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cellabrating gupta

Wlecome to the ancient festival we will be hosting a festival to celabrate the gupta empires achivments on April  30 2017  at  2:00 pm


The Cost to get in is $5.00               


We hope you will enjoy your time at  the ancient festival's  Gupta cellabration


Why should you come?


The ancient festival gupta cellaberation help  people know all about their achievements.Another is to learn what they have done  that may help us today.use it today. It also helped  us to where we are now. 


water bottle   $1.00


chicken flatbread sandwich              $ 2.50


 chicken and lentil soup                $1.50


chickpea and lentil soup               $1.50


cinnamon flatbread with cinnamon yogurt dip(optional)        $2.00


lemonade $1.00


coffee     $1.25  

The  menu 





You can make a gupta sculpture



you get to paint your own gupta painting.





we have three different workshops.



you get to make your own road way(out of clay)

pick the universities


you have 5 chances to through a ball in the best university(a cup)

pass the trade


you have different pieces of trade and 4 people in a group and youn have to pass it to all your teamates the team with the most trade passed wins



Some own will come and demenstrate the type of mathamatics.

you can win a 

goat stuffed animal.

 It helps you see  one

 of the ways they got

 their  food.

you can allso win a sword necklace.

It shows that they did some metal work.

you can win a painting canvas because it helps show that the gupta people did many paintings.