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By Tess Korten 






By Tess Korten


Dedicated to all


the chocolate


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The answer is C, chocolate stamps! Crazy, right? Other than that, Lays actually invented chocolate dipped/flavored potato chips.


This quiz will test your chocolate knowlege. Do you know chocolate that well?

1. What did the Belgiums invent out of the flavor of chocolate?

2. How many cacao beans does it take to make one pound of chocolate?

A. Chocolate flavored Shoes

B. Chocolate flavored potato chips

C. Chocolate flavored stamps

D. Chocolate flavored pens

A. 400

B. 700

C. 60

D. 200

The answer is A, 400 beans. Imagine how much planting cacao farmers have to do!




Shopping for chocolate


When either at the drugstore, supermarket, or any confectory you will notice that there is always a particular section for chocolate. When you walk down the aisle and look at the  chocolate, you are sure to find many varieties of chocolate. This is so because Americans have a hearty appetite for the food. They Take in approximately 2.8 BILLION pounds of chocolate in a year. That comes to about 11 pounds of chocolate per person in America alone.





 Chocolates yummy history has been around for at least 4000 years. By the way, that's a very long time! It was even invented before electricity and the telephone. In fact, it was invented before a lot of things. The history goes way back to ancient times.


When the Aztecs and the Mayans discovered chocolate, they made a traditional chocolate spice drink. The royal family had it almost everyday and even at weddings. The tribes of the Aztecs and Mayans believed that the chocolate they drank had Magical powers. This made them want to consume more and more. Also, when chocolate was so valuable, the Aztec empire forced their people pay their taxes in chocolate!

Later on, in Spain, a spanish king had tried the delicacy and was trying to keep the secret of chocolate so he could have it all to himself. Unfortunately for him, his daughter let the secret out. Once the secret was out, chocolate spread to some of the countries in Europe. After this, Hernan Cortes went on a journey to find gold. He came back with loads of chocolate and the citizens of Spain were more than surprised, and pleased. There was enough to go around.


Next in 1828, Johannes Van Houten invented the cocoa press. A cacao press is a machine that makes chocolate in a solid form, not liquid. Johannes Van Houten also made chocolate affordable. He lowered the price and sold it in more places.

When Johannes Van Houtens company went to a rest, J.S. Fry and Sons opened, and they created the world's first chocolate bar in 1847.

Now, delicious chocolate companies are very successful. Hershey's, Cadbury, and Mars are just some! Other successful companies are Toblerone, Ghirardelli, and Nestle. All of these companies have many kinds of candy bars. They consist of tons and tons of scrumptious chocolate. Hershey's even has a water park and a amusement park called Hershey Park!



Myths about




Sometimes you may hear bad things about chocolate and not want to eat it, touch it, or look at it because you know it would be a bad choice. But what if I told you that those myths aren't true? you're going to want to hop in the car and take a ride to Hershey park. Some people believe that chocolate is high in caffeine. But it's not. One chocolate bar has the amount of caffeine of one cup of decaffeinated coffee. Crazy right? Other chocolate haters think that chocolate isn't nutritious in any way possible. Chocolate actually has magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron. Chocolate can also help you prevent diseases! A miracle! Some other myths about chocolate is that it can cause cavities, it can cause diseases, and are packed with saturated fats. Have you ever heard more of the cruel myths that people make up about innocent and delicious chocolate?







chocolate is






Plucking and

opening the pods


In the forest, when the cacao pods are perfectly ripe in a green shade, farmers go deep into the green sea and pluck the pod of of the tree with a special tool. They use a special tool because cacao pods are actually very fragile and can damage easily. Special car and handling is needed for the fragile pods. Instead, they are collected in many baskets and take the pods on a long journey to get processed. At the processor, the cacao pods are ripped open, and inside are bitter cacao beans.



How chocolate is produced


Plucking and opening the pods

In the forest, when the cacao pods are perfectly ripe in a green shade, farmers go deep into the green sea and pluck the pod of of the tree with a special tool. They use a special tool because cacao pods are actually very fragile and can damage easily. Special car and handling is needed for the fragile pods. Instead, they are collected in many baskets and take the pods on a long journey to get processed. At the processor, the cacao pods are ripped open, and inside are bitter cacao beans.


The process of chocolate

Banana Leaves




Of The


Cacao Seeds 



 The bitter beans are scooped out of the pod and placed on large trays or placed under banana leaves. The farmers mix the seeds around every hour or so, so they get the exact amount of sunlight to be heated just right. But sometimes, The sun heats them up perfectly and the farmers don't need to mix them. When the seeds are heated by the sun, they will turn a light brown. Surprisingly, this process takes about five to eight days. This part of the process is an example of why chocolate can only be grown in hot and sunny places because the sun dries the seeds.



Drying the






After the cacao seeds are heated, they are again placed evenly on trays. They do nothing but lay them out and let them dry for about one week. After they dry, the cacao beans will be less than half of their weight from before! They are then packed into sealed bags and boxes. The bitter cacao beans are then shipped to all different chocolate factories.







When they arrive at the factories, they are then roasted which makes them a chocolate nib and then are turned into chocolate liquor. They then add a sweet mixture with granulated sugar and milk to the chocolate liquor mixture. This sweet mixture is what makes chocolate have a sweet taste. After a long journey, the chocolate is shipped to the molding factory which makes many different shapes. The molding factory also adds ingredients to some chocolate to make different kinds of it.






Religious and






of chocolate

Back in history, chocolate was very important to the tribes and the people of the land. They believed it had magical powers so they honored it as much as they could. One way the Aztecs and the Mayans honored chocolate and its powers was having a chocolate drink at weddings that they fed to each other. They fed this to each other for a sweet and happy marriage. Also, in weddings, they trade their cacao beans with one another to symbolize love and respect.


A Mayan couple getting married (The white objects in the basket are cacao beans).

They trade these pods with the beans insides









Sure, you've heard of white, milk, and dark chocolate but have you heard of Semisweet, and bittersweet chocolate? Semi-sweet chocolate is an even amount of dark chocolate and milk chocolate mixed together to have the more than perfect balance.  Bittersweet chocolate is also known as unsweetened chocolate and it has a tiny bit of sugar and a lot of cocoa butter. Comparing it to semi sweet chocolate, it has less sugar and more chocolate liquor. Cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor are even a thing! Cocoa solids are grounded down into powder and turned into cacao powder that can be used for baking. Cacao butter is the fat from the bean and can usefully make chocolate. Chocolate liquor is chocolate nibs melted. It is used for baking because it is to bitter to have alone.



How to eat








You're sitting there, eating your hershey kiss for dessert. Your enjoying it so much and you wonder…what are the other ways i can eat chocolate? Eating chocolate can be simple as devouring in a candy bar or inhaling a hershey kiss. There are multiple amounts of ways you can eat chocolate. But have you heard the weird combinations that chocolate have together, what to have with it, and how to eat it?


Chocolate is widely used in baked treats like chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and chocolate brownies. You can also cut it off of a block so it turns out to be shredded pieces. The good thing about shredded pieces of chocolate is that you can eat one by one and savor it for as long as you want. You can also melt it to create chocolate syrup, or stick it in a smore to make a delicious combination. Another way to drink it is to make rich hot chocolate with lots and lots of dusty marshmallows.

Have you ever tried to dip something in chocolate like bananas or nuts? Well if you haven't, you might want to get onto that. You can literally dip it in ANYTHING. Fruits, wafers, cookies, marshmallows, and other chocolate are just some of the things you can dip it in. but you can also soak it in whatever your heart desires.

Also, whenever you're eating the rich, heavy tasting chocolate, you might crave a tall glass of milk. Milk is the perfect thing to have with chocolate because it contains a lot of fats and waters. chocolate contains a lot of glucose (which is sugar). Milk will make the chocolate taste less strong but don't worry, it won't ruin the joy of eating the chocolate. The combonation actually enhances the pleasure of eating chocolate. It is an amazing little treat to have with your chocolate, no matter what kind!










benefits of



















why it is







Chocolate is known as a delicious food from billions of people across the world. Some people think chocolate is special because it makes you feel happy, it relaxes you, or it's just plain old good! But there's not only those reasons why chocolate is special, there is actually other ways that it can help your health. After I tell you how chocolate can help your health, you might want to grab some out of the cabinet or fridge because this is going to make you crave chocolate.

One way that dark chocolate to your health is it lowers cholesterol levels. Chocolate includes a natural chemical that is shown to make peoples cholesterol levels lower. Lower cholesterol is better than high because when you are on a high level of cholesterol often, eventually you can get a disease that affects your arteries.


Another way that dark chocolate can help your health is lowering the risk of heart disease. If you eat chocolate every day it can reduce the risk of heart disease by a tiny bit. A new study is that scientists recommend to have tiny doses of chocolate all throughout the day. Eating chocolate throughout the day can lower the risk even more. like I said before, chocolate is hearty!


Wacky Ways To  


Use Chocolate



Making chocolate as a ganache, frosting or milk is normal. But have you heard of using it as a salmon crust? Using chocolate as a salmon crust might sound a little gross, but most people say it actually tastes pretty good. Another wacky way to use chocolate is to put a tiny amount in chili so the flavor gets bolder. Those were just some of the things you can do with chocolate. There is also, dusting chocolate onto a salad, putting it on a chicken sandwich or stuffing it in ravioli instead of the original stuffing. Do you think you can figure out other crazy ways to use chocolate?

A Sweet Ending

No matter where you are, where you get your chocolate, or how you eat it, you are

enjoying something that is rich in many things. Flavor, history, culture, and tradition. Chocolate can change a mood, brighten a day, increase your health, and put a smile to your face. You can even bake or make fun creations out of the sweet stuff! So when offered a piece of chocolate, there is no reason to say no.



I have taken a poll with several people to determine which kind of chocolate they like best overall. Here are the results...














































What you will need:

Any type of chocolate

A bowl

Parchment paper

A cookie tin

dried fruit or nuts... Or anthing!

A freezer




Take chocolate chips and place them in the bowl. You want to place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. When the 30 seconds are done, mix the chocolate and set another 30 seconds in the microwave until fully melted.

Take the chocolate out of the microwave and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Place the parchment paper on the cookie tin and sprinkle whatever you want on it. It doesnt even have to be fruit or nuts, it can be anything! Place it in the freezer for about 3 hours. If it is not how you like it, leave it in for longer.

Enjoy your scrumptious chocolate bark!





Facts about chocolate



Toblerone bars are availible in 122 countries! Toblerone was also sold many times to different companies.

Cadbury  was the first company to sell chocolate in a heart shaped box.

The Hershey  factory makes more than 70 million Kisses in ONE day!

Mars owns 29 chocolate brands, not only the classic mars bar. you most likely know Them today. Two of the brands that you may know and are owned by mars are m & m's and snickers.