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Ladies Working Dog Group Welcome Pack

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Contents04 Get To Know UsMore about who we areand how The LadiesWorking Dog Groupbegan07What To ExpectOur general guidelines09Your PackageWhat's included in yourtailored package19 The LWDGServices & Extra'sDetails of the otherservices we offer24Frequently AskedQuestionsAnswers to our mostfrequently askedquestions26 Contact UsHow you can contact usdirectly

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I'm so excited you've decided to join us atThe Ladies Working Dog Group, we'rereally looking forward to getting started!The information in this pack is designedto answer your most frequently askedquestions, along with providing a betterunderstanding of who we are, and whatwe offer,Much Love, Jo xWELCOME,LWDG LADY FOUNDERwww.ladiesworkingdoggroup.comJoanne Perrott

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Jo Perrott started The Ladies Working Dog Group(TM) in 2015 as she was desperate to find the helpand advice of other ladies training working dogs. As a new female handler, Jo saw the need for atruly supportive community where women couldjoin together and learn. A place where womendidn't have to worry if a question was stupid, or ifshe didn't know what something meant. Today, over 4200 women engage with one anotherto provide a fun and empowering community, With hundreds of collective years of experience, wecan offer knowledge and advice to best supportyou, ensuring you don't feel overwhelmed...We put great emphasis on community, and webelieve that you knowing the next step in yourjourney will help you grow in confidence, leading tolong-term success and experience.We are a uniquecommunity of ladiesthat provide a safeand fun service tofemale working doghandlers across theUK, and othercountries. Get ToKnow UsThe Ladies WorkingDog Group is a placewhere female workingdog handlers connect,support & thrive

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Working dogs are a worldwide pastime, and the LWDG has membersfrom across the world. Our community is mostly made up of lovely ladies from the UK, andfrom Canada, the USA, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand,Hong Kong, and Botswana!Our members range in age from 18 to 65 years plus, and our inclusivewelcoming atmosphere ensures every lady is encouraged tocollaborate in the daily group conversations.GLOBALFRIENDSHIPSFROM YOURHOME We are honoured andhumbled to have a 99%retention rate of members,and growing support acrossour social media platforms.

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Member TestimonialsThis is my first masterclassand I loved it. Clear andstructured information inbite sized chunks. Traininga spaniel to relax is fundamental and something I have beenstruggling with when outand about. I am going tofollow this technique andstart with a raised bed...and It means I can getsome chores done also!Great masterclass andthanks for all you do xx Where's TheOff Switch M A S T E R C L A S SF E E D B A C K L u c y N i c c iI found the theory really interesting and good to know that itcorroborates with the other learning I have been doingrecently on this topic: Helen Gutteridge caninecommunication, and building resilience books, also the centreof excellence diploma on canine behaviour. Also, it’s veryencouraging that Bethany feels so comfortable inviting peopleto comment and debate with her on this topic. Écho's thewhole ethos of this group of being able to say what you thinkand feel / ask ‘silly’ questions and it be okay. Thank youBethany.Dog Communication M A S T E R C L A S S F E E D B A C KJ a i m eThanks for your email! I thought I'd reply as I tend to stalk thegroup more than take part in anything, although I have hadsome great help when I've asked for it. I love the groupbecause it's diverse, kind, supportive, interesting andinformative. I love that no-one snigger at the questions, no-one makes you feel silly for not knowing something and I lovethe positively. I'm new to dog training and you're right; it'shard work! But I adore the training, learning and partnership Ihave with my dog. Thank you for creating an amazing safespace for us all Safe Space For Us All...E M A I L F E E D B A C K Thank you so much forthis masterclass. I'm quitenew to the LWDG butloving everything about it. Iam very guilty of alwayshaving a negative view anddwelling on the things thathave gone wrong but thisclass has made me stopand think, actually I haven'tdone too badly with mydog this year.. We achievedthe KC working gundogcertificate on dummies,entered our first everworking test, are just aboutto complete our firstseason picking up.. I'mactually quite proud. Thankyou for thisEnd Of YearReview T R A I N I N G F E E D B A C K K e l l yReally helpful and encouraging, thank you LWDG always enjoylearning from each master class. Great to hear more aboutRewards and how to use them effectively - my 2 labs live forthem :)Using RewardsM A S T E R C L A S S F E E D B A C K F a y

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02 HonestyOur membershipstructure follows our corevalue of honesty. We'll always honour thecost you paid at joining, soif our membership rises,your costs won't. We are committed tokeeping membershipaffordable and ensuringthe free community canstill receive the support ofthe group. Society Members alsobenefit from regularinteractive opportunitesso that they can chat withus directly live, withworking dog trainers, andwith the other Societymembers. What To Expect01 CommunicationHaving people at hand tohelp you solve a problemis a huge factor tolearning as a working doghandler. Any time you aska question in our onlineFacebook Groups, you canbe sure that someone willcomment quickly withideas to move youforward. Also,The LWDG office isopen three days a week toanswer any other queriesyou may have. Our systemis transparent so you cancheck and control youraccount at any time,whether you have a freevisitor pass, or you are afully fledged societymember OUR CORE VALUES03 SupportTraining a working dognever takes the expectedcourse. It's never a straight pathand so we don't want youto struggle alone. Post inour Facebook groups,email a regional officer, orcall us! Do whatever it takes tohelp you get past theoverwhelm and moveforward. We will dropemails to you regularlyand check that you're ok. Regardless of the length of timeyou have been working a dog, yourcontribution to the conversation isalways welcome.

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At The LWDG we offertwo differentmembership optionsthat you can choosefrom. As a Society Member you have access to our exclusive masterclasstraining library, and receive new training masterclasses every month. You can access a range of incredible additional downloads andresources.Feel confident planning and carrying out the next stage of your dog'straining as we hold monthly workshops online. Know that your level of knowledge or your style of training will not bejudged by other society members. as you take part in our fortnightly'Dog & Duck' Live Coaching Events.Use The LWDG Society Member Lounge to get help with yourproblems from an exclusive community of like-minded lovely women. Take part in our monthly Q and A ' event. Access our daily calendar, events, and videos on our mobile app.Purchase exclusive LWDG Society Clothing.We only open the doors a few times each year to new society members.Free Visitor PassAs a Visitor Pass holder, you can find out more about the LWDG. We’llsend you a sneak peek & some goodies when you sign up. There’s nocharge, and we will send you our Magic Month Lite Dog Training Planner PDF free of charge too. What's included in your membership?Society MembershipThe Goods

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THE LWDG SERVICESThe following pages describe in detail the services andspecial events The LWDG hold for members at both levels.These pages will guide you through the array of support youcan get from us.

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Each part of the framework links to all theappropriate training content we offer somembers can easily work through those thatsuit their level. Training content will have thecorrect icons for the areas it covers. Where it covers more than one level, allrelevant icons will appear. Handler Success The Foundations The Novice DogIntermediate SkillsAdvanced Handling Sport SpecificWe want to help our members learn the skillsthey want, in a way they love. We have 6 mainsections of learning. OverviewWhat's IncludedThe LWDG SuccessFramework

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We began the LWDG Masterclass Libraryback in March 2019. It holds an incredibleamount of training videos from some of theUK's best trainers.Most of the videos are for Society Membersaccess only, however, there are a fewvideos we have made available to VisitorPass Holders. Every month we provide a brand newmasterclass on a range of topics that are ofinterest to female working dog handlers. Somemonths an additional bonus masterclass isadded too, so keep your eye out for these! We want to help our members learn the skillsthey want, in a way they love. We have 6 mainsections of learning. You can access the masterclass library here, orfrom the bottom page of any of our websitepages. OverviewWhat's IncludedMasterclass Library

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OverviewWhat's IncludedDog & Duck SessionsThe 'Dog and Duck' is our virtual 'happyhour' event every second Wednesday andfourth Monday of the month. We created this Zoom event as a responseto the Covid outbreak - but we love it somuch that it's now a permanent feature ofour monthly Society Member Calendar.At each session, Society Members jointogether on Zoom to chat about anyproblems they are currently facing with theirdog handling. We then work together to thinkabout possible solutions or ideas. It's great fun, and true friendships are formedas we get to know each other. You can join using the link found on yourmonthly calendar HERE or from your mobileapp, or from your monthly 'What's Happening'email.

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Open Community - The Ladies WorkingDog Group (Open to all ladies) The LWDG Society Members LoungeLWDG Marketplace (Open To All Ladies)Hot Mess Handler - LWDG 9 Week BasicsCourse (Invite only) There are now many Facebook Groups for ladiesto join in with if appropriate: ( Society Members Only)OverviewWhat's IncludedLWDGFacebookGroupsThe Ladies Working Dog Group started in2015 as a simple Facebook group. We nowhave so much more going on but we havestill maintained our wonderful freeFacebook Community to help every lady wecan.

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You can join in by visiting the MembersLounge Facebook Group here, or from yourmobile app, or from your monthly 'What'sHappening' email.We also record and add to the Units Sectioninside the Members Lounge Facebook GroupThe 'An Evening With' event takes placeon the third Monday of the month at 8.30pm. it is streamed via Zoom at 8.30 pm, and youcan ask the guest being interviewed anyquestions you wish about their life andbackground as a working dog handler OverviewWhat's IncludedAn EveningWith... Live Q&AInterviews

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What's IncludedThese lovely ladies can be contacted throughour website and on our Telegram RegionalGroups. After Covid restrictions are removed eacharea will have meet-up events that will beadvertised to Society Members.OverviewRegional &CountryOfficersAcross the UK we have a wonderful groupof women who are Regional Officers. Their role is to help you in your region. We are also looking for Country Officersto support our community in othercountries.

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What's IncludedHigh Tech doesn’t stop us from wanting tohave high-touch events. Once safe to do so, The LWDG will rearrangetraining days and meet-up events wheremembers can get together and say hello.We are committed in the LWDG tosupporting other rural businesses run bywomen, and where possible we collaboratewith other female business owners andtrainers. . OverviewGroup Meet-Ups 2020 was jam-packed full of plans formeet-up events, however, COVID changedour calendar. We will definitely bereinstating these days once it is possibleto do so.

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Access our Society Member Hub from yourphone using the LWDG Mobile App To download visit the Apple Store or GooglePlay and download an app called JUSTCOACH.Once downloaded, use the monthly link sent toyour email to access. Every month you will find on your mobile app thecalendar for the month ahead. This includes alllinks to events. You will also find your videos for the month'smasterclass, along with a general chat area forsociety members to communicate with eachmonth. OverviewWhat's IncludedLWDG Mobile App

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You sign up in our exclusive Society MembersClub on Facebook, match yourself with a partner.Each week you will get helpful conversationstarters so you get to know each other better.It’s up to you how much time you want to spendtogether and what goals you want to worktowards.If you are already a society member please go toourMentorshipsection in your Members Loungeto look for, or offer support.If you are not a full member of the LadiesWorking Dog Group, please visit ourbecoming amember pageand join to gain access.OverviewWhat's IncludedLWDG MentorshipProgrammeWe have a permanent mentorship programavailable to our Society Membership. You can build skills and share knowledgewith other members of our working dogcommunity.

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In addition, we also provide a variety of additional support andservices, to further grow your handling skills. To add any of thespecific extras to your membership, please follow the linksattached, or email us for further help. Please note some of theselinks will only work if you have the correct membership level. THE LWDG EXTRA'S

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SteadinessStop CueSit and WaitSelf ControlRetrievingRecallLost WhistleHeelworkThe Hot Mess Handler 9 week course launchedon the 1st of October 2020. Already over 200 women are engaged in this amazingfoundation-level course. Topics being covered:There are 9 weeks of weekly training on thequestions around each topic, plus a section eachweek for Q and A, course handbook, bonusbooklets, and more!We have a huge amount of support andtraining available for members. Howeverwe wanted a course that a new personcould complete to help them set thefoundations of their understanding. OverviewWhat's IncludedHot MessHandler -9Week BasicHandlerCourse (withlifetimeaccess)

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SteadinessStop CueSit and WaitSelf ControlRetrievingRecallLost WhistleHeelworkThe LWDG Working Dog Certificate launchedJune 2021There will be 4 different levels - Puppy, Novice,Intermediate, and Advanced. To enter you willneed to first watch the criteria videos. Foundationand Novice are already in place and certificatesare being sent out! After watching, film your dog completing thesame skill challenges, and then send the videosto our trainers for group assessment.There will be no-fail, you will either receive a passcertificate or be asked to resubmit once you haveimproved your skill on the required topic areas. Topics being covered:Access to The LWDG Working Dog CertificateSection of our website will be available to SocietyMembers From December onwards. Many of us would like to have the opportunityto have our working dogs skills evaluated byexperienced trainers. The LWDG Working DogCertificate allows this. OverviewWhat's IncludedThe LWDGWorking DogCertificate

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OverviewWhat's IncludedLWDGMerchandiseThe Ladies Working Dog Group has a widerange of practical clothing that’sembroidered for us at Tylers. We havebeen working with them for over a yearand the service has been fantastic.As a membership group, our products areembroidered to order and thereforedelivery dates are a few weeks. This alsogives you the opportunity to add your ownpersonalisation should you wish. The LWDG offers a range of hard-wearingproducts including sweatshirts, T-shirts,jackets, headwear, plus lots more.The general range is available to all, andthere is also an exclusive Society Memberrange. The standard range can be accessed hereThe Society Member range link can besent to you via email or through the link inthe Society Members Lounge FacebookGroup Please note you need to be logged in toaccess Society Member Only pages.

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OverviewWhat's Included:The LWDGMagic MonthPlannerThe Magic Month Planner – The Definitive DogTraining Journal is your place to plan, do andreview all of your amazing training! Use the planner to record what you do withyour dog to keep you from feeling confusedand stuck, and instead help you to develop afocused plan that will help you to achieve theresults you have been looking for. All Members receive a free LITE Version, andyou can purchase the hardcopy online here. Set goals for each month.Achieve goals and improve time management.Track your daily training activity.Review each month to improve yourperformance.Reflect on every year to see what you haveachieved.Keep Shoots Dates and other important detailsclose to hand.Limited Stock availability. Turnaround currently 1week the UK, and 3 weeks abroad.Beautiful Keepsake of you and your dog’s journey- over 460 pages.Hard Backed Gloss Cover that’s wipeable toprotect your journal.Wire Bound to make it simple to write in. Dedicated areas to keep details of importantcontacts, worming, vaccinations, and more.Purchase online HERE in the LWDG Shop.

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FAQ'sHow much does it cost tobecome a Society Member? It’s currently only £35 to join and try ourmembership out for the first 30 days, thenpay only £13.99 per month to be a LWDGSociety member.Membership payments can be made viadebit/credit card, or via Paypal. Alltransactions are secure, at no time do weas a club have access to your paymentdetails. All payments are secured by 256-encryption as we take your dataprotection as seriously as you do.Can I cancel at any time?Yes, but we hope you won’t! You can cancelreally easily from inside your membershipdashboard. Please note if you cancel and themembership cost has increased, you cannotcome back as a member at the old price.Can I pay annually ?We no longer offer this option. Why do you limit enrolmentperiods?We are absolutely dedicated to makingsure each and every one of our membersreceives the royal treatment when shejoins. We limit enrolment to one day a monthso we can create an experience wherenew members are warmly received,supported, and guided to all that theMembers’ Club has to offer.By holding dedicated enrolmentperiods,we can dedicate time andresources to welcoming each new “class”of members.Can I get a refund?We stand behind our promises. That meansonce you join us, you have 30 days to claim arefund if you feel like the SocietyMembership isn’t for you. After 30 days wedo not offer refunds. There are no refunds on LWDG clothing orthe Magic Month planner due to the nature of the products. Do I need to have a workingdog to join?No, not necessarily. We welcome passionatenewcomers!What are Masterclasses?We partner with brilliant experts to createcontent we know our members want andneed. Each month the skill being taught will be askill that our members are looking to masterin the areas of dog control, dog obedience,dog temperament, hunting, and retrieving.Masterclasses are included free of chargewithin your society membership cost.

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Some other resources to help yourYOU UPSKILL YOUR DOG TRAINING 'TRAIN SMARTER WITH OUR TRAINING AUDIT'Ever feel like you don't know where to start with your training? This free resource is all about getting clear on what needs to beworked on, why you need to work on it, and where you need tostart thinking outside the box. Grab our 'TRAIN SMARTERWITH OUR TRAINING AUDIT' and work out what it is youreally need to be focusing on.Have you ever wondered what you would do out trainingor on a shoot if your dog suddenly had a medicalemergency? Do you feel confident about knowing what todo?This free resource is a mini-course where you will learn whatyou need to carry in a first aid kit for a working dog. This shortcourse was created by Senior Vet, and Founder of Animal Love, Sophie Bell who specialises in Emergency and Critical Care.Ready, Steady, Sit - a FREE 5-day BONUS video challenge tohelp you learn the games and knowledge that gives you anunfair advantage when training your dog.This 5-day course is delivered by Featured Expert Leanne Smithwho will teach you so many mind-blowing learning momentsthat your understanding and your dog's steadiness will improvein ways you had only imagined!Click Here To AccessClick Here To Accessclick here to accessW W W.T H E L W D G.C O M | © 2 0 2 1

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Thank you, we arereally looking forwardto working with you!Stay connected with us on our:Facebook Page - The Ladies Working Dog GroupInstagram Page - @ladiesworkingdogsTel-07850 025076, Jo Perrott's direct numberOffice Email -