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        Abandoned Pets 





       Presented by-  Kiley F Rolfe 

     Chapter 4- Life or Death 

    Chapter 1- Rehoming Dogs 


  About the Auther 

  Chapter 3-  Relying on the Community  

  Chapter 2- Teens  Make a Difference 


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       In this book you will be learning about how  orginazations help animals in need. There are going to be 4 chapters to give you the infomation that you need to help get started and help animals in need. Make sure you have the tissues out, and if you have a pet too make sure you love it and take care of it.


        Faye Carry started working at the Animal Control last November. She picked up a puppy on her first day of voleteering  and she felt bad for him becuase he was still their on her last day of volenteering. And she decided to stay and keep volenteering and she put him on TradeMe and got a lot of intrest and he went to a great home in Auckland. 




      "With Faye's work she has been able to rehome dozens of dogs and is able to give them to loving and caring homes."- says Mr. Oliver 

 Intro- In this chapter you will be learning of how one teen age girl rehomes dozens of dogs a day. By adopting a pet, you can give it a second chance at life. 

   Chapter 1- Rehoming Dogs  

   You know how some teen age girls go to the mall, and paint their nails and other things. Well not this 16 year old teen; instead, Faye Carry volunteers every Friday at her local Animal Control helping dogs in need and that also need adopting.




    Evan if your young you can still make a difference by donating animal food, blankets, and toys, with your family, freinds, or evan just by your self.

   Faye spends 3 hours each night organising meeting for people to meet the pets and also replying to emails. 

  Even though Faye is a teen and still has a couple more years of high school she hopes to keep working with animals."I'd love to have a career in Animal Control. I quite enjoy dealing with people and making a difference."- Faye Carry 

    Most of the dogs that come to the pound are roaming free ( strays )or are abandoned. Becuase of Faye Carrys HARD WORK,  she has been able to give homes to more then 60 dogs. And the pound recieves 20 dogs a day so thats a big acomplishment for a pound.


   She also has a Facebook page called-Animal Rehome Waikato, where she puts out puppies and dogs that need adopting. 

 Some teens want to help, on Saterday, May 23 high schoolers volenteered at the B.A.R.K.S Animal Shelter. The group all started by a sophmore named Amanda Innuzzi. The group meets every Tuesday and they have come a long way. What they do is try to stop animal crulity and stop exsperiments on animals. They have also worked hard by scrubing cages, re-painting and cleaning. Evan though cleaning isn't the funest but all that they cared about was that the  animals had a nice place to sleep and to also stay. 

    There are sertent animal that come to the B.A.R.K.S that need sertent treatment, and the group raised unuf money to give thoughs animals that need that treatment. 


  Intro- In this chapter you will be learning about how Teens help Animal Shelters after natural disasters, and clean the cages. Ayna Agarwal will also be in this chapter

 Chapter 2- Teens Make A Difference 

  Natural Disasters are one of the things that can destroy Animal Shelters by the coast or evan in land. They also get very emotional  by how many pets get droped  of after natural disasters. Floods and hurricans put animals in different places that are abandoned  and that need help and care. 

  When she first begain she wasnt taken seriously becuase of her age. She was turned away at her first shelter when she asked if she could volenteer. Now that she is older her organsation is drawing a lot of attention. 

   All over the world there is a bunch of un-fixed dogs that were roaming the streets and were having litters and litters, over populating the streets with dogs. "Each country has its own stray animal crisis and there are different reasons to why they have this crisis."- Ayna Agerwal

    "The biggest reward was making a difference for animals."- Ayna Agarwal

    Another teen activis is Ayna Agarwal. She started an organization to help stop over population of animals, it was called "SPOT Globally". She teaches communities all over the world non- helped animals can become a threat to humans, like raybes. 

    It all started when she took a trip to India, "I was in the car with my family and I saw a little puppy wondering on the road," Ayna said. "She had a had a hurt leg, and a car came by an didn't swerve, stop or anything, they just ran her over." That was when she relized that she wanted to start helping animals. 


  A big way to help Animals Shelters is to of coarse adopting a pet. The animals would love to go to a good home, but they do have to wait for the right person, the right home, and at the right time they'll fing the right family.

   A couple of weeks ago an Animal Shelter had an adoption event, and they gave 65 animals new homes in just two days. They kept there trucks moving between the  shelter and the adoption event. The community helped by  adopting those 65 animals and giving them lovley homes.


  Chapter 3- Relying on the Community

 Into- In this chapter you will be learning on how the community helps Animal Shelters by adopting giving money to help. 

     Animals Shelters rely on the Community, thats becuase they give pet food, blankets, and most inportantly they help raise money and then donate it to their local Animal Shelter, that means a lot to them.

   If Communitys didn't help Animal Shelters then Sheleters would be too busey to take in any more animals and would be poor and maybe shut down.

    You know how Animals Shelter are soppost to keep and pertect there animals, well some shelters only keep them for a sertant amount of time. Animals Shelters are sopposted to keep them untill they get adopted and if they can't then there are types of charitys and orginazations that give those animals a second chance at life, to not be abused or homless. 

   By donating Blankets, Toys, and pet food, you are making a big difference to the animals and to the Shelter. When I mean to the Shelter I mean by that they don't have to spend money to get that stuff, but by saviving it they can focus more on the animals.

   Into- In this chapter you will be learning about how some Animals Shelters keep there animals for so long.

  Chapter 4- Life or Death 


   When the communitys donate money to the Animals Shelters they can help update the shelter if it hasn't been, bye new supplies for cheaking the animals, and also to make a bigger shelter with more cages, to hold more animals that need there help. The community is a big help to Animals Shelters all over the world. 

   Some Animal Shelters let there animals stay for about 2 weeks before killing them. Others a 3 days. And they also sometimes only let thrm stay for a few hours, and at the most a few weeks or months.

  But the orgizations that take them home give them a lot more times, so instead of death they give them a second chance at life.

   The animals that are in the Shelter are probley scared and that don't know whats going on, and when you have to go and kill them, then they know that they'll never get to have a loving familey. But if you give them to a orgization, then they'll be able to find a good home faster then a shelter ever would have. And when the shelters are to full to take in another animal then they could always give them to a foster home untill they gave most of the other animals a caring home.

 "Iv'e always thought that is seems hypocritical for shelters to say that they save lives only to kill them. Animal welfare is agreat passion of mine and of maney others, as well. This is one way I can be there voices"- 


 Hypocritical- Saying something when they really don't do it.

 Welfare- Well taking care of.

  Natural Disasters- It is a natural event that is caused by nature.

 Rehome- When you are giving another home.

 Animal Control- A group of people that get dogs, cats, etc. and keep them for as long as possible.


 Another chance at life or death-


Ayna Agarwal made a difference-


Teens help animal shelter -  


Animal homlessness is a comunity challange-


Faye Carey-


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  Kiley Rolfe is a hard working, positive, and freindly student. She goes to H.D.M. School, and loves it there. She playes two sports, Baseball( Little League) and soccer. Kiley has five pets, four dogs and one parakeet, there names are Jasper, Gryffon, Bella, Jupiter, and CC. Her favorite hobbys are, dog sledding, archery, and reading. " I hope you enjoyed the Ebook." 

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