Recording
LIM: Since how long have you been
into music? And how did you come
into music?
JESSICA: My mom always said I was
singing before I could talk. Music has
always been a part of my life, of my
soul. But it took me a while to get the
courage to really commit and follow
my dreams. In 2010 I finally made the
leap and moved from Denmark (where
I grew up) to the U.S. to pursue my
dream of being a Country Music Artist.
LIM: Who were your musical
influences and what genre of music do
you create?
CM: I listen to so many different
genres of music. As a child I was very
inspired by the pop of the day but also
the oldies that my parents would listen
to, like the Monkees and the Beach
Boys. When I was 12 I fell in love with
country music and artists like Faith
Hill, Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire
among so many others have hugely
shaped my music and my life.
LIM: How do you go about writing
your songs. In case of your band who
writes the songs and how? How do you
record and produce the songs?
JESSICA: You never know when
inspiration will strike. It can happen at
the least opportune times, like when
you're at the grocery store or driving in
your car. So I have made a habit of
recording everything and anything that
comes to mind on my phone for later
extraction. Then, when I have more
time, I sit down with those little sound
bites and try to flush them out and
turn them into regular songs. Lately, I
have also been co-writing more, that
process is a little bit different, but it's
always nice to have an idea or two to
bring into a writing session. So I make
sure I write those down and have an
idea bank of songs.
LIM: What do you look to convey to
your listeners when you create music?
Do you look to set a theme first or you
let the song take over your lyrics?
JESSICA: It's a little of both. I often
have a hook or a theme in mind when I
start writing. But just as often I'll just
have a bit of a lyric that doesn't really
mean anything, yet. Then it's up to me
to make sense of it. Like in my song "It
Made Me Me" I had the line "I've been
lost and I've been found, I've had both
feet on the ground" running in my
head over and over before I finally sat
down and made sense of it.
LIM: How do you record and produce
the songs?
JESSICA:In the last 5 years I have
been primarily recording and
producing at Larry Beaird Studios in
Nashville, TN. I always love the quality
LIM Page20
"How do you eat an elephant? One little bite at a time." Although that's a really gross saying, I
like what it says. The music industry is overwhelming and there are so many things you could
do. Do one little thing at a time and check in with yourself to make sure that thing is right for
you. Your inner guidance should always be your roadmap".- Jessica Lynne Witty
they give me there and the way they
help arrange my music. It's pretty
amazing what they can do! I've always
felt well taken care of there, so I'll
continue doing that as long as I can. I
have started recording some minor
musical projects from home, with the
quarantine it was necessary to learn
how to do that.
LIM: What are your plans for the
immediate future. Tell us something
more about your latest release?
JESSICA: During the pandemic I
have lost 95% of my income which was
from playing live shows, so I'm not
gonna lie, it's been hard. I have been
focusing on producing more music and
also creating more content on my own.
I have plans for singles coming out
every month in 2021, starting with
"Hail Mary" on January 5th and then
"Don't Fall Out Of Love With Me Just
Yet" a love song on Feb 5th, just in
time for Valentine's Day. I also teamed
up with my friend who is an
independent filmmaker. The pandemic
hit them hard too. We have been
creating music videos for the releases
very simply and with very little budget.
Two were shot on my iPhone 11 and
one on my friend's drone. Apparently I
have a knack for editing, that's been
fun to explore.
LIM : What gives you the kick,
writing, recording or playing live and
JESSICA: I used to say ALL OF IT!
LOL But lately, I have really fallen in
LIM Page21
love with the writing/recording
process all the way to the end with
promoting it and making a music video
for it. To me, that whole process is a
work of art and I have been absolutely
loving putting out more music.
Although I do miss playing live in front
of people, that is one moment in time
that you'll never see again, but a
recorded song is forever.
LIM: What would you suggest to an
aspiring independent artist?
JESSICA: Starting out in the music
industry can be a mammoth task, it
can seem absolutely overwhelming.
And it is a cut-throat industry which
can be hard to navigate and even
harder to monetize. I have 3 pieces of
advice to anyone starting out today: 1.
If you can be happy doing ANYTHING
ELSE, do that. Only do music as a
career if there simply is no other
choice for you in this world. 2. "How
do you eat an elephant? One little bite
at a time." Although that's a really
gross saying, I like what it says. The
music industry is overwhelming and
there are so many things you could do.
Do one little thing at a time and check
in with yourself to make sure that
thing is right for you. Your inner
guidance should always be your
Find Jessica Lynne Witty @
qdX5kRGqIb1pLixjLsA Apple Music:
Amazon Music:
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Chris Andres started playing musc since he was thirteen
and from then on he has travelled all over Canada with his
music and has released his 5th album recently. Starting as a
small town musician from the town called Prince George
playing in clubs and pubs for some time. Chris has come a
long way with his music winning Country song of the year
award. Lazie Indie Magazine spoke to Chris Andres to know
more about his career and future plans . Let us read...
LIM Page25
LIM: For the benefit of our readers
can you introduce yourself?
Chris: Hi my name is Chris Andres and
I'm a singer/songwriter from
Vancouver Island,Canada.
LIM: Since how long have you been
into music?
Chris:Well I started playing guitar at
12 and by the time I was 14 I was
playing in local pubs and by the time I
turned 16 I was in a touring cover band
and I did that for about ten years.
LIM: Who were your musical
influences and how does it reflect in
the genre of music do you create?
Chris: That's a great question, my
influences have changed over time but
as a songwriter Townes Van Zandt is
one of my big influences. I first heard
of Townes in my late twenties and it
completely changed the way I looked
at songwriting, but I can't leave out
folks like John Prine, Guy Clark,
Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris
Kristofferson. I mean the list goes on...
LIM: How do you go about writing
your songs?
Chris: Well for me there's a few ways
to write, I either sit down with my
guitar and mess around until
something interesting pops up or I
have an idea I'll sit down and write it
out and sometimes I just let it happen.
LIM: What do you look to convey to
your listeners when you create music?
Do you look to set a theme first or you
let the song take over your lyrics?
Chris: The most important thing I
want to convey to folks that listen to
my music is authenticity. My mother
used to say"If you can entertain people
with just your voice and guitar, your
doing it right" and I think that's pretty
good advice!
LIM Page26
"Find your own voice, it's good to have influences but the thing we love about our
influences is that they all have there own unique sound. It took me a long time to
find my own voice but once I did it was a gamechanger".-
Chris Andres
LIM: How do you record and produce
the songs?
Chris: Well I have a team that I work
with including the band which is Louie
Anyos(guitar), Darryl Milne(bass),
Robert Kopiyka(drums),
Dan Conarroe(keyboards) and Gary
McDannald(pedal steel). We record in
our own studio with a great engineer
Anthony Sharkey handling the
engineering side of things. With
technology making it easier and easier
for independent artists to make high
quality recordings I think the future
looks good for indy artists!
LIM: What are your plans for the
immediate future? Tell us more about
your latest release?
Chris: We are currently in the final
stages of mixing our latest
album"Scars"which we will be
releasing in the spring. We have also
just released our latest single
"Unknown Stomp" which currently
available on all streaming services
or on my website
LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,
recording or playing live and why?
Chris: Well each one has it's place but
for me it's always been about the
songwriting. There's nothing quite like
getting a story across using an
economy of words.
LIM: Where can we find your music on
the internet?
Chris: If your readers would be
LIM Page28
interested in checking out my stuff you can find me at, I'm also on facebook at Chris
Andres songwriter as well as youtube and Spotify and all
streaming services.
LIM: What would you suggest to an aspiring independent
Chris: The advice I would give to an aspiring independent
artist is to find your own voice, it's good to have influences
but the thing we love about our influences is that they all
have there own unique sound. It took me a long time to find
my own voice but once I did it was a gamechanger.
- Thank you
LIM Page29
Indie Rampage Radio was established in 2020 with one
simple mission in mind: to bring the best music to the
coolest listeners in the USA, Canada and the UK.
Indie Magazine
spoke to May Chow the founder of the
Radio to find out their plans for helping independent
musicians world wide and how does one submit their songs
to Indie Rampage Radio. Here is what
May had to say on.
LIM Page31
"I don't care if you recorded it in your bedroom, if it's a cool song I'll play it. The
only songs I've ever passed on were due to vocal complications. Not everyone is a
LIM:When and how did you come up
with the idea of starting Indie
Rampage Radio and why did you
choose to do it? Where are your
listeners primarily from?
May: I chose to do it in support of
indie artists. So many internet stations
and most will only play well produced
studio recordings. So I started my
station to help everyone get heard. Our
listeners are from Malaysia, Ireland,
Canada, Brazil and the USA. We went
on the air in September, 2020.
LIM: What kind (mainly genre) of
music do you feature and what is the
format (how it is done)?
May: We mostly play pop, rock and
country. We are able to play mp3's and
wave files with the new system.
LIM: As an independent artist how
does one get noticed by Radios or the
talent managers like you and what
would you look forward to in the
artist? And If at all someone wants to
submit music to you how do they
contact you?
May: That's a good question. Check
out the charts on any two internet
stations and you might find one band
in common. Seems everyone is playing
someone different. What I look for is
great music and vocals. I don't care if
you recorded it in your bedroom, if it's
a cool song I'll play it. The only songs
I've ever passed on were due to vocal
complications. Not everyone is a
singer. Anyone can submit to
LIM Page32
LIM: What do you look for in
particular in the demos before you get
to add them to rotation or your shows?
(Quality/Tech specs etc)
May: Quality of course, but it doesn't
have to be studio quality. I play
unsigned artists too. If it has a good
sound and vocals and I like the lyric
content, I add it.
LIM: Post-COVID lockdowns and the
hit live music is taking. What do you
foresee in the music industry and what
role can you play as a radio to help?
May: I'm just here to support indie
artists. I could care less about the
music industry. I hope the music
industry wakes up and gives the indie's
their due.
LIM: If the Industry moves heavily on
to the internet how can a self-
promoted artist compete with the big
marketing budgets of labels which will
now flow to internet-based
May : You can't compete with big
budgets and you shouldn't have to.
Indie artists are a breed all their own.
Major artists have all the money and
big backing. I don't think about them
when I wake up in the morning. I think
about the guys and gals on Facebook
trying to get noticed. Trying to get just
one more person to hear their song.
LIM: Do you expect the live music
scene to return in full flow or is it
going to be reset with new realities?
May: I do expect it to. I hope so
anyway. That's a big part of an artist
income. Hope it comes back.
LIM: As a veteran in this field
spotlighting many artists over the
years what would you give as advice to
upcoming Independent musicians?
May: Work on your songs. Make sure
your songs are the best they can be.
You can go into a million dollar
recording studio and pay thousands of
dollars to record a song. But a bad
song is a bad song no matter how
much you layer on top of it.
LIM: What are the future plans for
Indie Rampage Radio (like adding new
shows or covering new geography or
language etc)?
May: We are going to experiment
with Facebook live very soon. We need
more DJ's for sure. We are still new.
We have time to work it all out.
-Thank you
LIM Page33
The L&M Project was founded by Drummer Larry Gabbert
and Guitarist Mark Ervie DeJesus both from the award
winning band
Charles Daza and The Revenants. They are
focused on original musical compositions heavily rooted in
their musical influences. The project offers quite a lot to the
listeners with Larry and Mark channeling their decades of
experience in music into the compositions.
Larry Gabbert
(Co-founder and drummer) spoke to Lazie Indie Magazine
in detail about the project, how it came into being and also
their plans for the immediate future.
LIM Page35
LIM: For the benefit of our readers can
you kindly introduce yourself?
Larry: The L&M project band is Larry
Gabbert and Mark Ervie DeJesus
based out of the philippines. We are a
concept studio music project band that
is heavely rooted in all genres of
musical styles and influences and
showcase some amazing unknown
musicians and vocalist in the
philippines. It is our goal to give all of
the artist we work with the well
deserved recognition not only in the
Philippines but around the world.
LIM: Since how long have you been
into music?
Larry: I have been playing music for
the past 50 plus years and Mark has
over 25 years in music both as studio
musicians and performing live shows
with various artist and groups around
the world. For both of us it has become
out of our love and appreciation for all
styles of music which drives us to help
others succeed. Music is not a job or a
profession, music is a life style that few
get the opportunity to do. We are very
thankful we get to live a musical life
and share it with others.
LIM: Who were your musical
influences and how does it reflect in
the genre of music do you create?
Larry: Our first EP (four-369) answers
this question and our current project
will add an addition to such. We are no
boundries multi genre. Our influences
come from a vast amount of music
ranging from country, blues, rock,
metal, jazz, pop, new wave, reggae,
ska, punk, alternative and everything
in between. We like the freedom of non
restraint from being classified as a
specific genre in general. Music is
about expression in many forms and
we explore all forms which is
challenging but alot of fun.
LIM Page36
Check out L&M Project on: Youtube L&M project band artist,
on Spotify and all other digital stores & also on Facebook:
LIM: How do you go about writing
your songs?
Larry: Usually I will come up with an
idea or a genre I want to do based on
the types of musical influences in life. I
try to research current artist mainly
indie to find current examples of that
style of music and the old music to get
the musical concept. Usually by
blending the old with the new. As far
as lyrically I think of a story I want to
tell and try to tell it often times from
life experiences.
LIM: What do you look to convey to
your listeners when you create music
do you look to set a theme first or you
let the song take over your lyrics?
Larry: We try to build something
dynamic with highs and lows. We
want the listener to remember the
great bands from the 60s, 70s, 80s and
have the feeling they have heard the
song before or it sounds like this band
or that band.
LIM: How do you record and produce
the songs?
Larry: In a very strange way. Outside
the norm for sure. Usually we will have
a very basic concept on what we want
to do. All the drum tracks are layed
using a click and no musical guide.
Then we move onto the bass tracks
rythm then any color that needs to be
added. The music just kind of comes
together as we move through the steps.
Most of the time we have no idea what
the end result will be. But when it
comes together it works.
LIM Page38
LIM: What are your plans for the
immediate future? Tell us more about
your latest release?
Larry: We are currently in the studio
working on a couple country style
songs 1 pop tune and a jazz song that
will showcase additional unknown
artist. We are very excited to be able to
work with Ms. Kissey Mae who will
make her vocal debut on our song (You
and I ) and (Dancin with myself). Our
latest release Four-369 contains a
mixed bag from the bluesy southern
rock of Long road to travel feat.
Fernando "Ado" Bantula on vocals and
Michael "Mikerock" Caceres on slide
guitar to Gospel funk with Comin to
take me home, which features Michael
Odoño and Darlene Ordanza, to a
more harder rock style with in my
dreams. The ep also includes a comedy
based blues in a 9/8 time as well as a
little ditty in tribute to the 70s 80s
punk rock era. It has a little something
for alot of people and is just the start of
things to come.
LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,
recording or playing live and why?
Larry: Playing live is the best but, I
have to admit this current project and
being able to write and work with
amazing people is really a great time. I
have come back to loving the recording
process and the creativity of new
LIM: What would you suggest to an
aspiring independent artist?
Larry: Just follow what you want to do
and never give up. Talk to other artist
and learn from them. Be very open
minded there is an entire world of
music out there and take time to
explore it from every country around
the globe
LIM Page39
Welcome to "Jørg's Corner".
Here I highlight one independent band every month. This time I
Mark Lanoue "Fiction Syxx" from Springdale in
Arkansas, USA who is working with his bandmates
Northrup, Eric Ragno, Larry Hart, & Rory Faciane
on the 3rd
FICTION SYXX release "Ghost of my Fathers Past", which will
be released in the coming months/2021.
Mark shared several
unreleased tracks from the pre-order campaign and shares some
insights with me.
LIM Page41
Jorg: Hi Mark! Not long ago we had
that really nice chat and you told me a
bit about you and your band situation.
Now you come up with the song from
your 3rd release "Ghost of my Fathers
Past", Which contains "Bleed for the
truth", "My Fathers Ghost" and
"Whispers in the Dark". Due to the
time of Pandemic it's difficult to get all
musicians to one location, so how did
you record and produce this three
Mark: Hello Jorg! And hello to all
who read this! Well it is a process. The
group has better defined that process
over the past releases. The process
begins with me writing a simple
framework and laying down a guide
vocal with a click track. Rory our
drummer then maps out electronic
guide drums. I re-record the guitar to
match the timing and the breaks and
send the single tracks to JK for him to
work on in his studio, Alien
Productions Studio. JK determines if
everything is in order, cleans up any
parts that need attention and then
begins to determine if there needs to
be a different perspective in the
writing. This has been great! JK and I
have become better writing partners
through this process. Sometimes the
song is built upon, as it is originally
written and other times JK will write
new sections and we come up with
something even stronger, where I may
have missed the mark in the writing
process. Once the track is framed
exactly how it will be in structure, it is
sent back to Rory for him to lay down
LIM Page42
his final parts on his entire mic'ed kit,
that is followed by Larry laying down
his bass lines with JK at Alien
Productions, and then Eric lays down
the final piece of the recording process,
his keyboards. Jk then works his magic
via production and mastering. I alway
iterate that this is a band process and a
labor of love for all these talented cats.
Fiction Syxx would not sound or turn
out the same, if it weren't for these
awesomely talented individuals.
Jorg: First time I listened to "Bleed for
the truth" referred by Brecon Indie
Consultant Team for my radio show it
blew me away! That time the song was
in the Grammy Awards, how did that
come and did it finally succeed?
Mark: First! Thank you for those kind
words! Well! There were people, and
one particular person at Sony
International/Universal that really
believes in our music. It was submitted
for consideration for the 63rd Grammy
Awards. But it is a very political
process. It has to be voted on by voting
members of the Recording Academy
first. It all comes down to whether you
get more votes than the other group or
person. You could have a song that
could ultimately be popular, but if the
voters don't open your email, or don't
like that style, etc. then chances are
you will not be nominated. We plan on
submitting a track this year, Whispers
in the Dark. I would also say, that it
would be very helpful if the big
podcast, radio, and talk show people
would embrace newer acts/music. The
lack of attention makes it harder to
win awards and get the new music out
there for the fans.
Jorg: To make mixes in this highest
professional grade, you need to have
professional gear to produce. Won't
you tell us the way you record and
mix your songs? Do you think of
LIM Page43
frequency ranges while recording the
tracks or is it a matter of sorting it out
in the sequencer software?
Mark: I must say, that is all JK
Northrup. Rory does engineer around
his drum tracks in his studio,
Drumninja Studio, before he sends
them to JK. But it is JK that does all
the engineering, production and
mastering. He is just a PRO and it
helps that he is an all around talented
guy. Smoking Guitarist, he can sing,
write, etc. He has a really excellent ear
and he will tell ya if something is out.
The band is very honest with one
another. That really helps to make sure
that the material is worthy of being
sent out.
Jorg: "Bleed for the truth" and
"Whispers" are well done and
obvisiously influenced by some 80s
musicians (I can hear Europe, Saga,
Dream Theater and some more), "My
Fathers Ghost" seems to have a bit
more spirit of Soul Music. Do you
handle the different styles to
show variety or do you write and
record your music "as is"?
Mark: We have many influences. I like
everything from Bach to Stevie
Wonder to Bullet for my Valentine ...
However, we all have many influences
and the 80's is part of that. There are
some like influences ... JK and I are
both huge Gary Moore fans, for
example. However, we just play and
sing what feels right. So if it is Heavy
but needs some Funk, or Soul or Blues,
or Thrash ... and that is what the song
calls for in the moment ... we have the
musicians that can rolls with that. :-).
Jorg: The "Wall of sound" for guitars
nowadays is almost done using
software plugins for guitar. But in my
ears your guitars sound like "organic"
recordings. How do you especially
record your guitar and bass sounds?
Mark: Well, most of that credit goes to
JK Northrup. He is our engineer and
producer on all the material. However,
we do use plug-ins. It is important to
give the producer as much freedom as
possible. So I record all of my guitars
through a plug-in called REVALVER
and JK uses a mix of speaker emulated
AMPS (MARSHALL, etc) and Plug-ins.
I record two tracks for every one I lay
down. 1 is just my completely dry
guitar, so that JK can either use both
the plug-in and an amped channel or
use whatever plug-in he wants to use
on his end. It allows the freedom for
JK to produce the guitars to sound as
organic as possible. Luckily, our bass
player lives within an hour distance of
JK; so all the bass is recorded at Alien
Productions Studio with JK and Larry
in the studio.
Jorg: Your voice always stands
absolutely in the center of the mix, no
matter how dense the rest is. In
"Whispers" seems to me that you used
another microphone. Is there
any reason for that or are those
LIM Page44
decisions in the mixing process?
Mark: I appreciate that! That means
allot! I actually only changed my USB
interface from a Line6 UX2 to a
FOCUSRITE. It made all the difference
in my vocals. I have been using the
same Audiotechnica 4040
microphone, and Behringer 12ax7
preamps since my days with BILOXI.
The reason for the difference in the
presence of the vocal is that I changed
up the inflection and style of the vocal
for that track. I have learned to move
my voice around to fit a song. So some
may be more operatic, some may be
more chest voice, and other more head
voice. It really depends on what I feel
is best for the song. I am sure part of it
is that JK becomes more comfortable
with producing my voice more and
more, after every track.
Jorg: My last question: You told me
you are working on different musical
projects. Is that something you would
suggest to music beginners or does it
need a lot of expierience over the years
to "switch" between the sets? And
where do we find your music?
Mark: Well. Fiction Syxx has members
that are diverse and they play and
record in different live and recorded
projects. I always have the standing
statement that I think Eric has played
on or for just about everyone. Rory is a
smoking studio and live drummer,
Larry has played in a number of
tribute bands, and JK, Larry, Eric have
another release on MR Records called
"The Mood Groove". I and the
drummer have been working with a cat
out of Orlando, Scott Campbell. He is a
really talented guy. We mainly do 70's
and 80's tributes and sprinkle in a few
LIM Page 45
"Come check out FICTION SYXX. We have two releases "TALL DARK
" and "THE ALTERNATE ME" and we have a pre-order thru
our label for our 3rd release "
We would love to hear from you and for you to hear our music.
Mark Lanoue
90's here and there. The project is a
fun one, called FARMER BOB. It is
cool to work on those tributes in that it
challenges us both vocally and
musically. In the past, we have all been
involved in other groups and styles ...
King Kobra, XYZ, The Babys,
Montrose, BILOXI, etc. Like the rest of
the guys in the band, I was in
numerous groups with different styles.
Sometimes as the Guitarist and writer
and sometimes as the vocalist,
guitarist and writer: I wrote and
recorded with Dean Fasano (RIP) of
Prophet, Vinnie Moore, Message, etc, I
was in a band called PERSIAN RISK
(USA) with the current vocalist of
NAZARETH, and then joined the band
BILOXI with Clyde Holly (RIP). All of
those groups had different styles and I
learned from all the members along
the way. I would say that it is a growth
process, always. When someone stops
growing and listening, as an artist, that
is where it all ends. My main point
would be to be true to yourself and
your art. We all have influences and
most everything has been done to
some extent. But you can make that
soup recipe your own. Don't be afraid
to challenge yourself and don't be
afraid to rely on your bandmates.
Sometimes they have strengths that
can overcome your weaknesses and
make the whole symphony make
others want to sing with you.
Thank you so much Mark for this
wonderful insights. I am sure our
readers will appreciate your words
a lot, I surely do :-) . We'll see Mark.
and his Bandmates in
"Jørg's World Alive II" on
January 30th 2021. Don't
you miss it!".
About the reviewer
column contributed by
who is a popular rock
guitarist and radio jockey
with shows across major
popular Video-Radio show
conducted by him. The
ratings given are as per his
evaluation. .
LIM thanks Jorg
for sharing this album review
and interview.
LIM Page46
Welcome to the Tomiko Dixon Grand Blues Review!
In this column Blues Ambassador
Tomiko Dixon reviews
Artists/ Bands/ Venues/Events... anything related to Blues.
Artist Reviewed :
Prakash Slim(Recently annointed as Blues
Ambassador). Country: Nepal.
Latest Release: Album Name:
"Country Blues From Nepal"
Tracks: 1) Blues Raga (instrumental) 2) Living For The Memory
3) Corona Blues 4) Villagers Blues 5) Crossroad Blues (cover) 6)
Police Dog Blues (cover) 7) Me And The Devil Blues (cover) 8)
Moon Going Down (cover) 9) Jitterbug Swing (cover).
Music & Vocal :
Prakash Slim
Lyrics : Prakash Slim & Henry D Jones, USA
Mixed and mastered by Carl Wyatt ( France).
LIM Page48
Prakash Slim spoke to Tomiko Dixon.
Hi Prakash Welcome! Could
you please tell me who inspired your
project or music?
Prakash: Well, there are many country
blues legends such as Charley Patton,
Robert Johnson, BuKka White,
Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake
and many others inspired me to do
music actually.
Tomiko: Who would you most like to
collaborate with and why?
Prakash: There are many great artists
in country blues scene like Taj Mahal,
Rory Block, Keb Mo and many others
with whom I like to collaborate. And
many other blues artists I like to
collaborate because if I get a chance I
can learn so many things from them.
Tomiko: What is one message you
would like to give other artists that are
inspired to get into the entertainment
Prakash: Music is only the medicine
for all diseases. Its very important in
every walks of life so I like give
message that please come and give
beautiful creations that could change
the world.
Tomiko: Which entertainer do you
admire the most and why?
Prakash: Well, there are many
entertainers but firstly I prefer Robert
Johnson because his musical style is
landmark and influence on all
generations of blues.
Tomiko: What is the best advice given
to you?
Prakash: Well, I think as a country
blues artist I've been influenced from
country, delta, rag and some other
styles so I think the purity of the lyrics
in pre war era and instrumentation are
best advice for me from all the
Tomiko: What’s next for you? Do you
have any upcoming events?
Prakash: Well, I'm looking for to
release my album but here I have some
problems like no web site to sell my
music and no finance for album. I'm
looking for the events as well and I
wish I could get some events in US,
Europe and in some other
countries.Well, last event was on
2020 and follow me on Facebook to
see other events in near future.
Tomiko: How would you best describe
your music or project?
Prakash: As a country blues artist I'm
trying to give my best in musically,
lyrically and as well as (raw)vocally . I
have tried different kind of songs.
"Living For The Memory" has a story
that I tried to put my feelings of
frustration as being a musician. Blues
Raga is a track that has country blues
style with raga feel. I always tried to
connect east and west world it is the
LIM Page49
best one of mine as from two different musical scenarios.
Corona Blues, that is all about the problems that people are
facing here in Nepal during this pandemic, specially for
daily needs. Villagers Blues, is a true story of the village in
Nepal - Thank you.
Tomiko's Final Review...
"Prakash Slim is what I call a true Bluesman &
Ambassador because he's doing his part to keep the Blues
Alive & Thriving. On the scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest) I
personally rate him and his traditional Blues style and
sound, as 5. I'm looking forward to hearing more from
Prakash Slim & being there to witness all of his dreams
come true. Long Live the Blues Everyone!!!".
LIM Page50
About the Reviewer
This column is contributed by
Tomiko Dixon who is the
granddaughter of the Great Willie
Dixon and also the youngest inductee
to the Blues Hall of Fame and an
Ambassador of Blues.
Lazie Indie Magazine is glad and
honored to join her cause to keep the
spirit of Blues alive.
Photos Coutersy:
Prakash Slim
LIM Page51
Starscream is a veteran rock band from Cavite - Philippines.
The band was formed by
Edzel Rebamontan with his
musical partners
Charles Daza, Mark Mapalad and Macoy
and became a sensation at the Kaguluhan Music
Festival. The band went on to release their album
'Philippine Steel' with hits like 'Pulang Panty', 'Heart of
Stone' and 'All about Money' . Starscream went into a
hiatus in 2010 and regrouped with Edzel on vocals and
Jeff Bernales on Bass and Larry Gabbert on Drums.
The band immediately released hit singles that are now on
heavy rotation in radios.
LIM spoke to Edzel the founder of
the band and also one of the co-founders of Kaguluhan
Music Festival. Let us read.
LIM Page53
LIM: For the benefit of our readers can
you kindly introduce yourself?
Edzel: My name is Edzel Rebamontan,
musician and frontman for the Pinoy
rock super group Starscream.
LIM: When was the band formed and
tell us about your journey so far?
Edzel: The band was founded in 2002;
our first gig was at the 2004
Kaguluhan Music Festival. Since then,
we’ve released digital singles and two
music albums on our belt; one of
which was our first independent
release way back in 2007.
LIM:Who were your musical
influences and how does it reflect in
the genre of music do you create?
Edzel: My influences in creating the
sound of the band was from the 80’s to
early 90’s hard rock acts such as; AC/
DC, Slaughter, Guns N’ Roses,
Cinderella and Led Zeppelin.
LIM: How do you go about writing
your songs?
Edzel: We write a variety of lyrics but
majority comes from our own
experiences. From anthems, funny
stories and loss. We don’t write love
songs that much, because we like to
share more of our thoughts on what
we’ve went through in life and the
people who’ve shaped our perspectives
both good and bad.
LIM: What do you look to convey to
your listeners when you create music.
Do you look to set a theme first or you
let the song take over your lyrics?
Edzel: The process of writing our
material is to make things simple, a
little bit melodic and most importantly
it sounds good while driving in the car.
The melody and lyrics go hand in hand
when writing music, sometimes when
you feel adrenalized you need to have a
hook that takes you on a high gear.
LIM Page54
"There’s always this feeling of determination when you write, record and
perform in a live audience especially when you want your message to come
across their ears and minds".
LIM: How do you record and produce
the songs?
Edzel: We’re very blessed and thankful
to have Earbender Recording Studio in
Cavite to create and produce our
songs. They’ve been a very big help not
just for us, but for upcoming bands
from the Southern Tagalog acts in the
LIM: What are your plans for the
immediate future? Tell us more about
your latest release?
Edzel: Our band is currently on hiatus,
but we’ve recently released our best of
compilation album online called
SINGLES last November of 2020,
which contains our well-known
Tagalog single: “Pulang Panty (Red
Panty)” followed by our power ballad
“Heart of Stone” and the Led Zeppelin
inspired “All about the money”. Plus a
few new recorded tracks with the 2.0
line-up consisting of new members
Jeff Bernales and Larry Gabbert. One
of which is a track called “Tunay na
lakas (True Strength)” where it was
played on heavy rotation at our local
rock station.
LIM: What gives you the kick, writing,
recording or playing live and why?
Edzel: There’s always this feeling of
determination when you write, record
and perform in a live audience
especially when you want your
message to come across their ears and
minds. Being determined and
LIM Page55
"Put God in the center of your plans, graduate college, practice yourmusic instrument, listen to
different music genres and artists for more ideas and inspirations, don’t quit your day job or
business, save money for studio time, meet other determined musicians and lastly don’t
succumb to drugs and other vices that’ll compromise your music work and career.”- Edzel
productive is the first step in pushing
your goals on making things happen,
rather than being passive which leads
to nowhere.
LIM: Where can we find your music on
the internet?
Edzel: Our music is currently available
to stream and download on all digital
music outlets such as Apple music,
Spotify, Deezer, Tiktok and YouTube
music. And you can check our official
social media pages at
starscreamtherockband and
LIM: What would you suggest to an
aspiring independent artist?
Edzel: Put God in the center of your
plans, graduate college, practice your
music instrument, listen to different
music genres and artists for more
ideas and inspirations, don’t quit your
day job or business, save money for
studio time, meet other determined
musicians and lastly don’t succumb to
drugs and other vices that’ll
compromise your music work and
- Thank You
LIM Page56
Going on Going Strong! can be a tag line used to introduce
something that exists long enough to overcome the tests of
time on endurance & loyalty, and which is backed by an
immense passion to do something without wavering from
the set path. The Autumnleaf story fits the tag line so well.
30 years and still counting, the band has transformed from
a group of aspiring Rock n' Roll kids to an accomplished
musical unit which is also a group of close friends. Started
by Jay and Manoj in their school days and quickly adding
Paul and Suresh, the band became The Autumnleaf in 1991
ever since all four came together. 30 years on, the line up
remains the same. They have stuck together contributing to
each others music all these years and continue to do so.
LIM Page58
Jay (Lazie J), Singer-Songwriter:
It requires immense guts, patience and
determination to run a rock band in
India, where even now the term "Rock
Music" is used to loosely put together a
mixture of Indian music backed with
distorted guitars. Back in 1991, we
were crazy to be an Indie Rock band
and that too in the "Classic
Rock"mould with English as the
language."Who would promote an
Indian English Band that played their
own music in a genre that had only a
few listeners?". That is where The
Autumnleaf comes from. Our years of
perseverance to reach audiences would
fructify only when we reached out to
an international audience through the
streaming services and music
communities outside the country in
the 2000s. Before that, we had years of
struggle to get our music out to the
public here who were quite indifferent
to western rock music. It was a long
phase of learning. Well! learning never
stops. All said, The Autumnleaf is a
seamless blend of talent and
experience of each one of us combining
into something more interesting and
more powerful than what any one of us
can produce in isolation.
Till 2015 though we were stuck in
different cities owing to our day jobs,
we came together once a while and
jammed all night, creating a number of
songs in each sitting. Post 2015, Me
and Manoj took a deviation as Lazie J
and Lazie Bison, due to the
unavailability of other two members.
Also looking back, The Autumnleaf
took me to the Indie world outside
India and Lazie Indie Magazine is an
outcome of the friendships we made
there. The Autumnleaf still stays as an
important contributor to our musical
pursuits. It is more than a band. It is
lasting friendship and great music
which happens whenever we meet.
- Thank you.
LIM Page59
Suresh Pillai, Guitarist, Composer:
Suresh has been the Guitarist for the
Autumnleaf ever since its formation.
Infact it was he who coined the band
name as "The Autumnleaf" taking it
out of a booklet of butterflies his
brother had. It can be safely told that
Suresh brought in The Autumnleaf
signature as it is his guitar sound and
scales which gave the outer covering to
songs Jay wrote or the ones they
created along with other
bandmates. The band did have
long breaks for sure as each of the
bandmates had to pursue their career
outside music and had to move out of
town. But when ever they met they did
only one thing and that was to make
great songs, most of songs went
unrecorded as they were created
during jam sessions and a only
few found their way to the studios.
This is what Suresh has to tell about
The Autumnleaf.
LIM: How did music get created in The
Autumnleaf? Did you people have any
unsaid rules while creating them?
Suresh: It may sound strange but when
I and Jay sit, it comes out
automatically, just like from nowhere,
most of the times we finish a song then
and there. It's sheer magic.
LIM: As a guitarist how has your
association with The Autumnleaf
helped you develop yourself?
Suresh: I must say without a second
thought that The Autumnleaf made me
a guitarist, as simple as it is. I never
would have tried anything new if
otherwise. The Autumnleaf made me
sign my own scales and tones, it is like
a saga of music.
LIM Page63
Manoj Pillai: Drummer, Backing
Vocalist, Percussion Composer:
The action man in the team. While Jay
and Suresh are into melodic and lyrical
parts of the compositions, Manoj is the
allrounder. He almost entirely takes up
the drums and the percussion parts in
the compositions and also does
backing vocals for the band. Being a
trained Indian classical percussionist
he has the rhythm in his blood and
complex arrangements comes easy to
him. When Jay started moving
towards the international market and
the internet based music promotion,
Manoj was the rock-solid support and
a reliable partner for all the ventures.
Manoj spoke to LIM
Tell me how were the early days
of the Autumnleaf? How did the band
influence your career in music?
Manoj: Early days of Autumnleaf were
like, we spent most of the time
composing and practicing. People from
other places would come to listen to us
and watch us practice. Talking about
the band formation, The band was
formed by myself and Jay along with
Paul and Suresh after we had detailed
discussions with each one of them on
our outlook in music and our grand
wishes. Well! Autumnleaf gave me
confidence in improvising, to learn
different patterns and genres and of
course to organize gigs and festivals.
We managed to achieve many things. I
really feel proud to be an artist who
appeared in channels like MTV, VH1,
Rolling Stone Magazine etc and very
happy that I became a patner of Jay
and his Lazie Indie Magazine which is
a fast growing magazine across the
world helping independent musicians
like us. Thank you Jay for everything!
LIM Page61
Paul Varghese: Bassist, Composer.
The multi-tasking Man-Friday for the
band. Always comes up with
innovative ideas and also does the job
of the first official critic of the songs.
Paul's contributions to the band go
beyond the music he plays. In fact he
was the one who suggested Suresh the
axeman to Jay and Manoj and willingly
took up the job of a bassist to complete
the band even though he was initially a
drummer par excellence. Apart from
his contributions to the music of The
Autumnleaf, Paul is someone whom
the band relies on whenever they have
an issue with any of their gear or even
sound arrangements for live shows.
Paul speaks to LIM:
LIM: What does Autumnleaf mean to
you as a musician being in there for 30
years? What are your immediate future
Paul: What Autumnleaf means to me
cannot be limited to few words, I
am lucky to be born in a family where
my brother's were associated
with music and I got a good flavour of
music right from my childhood, initial
days I concentrated on performing as a
percussionist and used take part in
school/college competitions and in
various gigs and events. I met Jay &
Manoj in early nineties, we shared our
ideas and first time I have seen Jay &
Manoj perfectly modulating their
sound splitting the vocals into parts
with seconds and singing the song in
unison. The vision of Jay to compose
and arrange independent music was
something new which I never heard
before and that was the start. My
association with Jay & Manoj and our
with deep rooted interest in
independent music brought us closer,
however we need an axeman who
could add melodies to our music. I had
only one person in mind that was
Suresh, I managed to fix a meeting
with Suresh, and we were not sure if
Suresh was interested in working with
us. Suresh after his previous
assignment had set up his mind for
only for independent music and
welcomed us And....! The Autumnleaf
was born, an abundance mindset of
each team member helped to compose
complex riffs and rythms with focus on
the theme of the song & melody and
arranged in simple chords. We started
exploring each other so much that one
of our achievements is we can perform
small gigs and music events with only
2 members from The Autumnleaf -
that could be any combination. Over 3
decades of Boogie Woogie with love
and respect for each other,
understanding, friendship, bonding,
turning team work to dream work. We
eat, drink, sleep & live with music.
That's what The Autumnleaf means to
me. As to our future plans, we will
continue to arrange & compose songs
and will use our full potential bring out
few more new songs that are already
composed and need studio hours for
LIM Page65
"Years before, when we went to record in a local studio we did
not know recording process. After each song we felt we
sounded really bad and did not know why it happened so. We
sounded great when we performed live, but screwed up while
recording. The sound engineer/music studio owner who
worked with top local artists told us with a sarcastic smile that
these songs are not meant to be done by you guys, this should
have been done by established artists. We felt humiliated
upfront but felt happy for the fact that the songs were great as
compositions and was sure that one day we will grow up to
play our own songs to its potential. I think we managed to do
that, considering the fact that we are still alive and kicking in
the international indie music scene after 30 years of coming
together as a band and creating originals"- Jay. Thank You.
LIM Page66