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About UsBuy post material by the foot, components or complete kits.Large inventory for fast turnaround on stock items.57 Aileron CourtWestminster, MD410.848.2900 410-848-2900Fax 410-861-5290Our goal is to provide high quality, built to order aluminum sign products for our clients. If you are looking for quality and flexibility at a reasonable price ... we can help.Our products are built using heavy-wall aluminum to withstand the elements and outlast our competitors' products.Let our 20 years of experience in the sign industry help you expand your product line and your bottom line.QUALITY BUILT TO LASTALL CONTENTS © 2019–2020. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.CATALOG ITEMS AND DESIGNS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 1LET US EXPAND YOUR PRODUCT LINER Designer Traffic ControlR Multi-panel SLAT signsR Wayfinding systemsR Interpretive displaysR Sandblasted HDU panelsR Routed HDU & PVC panelsR Banner brackets & postsR Specialty sign extrusionsR Complete post & panel systemsR Drop-in sign & display systemsR Hanging brackets made to orderR Community reader boardsR Banner framesR Post bases & finialsR Mailbox postsR Custom fabrications from your drawingsR Dimensional Lettering

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Table of ContentsHow to use this catalogThis catalog is a showcase for the various product and product lines that we carry. Many of the products and configurations in this catalog may also be customized to fit your needs. The "scale man" image is 72" (6 ft.) tall and is not intended for use as precise measurement, but for visual reference. The figure may change size based on the scale of the items on a given page, but is always relatively scaled to 72." Photo samples and Gallery page images are not shown to scale.Accessories....................................... 64Architectural DisplaysFlag Mount, Wall Mount, & Post.... 21,22Banner FramesEasy Change ....................................... 33 Rope Banner Frames .......................... 34Banner Posts........................................ 35Banner Brackets & Accessories........... 36BasesRound Posts and Bases........................ 61Square Posts and Bases....................... 62Box SignsEconoBox: 2-inch................................. 43EconoBox: 3-inch................................. 44Retainer Box......................................... 50City CollectionDesigner Series.................................... 19Configurations and Panel Shapes........ 20Colors, Powder-Coat......................... 60Community Reader Boards......... 37,38Dimensional Letters & Graphics... 39,40EconoPost & Arm2-, 3- and 4-inch................................... 15Finials.................................................. 63Flush Face Box................................... 49Gallery.................................................... 52Hanging Brackets.......................... 17,18Installation.......................................... 65Interpretive Displays..................... 13,14Mailbox Posts.................................... 66Post & Arm......................................... 16Post and Panel2-, 3- and 4-inch................................... 31Standard Panel Shapes....................... 32Post SystemsIntroduction.................................... 23,24 Channel Frames............................. 25,26Cross Arms..................................... 27,282-Inch Economy.............................. 29,30Posts, StandardRound Posts and Bases....................... 61Square Posts and Bases....................... 62Retainer BoxRetainer Box........................................ 50Retainer FramesIntroduction..................................... 45,46Standard Sizes................................. 47,48Wall Mount.......................................... 51Gallery.................................................. 52Routed HDU Panels.......................... 42Routed Polycarve.............................. 41Routed PVC Panels........................... 41Slat SignsIntroduction........................................ 53Gallery................................................. 54Sample Sizes and Configurations........... 55,56,57,58Wall Mount........................................ 59Traffic Control, Decorative3-inch Round Posts......................... 3,4,54-inch Round Posts............................... 6Square Posts......................................... 7Custom Gallery...................................... 8Backers.................................................. 9Accessories......................................... 10Wall Pans............................................ 51WayfindingDirectionals...................................... 11,12Important Note about Colors:Actual colors will vary from the colors depicted throughout this catalog and on page 60. 2

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3500-3-CCBUnits available for use with 6" or 9" blades (Sign Blades shown are not included.)See pages 61–63 for more options.BASES ACCESSORIES300-Victorian w/logo• Choose from Logo Holders or Blade Finials to create your unique design.• Blade Holders are designed to hold extruded or flat blades up to 1/4" thick.RB353B3DB3A3P3DP3DCBall Deco Ball Acorn Pineapple Deco DomePineapple CapCAP/CROSS-BLKCAP/CROSS-RAWVictorian Blade Holder with Pineapple Blade FinialVictorian Blade Holder with Ball Blade FinialRetro Logo Panel with Retro Blade HolderVictorian Logo Panel with Victorian Blade HolderRLP VLP3-Victorian-PBFBLADE HOLDERSDecorative Traffic Control: 3-Inch Round Posts300-CCB-SB100-3 Series300 Series350 Series500-3 SeriesFB34-S100 Retro w/logoFB34-R500-3 Series base300 Series base100-3 Series base300 Series base

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4Decorative Traffic Control: 3-Inch Round Posts300-30-SB500-3 YIELD350-DSB300-DNERS35-SLSB35R-SLPRS35 baseSB35-R base350 series base500-3 Series base300 Series baseFB34-S-SBFB34-R-SB100-3-SLRB35-NP3HC-18x123DB finialOptional Sign Holder RingsOptional oversized Sign Backer covers back of sign and creates black border on face side.300 Series baseShown in optional Verdi Green100-3 Series baseFB34-R baseFB34-S base100-3 baseRB-35 base3" fluted post3P finial3DB finial3DP finial3B finial3A finial3B finial3B finial3DP finial3DB finial3DC finial3DB finial100-3-SB3-30-SB

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5Decorative Traffic Control: 3-Inch Round Posts350-DBH-9300-DBH-9-SB300-CBH-9Shown in Verdi Green300-SBHC-99"x36"9"x36"6"x36"300-PBH-9SB35-R-PBH-6300-DBH-9All models shown with 3" smooth posts.350 Series base3DB finial300 Series base300 Series base300 Series base3DB finial3B finialSB35-R base300 Series base3DP finial3B finial9"x36"9"x36"9"x36"9"x30"3P finialFB34-R-SBH-6-SBFB34-R base3P finial6"x36"3P finial300 Series base

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6Decorative Traffic Control: 4-Inch Round Posts500-CBH-9500-PBH-9400-SBH-9300-4-DLBH-9400-DBH-9500-SBH-9500-PBH-9-SB400-PBH-9-SBAll models shown are available using 4" smooth or fluted posts.4DB finial300-4 Series base500 Series base500 Series base400 Series base4DB finial4DB finial4DB finial4DP finial400 Series base500 Series base400 Series base500 Series base4DP finial4DP finial4DP finial

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7Decorative Traffic Control: Square Posts9"x36"9"x36"9"x36"9"x30"9"x36"OSB4-PBH-94SB finialSB46-DLBH-9SB46-NB-CBH-9-SBOSB4-PBH9-SB6"x36"9"x36"SB46NB-SBH-69"x36"SB46-PBHL-94S-PBHMB-99"x36"OSB-4 baseSB46-NB baseSB46 baseSF4B finialSF4P finialSF4B finial4SB finialSF4B finialSF4P finialSF4B finialOSB-4 baseSB46 baseSB46-NB baseSB46 baseSB46-PBHV-9

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8Decorative Traffic Control: Custom

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9Decorative Traffic Control: BackersDecorative Backers are available for all standard D.O.T. traffic control panels — in flat-cut aluminum (FB) OR upgraded backers with a raised border (RBB)WE STOCK H.I.P. STOP SIGNS, SPEED LIMIT, YIELD, HANDICAP, ETC.SIGN HOLDER RINGSFB-26x20RBB-26x20FB-32x26RBB-32x26FB-26-YRBB-26-YFB-32-YRBB-32-YFB-38-YRBB-38-YFB-26-SRBB-26-SFB-32-SRBB-32-SFB-38-SRBB-38-SFB-26-DRBB-26-DFB-32-DRBB-32-DFB-38-DRBB-38-DFB-26-SQRBB-26-SQFB-32-SQRBB-32-SQFB-38-SQRBB-38-SQRBB-32-SRaised Border BackerFB-MPRBB-MP8"x14"FB-HC RBB-HC20"x14"FB-HCMP RBBB-HCMP26"x14"SHR3-SFFits 3" O.D..080 thicknessSHR4-SFFits 4" O.D.SHR3-DF-SCFits 3" O.D.SHR4-DF-SCFits 4" O.D.Raised Border BackerFlat Border BackerSign.75" wide raised borderSignCustom shapes, colors and sizes available26"x20"26"32"38"32"x26"26"26"32"32"32"26"38"38"38"

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10Decorative Traffic Control: Accessories• Paddle Blades are fabricated using 1/4" aluminumplate and are precision-routed to shape.• Available with channel mounting bracket for thru- bolting to post, or with slip-collars for 3" or 4" posts.• Available in 6" and 9" or custom shapes and sizes.• Available in 6" and 9" heights and lengths from 24" to 48."Custom Sizes are available.• Decorative Blade Holders are fabricated out of aluminum and can be built to hold nearlyall types of D.O.T. blades.BLADE HOLDERS PADDLE BLADESPBH-6PBH – 6"x36"SBH-6SBH – 6"x36"DLBH-6DLBH – 6"x30"PBH-9PBH – 9"x48"DBH-9DBH – 9"x48"CBH-9CBH – 9"x48"HBH-9HBH – 9"x36"DBH-6DBH – 6"x36"SBH-9SBH – 9"x48"DLBH-9DLBH – 9"x48"MD-HBHMD-HBH – 9"x48"SBHC-3 • SBHC-4Available for 3" or 4" poleSBHC – 9"x36"SBH-3 • SBH-4Available for 3" or 4" poleSBH – 9"x36"LOGO BLADESPBR-CL1-9(pictured)PBR-CL1-6PBR-CL2-9(pictured)PBR-CL2-6PBR-CL3-9(pictured)PBR-CL3-6Sign Blades shown not includedPBHL-9x36PBHMB-9x36PBHV-9x36PBHMB – 9"x36"PBHL – 9"x36"PBHV – 9"x36"Standard Paddle ShapesStandard Sizes6"x30" or 9"x36"(custom sizes and shapes available)PB-APB-BPB-CPB-DPB-EPB-FPB-RC-6 round post mount, 6"PB-RC-9 round post mount, 9"PB-SR-6 slip ring, 6" (round)PB-SR-9 slip ring, 9" (round)PB-SC-6 slip collar, 6" (square)PB-SC-9 slip collar, 9" (square)PB-FM-6 flat post mount, 6"PB-FM-9 flat post mount, 9"Slip RingSlip CollarBolt-on

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11Wayfinding: DirectionalsWF-42x24-4WF-36-24-3WF-48x36-4WF-60x42-7WF-72x48-836"x24"36"x18"8"x28"Rider Panels48"x36"60"x42"72”x48”side viewWF-36x18-4FSF DF3" round post300 Series base400 Series base4" fluted postSB46 base4" square post300-4 Series base4" round post4" fluted post500 Series base5" fluted post800 Series baseWF-36x24-136"x24"3" round postWF-24x18-3F24"x18"WF-36x24-336"x24"SB35-NB base3" square postFB34-S base3" round postFB34-S base

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12Wayfinding: Directionals300-SOR-6x36Stand-Off Rings (SOR)Panels are made out of 1/4" aluminum or ACM, precision-routed to shape, using mechanical fasteners (stainless steel hardware) with the SOR bracket.Standard Panel ShapesStandard Sizes6"x30" or 9"x36"(custom sizes and shapes available)300-4-SOR-9x36RSF-WF-6x30SOR-3 Fits 3" Round PostSOR-4 Fits 4" Round PostRS-SOR-3 Fits 3" Round PostRS-SOR-4 Fits 4" Round PostSOC-2S Fits 2" Square Post9"x36"A.1B.1C.1D.1E.1F.1WF-SOC-9x36WF-SOC-5-GR6"x36"36"x5" Graphics Rider800 Series baseDESIGN BY DAWSON ASSOCIATESSOC-3S Fits 3" Square Post3" square postSB35 base3" round fluted post300 Series baseSF3D finial3B finial4DB finial300-4 Series base4" round fluted postRS46 base4" round post4B finial

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13Interpretive Displays• Removable retainer adjusts to your panel thickness.• Works great with PVC panels, Poly-Metal, Plex, etc. up to 1/2" thick.• Custom sizes and colors are available.IND-2x3-2PRIND-24x36-2PAvailable using round or square postsIND-SP2-24x36Removable top to insert panel24"x36"3" round post2" square post3" square postHolds 1/4" panel

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14Interpretive DisplaysIND-12x18-1PAvailable up to 24"x36"1"x2" removable retainer frame adjusts to panel thickness.IND-12x18-1PNFIND-18x24-1P-LPIND-24x36-1PCUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE ON ALL MODELS SHOWN3" square post4" square postIND-12x18-WPMFits over 4"x4" wood posts

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15EconoPost & Arm4-PA• 4" square post• 3" square arm• 4BC cap*Panel is not included4-PA-K• 4" square post• 3" square arm• SF4D finial• Support arm*Panel is not included4-PA-S-OSB• 4" square post• 3" square arm• SF4B finial• Scroll• OSB-4 base*Panel is not included3-PA• 3" square post• 2" square arm• 3BC finial*Panel is not included3-PA-S• 3" square post• 2" square arm• 3BC finial• Small scroll*Panel is not included3-PA-S-OSB• 3" square post• 2" square arm• 3SB finial• Small scroll• OSB-3 Base*Panel is not included2-PA• 2" square post• 1"x2" arm• Beveled cap*Panel is not included2-PA-S• 2" square post• 1"x2" arm• Beveled cap• Small scroll*Panel is not included2-PA-S-OSB• 2" sq post• 1"x2" arm• 2SB Ball finial• Small scroll• OSB-2 base*Panel is not included4" ECONOPOST & ARMArm can hold up to a 42" wide panel3" ECONOPOST & ARMArm can hold up to a 36" wide panel2" ECONOPOST & ARMArm can hold up to a 24" wide panelOSB-4OSB-3Step & SpikeOptional Step & Spike installation method for 2 PA system*Shown withoptional rider holder2-PA-RHOSB-2Optional Post Bases• 2" square post• 1"x2" arm• 2SB Ball finial• Rider Holder• 4" square post• 3" square arm• SF4B finial• Scroll*Panels are not included4-PA-S-PA

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17Hanging Brackets• Standard hanging brackets hold up to 36" wide sign; however; some hanging brackets are available in heavyduty options for larger signs• All brackets are fabricated of aluminum and are made to order to accommodate your panel.• Use with your choice of decorative posts (page 61–62) and a wide variety of sign panels.• Available with wall mount or round post mount plate.• Standard color is semi-gloss black powder coat; gold accents shown are upgrades• Powder coat a stock color OR paint custom color (additional charge applies)CM-GWBWire (not included)Use CableCM-CBWM-CBWMSBCMHB1" channel that holds a 1/4" thick panelCHANNEL BRACKETS171/2"Available up to 36"1" channel that holds a 1/4" thick panelCEILING MOUNT HANGING BRACKETWALL MOUNT HANGING BRACKETDHBMDB-SMSB-SCustomOHBSCHBRHA-VS-3 - 3" available for 3" round postsRHA-VS-4 - 4" available for 4" round postsSHA-3S3" square arm available up to 40" armWall Mount only

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18PANEL HANGING OPTIONSHanging BracketsChoose any of the standard hanging brackets...OR...we can build to fit your needs.Most hanging brackets are available in heavy duty options for signs larger than 36" wide.SHA RHASQUARE ARMS ROUND ARMS6"Available up to 40" Available up to 40"Plain Hanging BracketPHB-SAvailable up to 40"Scroll Hanging BracketSHB-SAvailable up to 40"Mini Deco BracketMDB-S101/2"Available up to 27"83/4"Mini Scroll BracketMSB-SAvailable up to 27"Oval Hanging BracketOHB28"OHB-L 30"x45"OHB-M 24"x36"OHB-S 18"x27"OHB-MINI 12"x18"Plain Hanging BracketPHB-RAvailable up to 40"Scroll Hanging BracketSHB-RAvailable up to 40"Available up to 40"Corinthian Hanging Bracket CHB-R201/2"Available up to 40"Decorative Hanging BracketDHB-RDecorative Logo Hanging BracketDLHB-RAvailable up to 40"Available up to 40"161/2"6"Standard Eye Hook Down BarsSign panels mounted back to backStandardChannel Mount Flat Bar/TabsAdd channelAll Hanging Brackets come standard with eye hooks, unless otherwise specified.Available for panel thickness up to 1"Requires two panelsAdd flat barAvailable for signs up to 11/2" thickHeavy Duty Swing BracketHD-SB-R161/2"161/2"161/2"161/2"161/2"131/2"

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19City Collection Designer Series• Use freestanding base for interior applications.• Use freestanding weighted base cover for outdoor use• Order with longer posts for direct bury.• Available in a variety of sizes that can be customized foryour application• Select post size and style, panel size and shape to createyour unique designer sign system• All aluminum construction with powder coat finishPossible Uses Include:• Building I.D. • Wayfinding Directional • Historical Markers36"x24"4" rnd fluted postA1 Panel500-4 Series baseCDS-36x24-50030"x24"4" rnd postA1 Panel300-4 Series baseCDS-30x24-300-428x22"3" rnd postA1 Panel 300 Series baseCDS-28x22-300CDS-24x18-500-324x18"3" rnd postA1 Panel 500-3 Series baseCDS-22x1422x14"3" rnd post A1 PanelCDS-18x1218"x12"2.375" post A1 Panel36"x24"4" rnd postC1 PanelRS-46 base36"x24"4" rnd postB1 Panel500 Series base5"28"x18"3" rnd postC1 PanelSB35-R baseCDS-28x18-SB35R24"x18"3" fluted postD1 Panel350 Series base36"x24"4" rnd fluted postE1 Panel400 Series baseCDS-36x24-400CDS-24x18-350CDS-36x24-RS46CDS-36x24-50028"x18"3" postB1 PanelRS35 baseCustom Color Base and PostShown with optional 1" PVC "V" Routed Sign.See page 41.CDS-28x18-RS3

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20City Collection Designer Series1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" aluminum in many shapes and sizesYou apply raised graphics panel, RTA vinyl or digital prints (single or double faced)Stock color is black. Custom colors are availableAll aluminum construction with powder-coat finishSmooth or fluted post available 23/8", 3", and 4" cut to order by the footSlip on base. (See pages 61–62 for more options) • 500-3 base (shown)Installation Options• Direct bury post for outdoor applications• Freestanding support base with optional casters• Bolting plate for concrete slab or floorChoose any configuration.Select Panel Shape, Size And Post Option To Create The “Perfect Fit” For Your ApplicationStandard Panel Shapes24"x18"(Live Area)A1 B1 C1 D1 E1

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21Architectural DisplaysUse digital printed panel, dry erase board or two non-glare plex inserts with paper prints between them.1/4" aluminum accent brackets on slip-collarFluted or smooth posts available, cut to order by the foot.Stock color is black. Custom colors are availableSlip on base.* Shown with 500-3 Mini baseDirect bury post for outdoor useHeight x Width12" x 18"18" x 12"18" x 24"24" x 18"14" x 22"22" x 14"24" x 24"22" x 28"28" x 22"24" x 36"36" x 24"OR Customer Size to Order• Display permanent message year round• Temporary panel can be any substrate up to 1/4" thick• Slide in temporary panel as needed for special event or seasonal message• Drop in frames are available with top load and will hold up to 1/4" substrate• Post material is available in smooth or fluted ... refer to page 61–62• Direct bury or use one of our freestanding support bases• Frames are all aluminum with durable powder coat finish• Available in a variety of sizes that can be customized to fit your application300 Series350 Series500-3OPTIONAL POST BASES100-3 SeriesRB35Remove top bar to drop in substrate up to 1/4" thickABCDEInterior Post StandWeighted Base CoverBolted PlateSIZESOPTIONAL HEADERSINSTALL OPTIONSFB34-SFB34-R

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22Architectural DisplaysADS-22x28ADS-28x22ADS-24x36ADS-24x24ADS-36x24ADS-24x18ADS-18x24ADS-18x12ADS-14x22ADS-22x14ADSM-11x8.5• All drop in frames are available with top load and will hold up to 1/4" substrate• Use digital printed panel, dry erase board or two non glare plex insertswith paper prints between them.• Stock color Is Black. Custom colors are available at an additional charge.• Indoor use only.ADS - MINIADSM- 17 x11ADSM- 12x18ADSM- 24x18ADSM- 18x24ADSM- 18x12ADSM- 8.5x11FMD-MDFLAG MOUNT DISPLAYS• All frames will hold up to 1/4" substrate• Available in custom sizes up to 24"x36"• Available Wall Mount or Round Post Mount(refer to page 61–62 for post options)FMD-VFMD-SFMD-24x18Optional Stabilizer BarAdd support to any flag mount displayFMD-DB12"x18" 12"x18"12"x18" 12"x18"

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23Post SystemsPS-SOR-4F• 4" round fluted poles• 4" stand off rings• Deco Pineapple finials•1/4" sign panel• Works great fordouble-sided panelsShown with 48"x36" ACM panelPS-CA-3F• 3" round fluted poles withAcorn finials• 1"x2" cross arms forpanels less than 72"(w)2"x2" for panels from72"(w) to 120"(w)• Panel sits on top of crossarms• Two panels needed fordouble-sided signShown with 48"x36" ACM panel• 3" round posts• Ball finials• 1" channel for a 1/4"panel mounted to post,sign panel inserts intochannel and screws inplace• Channel available forother panel thicknessesShown with 48"x36" ACM panelPS-C-3R• 3" round posts• Ball finials• 1" channel for a 1/4" panelmounted to postand framing sign panel• Sign panel inserts intochannel and screws in place• Channel available for otherpanel thicknessesShown with 48"x36" ACM panelPS-CF-3R• 3" sq poles with ball finials• 1"x2" cross arms forpanels less than 72"(w)2"x2" for panels from72"(w) to 120"(w)• Panel sits on top of crossarms• Two panels needed fordouble-sided signShown with 48"x36" ACM panelPS-CA-3SSTAND OFF RINGS (SOR)CROSS ARMSCHANNEL CHANNEL FRAMECROSS ARMSPS-CAR-4F• 4" round fluted posts• Pair of cross arm rings• Slide onto posts, position,then tighten set screws• Panel sits on top of crossarms• Two panels needed fordouble-sided signShown with 48"x36" ACM panelCROSS ARM RINGS (CAR)

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24We have various methods available for displaying a sign panel with posts.Create your unique Panel Frame1. Select post size and length.2. Select post finial (refer to page 63).3. Add optional post base (refer to page 61–62).4. Select panel mount system.All frames can be fabricated using 3", 4" or 5" square, round or fluted posts. Refer to page 61–62 for post options.All frames are available in single-sided, double-sided or “V” configurationsPost SystemsARCHITECTURAL RETAINER FRAMEARCHITECTURAL FLUSH FACE BOXSLIT POSTPS-FM-3SPFLANGE MOUNTPS-RF-3SPPS-FFB-3SPS-SLP-3S

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25Post Systems: Channel FramesStock channel frame holds up to 1/4" panel.Wider channel is available for thicker panels - please specify panel thickness when ordering.All units available using 3", 4" or 5" round or square posts. See pages 61 and 62 for options.PS-CF-24x36• 24"x36"• 3" square post• SF3B finial• 1" channel framePS-CF-48x36• 48"x36"• 3" square post• SF3A finial• SB35-NB base• 1" channel framePS-CF-48x72• 48"x72"• 4" square post• SF4D finial• OSB-4 base• 11/2" channel framePS-CF-72x48• 72"x48"• 4” square post• SF4B finial• SB46-NB base• 11/2" channel framePS-CF-48x18F• 48"x18"• 4" sqpost• SF4Bfinial• SB46base• 1"channel frame• 96"x48"• 4” square post• 11/2" channel frame• SF4D finialPS-CF-96x48• 72"x36"• 4” square post• SF4P finial• SB46-NB base• 11/2" channelframePS-CF-72x36

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26GalleryFIND YOUR INSPIRATION WITH THESE CUSTOM SIGN IDEAS.• 36"x72"• 11/2" channel frame• 3" square post• 3SF3B finial• SB35 BaseGP-CF-1160"x72" • 11/2" channel • 4" sq postGP-C-10GP-C-12• 48"x48"• 11/2" channel• 4" square post• 4SB finial• OSB baseGP-CB-15• 84"x48"• 5" square post• 5BC finial• 36"x72"• 11/2" channel• 3"round post• 3B finial• RS35 Series baseGP-C-16GP-C-17• 36"x60"• 11/2" channel• 4" round post• 4DC finial• RB46 Series baseGP-C-18• 48"x24"• 4" sq post• SF4D finial• SB46-NBbase• 64"x36"• 11/2" channel• 4" round post• 4DP finial• 300-4 Series baseGP-C-13• 48"x96"• 11/2" channel frame• 4" square post• SF4B finial• SB46 Series baseGP-CF-14

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27Post Systems: Cross ArmsSingle-sidedDouble-sided“V” Style available on all panel framesCAH-1x2CAH-2x2Holds 1"x2" cross armHolds 2"x2" cross armPost structures with cross arms can be configured using any of our round or square posts to create your unique sign system. Two panels needed for double-sided sign.Stock panel shapes shown on page 32, or create your own shape.PS-CA1x2-3S• 48"x72", V panel• 3” square post• SF3B finial• 1"x2" cross arms w/holders• two panels needed for double-sided signPS-CA2-4S• 48"x96", V panel• 4" square post• SF4B finial• 2"x2" cross arms w/holders• two panels needed for double-sided signPS-CA1x2-4R• 96"X48"• K panel• 4" round post• 4DP finial• 400 Series base• 1"x2" cross arms w/holdersPS-CA1x2-3R• 72"X48"• B panel• 3" round post• 3A finial• 1"x2" cross armsw/holdersPS-CA1x2-3F• 72"X48"• M panel• 3" round fluted post• 3A finial• 1"x2" cross armsw/holdersPS-CA1x2-3F• 48"X36"• N panel• 3" round post• 3DP finial• 1"x2" cross armsw/holders

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28Gallery00000GP-PS-2FIND YOUR INSPIRATION WITH THESE CUSTOM SIGN IDEAS.GP-PS-3GP-PS-1GP-PS-4GP-PS-5GP-PS-6GP-PS-7• 60"x48"• 3" round post• 3A finial• 48"x72"• 3" round post• 3DB finial• 300 Series base• 42"x72"• 4" round post• 4DB finial• RB46 baseGP-PS-8GP-PS-9• 48"x32"• 4" round post• 4B finial• 400 Series base• 48"x72"• 4" round fluted post• 4DP finial• 500 Series base• 36"x30"• 3" round post• 3B finial• RS-35 base• 80"x48"• 4" square post• SF4P finial• SB46-NB base• 96"x48"• 4" sq post• SF4B finial• OSB-4 base• 72"x36"• 3" rnd fluted post• 3B finial• 350 Series base

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29Post System: 2-Inch Economy Post SystemEPF-24x12-CSPost Frame withCustom RoutedShape Panel CS-7Using 6mm ACM(Not shown to scale)New Extrusion• 2" sq post with 1" deepslot to hold 1/4" panel• Use 6mm ACM forsensitive budgets or1/4" aluminumfor architectural signs• Add digital print graphicsor vinyl copy• Easily swap out panel• Order post kits with or without sign face• Routed panel with custom shapes to create uniquedesigns at an affordable price-point• Stock color Semi-Gloss Black, custom colors availableat an additional chargeEP-2C-24x36-CS-72"2"NEWSP 2x2Flag MountUsing 6mm ACMCSF-3EP-24x18Posts withPanelEP-1C-24x36Post & Crossbar with PanelEP-1C-36x36-CS-1Posts & Crossbar withCustom Routed Shape PanelCS-1EP-2C-36x48Post Frame with PanelEP-24x24-CS-2Posts withCustom RoutedShape PanelCS-2EP-2CL-36x24Post Frame with PanelEP-48x48-CS-4Posts with Custom RoutedShape PanelCS-4EP-32x24-CS-3Posts withCustom RoutedShape PanelCS-3

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30Post Structures: 2-Inch Economy Post SystemNEWEP-2C-36x24-CS-5EPF-32x18-CSCSF-7EPF-36x18CSF-5EPF-24x12-CSCSF-3EPF-24x18-CSCSF-2EPF-12x18-CSCSF-1EPF-36x12-CSCSF-6• Design your own custom panel to work with our poststructures to create unique designs at a budget price• Multiple options• Economical price• Flag mount panels work greatwith the 2" economy post system• Sleek look• Easy panel swap-out• Creative look for a low budgetCS-5 CS-6 CS-7 CS-8 CS-9EP-2C-36x24-CS-6 EP-2C-36x24-CS-7 EP-1C-36x24-CS-8 EP-36x24-CS-9EPF-24x24-CSCSF-4

Page 32

31Post and Panel2S-A-18x1218"x24"G Panel3" square post2" square post24"x18"B Panel3S-G-18x24500-48x24400-36x243" square postSB35NB base30"x24"J Panel3S-J-30x2442"x24"P Panel500-3 base3" round post3DB Finial3R-P-42x243R-B-36x243B finial36"x24"B Panel3" round post300 Series base2" square postOSB-2 base24"x18"A Panel2S-A-24x1832"x24"L Panel3" square postOSB-3 base36"x24"G PanelSB35 base3S-G-36x2418" x12"A Panel36"x24"M Panel4" round post400 Series base4DB finial2" square postDFMB-18x24-500-33-SFMB-24x1818"x24"B Panel3" fluted post500-3 Series base24"x18"B Panel3" round post4" round fluted post48"x24"B Panel500 Series base4DP finial18"x24"B PanelDeco Flag mount bracketDFMB-18x2424"x18"B PanelScroll Flag mount bracketSFMB-24x183R-X-18x273B finial18"x27"X Panel3" round post3SB finial2S-B-24x182SB finial2SB finial3A finial3B finial3SB finialSF3B finialFlag-mount brackets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.SP2-12x18x112"x18"SF3B finial2SB finial2" sq post3" sq post18"x24"SF3D finial3" sq post18"x24"SP3-18x24-1SP3-18x24-2SF4B finial4" sq post24"x36"SP4-24x36-2SP3-18x12-118"x12"3SB finial3" sq postSP4-24x18-14SB finial4" sq post24"x18"3S-L-32x243SB finial3" square post300-24x1824"x18"Q Panel3A finial3" round post300 Series base

Page 33

32Standard Panel ShapesWe custom CNC route sign panels from various materials: aluminum (.080”, .125”, .25”), ACM (.125”, .25”), PVC (.5”, 1”, 1.5”), HDU (1”, 1.5”, 2”). We finish these panels with either Powder Coat (aluminum only) or Paint to match Pantone Matching System (PMS) specifications with Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane. Panel shapes can be modified to accommodate your custom shape using your electronic file.ACM COLORS24"x18"32"x24"A24"x18"32"x24"F24"x18"32"x24"B24"x18"32"x24"C24"x18"32"x24"D18"x24"24"x32"E18"x24"24"x32"G18"x24"24"x32"H15"x12"30"x24"I24"x22"33"x30"J96"x48"K72"x48"L72"x48"M48"x36"N48"x24"O36"x18"P24"x18"Q24"x18"R24"x 12"S24"x18"T48"x72"V48"x72"WYAny Size12"x18" 18"x27" 24"x36" 30"x45"X48"x96"ZBlackBeige PMS 7527Blue PMS 2147, PMS 7687Brown PMS 476, PMS 4975Green PMS 343Red PMS 187Yellow PMS 7408Actual colors will vary from what is illustrated on this page.Need it ft? Use ACM.WhiteAvailable in .125" and .25" thicknessAvailable in .125" thickness*PMS colors are a reasonable match to what is shown.

Page 34

33Easy Change Banner FramesHeavy Duty for banners up to 48"x96" (custom sizes available)• Swap out banners in minutes without using tools• Keeps banner wrinkle free with bottom tension bar• Available for banners up to 48"x96"• 3" aluminum posts with cast aluminum banner arm holders and finials• 1" galvanized steel banner arm• Available in black or stock powder coat colorsEASY CHANGE BANNER FRAMES ECBF-HDShown with 48”x96” banner pole pockets top and bottomAvailable sizes: 36x60, 36x72, 36x96, 48x48, 48x60, 48x72, 60x60, 48x96 ... vertical or horizontalEcono Series for banners up to 48”x72” (custom sizes available)• Swap out banners in minutes without using tools• Keeps banner wrinkle free with bottom tension bar• Available for banners up to 48"x72"• 23/8" posts with dome caps•3/4" galvanized steel banner armECBF-ESShown with 36”x72” banner pole pockets top and bottomAvailable sizes: 36x48, 36x72, 48x48, 48x60, 48x72 ... vertical or horizontalSlide banner arm into pole pocket on top and bottom.Easy installation.Place top banner arm into banner arm holders.Loosen bottom knobs and pull down to put tension on the banner.Tighten knobs.NO TOOLS!

Page 35

34Rope Banner FramesRBF-3R-48x4848"x48"3B finial3" round post500-3 Series baseSOR-33" round postRBF-3S-36x96SF3P finial3" square post2" square post36"x60"2SB finialRBF-2S-36x60SOC-3SRBF-3S-72x36SF3D finial72"x36"3" square postRBF-4R-48x9648"x96"4" round post4DB finial2" square post36"x72"All rope banner frames are available using any of our stock posts and accessories to create unique combinations.RBF-2S-36x722SB finial

Page 36

35Banner Posts• Pair ofDBA-SR-4• Shownwith30"x18"banners• Pair ofSBA-SR-4• Shownwith30"x18"banner500-BPDT• Use our 4" fluted post to create banner poles up to 16ft tall (20ft pole/4ft direct bury)• Banner arms are fabricated with slip on collars for ultimate flexibility and tension adjustment.• Arms are available up to 32" to hold a 30" banner with pole pocket. Ball is removable so banner can slip on withease.• Optional decorative post bases and finials are available for all stock post material. Refer to pages 61–63.Custom colors are available. Mix and match components to create your unique banner pole.BP-FSBA-SR4-2SPBP-RP-SBA-SR-2S2" square slotted arm holds 1/4" rigid panelSBA-SR-2S-P25" fluted post800 Series baseRigid panel banner armsDBA-SR4-2SP

Page 37

36Banner BracketsSLIP-RING BANNER ARMSSPLIT-COLLAR BANNER ARMSWALL MOUNT BANNER ARMRIGID PANEL ARMSBA-SR• 13/8" arm and removable ball• Up to 32" arm for 30" wide bannerDBA-SRAvailable for 3", 4" or 5" round posts(shown with 3" slip-collar)SBA-SC• 13/8" arm & removable ball• Up to 32" arm for 30" wide bannerAvailable for 3" or 4"(shown with 4" split-collar)• 23/8" arm and removable ball• Available up to 50" for 48" wide bannersDBA-SCWMBA-HDDBA-SR-4-RPAvailable for up to a 24" wide panelDouble Rigid Panel Arm with slip-ringDeco Logo Rigid Panel Arm Rigid Panel ArmBA-DLRP BA-RPDeco Banner ArmDBAPlain Banner ArmPBAShown using strap installationAvailable for round or square poles. Bolt or strap to round posts or bolt-on (only) to square posts.Quick Release Straps(not shown to scale)Also available with stock powder coat or custom painted(black)(unfinished)Wall Mount Banner Arm13/8" armAvailable up to 28" arm for 24" banner SBA-SR-4RPSingle Rigid Panel Arm with slip-ringWMBA• 13/8" arm• Available up to 28" arm for 24" bannerTB-HDTension Banner Arms

Page 38

37• Standard unit comes with a magnetic board• Reader board has clear polycarbonate hinged door• Available up to 48"x96"• Custom colors available• Select from single post or double post models• Wall mount or post mount available for all modelsCustomize by selecting from any of our stock posts, bases and finials from pages 61–63.CRB-48x72-DPCRB-42x32-DP-HCRB-42x32-SP-35CRB-42x32-DPCommunity Reader BoardsShown with optional header panel(Refer to page 53 for header options.)Hinged door with polycarbonate coverLetter Track available for all models34"26"

Page 39

38Community Reader BoardsCRB-36x60-DPCRB-36x60-DDCRB-SP2-30x22CRB-48x36-2PCRB-SP2-30x22-LP

Page 40

39Dimensional Letters and GraphicsPrecision routed from HDU, PVC & aluminum, dimensional letters and/or graphics can be installed directly on virtually any facade, or fastened to a sign-face to add enhanced appeal.1/4" plate aluminum custom painted and fastened flush to signface2" aluminum pan1/4" plate aluminum custom painted and fastened with 1/4" space against signface to create “floating” effect

Page 41

40Dimensional Letters and GraphicsGet creative by combining a digital-print background with dimensional graphics.Add prismatic graphics as the finishing-touch to make any project truly memorable.Dimensional graphics cut from HDU or PVC add an enhanced look that cannot be captured with traditional 2-dimensional design.

Page 42

41Routed PVC PanelsPVC• Available in 1/2", 3/4", 1"and 11/2" thicknesses• Letters can berouted ”Hog-Out” or”V”-Routed into PVC• We paint PVC usingMatthews AcrylicPolyurethane• Use indoor or outdoor,excellent durability• Use with our stock postmaterials to create aunique sign design• Add optional aluminumbacker for additionalstability on large panelsRouted PolycarvePolycarve is a versatile, environmentally stabilized, waterproof, polymer sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright colors make it ideal for signage and wayfinding. Polycarve comes in various standard color combinations. High Impact Polystyrene has great dimensional fortitude, is impact resilient and is ideal for a variety of sign applications. Available in ¼”, ½” and ¾” thickness.Limited availability on some colors and thicknesses.Color CombinationsWhiteRed (PMS 187c)WhiteRed (PMS 187c)WhiteRed (PMS187c)Green (PMS 2466c)WhiteGreen (PMS 2466c)White Green (PMS 2466c)WhiteGreen (PMS 626c)Tan (PMS 7501c)Green (PMS 626c)Tan (PMS 7501c)Green (PMS 626c)Tan (PMS 7501c)Tan (PMS 7501)Brown (PMS 7519c)Tan (PMS 7501c)Brown (PMS 7519c)Tan (PMS 7501c)Brown (PMS 7519c)Brown (PMS 7519c)WhiteBrown (PMS 7519c)WhiteBrown (PMS 7519cWhiteWhiteBlackWhiteBlackWhiteBlackWhiteBlue (PMS 2133c)WhiteBlue (PMS 2133c)WhiteBlue (PMS 2133c)BlackYellow (PMS 3514c),PMS 2006cBlackYellow (PMS 3514c), PMS 2006c)BlackYellow (PMS 3514c, PMS 2006c)PMS colors listed are close match, not exact.Order finished panels with routed text/graphics.Order panel blanks for use on your own CNC table.Need it ft? Use Polycve.

Page 43

42Routed HDU PanelsRouted HDU• High Density Urethane available in 1", 11/2" and 2" thicknesses• Lettering can be ”Raised”, ”Hog Routed” or “V-”Routed into HDU• Minimum depth is 3/8” or more for maximum relief of raised lettering• We paint HDU using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane• Standard background is fine textured paint to simulate blasted look or add wood grainat an additional charge• Add optional aluminum backer for additional stability on larger panels

Page 44

43EconoBox: 2-Inch2" EconoBoxEnclosed 21/4" box with 2" square post. Legs slide into internal sleeve inside box.Custom sizes available.EBS2-18x24EBS2-24x24EBS2-36x24-SkirtedEBS2-24x36EBS2-48x18EBS2-60x24EBS1-24x24EBS1-36x24EBS1-36x18-F.080 Alum. Skirt36"x24"48"x18"EBS2-84x3684"x36"72"x36"60"x24"36"x24"36"x1836"x18"24"x36"24"x24"18"x24"EBS2-72x3624"x24"EBS1-36x18Select stock powder coat colors or custom paint colors using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane (at additional charge).EconoBox is simple to assemble. Simply slide the legs into the sleeve inside the box and secure appropriately. You're ready to install.EBS2-48x3648"x36"

Page 45

44EconoBox: 3-Inch3" EconoBoxEnclosed 3" box with 2.7" square post. • Legs slide into internal sleeve inside box • Custom sizes available.36"x36"EBS3-36x36EBS3-36x4836"x48"EBS3-96x48EBS3-48x3648"x36"72"x48"96"x48"48"x48"EBS3-24x3624"x36"EBS3-24x2424"x24"EBS3-18x2418"x24"EBS3-36x2436"x24"EBS3-72x48EBS3-48x48Select stock powder coat colors or custom paint colors using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane (at additional charge).

Page 46

45Retainer Frames: Introduction2"x3"3"x3"3"x3" Round4"x4"SP-2x3(top view)STOCK POSTS WITH 1"X1" SLOTSTANDARD REVEALSSP-3x3SP-4X4SP-3R2"3"3"3"(larger reveals are available)no revealSTOCK RETAINER FRAMESPOST BASESFINIALS(refer to page 61)(refer to page 63)500-3RS35RS46300 SeriesSB35SB46SF3D3BSF4ASF4B3DP2"3"4".625" retainer1" retainer2" box with 1/2" reveal is standard2", 3" or 4" boxes and/or 1/2" or 1" reveals are all available3"2" retainer box with 1/2" reveal is standard2", 3" or 4" boxes and/or 1/2" or 1" reveals are all available3"3"2"3"2" box with 1/2" reveal is standard2", 3" or 4" boxes and/or 1/2" or 1" reveals are all available2" retainer box with 1/2" reveal is standard2", 3" or 4" boxes and/or 1/2" or 1" reveals are all available4"4"RF3S-1

Page 47

46Retainer Frames: IntroductionSelect Standard Designs, OR send us your own customized design• Standard box is 2" deep and 1/2" reveal• Order with or without reveal up to 1"• System designed for panels from .080" to a maximum of 1/8" thick• Order Retainer frame kits with or without sign face• Add optional accessories such as bases, finials, etc.• Select powder coat colors. See stock colors list online.• Custom paint colors are available using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane at an additional chargeRF3S-136"x24"2" deep box3" sq post.5" reveal24"x36"2" deep box2"x3" postsNo revealRF23-2RF3R-6RF4S-336"x24"2" deep box4"x4" posts.5" revealSF4B finialsSB46-NB baseRF4S-436"x24"2" deep box3" round post1" reveal3DP finials300 Series base24"x36"2" deep box3" round posts1" reveal3DP finials500-3 basesRF3R-536"x24"2" deep box3" rnd posts1" reveal3B finialsRS35 basesRetainer Form Wall MountSee page 51

Page 48

47Retainer FramesRF23-1012"x18"RF23-118" x12"RF23-1112"x24"RF23F-224"x18"18"x24"RF23-1324"x18"RF23-1424"x24"RF23-15RF23-4324"x36"RF23-4424"x48"RF23-1636"x24"RF23-1836"x36"RF23-1948"x36"(Not shown to scale)SP-2x3(top view)SP-3x3SP-4X4SP-3R2"x3"2"3"2" box with 1/2" reveal is standardRF23-4648"x48"RF3S-4572"x48"

Page 49

48Retainer FramesRF3S-2348"x48"SB35-NB baseRF3S-4548"x72"SB35 baseRF3S-3130"x18"3SB finialRF3R-2536"x24"36"x48"RF4S-4348"x48"SB46-NB baseRF3R-436"x24"RF4S-35120"x48"96"x48"72"x48"48"x48"RF3R-28500-3 base48"x48"36"x36"RF4S-34RF3R-27300 Series base• Select slotted post 2"x3", 3"x3",3" round and 4"x4"• Select retainer frame 2", 3" or 4" deep• Select accessories such as finials, post bases, etc.• Select panel sizes (built to order)• Select colors (See page 60)RF3R-4724"x24"RF3S-2236"x48"SF3P finialRF3S-2124"x36"SF3D finialOSB-3 base

Page 50

49Flush Face BoxRefer to pages 61–63 for post and accessory choices. Box thickness options:FFB4S-44FFB23-12FFB4S-42FFB4S-43FFB3S-24FFB3R-29SF4AfinialOSB4 baseSF3PfinialOSB-3 base3DPfinial300 Series baseSF4Bfinial16"x36"Panel Shape V36"x60"48"x96"Panel Shape Z48"x48"48"x72"Panel Shape U48"x72"Panel Shape V2" box with 1/2" reveal is standardFlush mount 1", 2", 3" or 4" boxes and 1/2" or 1" reveals are all available4"4"Use any of the slotted post profiles: 2"x3", 3"x3", 3" round or 4"x4"1" Flush 2" Flush 3" Flush 4" FlushNon-removable face

Page 51

50Retainer BoxStandard Detail• 4" box with 1" retainer• Bolt together system for easy assembly• Custom size up to 48"x96"• 2"sq post for up to 96" tall box• Standard & custom colors are available• Use sign face materials up to 1/8" thickin 4" frame and up to 1/4" in thick 7", 10"and 12" frame• Acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, ACM,or solid aluminumOptions• Box thicknesses: 4", 7", 10" and 12" Deep Box• Add Skirt Cover• Add PVC Crown CapRB-4a• 36"x72"• 4" deep box• 2" square postsRB-4S• 36"x72"• 4" deep box• 2" square posts• Skirt coverRB-4SCC• 36"x72"• 4" deep box• 2" square posts• PVC crown cap•Skirt coverRB-4b• 72"x36"• 4" deep box• 2" squareposts4" 4" 7" 10" 12"2" 2" 3" 4" 4"

Page 52

51Retainer Frames: Wall Mount• All aluminum with powder-coat finish.(Refer to page 60 for stock colors)• Custom PMS paint colors available (additional charge)• Order with or without sign face for your custom sizeStock Frame Depths:2" and 3" with 5/8" fixed retainer (holds up to 1/8" face)4" with 1" removable retainer (holds up to 1/8" face)7" with 11/2" removable retainer (holds up to 1/4" face)• Available Depths: 1", 11/2", 2"• Custom sizes and shapes available• Add your RTA vinyl or optional Raised LetteringWall Pans

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Page 54

53Slat Signs: IntroductionThe SLAT Sign System is a one-of-a-kind interchangeable messaging vehicle with unmatched versatility.• Posts can be accessorized with our line of decorative bases and finials (pages 61–63)• Slats are available in a variety of sizes and can be interchanged in limitless configurations.Select optional ornamental header.Sizes available for all Slat Sign Systems.OH-CSOH-CS-LOH-LSOH-MSOH-MDOH-MD-L38"48"27"58"Select post size.SP-2x32"3"4"3"3"4"3"3"Select header height and width.(Side view)SP-3x3SP-4x4SP-3RSelect slat height, width, and quantity.(Side view)Stock SizesCustom Sizes built to order2" 31/2"6" 8"2"1"2"6"8"10"12"SS-TG23-1Available up to 5ft. x 8ft.1"1" 1"2" 2"

Page 55


Page 56

55Slat SignsIdeal for:Office Park • Planned Comunity • Wayfinding • Building I.D. • Main I.D. • Industrial Park • Resort & Campus • Retail Store36"24"SS-TG23-450"34"SS-TG23-532"58"SS-TG23-644"24"SS-TG23-731/2"x26" Slats6"x36" Slats6"x60" Slats94"46"SS-TG23-954"70"SS-TG23-88"x72" SlatsSS-TG3S-1162"8"x96" Slats66"46"SS-TG3S-106"x48" SlatsTaupe/Seashell White94"SS-TG3S-12Statuary Bronze/Almond6"x48" Slats50"46"SS-TG3S-13Black/Almond8"x48" Slats100"Boysenberry/ Anodized SilverStatuary Bronze/ AlmondInterstate Blue/Ash Grey/Slate GreyHartford Green/ Ivy Green6"x26" SlatsInterstate Blue/Ash GreySandstone/BoysenberryBlack/ Hartford Green44"6"x48" Slats10"x94" Header Panel shown with optional OH-LS Header8"x24" Header10"x34" Header Panel10"x58" Header Panel10"x24" Header10"x70" Header Panel10"x46" Header Panel10"x94" Header Panel8"x46" Header Panel10"x46" Header PanelColors shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colors will vary.

Page 57

56Slat SignsOptional Side PanelsSS-TGM23-1548"Shown with optional bridge detailSS-TGM23-1660"SS-TGM3S-1732"68"Shown with optional square lattice59"24"SS-TGM3S-1836"SS-TG4SF-2024"37"4" square post24"26"4" square post8"Optional Side PanelsSS-TG4SF-21SS-TG4SF-2524"8"SS-TG3RF-2623"24"24"52"SS-TG4RHB-22SHBSS-TG3FF-2424"Optional deco bracketSS-TGM23-14(Not shown to scale)18"48"• Wayfinding• Building I.D.• Kiosk• Map & Directory• Corporate I.D.3-1/2"x24" Slots8" Header500-3 baseSB46 base500-3 base4" round post400 Series base4" square post3" round post3" round fluted post6"x24" Slots26"24"24"Colors shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colors will vary.

Page 58

57Slat SignsSS-TG4S-3334"36"SF4B finialSB46 baseSS-TG4R-35Black/Boysenberry Brilliant Gold500 Series baseSS-TG4R-3448"Hartford Green/ Ivy Green Brilliant GoldRS46 baseSS-TG4R-3650"Black/Slate Grey300 Series baseSS-TG4R-31SS-TG4S-3242"43"Side ViewB46-R base4" round post93"72"48"8" Header shown with optional "A" Header8"x38" SlatsShown with optional "A" Header12"x48" SlatsShown with optional Deco Topper12"x48" Slats4DB finial4B finial36"4" square post6"x36" Slats8" HeaderOptional Deco Topper3" round post3DP finial8"x36" Slats(Not shown to scale)42"40"Statuary Bronze Pearl Metallic Dark Grey500 Series baseSS-TG4R-276"x42" SlatsOptional ”A” HeaderSS-TG3F-28300 Series baseBlack Pearl Metallic Dark Grey3DP finial23"3" round fluted post31/2"x30" Slats30"24"3" round fluted post3DP finialSS-TG3F-29Black/ Redwood31/2"x24" Slats23"SS-TGR-3030"SandstoneSlate Grey3" round postRS35 base38"6"x30" SlatsColors shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colors will vary.4DB finial4" round post

Page 59

58Slat SignsSS-TG3RM-4248"36"SS-TG3RM-4372"50"SS-TG5FM-4596"SS-TG4SM-4448"74"Select Header Size • Select Slat Size and Quantity • Select Powder Coat Color • Select optional HeaderSS-TG4RHB-23SS-TG3R-37SS-TG3R-38SS-TG4R-40SS-TG3R-4160"24"500-3 Series base28"31/2"x24" Slats6" Header Slat24"31/2"x24" Slats6" Header Slat300 Series base28"24"6" Header31/2"x24" Slats3" round post4" round postSB46-R baseSB35R base24"37"6"x24" Slats6" Header(Not shown to scale)28"Colors shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colors will vary.2" bottomSS-TG3R-3918"23"Optional freestanding base3" round post

Page 60

59Wall Mount Slat SignsSS-TGWM-46SS-TGWM-47Hartford Green/Ivy GreenSS-TGWM-49SS-TGWM-4824"35"SS-TGWM-5122"3"Hanging Slat Sign18"18"22"6"26"34"18"Jet Black/Redwood31/2"x18" Slats31/2" Header31/2"x24" Slats6" Header31/2"x18" Slats31/2" Header25"Statuary Bronze/Pearl Dark GreySS-TGWM-502" SlatsSS-TGWM-5248"Statuary Bronze/Sandstone18"12"31/2"x24" Slats6" Header8" HeaderSS-TGWM-498"x32" Slats22"32"49"SS-TGWM-2Wall MountColors shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colors will vary.

Page 61

60Stock Powder-Coat ColorsTiger Drylac - Series 38 - Super Durable Powder Coat Finish ... Semi-Gloss unless otherwise notedActual colors will vary from what is illustrated on this page.Seashell White38/10130Bone White38/10070Sky Grey38/70048Almond38/15003Sandstone38/15012Ash Grey38/70025Taupe38/70070Sierra Tan38/15002Bengal Silver38/99999Grey38/70049Slate Grey38/70019Medium Bronze38/60014Koko Brown38/60018Statuary Bronze38/60080Dark Anodized Bronze38/60090Jet Black38/80020Brick Red38/30028Redwood38/60041Boysenberry38/30033BLM Shale Green38/52600Ivy Green38/50080Classic Green38/50037Hartford Green38/50110BLM Yuma Green38/53000Military Blue38/40051Interstate Blue38/40025Creme 30338/15007Creme 30538/15009Grey Classic 30338/70032Grey Classic 30838/70054Grey Classic 31038/70056Grey Classic 31438/70061Marrone 30638/60026Marrone 30838/60039Azzurro 30738/40033Highland 30638/50040Highland 30738/50041Argento 305 Metallic38/90007Argento 307 Metallic38/71700Argento 308 Metallic38/90011Pearl Dk Grey Metallic38/90015Argento 312 Metallic38/90016Highland 301 Metallic38/50043BLM Shadow Gray38/71700Med Bronze Metallic38/60060Argento 314 Metallic38/90018Pearl Copper Metallic38/60064Gloss Gloss Gloss Gloss GlossGloss GlossGloss Gloss Gloss Gloss

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61Round Posts and BasesAll post bases are one piece, slip-on, non-structural aluminum. In stock with super durable semi-gloss black powder coat finish.FIXED HEIGHTThese profiles are stocked with semi-gloss black finish up to 24ft lengths cut to order. Custom colors AND larger sizes are available.5" 4" 3" 23/8"5" 4" 3"Outside dimensions5PR 5PF4PR 3PR 2PR 4PF 3PFThese bases are all available in custom heights and colors. (Standard sizes shown.)VARIABLE HEIGHTRB35Fits 3" roundRS35Fits 3" roundRS46Fits 4" roundSB35-RFits 3" roundSB35-RNB Fits 3" roundSB46-RNBFits 4" roundPOST PROFILESRB46Fits 4" roundFB34-RFits 3" roundFB45-SFits 4" roundFB34-SFits 3" roundFB45-RFits 4" round100-3 SeriesFits 23/8" or 3" round300 SeriesFits 3" round350 SeriesFits 3" round500-3 SeriesFits 3" round300-4 SeriesFits 4" round400 SeriesFits 4" round500 SeriesFits 3", 4" or 5" round800 SeriesFits 4" or 5" round281/2"251/4"10"25"161/2"32"26"25"24"32"29"19"32"241/2"241/2"23"27"301/2"29"SB46-RFits 4" round29"

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62OSB-4Fits 4" squareOSB-2Fits 2" squareSP2x31" slotSP3x35" 4" 3" 2"Outside dimensionsSP4x4SP2x21/4" slotSP3R5PS 4PS 3PS 2PSSquare Posts and BasesOSB-3Fits 3" squarePOST PROFILESSB35Fits 3" squareSB35-NB Fits 3" squareVARIABLE HEIGHTThese bases are all available in custom heights and colors. (Standard sizes shown.)241/2"241/2"SB46Fits 4" squareSB46-NBFits 4" square14"16"20"SB56-NBFits 5" squareSB56Fits 5" square36"29" 29"36"

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64AccessoriesSORE/WN/ESPSN/S/E/WCB-145-4 Reducer 4-3 ReducerCAR-2-3 CAR-2-4 CAR-2-5CAR-1-3 CAR-1-4CAP/CROSS-BLKCAP/CROSS-RAW2SQ-CAP-RAWStand Off RIng1/4"1"Available for 3", 4" and 5" round posts and for panels up to 1" thickUnfinishedFinishedQUICK RELEASE STRAPSREDUCER COLLARSCross Arm Collar Slip-Rings for attaching a panel to a post• Available for 3", 4" and5" round posts• 1"x2" arm up to 60" wide(single-faced)CAC3-SFCAC4-SFCAC5-SF(double-faced)CAC3-DFCAC4-DFCAC5-DFCap & Cross available raw or powder-coated black for 23/8", 3" and 4" posts for extruded/flat bladesRound Channel Flat FaceTop ViewFront ViewCROSS ARM COLLARCROSS ARM WITH SLIP RINGSCAP AND CROSS1.5"SOC-3S Fits 3" Square Postup to S/E/W

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65InstallationInstallation MethodsCBP-33" PostCBP-44" PostBPBolting Plate with gussets. Custom sizes available.WB12(Pictured)WB16Use with common 12" or 16" pavestones from your local hardware store.Place portable base over pavestone and tighten.Two 16"x16" together to make 16"x32" Shown with optional casters for tilt-and-roll.WB16X32 RWB12RWB16(Pictured)PSC-3 PSC-4PSR-3PSR-425" aluminum floor plates with post stub to hold 3" or 4" post. INTERIOR USE ONLY. BREAKAWAY MATCH PLATESign postDirect bury postAlso available for J-bolt installationFor posts up to 3" adjustable to un-level grade up to 6"WEED EATER BEATERSWEB• 1" PVC Material• Available for all post sizes• One piece for newinstallation or twopieces for retrofit of anexisting pole.Step-and-Spikefor posts up to 3" squarefor posts up to 3" roundCUP BOLTING PLATEPOST STANDSWEIGHTED BASE COVERSBolting PlatePost base slips over pole and conceals bolting plateGradeHole size determined by local code(s)J BoltsAlways use concreteDirect Bury (Standard)Order post long enough to direct bury a minimum of 24"Post base slips over direct bury poleGradeHole size determined by local code(s)Always use concreteBolt to prevent post spinningFreestanding BasePost base slips over poleGradeSee options belowGround SleevePost base slips over pole and conceals top of sleeveAvailable for round poles up to 5" O.D.Grade

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66Mailbox PostsCluster Mailbox Post SystemsKeyed boxes not included. Frames built to customer specification based upon the size of the desired cluster mailbox.CMP-SB46300CAR-GM• All models are available with or without post bases, paper tubes, and decorative brackets.• Mailbox post and frames are built as per the illustrated models or made to order(mailboxes and address numbers are for illustration only and are not included.)• Choose from posts and finials on pages 61–63.• Newspaper tube bolts to post and can be replaced easily if damaged.4" square post8 Gang Mailbox SystemShown with optional mailboxes and address numbersCMP-SB35-R3" round post300-MP NBMP 100-MP SB35-R-MP FB34-DMPShown with optional Verdi green finish

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