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Law of Syllogism Short Story

By: Devini Tipton

8th Period

If Johnny listens to his parents, then he will clean his room.

If he cleans his room, then Johnny will have to wash his clothes.

If Johnny has to wash his clothes, then he will find 5 dollars in his pant's pocket.

If he finds 5 dollars in his pant’s pocket, then Johnny will want to buy something.

If Johnny wants to buy something, then he will walk to the store.

If he walks to the store, then he will buy junk food.

If he buys junk food, then Johnny will eat it quickly.

If Johnny eats it quickly, then he will get sick.

If he gets sick, then Johnny will go home.

If Johnny goes home, then he will be told to do his homework.

 If he is told to do his homework, then johnny will stay up late.

If johnny stays up late, then he will forget to set his alarm.

If he forgets to set his alarm, then he will wake up late.


If Johnny listens to his parents, then he will wake up late.