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La Tierra

Crest and Flag


The colors of La Tierra’s flag represent the values of the continent.  Blue represents freedom, yellow represents wealth and justice, and white represents peace.  The mountains represent the geography of La Tierra and the arrows represent security.


The colors of La Tierra’s crest represent the values of the continent.  Blue represents freedom, yellow represents wealth and justice, and white represents peace.  The castle and cannon in the middle of the crest represent a strong defense from other invading continents.

Map of La Tierra

La Tierra's National Anthem

God Bless La Tierra


God bless La Tierra

Land that we like

Stand next to her

And lead her

Through the dusk

With the brightness

From higher up

From the high rocks

To the grasslands

To the large bodies of water

With its’ white foam

Lord bless La Tierra

My native land sweet land

News Style format.


-Logan: Welcome to La Tierra News Nightly. I’m your anchor. Logan Heinchon.

This is a special edition news report where we will be recapping what has happened in our lovely continent, La Tierra. We are going to give a brief history of La Tierra.


-Black Screen


-Logan: La Tierra split from Panterra* a very long time ago. The first people of La Tierra originated in the central mountains.  These people were once a single nation.  Over time, the people of La Tierra developed different beliefs.  This caused conflict between people, and five groups were born. These five groups made all the states respectively. We’ll be back after the break.


-Black Screen


-Logan: All of the states of La Tierra speak different languages, but every language developed from the same root language. Some states’ languages are more similar to others. The states of La Tierra have similar social interactions, although people from western Los Estados Mayores have a few differing social customs from the people of eastern El Nacho Churro.  The states of La Tierra do not face political conflicts with each other. Matthew Hemphill for a special report on immigration.


-Matthew Hemphill: La Tierra’s countries are not aggressive and have their own border policy. Due to this there is very little immigration in La Tierra.


Logan: Thanks Matthew. Each state of La Tierra’s natural resources play a huge role in its economy.  Most states of La Tierra trade with each other, whether it’s directly trading a natural resource, or trading a product that results from a natural resource, like crops or plastics. The states of La Tierra have created a supranational organization for trade called Las Montanas, El Nacho Churro, Esteril, Del Perdanales and Los Estados Mayores a.k.a. LEEDL.  Being a member of LEEDL exempts tariffs when trading with other LEEDL members. LEEDL hopes to boost La Tierra’s economy and make the continent an economic powerhouse in Elmos World. As always, our continental anthem “God Bless La Tierra.”


-(song plays)

-Logan: Goodnight and thanks for watching La Tierra News Nightly. (Logan then becomes insane and eats camera man; screen turns into the “lost signal sign”)

La Tierra Script

La Tierra News Report