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FY23 Annual Report

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2023Annual ReportKids Above All: It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s what we believe.

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WE BELIEVEAll children, no matter whatthey look like, or where theycome from, deserve the sameopportunity to realize theirfull potential.

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Since 1894, Kids Above All has created safer, stronger communities by buildingbetter lives for children and families impacted by poverty, violence, andinjustice. We do this through early childhood education, safe, supportivehousing, and trauma-informed counseling services for young peopleexperiencing trauma in and around Chicago. Your generosity and support makethis possible, ensuring our clients have the resources they need to achieve theirpersonal and professional goals, and our organization remains a strong, effectiveforce for good.Fiscal Year 2023 was once again a time of growth at Kids Above All, expandingand intensifying our impact so that 3,012 children and families in Cook, DuPage,Kane, and Lake counties had every opportunity to have the best life possible.Kids Above All also continued a trend of balanced budgets and financial growth,leading to a 100% increase in our annual budget over the past seven years from$10 million to nearly $20 million. Lastly, we opened our Better Life DistributionCenter in Des Plaines, Illinois. This site is a hub of impact at Kids Above All,ensuring our clients and members of the community receive essential items likediapers, books, and school supplies that help them realize their full potential. In 2024, Kids Above All is poised for continued growth. We will break ground ona state-of-the-art early learning center in partnership with North Chicago SchoolDistrict 187, helping to solve the kindergarten readiness crisis for young childrenin that community. Kids Above All will also increase our efforts to ensure moreyoung people have additional safe housing options so they can become self-sufficient adults. Finally, we will continue to expand our trauma-informedcounseling services for children and families impacted by violence to help themon their healing journey.In these efforts, Kids Above All is grateful for the commitment and generosity ofthe Kids Above All Community—Team KAA, our Board of Trustees, AuxiliaryBoard, Women’s Impact Council, and President’s Council, our faith corporateand community partners, foster parents and daycare providers, and oursupporters and volunteers.If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our Kids Above All Community andstep up with us to build better lives for youth impacted by poverty, violence andinjustice. Connect Kids Above All with your family, friends and professionalnetwork; be a donor; be a volunteer at our Better Life Distribution Center;attend our events; and follow us on social media. Your support makes adifference in our communities and in the lives of our young people, ensuringthey have the hope, resources, and opportunity necessary to realize their goals. Dear Friends,Best regards,Dan KotowskiPresident & CEOChris EngelmanChair, Board of Trustees

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OUR MISSIONKids Above All builds betterlives for children and familiesimpacted by poverty, violence,and injustice.

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FY2023 Impact & Outcomes3,012children and families'lives made better.Early Childhood Education824participating in Kids Above All's Early Childhood Education Program were ready tosucceed in kindergarten.CHILDRENTrauma-Informed Counseling492impacted by trauma benefited from counseling.YOUNG PEOPLE800received essential items such as diapers, clothes, and school supplies.ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY MEMBERSBetter Life Distribution CenterSafe, Supportive Housing378experiencing abuse, neglect, and homelessness found safe, supportive housing.YOUTH95of our clients weresatisfied with our services.of clients felt Kids AboveAll provided the stabilitythey need for growth.96of clients made progresson their personal andprofessional goals.92%%%

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Nine years ago, Stephanie and Francisco Gomez arrived in Texas from Mexico withtheir four children. They came to the United States to build a better, safer life for theirfamily and achieve financial stability. As time went on, Texas’s anti-immigration laws and sentiments became increasinglyworrisome to Stephanie and Francisco. Despite their children being United Statescitizens, the Gomezes feared for their kids’ safety in school and in public.In late 2022, Stephanie and Francisco decided to move to Chicago, seeking a diverse,welcoming community in which to raise their kids. The family eventually found abasement apartment, but as they settled in, the apartment flooded, causingsignificant property damage and even more disruption in their lives. With the uncertainty of the recent move and their current living situation, Stephanieknew that she needed to find stability for her children—particularly her three-year-olddaughter, Elisa, who Stephanie worried was falling behind in her preparation forkindergarten. Stephanie found Kids Above All’s HIPPY program, a home visiting program that helpschildren ages 3-5 in Chicago and South Suburban Cook County become ready tosucceed in school. The program uses an evidence-based curriculum and providesparents with information to ensure they better understand their child’s development. Soon after enrolling Elisa, Stephanie met with her Family Educator, Milagros, andtogether they set goals for Elisa. Milagros also provided the family with information and resources to aid in recoupingdamages caused by the flood, helping them receive $9,000 from FEMA. Thisassistance was important for the family as both Stephanie and Francisco struggled tofind regular full-time employment. Milagros then connected the family with Cradles toCrayons, Chicago for clothing, food and furniture.Milagros continues to visit Stephanie and Elisa weekly, bringing activities that focus onimproving Elisa’s language and motor abilities. Elisa is also learning her numbers,letters, and colors. Milagros provides the family with books, so they can readtogether, and Elisa can practice her listening comprehension skills. With help from Milagros and Kids Above All, Elisa is back on track from kindergartenand the Gomez family is working toward financial security. Francisco works as anelectrician and Stephanie sells homemade baked goods to supplement the family’sincome. Their goal of creating a safe, stable home for their kids will soon become areality. Early Childhood Education: the Gomez Family & HIPPY*For our client’s privacy and safety, their name has been changed.

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Elizabeth struggled with mental illness throughout much of her life.Abandoned by her birth mother, Elizabeth was adopted at seven months old. But at 14,her adoptive parents decided that they were no longer willing to care for her due to hersevere mental health challenges. Elizabeth spent the next three years in variousprograms and facilities, before entering Kids Above All’s Group Homes Program, inDuPage County, in August of 2021. Early in her time with Kids Above All, Elizabeth had difficulty adjusting to her treatmentplan, resulting in extreme swings in behavior, as well as 15 hospitalizations and multipleattempts at self-harm. Most often, she was friendly and kind to staff and her housematesbut in crisis, staff were concerned for Elizabeth’s own safety, as well as those around her.As she settled in, Elizabeth began to trust her therapist, Briana. She eventually startedtaking her treatment more seriously, meeting with Briana frequently. They processed herexperience as a young child and explored how her inconsistent relationship with heradoptive mother added to her current trauma. Elizabeth worked with Briana to develophealthier, more effective coping strategies to address her self-harming thoughts. Sherealized that she no longer wanted to be a victim of her mental illness, committingherself to taking full advantage of the program. Elizabeth dedicated herself in school at Southeast Academy, a therapeutic day school inNaperville, and when able, participated in life skills training, group therapy sessions, andweekend activities.And with some help on her resume and interview skills from her support team at thegroup home, Elizabeth got a job at a nearby Noodles and Company. Elizabeth continued to gain confidence and mature as time passed, but with her time atthe group home nearing an end, the most pressing issue for Kids Above All’s staffremained how to ensure Elizabeth had a strong support system once she left theprogram. The answer came in partnership with the Illinois Department of Children andFamily Services, which recommended that Elizabeth enroll in Stepping Stones, aprogram in Rockford that provided housing and mental services for as long as sheneeded them. Elizabeth successfully graduated from Southeast Academy and the Group HomesProgram in 2023. She is adjusting well at Stepping Stones, learning how to be evenmore independent. She even transferred to a Noodles and Company location in the areato continue working toward financial stability.The team at group homes and everyone at Kids Above All are proud of Elizabeth’sprogress and hard work as she strives to realize her full potential.Safe, Supportive Housing: Elizabeth & Group Homes*For our client’s privacy and safety, their name has been changed.

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Robert was nine when his father was killed by a neighbor who broke into their house insearch of pain medication. After his father’s death, Robert became angry and disruptivein the home, struggling in his relationships with his mom and younger sister. His mom,Cassie, knew her son needed help in managing his grief and connected with him theSheilah A. Doyle Foundation, which recommended Robert for Kids Above All’s CampSheilah in the fall of 2015.KAA’s Camp Sheilah program is a three-day bereavement camp that helps youth ages 7-17 who have lost a parent or sibling to homicide to continue their healing journey andrealize their full potential. Robert was quiet and shared little during his few years at Camp. But after a year or two,he began to trust the team at Camp Sheilah and developed friendships with othercampers—kids who had experienced similar loss and grief in their own lives.He also benefited from the consistent support of his Big Buddy volunteer, Mark. WithMark’s help and encouragement, Robert grew more confident and shared his feelings inthe small group discussions. He became a more active participant in camp activities,enjoying both the nature challenges and the art projects. Outside of Camp, Markregularly kept in touch with Robert and always remembered his birthday!During his years at Camp Sheilah, Robert learned coping mechanisms that help himnavigate difficult situations and keep him focused on his goals. He became more self-assured about his ability to make good choices for himself and his future.This past year was Robert’s last time attending Camp Sheilah as a camper. Hecommitted himself to the weekend, taking advantage of every opportunity to continueto prove his resilience. On the last night, Robert shared his story in front of the entire Camp. He opened upabout his father’s death and recalled the lessons he learned at Camp Sheilah. Heacknowledged that there will always be difficult times but urged younger campers towork on their feelings and allow themselves the time and space for growth.This year, Robert will graduate high school and go to college to become an engineer. Robert has also committed to returning to Camp Sheilah this coming fall to give backand assist younger campers on their healing journeys. He hopes to provide the sameencouragement he received during his time at Camp, so that other youth who haveexperienced the tragic loss of a loved one to homicide have the support they need tohave a bright future.Trauma-Informed Counseling: Robert & Camp Sheilah

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Fiscal Year 2023 Financial InformationComparative Statement of Activities for years ending June 30, 2022 and June 30, 2023.FY2023Current Assets:Non-Current Assets:Fixed Assests-Net:Total Assets:$3,850,912$657,357$1,542,348$6,050,617Current Liabilities:Other Liabilities:Net Assets:Total Liabilities & Assets:$3,457,480$571,039$2,022,098$6,050,617FY2022Current Assets:Non-Current Assets:Fixed Assests-Net:Total Assets:$4,317,346$586,156$1,104,458$6,007,960Current Liabilities:Other Liabilities:Net Assets:Total Liabilities & Assets:$3,231,720$1,010,563$1,765,677$6,007,960FY2023Government Support:Private Support:Other Revenue:Total Income:INCOMEFUNCTIONAL EXPENSESCost of Care:Staffing:Cost of Operations:Total Expenses:Change in Net Assets:FY2022INCOMEFUNCTIONAL EXPENSES$14,859,928$3,428,406$302,082$18,590,416$4,302,072$10,625,709$3,406,214$18,333,995$256,421Government Support:Private Support:Other Revenue:Total Income:$13,248,822$6,042,109$60,053$19,350,984Cost of Care:Staffing:Cost of Operations:Total Expenses:Change in Net Assets:$3,742,138$8,977,900$3,135,752$15,855,790$3,495,194

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS!STAND UP FOR KIDSTHURSDAY | JUNE 6, 2024GREENHOUSE THEATER CENTER7:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.COMEDY NIGHTKids Above All'sCELEBRATION DINNERThursday, October 17Four Seasons Hotel20242024Back to SchoolBackpack DriveJune - AugustG I F T D R I V EH O L I D A YDecember 2024

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Stand Up For KidsWe're grateful to our generous donors for their continued support of our mission. $600,000+Cook County Justice Advisory Council - Gun Violence PreventionHarold W. Ogle Trust$900,000+Homes for Children FoundationPeter Birnbaum & Advocus National Title Insurance CompanyBrian & Gretchen BoyerChristopher & Jennifer EngelmanEllen B. Fox FundThomas & Kristina Hutchinson & Axion RMS, LTD.Robert & Jeanette McMurdy TrustThe Neuberger Berman FoundationW.P. & H.B. White Foundation$70,000+Dave Thomas Foundation for AdoptionViolent Crime Victims Assistance Program Grant of the Illinois Attorney General's Office$50,000+Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake CountyThe McInerney Family Charitable Fund$30,000+The Chicago Community FoundationChicagoland Chamber of CommerceCrown Family PhilanthropiesD & R Charitable FundLake County Emergency Solutions GrantStephen & Rosemary MackNorthern Trust Fund, a Fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation Seigle FoundationVNA FoundationWillow Springs Charitable Trust$25,000+Daniel & Katherine JohnsonNorthern Trust CompanyPrince Charitable Trusts$12,000+Anonymous$10,000+Chicago Association of Realtors FoundationComcastAndrew & Alice Fischer Charitable TrustAndrew HochbergEdward & Wanda Jordan Family FoundationLake County Community FoundationLake County Video Game RevenueMichael Ward & Mandel Metals Inc.Daniel & Dianne O’DonovanOberweiler FoundationDaniel F. & Ada L. Rice FoundationSteans Family Foundation$7,500+Patrick & Anna M. Cudahy FundDuly Health & CareEd & Susie DunphyJohn Gotschall & Coaching Financial ConceptsNorthern IL Conference, UMCNTIVATicket to Dream FoundationUCMC$5,000+Dr. Jerome Austriaco & Atty. Aurora AustriacoMiles N. Beerman & Howard A. London & Beermann, LLPWalter J. & Edith E. Best FoundationDonald & Marianne BrackeyRodney & Debra BrownThe Chicago Temple Fund of First UMC, ChicagoCIBCCodilis & Associates, P.C.ComEdDr. Glen & Tamera DavisThe Deaconess Community, ELCANancy DuelJeff & Carly DuscheneGCM Grosvenor Holdings, LLCDavid HeinzmannGreg & Teresa HummelOctavius N. Hutchinson Charitable TrustRahul KalsiShawn KassermanParker & Sherry KennedyKristi Lafluer & Ascend InfrastructureEduardo LuzMeijerKim Morreale & Morreale CommunicationsNaperville Social Services Grant FundThe Peoples Gas Light & Coke CompanyTina & Orren PickellChristopher & Holly PickeringPierce Family FoundationBrad & Jennifer Rachmiel & ProtivitiUnited Voices for ChildrenWilliam Blair & Company

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Stand Up For KidsWe're grateful to our generous donors for their continued support of our mission. Guarantee Trust Life Insurance CompanyJoanne GurdakHDR, Inc.IATSE Local 2Johnson & JohnsonBarbara KeenanTheodore KoenigHarold & Nancy KrentDuk KwonJack & Kathy LavinJody LaVoieJeff Leazer & Bearcat Leasing CorporationLuther Village SpiritualEnrichment FoundationKelly MannardAnn MoroneyNavy PierPJH & Associates, Inc.Rosa Aranda-PoloKathryn PoukeyPritzker Traubert FoundationAndrew RaucciMartin RyanRichard & Sandra SchoenkeSchultz Foundation for Advancing CounselingMike & Marie SimonRachel SternerElizabeth Rochford-StriedlThomas & Elizabeth SwannBrian VoglNigel & Kimberly WaltersElliot & Sherri RichardsonThomas RickettsMarta & Isaias RodriguezSasser Family Holdings, Inc.Dr. Scholl FoundationMuch ShelistUBSWalmartYWCA of Lake ForestNational Decorating Serv.Rebecca NovakMichael O'GradySalvi MediaDave SchapelSeikel Family Charitable Giving FundJohn & Lisa SkopickMathieu & Marie SussmanTrend Holdings FoundationUnited GenerationsFrederick S. Upton FoundationMatthew & Rena Van TineWespath Benefits and InvestmentsWieland Family FoundationAJ & Michelle WilhelmiWorldReaderLiberty Ziegahn$2,000+Phil & Michelle AndrewArches Retail Development LLCJustin Bartley & Next Door and WindowBarrington UMCBob's Discount FurnitureThe Robert Thomas Bobins FoundatiionCentral UMC, SkokiePatrick Cermak & Wight & CompanyCommunity UMC, NapervilleCorsetti Structural Steel, IncJake Crampton & MedSpeed LLCBrian DalyJohn & Marilyn DempseyGeorge M. Eisenberg Foundation for CharitiesFirst UMC, Arlington Heights, UWFDean FogartyDavid GoldbergEdgar HammondTodd & Angie HollowellMichael HoulihanHumphrey Family FundJohnson & Bell LtdCasimir & Mary KotowskiDavid & Judith LambertVirginia Little Charitable TrustDiane LubarskiMargaret MacKimmRoy G. Michell Charitable Foundation & TrustNaperVoice Inc., NFP$1,000+Michael AlvarezGarvin AmbroseRobert & Catherine AnthonyBarrington UMC, UWFMatt BaumannBMO Harris Bank N.A.Mark BurdenTom & Jennifer ClelandCommunity Memorial FoundationMatthew ContiGary Davidson & Castle LawDina De LaurentisDelta Dental of Illinois - Dept. 1030Kevin & Kelly DoyleJoanne ElliottRobert EngelmanJan FeldmanFirst UMC, LombardManuel & Georgina FloresDavid & Lisa FosterGlenhagen Farm RetreatAndrew & Molly GoldbergMargaret Gotschall$500+Leo AlanizAnonymous Mark BucknerJamie BurnsJoseph CavanaughChicago Northwestern District, UWFJoyce CochranCommunity Church of BarringtonChristopher & Deborah Dezelan

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Stand Up For KidsWe're grateful to our generous donors for their continued support of our mission. Thomas DoyleHaritha DukkipatiBarbara DunlapStuart & Michelle EngLaura FelicioneFirst UMC, Downers Grove, UWFFirst UMC, ElmhurstFirst UMC, Park RidgeTracy FreedKevin & Jennifer GalleryJudy GodinhoJonathan Hart & Bigmouth Creative, LLCAndrea HeinzPat & Joyce HennellyEileen HerberJames HoulihanIllinois Public Health InstitutionAngie JamesLauren JamesGreg JareczekJourney of Hope UMC, ElginAndrea KnohlWalter & Elaine KurczewskiBrian KrstulovichMagnetar Capital FoundatonDavid ManningKelly McAuliffeChristopher & Katherine McConnellRev. Myron McCoy & First UMC, ChicagoRobert Milburn & Amy MortonMichael & Karin MonticelloSandeep NainNorth Shore UMC, GlencoePatrick PiperSherry PolacheckLaura PricePaul RameyDean & Maria RendinaMarilyn RennerThe Retirement Research FoundationJohn & Mindy RittnerAbigail RossJim SorengMaureen SmithEd & Michelle SnorewiczThomas & Cheryl StantonPaul StruebingElizabeth TeagueLauren TraficantoUnited Methodist Foundation of Northern IL ConferenceDavid VanderbergVerizon FoundationBryn Wagner-HansonLisa WilliamsLailain WorkmanLaurel WrobbelKristine ZeiglerIN-KIND GIFTS - CLAIMEDTicket to Dream Foundation$10,000+$5,000+Barrington UMCGrace UMC, Lake BluffWespath Benefit & Investments$2,000+Aldersgate UMC, RockfordChrist Church United Church of Christ, Des PlainesCommunities That Care, Inc. Lake ZurichEvention, LLCFirst UMC, Arlington HeightsFirst UMC, Downers GroveFirst UMC, Park RidgeInsightLaGrange Highlands Middle School District #106The Langham Hotel, ChicagoNorthbrook UMC$1,000+Antioch UMCCarpenter School, Park RidgeCary UMC, UWFChrist UMC, DeerfieldFirst UMC, Downers Grove, UWFFirst UMC, Glen EllynFirst UMC, Oak ParkFirst UMC, WaukeganNTIVAOrren Pickell Building GroupPark Ridge Community ChurchSasser Family CompaniesTrinity UMC, Mt. Prospect$500+Axion RMS, LTD.Church of the Incarnation UMC, Arlington HeightsFirst UMC, ElmhurstFirst UMC, LombardFirst UMC, Oak ParkFirst UMC, West DundeeGenentechGrace UMC, Lake Bluff, Women’s CircleCarrie GrimesLittelfuse, Inc.Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Park RidgeOur Redeemer of Calvary, ChicagoStanley ConsultantsNorth Shore UMC, GlencoeOur Redeemer’s UMC, SchaumburgPrince of Peace UMC, Elk Grove Village

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OUR VISIONYoung people who haveexperienced trauma canbecome independent adultswho lead meaningful,productive lives.

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After years of careful planning by the Board of Trustees and our team, Kids Above Allunveiled its Better Life Distribution Center in Des Plaines at a grand opening event onMarch 20, 2023.This 8,000-foot facility now serves as the organization’s central location for in-kinddonations and the distribution of essential items to the children and families in ourprograms, as well as those of need in the community. It also allows for additionalinvestment in the safety, well-being and education of our clients.The Better Life Distribution Center is also home to Kids Above All’s annual drives andyear-round volunteer opportunities for the public and faith, corporate and communityorganizations.“The Better Life Distribution Center is a game-changer for Kids Above All and increasesour impact on young people facing poverty, violence and injustice,” said Dan Kotowski,President & CEO. “Through the generosity of the public, our partners, and volunteers,our kids and families will have ready access to vital resources like diapers, books, andschool supplies to ensure they have every opportunity to build better lives and realizetheir full potential.”Kids Above All would like to express our gratitude to State Senator Laura Murphy of DesPlaines for helping to secure the funding to purchase the Better Life Distribution Center.We appreciate her continued support and advocacy on behalf of our young people.We invite you to get involved and volunteer at the Better Life Distribution Center, eitheras an individual or as part of a faith, corporate, or community group. Contact ZulmaColon, Vice President of Resource Development, at (773) 239-8258 with questions or to schedule a time to volunteer.Kids Above All opensBetter Life Distribution Center in March 2023

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Christopher Engelman, ChairManny Flores, Vice-ChairBarbara Dunlap, SecretaryStephen Mack, TreasurerGarvin AmbroseDonald BrackeyTimothy BrennanRodney BrownRev. Jacques ConwayJeffrey CobbDr. Glen DavisNancy DuelEdward DunphyDeShana ForneyMichael FountainJudy GodinhoAndrew GoldbergJohn GotschallClayton Harris IIIGregory HummelRahul KalsiKristi LafleurRev. Myron McCoyRebecca NovakTina PickellMary Anna PlaneyElliot RichardsonJohnny RiversCheryl SoderstromDavid SullivanVeronique ThouinKimberly WalzMatthew WilliamsLEADERSHIPBoard of TrusteesKids Above All Staff Ex-OfficioDan Kotowski, President & CEOEx-Officio MembersBishop Dan Schwerin Northern Illinois Conference, UMCAuxiliary BoardRahul Kalsi, ChairHope BaerKimberly BriskyCourtney EcclesKatie FanellaBrie FeldmanNancy GarrityMelissa HampsonMichael HoulihanLuke KotowskiDave KurczewskiMartin McAlpinNicole MinzeyAlisa MorganMichael MurrayJoanna ObrochtaEmma PetitDanielle StanleyPaul StruebingElizabeth TaylorDavid YontzWomen's Impact CouncilGretchen BoyerAnne DempseySusie DunphyJennifer EngelmanKristina HutchinsonMary PetitApril RedzicMarie SussmanCindy WalshDebbie WatsonKacyn VoglPresident's CouncilPeter BirnbaumMichael BondTim CavanaghPat CermakJake CramptonKevin ClowerDavid GoldbergAndrew HochbergScott HumphreyTom HutchinsonDan JohnsonDave LambertChris PickeringA.J. WilhelmiKids Above All Senior ManagementDan Kotowski, President & CEOKimberly Jones, Vice President of ProgramsElizabeth Teague, Vice President of OperationsBebe Bermudez, Vice President of Human ResourcesZulma Colon, Vice President of Resource DevelopmentJeri Laureano, Chief Clinical Operating Officer

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Kids Above All is a 501(c)(3) organization, accredited by the Council onAccreditation. Kids Above All is a member of the Illinois Collaboration OnYouth and Child Welfare League of America. It is also a partner of the UnitedWay; affiliated with the United Methodist Church; and registered with thePresbyterian Children's Home and Related Ministries.Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document.If, however, you note an error or omission, please accept our sincerest apologyand contact Kids Above All's Marketing Department at Kids Above All, 2024CONNECT WITH US!2023info@kidsaboveall.orgKids Above All@KAAIllinois@kidsaboveallKids Above AllKids Above