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Law Hero's Journey


  There's was a man named Law, he's a villian who was sent to Crimsom's Jail. It's a place for evil people help trying to  turn good. 

At first Law did not take it he did not want to be part of the Hero Leauge. He denied it 3 times until they told him that he will be realease to carried on with his life.

He accepted the job, he trained to be the best hero as possible. Mentors and other students came his way to give him advice. He perfected how to shape-shift. He could transfrom his hand into any weapon as known.

The call to adventure came, he rush of to find the super villan. He found out it was his old friend, Jax.

They fought a glories fight and at the end Jax won, but Law convice Jax to turn over to good. 

Jax and Law became reunited and help the world of today.