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Kong's Booklet of Poems

By: Kong Yang

Found Poem                                                                                             2

Blackout Poem                                                                                         3

ABC Poem                                                                                                 4

Cinquain Poem                                                                                         5

Haiku Poem                                                                                             6

Bio Poem                                                                                                 7

Shape Poem                                                                                             8

Acrostic Poem                                                                                          9

Elegy Poem                                                                                            10

Tanka Poem                                                                                           11

List Poem                                                                                               12

Limerick Poem                                                                                     13

Senryu Poem                                                                                        14

Epitaph Poem                                                                                       15

Diamante Poem                                                                                    16

Author Bio                                                                                           17           


Poem: Found Poem

Title : Why'd You Have To Call Me Stupid

I’ve been trying to fix my feelings,

Hope they heal but they never do,

That’s because I’m at war with you,

You call me stupid,

Felt like you set me on fire,

Shot me across the sky,

Poured acid rain on me,

You could say that’s how it felt,

I try to fix you,

But it looks like you’re never gonna change


Poem: Black Out

Title: Tom Brady, the Greatest of All Time

Poem: ABC Poem

Title: Carving For An Apple

A- pples are good

B- ecause they are sweet

C- an’t stand green apples

D- on’t really like the yellow ones either

E- ven though I prefer peaches

F- or once I’m craving an apple


Poem: Cinquain

Title: Man's Best Friend


Furry, Hairy

Running, Jumping, Wagging

Man's true best friend



Trees swaying around

Leaves all falling to the ground

Leaves are ground bound

Poem: Haiku

Title: Tree Leaves


Great, Gifted, Clever, Victorious

Player for Bill Belichick

Mother, Father, Giselle

Excitement, Sorrow, Glee

Loss, Sacks, Interceptions

5 Super Bowl Wins

Super Bowl Win, Breaking Records

San Mateo, California


Poem: Bio Poem

Title: The G.O.A.T.

                                    Soccer is many things

                         It is fun to play in, but boring to watch

                  It has had many great players who have played it

             Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, & more

         Great comebacks have occurred in this sport we call soccer

       Comebacks such as the 4 and 0 comeback of Barcelona vs PSG

     Watching games between ameture teams can very boring for some

    But it is games betweens top tier teams that are fun to watch for me

   Although crazed fans may praise the game and make it seem top notch

     Behind all the support that soccer receives from its fans and players

      Soccer also has its own faults, many faults at that my I say so myself

         This game called soccer is filled with many mistakes in my opinion

            Such as the penalty shootout, which clearly favors the shooter

              Which leaves the goalkeeper with a huge task at hand, a task

                 Which requires one to stop a ball that is coming at 70 mph

                      Which starts at about only 12 yards from the goal line

                             Now isn’t this just flawed in so many ways

                                           Many viewers feel as if it is


Poem: Shape Poem

Title: Soccer To Me

Poem: Acrostic

Title: What Is Soccer

S- occer is a sport

O- n a field is where it's played

C- an’t commit a foul or penalty

C- leats are recommended

E- ndurance is required

R- eally fun if played with friends


Poem: Elegy

Title: My Friend Soccer

I enjoy you

I can play you all day


All those great moments

I had while play you


If you ever went away

I wouldn’t know what to do


Hope I’ll have you forever, soccer

You’re the best thing ever


Poem: Tanka

Title: Lionel Messi

Soccer is so great

It is filled great players

Players like Leo Messi

Who can score like no other

And dribble like no other

Poem: List

Title: Ronaldo's Goal

Ronaldo received the ball and ran

He ran and ran past the man

Then he dribble past the defender

Who looked all a bit too slender

Then he flicked the ball in the air

Which gained him all the stares

He then kicked the ball with such great power

As if it was a flying saucer

The ball flew with such immense speed

Into the goal, which gave Real Madrid the lead

Poem: Limerick

Title: The Stick

There was a farmer with a wiggly stick

Although he thought it was a broken broomstick

It seemed a bit funky

And just a bit wonky

Turns out it was a snake, not a broomstick

Poem: Senryu

Title: The Fall

It was a small fall

A slippery, small fall at that

It was very painful

Poem: Epitaph

Title: Kong's Inscription

That’s all I got for ya folks

Poem: Diamante

Title: Futbol & Football


Exhausting, Tiring

Running, Kicking, Catching

Dribbling past each and every last defender

Catching, Snapping, Tackling

Fun, Exhilarating


Author Bio

Kong Yang was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  He is currently enrolled at Paris High School as a sophmore.  He enjoys activites such as playing soccer, playing video games, and outdoor activites.  Although he reads, he hates reading with a passion.