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Kids Digital Interactive English courses is an innovative six-level primary course in American English. It takes students from Beginner to Pre-intermediate level, while carefully considering students’ particular needs and interests at each stage. It is based on the modular approach which enables students to deal with topics in depth. In addition, its multi-dimensional syllabus helps learners to acquire English through an integrated development of the four skills, reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Kids 1 Trial Lesson

Step 1 is to try this set of flashcards. It will help your kids learn and memorize new vocabulary. These flashcards will also help your kids pronounce the words correctly and spell the words correctly too.

Counting 1-10 Song | Number Songs for Children | The Singing Walrus

Interactive Memory Game For Kids

Our Kids Digital Interactive English Lessons are a total of 4-levels, (Kids 1, Kids 2, Kids 3, and Kids 4). Each level has 12-units and takes about 80-hours to complete.


All of our lessons have flashcards, student's book activities, workbook activities, audio, videos, and games.

Digital Interactive English Lessons are truly the solutions that many English learners have been waiting for. Learners don't want to lose their money if they can't complete their lessons and they don't want to lose the unused portion of their course. They need lessons that are tailored to their specific needs and a flexible schedule, and ability to learn on any device, must be compatible for, homeschooling, self-study, live tutor taught, fun and interactive, and oh yes, affordable too! This is what DIEL is all about and more good things.