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It's about Chuck Jones

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Chuck Jones, Famous Animator

this Booklet is about chuck jones and how he created the looney tunes and gaves a fun time after school. but also about his life.


Chuck Jones is a very famous animator.He was famous because of his work with merrie melodies or as people call it ''Looney Tunes." He was born on semptember 21,1912 at hollywood, where he obsereved hollywood stars. in 1936 he was hired by warner brothers (or back then Leon Schlesinger Studio.)   




Early Years 



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Chucks Jones was responsible for some very good childhood moments. He created Bugs Bunny on July 27th, 1937. Then later on created Tweety Bird in 1942, then Marvin the martian in 1948, then Speedy Gonzales in 1955.

Looney Tunes

Chuck Jones was responsible for many things. when he was young his dad put him to work at an animation studio. Later on he created Porky Pig in 1946, then Bugs Bunny with his famous quote, "Ah, whats up doc." and Chuck Jones said "im not drawing Bugs Bunny, im drawing pictures of Bugs Bunny.

Chuck Jones 

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