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If you start to write, then you need something to write with.

If you get something to write with, then you need to come up with a story idea.

If you come up with a story idea, then you will write a draft.

If you write a draft, then you will get writer's block.

If you get writer's block, then you will need to take a break.

If you take a break, then you will make a cup of green tea.

If you make a cup of green tea, then you will go and drink it.

If you go and drink your tea, then you will start to write again.

If you start to write again, then you will get excited.

If you get excited, then you will write more. 

If you write more, then you will finish your draft. 

If you finish your draft, then you will begin to revise and edit.

If you begin to revise and edit, then your story will sound better.

 If your story sounds better, then you can start your final draft.

If you start your final draft, then you will begin to feel accomplished.

If you begin to feel accomplished, then you will complete your final draft.

If you complete your final draft, then people can read your writing.

If people can read your writing, then they will respond to your writing.

If they respond to your writing, then you will become a better writer.

Applying the Laws of Syllogism:

If you start to write, then you will become a better writer.