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Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders


Definiton: an impariment in the ability to recieve, send, process, and comprehend concepts or verbal, nonverbal, and graphic symbol system.

Speech disorder: impariment of the articluation of speech sounds, fluency, and voice.

Language disorder: impaired comprehension and use of spoekn, written or other symbol systems.

Hearing disorder: imparied audiorty sensitivity

Central auditory processing disorder: deficits in the processin of audible signals





Language: use active listening, present concepts one at a time, speech therapist help when needed, and encourage reading and writing daily.

Speech: speak directly to student, use gestures that support understanding, be a good speech model, and peer-buddy system when appropriate.

Academics and behavior: allow students to tape lectures, follow a routine, allow extra time to finish work, and use verbal clues.

Physical: portal communication, augentative communication, and really get to know your students.


Autism spectrum disorder: on going social problems, repetitive behavors, recongnized within the first two years of life, symptoms hurt persons ability to function.

2 step program: general developmenal screening during well child checkups, and many other additional evaluations.

Risk factors: more likely in boys, having a sibling with ASD, having older paretns, and genetics.


2 roels in communication: sender and reciever

Receptive communication: auditory and visual

Expressive communication: speech and language

Occure when: AIM; Attention, interfers, and maladjustment

Effects: emotional, social, education, and occupational



-3 ro 4 boys for every girl

-20 % of children will stutter at someping

-no known cure

-more then 3 years it is likely that it wont get better

-not a psychological problem

-comes and goes often


-hate talking in class

-get picked on

-every kids handals this differently

What can I do?

-be patient

-dont say anything

-dont finish their sentences for them


Additional information:

-communication is necessary for daily life

-communication disorders can affect education

-language is a foundation for reading and writing