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Lascaux Fine Collection

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Lascaux Fine CollectionAncient Arts Fibre CrasLookbook2021

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Table of ContentsSmall AccessoriesKaze Hat 6Polar Vortex Hat 8Coffee Break Hat & Scarf 10Autumn Blossom Hat & Mittens 12Introduction 4Contributors 34Keep in Touch 36

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Small AccessoriesKaze Hat 6Polar Vortex Hat 8Coffee Break Hat & Scarf 10Autumn Blossom Hat & Mittens 12ShawlsOak Leaf & Acorn Shawl 14Flamme Shawl 16Flight of Arrows 18Twisting Waters 20Slack Tide Wrap 22GarmentsBrindled Pullover 24Illuminated Cardigan 26Chill Companion 28Stormy Monday 30Verity 32

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IntroductionPhoto Credit: Kim Everett

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Ancient Arts Fibre Cras has always been about the connection between the past and the present. reads, and yarn, bind us together both literally and guratively; providing continuity between the people making the earliest textile work more than 30,000 years ago to the people making the latest yarn creations published today. We are connected by threads both in time and around the globe. No matter where we are we are united by a shared love of working with yarn. e theme for this collection is drawn from this history and from these connections: it is a theme of history, of diversity, and of sharing!When we began work on this collection, we couldn’t have known that between the submissions call and the publication process we’d be headed into a pandemic, nor had we any idea of how many COVID-19 challenges would be coming our way, repeatedly throwing o production plans. Flexibility and creativity took center stage as we juggled ways to move forward while keeping everyone safe. Physically distanced photoshoots were held over a series of short, small, outdoor shoots to minimize risk, and our amazing co-workers graciously became models as well! Everyone involved put in a tremendous amount of work under dicult circumstances and in the end it brought us closer in spirit even when we remained physically distant.is pattern collection celebrates a very special yarn, Lascaux Fine, which speaks to the very heart of the connection between ancient and modern textiles and people. is yarn incorporates the natural colour and cushiness of Manx Loaghtan Wool, a rare iron-age sheep breed from the Isle of Man, and the drape and lustre of Punta Arenas Wool, a modern Corridale sheep from Chile. ese wools together create a ngering weight two-ply yarn perfect for all manner of garments, shawls and accessories. We asked designers from around the world to dream up ideas to showcase this yarn’s range and versatility, and we hope you will agree that the results are absolutely stunning! We’ve included designs here from designers from all walks of life, and are proud to include people of many genders, and from the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. We included designers just beginning their professional careers and designers at the height of their careers. All highlight the wonderful qualities of Lascaux Fine in elegant lace, in lightweight textures, and in stunning arrays of colour. We know that the projects within these pages will keep you busy and cozy year-round, providing many years of comfort. ank you for joining us and please enjoy!All the best,Caroline SommerfeldPhoto Credit: John Hedges Saepes Knossos

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Kaze HatSmall AccessoriesDuke of NikkoYarnIndus Valley ~ Pyrite

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Polar Vortex HatSmall AccessoriesMaria Do SoutoYarnDenim 5 ~ Syrah ~ Irish Linen ~ Poison

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Coffee Break Hat & ScarfSmall AccessoriesKate SchimmerYarnDark Roast ~ Dark Chocolate ~ Milk Chocolate ~ BronzeCinnamon ~ Nutmeg ~ Iced Coffee ~ Irish Linen

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Autumn Blossom Hats & MittensSmall AccessoriesJessie McKitrickYarnBaby Aubergine ~ Pebble ~ Syrah ~ Matcha ~ Papaya

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Oak Leaf & Acorn ShawlShawls and WrapsCaroline SommerfeldYarnIndus Valley ~ Pyrite ~ Cinnamon

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Flamme ShawlShawls and WrapsJayalakshmi MHYarnFrench Bordeaux

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Flight of Arrows ShawlShawls and WrapsLana JoisYarnBerrylicious

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Twisting WatersShawls and WrapsPadma RYarnClassic Blue

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Slack Tide WrapShawls and WrapsFiona MunroYarnDune Grass

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Brindled PulloverGarmentsMichelle PorterYarnDenim 2 ~ Denim 4

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Illuminated CardiganGarmentsEvelyn SiatraYarnIrish Linen ~ Wheat ~ Nutmeg ~ Denim 1 ~ Denim 3Denim 5 ~ Happy ~ Hearthside ~ Summer’s End

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Chill CompanionGarmentsNadya StallingsYarnOak

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Stormy MondayGarmentsMoira EngelYarnRill

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VerityGarmentsKristen TenDykeYarnHeart

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ContributorsJessie McKitrickDesign CoordinatorAncient Arts Fibre CraftsCaroline SommerfeldChief Yarn OfficerAncient Arts Fibre CraftsMichelle HazelTech EditorAncient Arts Fibre CraftsCorinna FergusonTech EditorAncient Arts Fibre Crafts

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Evelyn SiatraKnitting DesignerFiona MunroKnitting DesignerJayalakshmi MHKnitting DesignerKate SchimmerKnitting DesignerKristen TenDykeKnitting DesignerLana JoisKnitting DesignerMaria Do SoutoKnitting DesignerMichelle PorterKnitting DesignerMoira EngelKnitting DesignerNadya StallingsKnitting DesignerPadma RKnitting DesignerDuke of NikkoKnitting DesignerJessie McKitrickDesign CoordinatorAncient Arts Fibre CraftsCorinna FergusonTech EditorAncient Arts Fibre CraftsJennylynn Fields, BFAPhotographer Graphic DesignerStephanie SeufertPhotographer

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Landscape Photography by Jennylynn Fields, BFASPYD Photography

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Keep in TouchAncient Arts Fibre Crafts