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Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on July 31, 1958. Throughout Cubans childhood he showed signs of genius when it came to owning and operating a business, he started out owning a bar for a few years raking in a good amount of money that upstarted his next big idea. Cuban then hit it big by moving to Dallas and created a consulting business called MicroSolutions. He later sold that company for a good 6 million. After that Cuban and a Indiana alum created a company that allowed you to listen to Indiana basketball games called audionet. The firm then went public and it was renamed where Cuban then sold it to yahoo for 6 billion dollars. Most importantly Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks where he turned a mediorcre franchise into world champions, the transition was huge for Cuban as he racked in a lot of money. Cuban is still owning the Mavericks and is also doing the show Shark Tank. So I'd say he's doing OK.