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        Aria Vochinpan is a young elf with the dreams of becoming more than just a princess. Using the help of her grandmother Vein Vochinpan she relizes her place in the Baipan kingdom.


       Aria likes to stay in nature comforting her friends. She can be seen spending countless hours in the roal gardens peeking over the wall that separates the Baipan kingdom from Etelinnon. The girl often wonders what started the feud between the two nerve recking knigdoms.

Aria Vochinpan 

Has white long strait hair 

Stormy blue eyes

Height: 5’8’’

Age: 21

Birthday: June 12th

Personality Traits: Shy, Sweet, Daydreamer, Brave, Adventurous.


A regular Earthling that finds a dragon egg in her garden. It triggers a adventure to Etelinnon where A Young Amir dragon risks his life to save her and their planet. Yukiko it curious about the whole experience and goes looking for the creature.

Yukiko Hisakawa

Black spiky hair

Black clear deep eyes ( galaxy )

Height: Human form is 6’(Dragon is Size of cat)

Age: 27

Birthday: Lunmar 8th

Personality Traits: Strong, Handsome, Very Opinionated, Mischievous,   

 Prince and a Warrior

Dragon Form:

Sharp smooth silky scales that glow with a blue aura, with bright luminescent eyes that are star speckled.


        The Amir of Etelinnon Kazuki wants there to be peace between the two lands. Having the ability of forming himself into a dragon Kazuki can go wherever he wants unseen. He enjoys being meschevious and prepareing to rule over Etelinnon. He is hiding the fact of a visit to Earth from his father King Shimizu. In his Struggles to keep the planet a secret he sneaks back to see Yukiko Hisakawa.


Kazuki Shimizu

Saname San

  1.           Saname San is Yukiko Hisakawa's best friend. While doing a school project with Yukiko she finds out that the boy she has been crushing on is actually an alien from another planet and he shares this secret with Yukiko. Outragged she yells at Kazuki wich causes him to return to Etelinnon wich makes Yukiko & Saname both sad.