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Islamic Art

Islamic Mosque


Much of the most famous and popular architectures we see based off of the Islamic culture were actually made for religion. These detailed,hand-crafated, works of art were created on the inent of religious pratcticing and praising. These architectures including Mosques,Tombs,Palaces, and Forts.

One of the most popular forms of design and art we still use today is the Mosaic pattern. This popular form of art was created by the Isalamic culture as it was found on many of their fabrics,poterry,and achritecture. The mossaic pattern can be achieved by arrnging together small colored shapes and pieces.

Mosaic Pattern

Islamic Mosaic Pattern


Arabesque is an ornamental design consisting of intertwined flowing lines. It was a design originally created by the Isalmic culture. In much of today's Isalmic art you may see this pattern as well as in many architectures found in the middle eastern.

Arabesque piece found in Spain

Islamic caligraphy being practiced

Islamic Caligraphy

Islamic caligrahy was the practice of artistic handwritting originated from the Islamic culture. It is based off of the isalmic alphabet and is still shared as it is one of the imporant factors of the islamic heritages. Caligraphy is also considered the highest form of Islamic art.

Islamic ceramics and pottery were very popular and still are being made in the Islamic culture. These pieces of art incorporated many of the pattern created by the Islamic culture as well as symbols of spirituailty from the bible Qur'an.

Islamic Ceramics