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ULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadership: Cohort 2020-2021

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"My biggest takeaway from the Larson Center forLeadership program was the ability to network withand get to know people from all different areas of thereal estate industry."Investment Analyst REDICO"Joining the Larson Center for Leadership was important tome because it provided me with the opportunity to meetprofessionals in adjacently related real estate sectors. Thefocus of my work is entirely in Detroit and predominantly withother government and non-profit agencies. Larson Center forLeadership exposed me to professionals whose work isoutside of that geography and focus, which has broadenedmy network."Neighborhood Initiatives Manager Detroit Land Bank Authority

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"The most valuable thing I learned in the Larson Center forLeadership is that diversity and inclusion of multiple voicesare the best path to an equitable future and that is up to us asthe next generation of leaders to set the direction in our fieldsof work."Architectural DesignerSmithGroup“My interest in participating in the Larson Center forLeadership was to connect with other emerging leaders in thefield and to contribute to the advancement of social and racialjustice within the practice of real estate and land use. I amgrateful for that opportunity and to now be welcomed into thealumni network of Larson Leaders.”Project ManagerBridging Communities, Inc.

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"Being a part of the Larson Center for Leadership has beenan incredible and unique adventure. As this chapter comes toan end, I am grateful to walk away from this experience, beingconnected to more professionals, having a greaterappreciation for my peers in their respective disciplines, andgrowing as a leader in the industry. I will use this experienceto leverage myself and others as I become more engagedwith ULI and the communities I hope to serve."Project CoordinatorAshley Capital"The Larson Center for Leadership has allowed foran extension of my network into markets other thanmy core network."Senior Vice PresidentPlante Moran

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Thank you for your dedication and participation inthe 8th class of ULI Michigan Larson Center forLeadership. As you have experienced, this is aunique experience designed to bring you closer tocolleagues and build lasting friendships. From thestart of this program, I have held the deep beliefthat our success comes from growing yourself.Over the past 8 months, I trust you not only grewyourself but, in many ways, grew together.Congratulations!Owner, President/CEO - Larson Realty GroupCEO - Downtown Detroit PartnershipULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadership Founder

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"In a year full of uncertainty, the Larson Center for Leadershipprovided me a space to grow personally and professionally.Truly a great privilege, for which I am very grateful!"Project Manager/Parks PlannerCity of Detroit"Being a member of the Larson Center for Leadership was importantto me for several reasons, but one of the most valuable takeaways forme were the people I met along the way that I expect to stay in touchwith, both professionally and personally, for the rest of my career. Theprogram afforded me the chance to expand my network and learnabout the issues, trends and experiences of real estate professionalsoutside of my focus. I look forward to being an active ULI memberand seeing familiar faces at future events and at the transactiontable."AttorneyCousino Law PLLC

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"I want to be in a position one day to effect change in Michigan andDetroit via better land-use practices. ULI is the preeminent institutiondriving these changes by utilizing population density, mass-transit,and walkable, healthy communities to do so. The similarity betweenmy interests and ULI’s mission was a natural marriage and theprogram’s focus on bringing together similarly focused, but diverseindividuals (intellectually, professionally, personally) has proven to bea great experience."AssociateCBRE Capital Markets"The Larson Center for Leadership program has impacted meas a young professional by providing the opportunity to growand learn with other young professionals in differentprofessions. I have built, what I feel to be, long lastingrelationships with my peers. I was equipped with the tools topractice intentional inclusive leadership. Going through thisprogram during 2020 was a tough year. I wouldn’t trade thepersonal development, growth, and connections made."Client ExecutiveKapnick Insurance Group

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"Joining Larson Center for Leadership was important to mebecause I have so much respect for everyone I’ve metthrough ULI over the years and I want to continue surroundingmyself to these types of industry leaders and inspiring people.I know that every interaction I have with ULI members willhelp me to grow personally and professionally, and know thisis especially true in regard to Larson Leadership memberspast and present."Project ManagerMidwestern Consulting"The Larson Leadership Program thrived through thepandemic, giving us meaningful programming and forging realrelationships with my fellow leaders in the real estate space.This is a community I will lean on for the rest of my career.Until we can toast together in person, I toast the programvirtually now!"Chief Operating OfficerPACE Loan Group

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Congratulations to the 25 graduates of the 8thCohort of our ULI Michigan Larson Center forLeadership program and a massive thank you to ourULI Michigan staff and Program Leaders. Youshould be very proud to have accomplished thisfeat, especially during one of the most challengingtime periods of our lives. Your determination andresilience are exactly what we expect of LarsonCenter for Leadership graduates. I am proud to callyou a fellow Alumnus of this exceptional leadershipprogram. You now join a distinguished group ofover 220 professionals who have graduated and aremaking a significant impact in real estate.Principal/Vice President, SMEULI Michigan District Council Co-chair

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“I have always been fascinated by the simple truth of us all havingsomething to teach and desire to continue to learn. As great as all ofthe guest speakers, workshops given and networking that took placeover the past year, one of my favorite things about Larson Leaderswas the simple truth we all had the chance to both teach and learnfrom each other. The past 12 months amid Covid and everything elsegoing on in the world added another layer to the program, but actuallyhelped me to have the many perspectives from the cohort withdifferent experiences/backgrounds.”Senior Development ManagerThe Platform"The program introduced me to great contacts and resources,while providing me with the tools and drive to make a positiveimpact in our community."Vice PresidentLoPatin & Company

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"The Larson Center for Leadership program far exceeded myexpectations. ULI Michigan did a great job of pivoting to avirtual program that covered critical topics for future leaders inthe industry and facilitated networking. I most look forward tomaintaining the relationships I’ve formed with my fellow cohortmembers."Investment AssociateBedrock Detroit"You put in what you get out of most things in life. The LarsonCenter for Leadership program definitely proved that it is stillpossible to network and create new relationships even in avirtual environment. I have met some incredible people that Iwould not have met otherwise, and it’s been really exciting tothink creatively about real estate in these unprecedentedtimes."Development SpecialistCity of Detroit – Housing and Revitalization Department

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"The Larson Leadership Initiative assembled a group ofpeople with diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences; andprovided this wonderful platform allowing us to share andlearn freely in a collaborative environment. As someone whostrives for personal and professional growth, the lessonslearned in this initiative has not only assisted me in workplaceleadership; but has bled into my personal life as well."Director of DevelopmentRiver Caddis Development"The Larson Center for Leadership program has given me theopportunity to meet and build relationships with individualsfrom public and private sectors in and around the MetroDetroit area. I have loved getting to know my fellow cohortmembers and learning about real estate through lensesdifferent than my own."Senior Investment AnalystBedrock Detroit

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Congratulations and Welcome! As graduates ofthe ULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadershipprogram, you have joined a network ofestablished thought leaders in the real estateprofession. Beyond your individual cohort, thislarge network spans every facet of sustainableland use and the State of Michigan. Even thoughyou did not get to spend a lot of time in person,know that your network is here to support you asyou grow in your career. We look forward toconnecting with you.Managing Partner, Renovare DevelopmentULI Michigan District Council Co-chair

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"I have really valued this program as it has allowed me tomake connections with many talented people across thestate. Learning more about the work that my fellowclassmates do has allowed me to think bigger when it comesto the future of Midland."Director of Planning and Community DevelopmentCity of Midland"The Larson Leadership Program has provided a truly uniqueopportunity to connected with leaders from allied disciplines.This program has highlighted how our profession plays acritical role in addressing the very real challenges of today, and how our collective impact can be strengthened throughmeaningful collaboration."Landscape Architect and Project ManagerOHM Advisors

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"The biggest benefit of the Larson Center for Leadership ismeeting intelligent colleagues who are eager to learn andshare. Although we’re been remote this year, I hope andbelieve our relationships will only continue to grow."Investment DirectorOxford Companies"The Larson Center for Leadership program was a great wayto meet some new people. The monthly sessions were alwaysplanned with interesting subject matter, compelling speakers,and organic opportunities for group interaction. I’m lookingforward to participating in future ULI events to catch up withmy cohorts and meet more great people."Project EngineerSME

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"The Larson Leadership Program was a unique opportunitythat I feel honored to have been apart of. Having the chanceto work with such a highly talented group of professionalsconcentrated within the real estate industry was a blast and Ilook forward to growing my relationship with them all in theyears to come."ControllerRobertson Brothers Homes"The Larson Center for Leadership has provided a platformfor early career real estate professionals like myself to learnfrom each other, and introduced us to a community that weknow will keep supporting us as we continue growingprofessionally and personally. I am deeply grateful for thatopportunity."AssociateMiller Canfield

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“…. leaders will be those who empower others,"-Bill Gates. It is my hope that your experience with the LarsonLeaders afforded you an opportunity to examineand internalize leadership traits and skills. Thenext step is to practice those skills and become a21st century leader.Principal, Stokas Bieri Real EstateULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadership Co-chair

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"It is really hard at this point in our careers to step away from the dailygrind of work and invest in ourselves – the Larson Center forLeadership program has allowed me to think more critically about myleadership style and capabilities, expand those skills, and reflect onwhat exactly I’m leading towards. Participating in the cohort helpedme realize I really wanted to be vulnerable and courageous enough totake the next step in my career and lead a team."Senior Director, Fund DevelopmentUnited Way for Southeaster

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Owner, President/CEO - Larson Realty GroupCEO - Downtown Detroit PartnershipULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadership FounderChief Community Impact Officer and BIZ DirectorDowntown Detroit PartnershipULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadership Co-chairLarson AlumPrincipalStokas Bieri Real EstateULI Michigan Larson Center for Leadership Co-chair

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Principal/Vice PresidentSMEULI Michigan District Council Co-chairLarson AlumManaging PartnerRenovare Development + Renovare Opportunity FundULI Michigan District Council Co-chairLarson AlumThe mission of the Larson Center for Leadership is to cultivateleadership development by informing a select group of emergingleaders as to the transformative dynamics emerging withinMichigan’s real estate and land use industries, and to promote theirengagement in the process.

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Senior DirectorULI MichiganSenior AssociateULI MichiganAssociateULI Michigan

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