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1 KITES 2020

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2 CEO s Message A n important part of Kuwait s 2035 vision is to encourage the youth to become an active part in the development of the new Kuwait Whether it is managing the resources improving the environmental performance of the country and introducing innovative technologies to deal with some of the country s key challenges such as adapting to advanced Engineering Techniques Addressing these deficiencies within the industry would not only help to develop current industrial trends but also will create new job opportunities for Kuwaiti citizens In Kuwait the oil and gas sector has been the major contributor towards the GDP of the country With the growing global industrial market and aim to move towards better environmental practices for a sustainable and eco friendlier environment it is crucial now more than ever to adapt to superior technological practices We believe these differences can be met through our expertise and by working together Ahmad Al Naseem PhD CEO Co Founder KITES 2020

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3 Contents Our Mission 1 K I T E S Founders 2 Our Partners 4 Why Choose Us 7 Breaking Barriers 8 Certifications Affiliations 8 K I T E S Services 9 Product Development 9 Training 10 Software Distribution 11 Consultation 12 K I T E S Engineering Consultation 13 K I T E S Environmental Consultation 21 K I T E S Usage Reach 23 K I T E S Active Clients 24 KITES 2020

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1 Our Mission Founded in 2019 Kuwait Institute for Training and Engineering Simulations was founded solely for the purpose of aiding designers engineers and students with the purpose of providing them with the best teachings and engineering solutions available With our founding members holding PhD s in various engineering fields our aim is to address the deficiencies and lack of resources our new generation faces and provide them with the best solutions We hope to provide organizations with advanced comprehensive engineering solutions in order to eliminate the dependency and fill the gaps between computer aided design and analysis and the current engineering practices Our values and norms hold sheer importance to our work and are embedded in are practices KITES brings together a unique group of experts and professionals that provide consultation services to companies and government agencies alike By employing high performance computing and simulation software KITES promises its clients and partners efficient designs and customer solutions for their engineering problems In addition KITES is a platform for advocating advanced engineering research and training in computer based problem solving for problems in all engineering disciplines Along with its world renowned partners KITES acts as a regional distributor and licensor for advanced modeling software for engineering simulations KITES 2020

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2 K I T E S Founders Ahmad Al Naseem CEO Co Founder A computational mechanics expert by practice and training with a PhD in civil engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the US Ahmad is our Lead expert in numerical method in solid and structural mechanics Mohammad Abotaleb CFO Co Founder An environmental engineer by practice and training Mohammad holds a PhD in environmental engineering and sciences from Purdue University Mohammad is environmental activist and our lead sustainability and life cycle assessment LCA expert KITES 2020

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3 K I T E S Founders Abdullah Al Shaya CSO Co Founder A mechanical engineer by practice and trained mathematician Abdullah holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison Abdullah is our Lead expert in mathematical programming mechanical system design and optimization Fawaz Al Turki General Manager Co Founder Lead corporate expert and control engineer Fawaz is a mechanical engineer by training from Kuwait University and is a Six Sigma green belt Fawaz is ISO 9001 certified and is our lead management product marketing expert KITES 2020

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4 Our Partners Simulate Reality MSC Software Corporation was established in 1963 under the name MacNeal Schwendler Corporation MSC MSC Software develops predictive simulation software technology that enables engineers to validate and optimize their manufactured product or process designs using virtual prototypes Customers in almost every part of manufacturing use MSC software to complement and in some cases even replace the physical prototype build and test process that has traditionally been used in product design Expedite Smart Change with CAE Simulation MSC Software s technology is used by leading manufacturers for linear and nonlinear finite element analysis FEA acoustics fluidstructure interaction FSI multi physics optimization fatigue and durability multi body dynamics and control systems simulation MSC pioneered many of the technologies that are now relied upon by industry to analyze and predict stress and strain vibration dynamics acoustics and thermal analysis in our flagship product MSC Nastran KITES 2020

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5 Our Partners A non linear structural analysis software for reinforced concrete structures ervenka Consulting was founded in 1992 The company specializes in numerical analysis of concrete structures and provides consulting and software in this field Company know how is based on many years of experience in the field of concrete mechanics and computational methods It is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mechanics of concrete structures Since August 2008 the company s quality management is certified according to ISO 9001 The members of the research team actively participate in several international professional and scientific organizations FIB IA FraMCos and IABSE The company is extensively involved in consulting services and software development Main software product is the program ATENA for non linear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structures The software has been extensively validated on experimental data and international round robin prediction analysis and is currently distributed in Europe Japan Korea Middle East and U S A KITES 2020

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6 Our Partners Only Forward Founded in 1985 Altair engineering is an American Multinational IT Company that specializes in Product Design and Engineering Solutions Enterprise Services Data analytics IoT and Cloud Computing services With its diversified set of solutions in multiple industrial sectors Altair engineering excels in performance and accuracy providing you with the best performance enhanced tools Engineering made Simple Business is complex But in complexity there is opportunity for innovative solutions Our comprehensive open architecture solutions for computer aided engineering high performance computing HPC and data analytics enable design and optimization for high performance innovative and sustainable products and processes in an increasingly connected world KITES 2020

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7 Why Choose Us Need to Upskill Because family looks after its own With the current pace of progression within the industrial market it has become a crucial aspect for individuals to be above par and be able to excel At KITES we understand the needs and problems faced by engineers designer and analysts in terms of lack of expertise misguidance and poor engagements A study earlier this year from the Society for Human Resources Management found that 83 of business leaders are having trouble recruiting suitable candidates Three quarters 75 of these leaders say there is a shortage of skills in candidates for job openings while the top missing technical skills involve trades such as welding or machine work the biggest missing skills overall are problem solving critical thinking innovation and creativity As an engineering consultancy and training institution we are driven by passion for innovation and technology and are ever ready to provide them with the best set of skills needed to face these challenges giving them the edge required to be beyond normal KITES 2020

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8 Breaking Barriers Skill Upgrades Learning Outcomes We make sure our clients receive the right set of skills needed to address not only the technical and innovative aspects of the engineering industry but also help them achieve management skills through our mode of learnings Our courses are specifically tailored to address and brush off your weaknesses in terms of learning and skill upgrades making them your most valuable assets While maintaining the highest quality and standards one may offer Enhanced knowledge of Engineering Aspects Understanding of engineering concepts applied to real life examples CAE CAD CAM user proficiency Complex Problem Solving Ability to review and modify design parameters Detailed study and implication of boundary conditioning Report generation of executed study model Certifications Affiliations Quality Management System KITES is proud to be ISO 9001 2015 certified by LMS IAS Kuwait EPA Certified Environmental Consultant KITES is proud to be a certified environmental consultation firm by Kuwait Environmental Protection Agency EPA International Membership KITES is a proud member of the National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards NAFEMS KITES 2020

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9 K I T E S Services Product Development Where ideas come to Life The key to success is through careful research review understanding how the market works and what is the demand of the market Our beliefs and values are reflected in our practices We take great pride in our field of work and make sure to sculpture the voice of our clients into reality capturing the essence of each detail in its aesthetics and functionality Addressing each key aspect we make sure to understand the requirements of our clients as well as providing them insight and guidance on how they may benefit through our expertise Being the initial and most important stage for any product we treat our projects with the highest priority giving our customers the satisfaction they need With an accumulative of more than four decades of experience we can guarantee you are in safe hands We Provide Market Research Product Preliminary Design Prototype Design and Manufacturing Design Revision and Optimization Low High Volume Manufacturing Evaluation of Product Performance on Market Smart engineering is what makes KITES unique and reliable for its customers Our solutions offer Front End Engineering Design FEED to aid the needs of our clients empowering them to utilize our services while maintaining their grounds KITES 2020

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10 K I T E S Services Training Our skills are our assets Acquiring new skills can be troublesome for our young generation without proper guidance Not knowing what kind of skills might be helpful for them and how they can acquire them has become a very popular question among Young future engineers At KITES we hope to direct them towards a path to success through our training experts Not only are we ever ready to provide you with the best quality of training but w will also help you decide what is right for you giving you the knowledge of how these skills will help you secure yourself for your future We provide an extensive range of training options to our audience to ease them in their crucial schedule You may choose how you wish to learn by opting for what fits you best Scheduled Trainings Open to all for registration Courses are delivered at venues provided as per the roster Online LIVE For those who find learning at home convenient our online live training sessions are specifically designed to accommodate those who wish to learn remotely Online On Demand To support those who have a busy schedule our e learning solution lets you access our pre prepared courses whenever wherever On Site Training Catered to provide you with trainings on site Private Classes For organizations that require custom solutions to accommodate their needs KITES 2020

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11 K I T E S Services Software Distribution With the growing and constantly progressing pace of the technological industry we understand how crucial it is for companies and organizations to keep up with the best technological trends and application and so along with our growing partners KITES makes sure to provide its customers with the best engineering solutions through its partners With KITES you don t have to worry about technical support and maintenance We make sure to provide our customers the satisfaction they need by catering to all their needs in terms of maintenance and tech support along the way With us you will never find yourself short of a software solution to fit your needs Applications R D Software Engineering Design Software Civil Mechanical Electrical Petroleum etc Architectural Design Software Green Building Design Software Life Cycle Cost Assessment Software KITES 2020

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12 K I T E S Services Consultation At KITES we will enlighten your insight and provide you with the consultants that you need to put you always on the path of success utilizing our core of knowledge Industrial organizations are constantly looking for upgrades allowing them the reduce production cost and time while maintaining the best standards and providing their customers with satisfaction Our experts having their roots embedded in research and development and having vast years of experiences working in industries allows them to understand the concerns of our clients with due diligence providing them with our best services each unique to the desires of the client Our consultation expertise spreads over a vast array of engineering fields from design development and detailed model simulations to renewable energy and sustainable environmental development service Our experts go the extra mile to make sure our clients have the satisfaction they are looking for and more We make sure to treat the requirements of our clients with the best care and skill sets one may desire enabling them to achieve what they vision for No matter what you need you can count on us With KITES on board you can guarantee to achieve successful outcomes Email us or call today to schedule a consultation KITES 2020

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13 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Computer Aided Engineering With the power of modeling our experts are able to provide accurate and reliable modeling services We employ modeling solutions for solid mechanics using Finite Element Method FEM tools fluids via Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD and Conjugate Heat Transfer CHT for thermal dynamic modeling With some of the most powerful modeling tools and more the 30 years of industrial R D experience our experts provide the state of the art solutions for complex Finite Element Analysis FEA Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD and Conjugated Heat Transfers CHT problem FEA Linear Analysis Non Linear Analysis Static Dynamic Multi physics simulation Contact Damage and Failure modeling CHT Convective Conductive Heat Transfer Forced Natural Heat Transfer CFD Laminar Flow modeling Turbulent Flow simulations with Vibration Fluid Structure Interaction FSI of systems Air Flow modeling with Contaminant Tracking KITES 2020

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14 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Computer Aided Design Manufacturing Fabricating ideas into real life models is one of the most important aspects of advanced engineering CAD CAM has enabled the world to achieve the impossible through intelligent fabrication methods linking human and machine interactions Our brilliant CAD CAM solutions are delivered to you through some of the most advanced design tools such as Revit and Solidworks while maintaining precision and accuracy CAD Conceptual design models Prototype re configurations Finalized design models Large scale manufacturing file compatibility Industrial design of furniture wear Equipment and machinery part design CAM Computer Aided manufacturing File conversion and porting for manufacturers Support all types of manufacturing equipment KITES 2020

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15 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Solutions for Researchers We understand the credibility needed for an exceptional research project We take pride in introducing our founders who are PhD s in various engineering fields hence research is in our roots by nature and the basis of KITES No matter what is needed our team is a 100 dedicated at all times to provide individuals with the best solutions for their research may it be advanced modelling engineering analysis or numerical methods Our extensive range of research solutions for researchers consists of Engineering Numerical Analysis Stabilized finite element methods Accurate multi physics modeling Bio mechanical system modeling Quantum ab initio modeling DFT Molecular Dynamics MD and Monte Carlo sims Stochastic and probabilistic modeling Multi scale modeling nanoscale simulations Vibration analysis and fatigue loading Composite material modeling Environmental Research Life Cycle analysis studies of complex systems Renewable energy system resilience Carbon foot print evaluations KITES 2020

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16 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Oil Gas and Renewable Energy Adaptation of renewable energy sources has become a vital aspect of every country s energy production sector We understand how nations struggle to implement advanced engineering practices in order to generate better cleaner energy We have the solutions to all your problems At KITES we employ state of the art simulations and modeling from our partners and beyond to deliver accurate solutions for all energy industries such as Oil Gas Well casing failure modeling Stress thermal and fatigue analysis of o o o Weld connections Drums valves and pipes Drilling system Performance and durability modeling of o o o Oil seals Drilling systems BOPs and Annular casing packer FSI of drilling oil risers and offshore platforms Geo mechanical modeling of subsurface geology Renewable Rotor blade mechanical simulation Blade Fatigue Vibration predictions Wind tower complete structural model and analysis Fluid Structure Interaction FSI with aerodynamic loading KITES 2020

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17 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Manufacturing 3D Printing With the increase in demand of production of goods we understand companies have become compelled to adapting new manufacturing technologies for mass production 3 D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing sector and is gaining popularity over traditional manufacturing techniques Although we understand how this effects small medium and large enterprises and know how crucial it is to manage cost cutting and having efficient production time Our experts are more than capable in helping you by providing you with the best solutions for implementation in your plant in terms of material consumption improving production rate automation implementation and cost effectiveness Modern Manufacturing Designing for 3D printing Design of manufacturing solutions Low Volume manufacturing for Prototyping Fast Large scale manufacturing through our partners Procurement of best additive manufacturing technologies CAE modeling of 3D printing designs Classical Manufacturing Mold injection modeling Metal Extrusion modeling Hot Cold form modeling KITES 2020

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18 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Civil Engineering Modeling Solutions With the rapid progression rate in advanced architectural and civil designs designers and engineers have become prone to testing new composite materials and optimizing structural designs to enhance strength and aesthetics of their models improving the overall built environment while cost cutting and reducing testing and reengineering time KITES being the center for advanced modelling and analytical solutions has got you covered with providing you state of the art software solutions needed to tackle complex uncertainties and optimize structural behavior Civil Engineering Advanced FEM structural analysis Dynamic analysis of bridges high and mid rise buildings Stability analysis of special structures Virtual wind tunnel analysis Structural integrity studies of existing structures Structural Health Monitoring SHM solutions Geo technical engineering simulations KITES 2020

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19 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Simulating MEP Utilities The core of any project lies in how efficiently its MEP designs have been devised and implemented Being the veins of any built environment considerable planning needs to be done keeping all limitations in mind Our group of experts specialize in all MEP services providing you with high end solutions in designing and assessing complex utility designs for all scales of projects Mechanical Plumbing Utilities HVAC system design Air circulation CFD modeling Vibration and failure analysis of valves Pressure vessel and pump failure inspection modeling Acoustic disturbance of utility spaces Accurate modeling of urban and industrial heat exchange systems Electric Modeling High voltage power line models Rotor dynamics for motors and generators Models of electronic cooling and heat sinks KITES 2020

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20 K I T E S Engineering Consultations Modeling Automotive Parts Systems The heritage of the automotive industry has flourished since the manufacturing of the first mass produced vehicle in 1908 and has been revolutionized over the decades The mechanical machinery and chassis design are what distinguishes the uniqueness of each vehicle from the other Our experts having extensive experiences in mechanical designs specialize in providing you with some of the best services needed from design modelling and analysis of parts to studying advanced composite materials for better performance and performing simulated forensic crash analysis Forensic Automotive Dynamics Car crash modeling Assessment of existing accidents using 3D scanning tools Failure analysis of individual components Assessment of integrity of chassis and components Automotive Design Computer Aided Design of car components Vintage part modeling and manufacturing for best fit Low volume manufacturing of specially designs parts KITES 2020

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21 K I T E S Environmental Consultations Environmental Management Sustainability With the world rushing through technological revolutions sustainability and preservation of our land has become a major concern around the globe Countries are struggling to adapt to better environmental practices to protect themselves It has become an essential factor to adapt to practices such as environmental assessments evaluating supply chain products or manufacturing designs along with green building certifications Along with our team of experts at KITES we provide a set of unique solutions to accommodate your needs may it be scientific and engineering analysis or assessments of systems for a sustainable eco environment Environmental Management Life Cycle Analysis LCA Green Building Green building design studies of systems Retrofitting Environmental product Green building certification Simulation for built declaration EPD Smart tools IoT for environment environmental monitoring EPA regulation compliance ISO Environmental Management certification KITES 2020 Solar simulation Energy consumption analysis Thermal loading Insulation analysis

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22 K I T E S Environmental Consultations Waste Management Technologies Playing a vital role in the foundation of sustainable development Waste management is one of the most important factors that would help governments and corporates to measure their resources and help reducing its carbon footprint Waste management is still a major concern for many countries around the globe May it be on an industrial urban or personal scale our consultants can assist you with what you need and make sure to accommodate all your requirements in order to manage store dispose and even help you recycle it turning it into a profitable asset for you Waste Management Waste management System Design o o o o Sorting transporting and storage Recycling reuse Treatment sustainable disposal Engineered landfill design Determination of waste management technologies Waste management technology Licensing E waste disposal plans Technologies Organic waste solutions o Soil Remediation o Aerobic Anaerobic composting Waste management ISO certification KITES 2020

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23 K I T E S Usage Reach Our clients and students are a part of the KITES family and we being a dedicated engineering organization have the know how of how and what kind of skills would individuals need to solve everyday problem solving issues in their designated field of work Hence we make sure to provide them with clarity over the idea of using their acquired skills while providing them to real life scenarios giving them the benefit of being well equipped and aware of what they have gained by being on board with KITES We take pride in our clients that we serve across a the whole GCC region KITES 2020

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24 K I T E S Active Clients KITES 2020

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000 KITES KITES 2020

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KITES KW W L L Tel 965 94738558 Email info kites kw com Address Sawaber 6 Tower 5th Floor Suite 6 Khalid Ibn Al Waleed St Sharq Kuwait Mailing Address P O Box 282 AlSurra 45703 Website www kites kw com KITES KITES 2020