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Skin Bio Patches


By:Arieon Locks and Kira Folsom

This particular technology helps remove toxic things from your body. It boost energy inside of your skin. A skin bio patch would be considered to be a health and beauty product in one. This was utilized for ancient chinese medicine tradition to help detoxify the body while helping you decrease pains and aches. 

Type Of Technology

The Benefits Of The Technology

The benefits of this technology helps build people confidence. It could make someone appear much better and break down their bacteria at the same time. It improves circulation and increase energy levels. 

How Can It Help A Business

This could help a buisness by raising sells. This product would be wanted by many people in the world who has low confidence about their apperance. 

How Can The technology help Humans?

It helps humans by making their physical apperance look so much better. It breaks down their skin bacteria and cleanse their skin. This product can be put on any part of your body and work as good on any other part. Skin bio patches helps beautify people!

Different Products

Transdermal Patches: It is easy to use and it helps with pain.

The Cost Of This Technology

It can be 70 dollars or less depending on the type you get.

The Thoughts Of Technology

We think it is a healthy product that breaks down bacterial within the skin.