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On the first day, there's a pile of apples on the teachers desk, and little Tommy has one in his hand. The room is the opposite of blank, with paint everywere, crayons falling off the shelf, and coats in there cubbies. Out the window, theres a big playground, which is blue and yellow, red and green. He can't believe his eyes!! As the day goes on, he finds his desk and does his first project, making his nametag! He spelled his name, since he had been practiceing, and drew candy, trains, flowers and a big, slobbery dog!!! Then he got to paint it. Next, recess!! He made frends with Steve (Steven) and Darwin.

They played hide and seek tag with Steve's frends Jojo, Max, and Emily, and Darwins sister Sabrina! Tommy asked "How do you know all these people, Steve?" Steve said "I whent to preschool last year." They played and played and when recess ended, Tommy won!! They all waved to each other and went home.

              First day


Tommy told his mom and dad about his day while he was eating lunch. It was a PB and J with carrots and a chocolate chip cookie. Later in the year he had his birthday!!! He invited Steve, Darwin, Sabrina, Jojo, Max, and Emily. They played pin the tail on the donkey, there was a pinata and then it was presents! Tommy got legos from Steve, Zootopia from Darwin and Sabrina, a rain set from Jojo, a new ball from Max, and a teddy bear from Emily. Then time for chocolate cake!!