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Kepler's Holiday Gift Guide 2023

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DEAR COMMUNITY MEMBER Exploration is a fundamental instinct woven into the very fabric of life From the majestic migrations of birds crossing continents to the intricate movements of animals seeking new habitats the urge to move forward and discover is inherent in all living beings Humans too are driven by this innate curiosity propelling us to venture into the unknown asking the perennial question What s next At Kepler s we embrace this universal curiosity as part of the human spirit a shared essence connecting all living creatures We re not just a bookstore we re a community that celebrates this spirit of exploration As we chart our course into the future we re not just wondering about our next chapter but actively co creating it with our community Our community has been telling us that Kepler s is much more than a place to find books we ve evolved into a cultural hub where diverse minds converge ideas flourish and friendships blossom Eleven years ago we restructured our organization into a hybrid legal structure and created Kepler s Literary Foundation our nonprofit arm Since then many bookstores around the country have started down similar paths to make themselves PASSPORT STAMPS more sustainable and deepen their impact We are pleased to share that we intend to seek IRS approval to reintegrate both parts of Kepler s into a unified nonprofit model over the next year Once again your bookstore hopes to lead the way for communities worldwide We invite you to be a part of this evolution As the holiday season dawns we re excited to present our Holiday Gift Guide Every book within its pages is a carefully chosen recommendation a gesture of gratitude and our way of saying thank you to our cherished customers These books are more than just stories they re gateways to unexplored realms of imagination and understanding Thank you for joining us on this shared journey of discovery We appreciate your support that enables us to continue fostering a love for literature and knowledge in our community Let s continue to explore learn and find the answers to What s next in the pages of these books and in the moments we create together Happy holidays CEO Kepler s Books Board Member Kepler s Literary Foundation

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FICTION NORTH WOODS Daniel Mason Random House 28 THE MANIAC Benjamin Labatut Penguin Press 28 The MANIAC in the title refers to the Mathematical Analyser Numerical Integrator and Computer built in the 1950s by the brilliant Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann inventor of game theory pioneer of modern computing and one of the leading scientists in the Manhattan Project This book is a getaway into the life of a genius the future of science and the birth of artificial intelligence For progress there is no cure Aggie LET US DESCEND Jesmyn Ward Scribner Book Company 28 Now one of my favorite novels of all time Beautifully paced uniquely structured and strikingly written this novel showcases the breadth of Mason s skill It s a story of people and place offering both action and serenity Halfway through the book I was already looking forward to reading it a second time and re basking in his north woods Carolee TOM LAKE Ann Patchett Harper 30 In the spring of 2020 while on the family cherry orchard in Michigan Lara s daughters beg her to tell them about the summer she spent with famous movie star Peter Duke This is a story about love both young and grown up Ann Patchett is one of our finest authors and Tom Lake does not disappoint Stephanie A stunning harrowing novel Let Us Descend gripped me from the very first sentence with its story of Annis a young girl who is sold by the white enslaver who fathered her Full of rich prose and magical storytelling only a literary master like Ward could accomplish a feat like this Joseline THE HEAVEN EARTH GROCERY STORE James McBride Riverhead Books 28 Welcome to Chicken Hill a ramshackle neighborhood whose Black and Jewish immigrant residents pursue the American Dream in spite of two formidable obstacles white racism and the Great Depression A cast of eccentric characters and zippy rhythmic dialogue along with McBride s mammoth hearted humanity at the center of it all make this an unforgettable read Todd J LAB KAFL I Meaning Christmas book flood this term refers to the surge of new book releases in Iceland at the end of the year These books are often bought as gifts making them the most ICELAND cherished and popular presents during the holiday season 3 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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FICTION STARLING HOUSE Alix E Harrow Tor Books 28 99 One of the best books I ve read this year In all its Southern gothic perfection Starling House is a haunting tale of nightmares come to life and a brave girl who dared to dream instead Jenna THE BURNOUT Sophie Kinsella Dial Press 28 99 My favorite rom com of the year because all the emotions behind it are so real Who among us can t relate to total burnout at work Or returning to a favorite family vacation spot as an adult and finding it run down and old not unlike yourself you can t help but notice Plus delightfully British humor Kristin THE UNSETTLED THE SECRET HOURS Mick Herron Soho Crime 27 95 The modern day master of spy fiction is back No one dishes out snarky humor and acid tongued one liners quite like Herron and his latest tale of civil servants and secret agents ensnared in both office politics and nefarious plots set against the backdrop of the fall of the Berlin Wall is a tense acerbic knockout Todd THE HOUSE OF DOORS Tan Twan Eng Bloomsbury Publishing 28 99 Eng s evocative prose paints a vivid portrait of people trapped between being their own true selves and acquiescing to society s demands The writing s meandering quality pulls you ever so gently into the characters troubled lives in the shadow of a colonial government that demands conformity above all else Scott Ayana Mathis Knopf Publishing Group 29 Thirteen year old Toussaint is the proverbial hero in this epic story set in 1980s Philadelphia but reaching way back into his mother Ava s past in Bonaparte Alabama where his grandmother Dutchess holds onto their ancestral land This spellbinding novel explores themes of the power of love and the unstoppable pull of ancestral roots roots that will finally take Toussaint back home to where they have been waiting for him for so long The boy s longing and his redemption had me captivated Aggie 4 GIFT CARDS AND E GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS COM

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FICTION THE GOLDEN GATE Amy Chua Minotaur Books 28 A STUDY IN DROWNING What s better than local Ava Reid Harperteen 19 99 A dark and tender novel from the lyrical genius Ava Reid A Study in Drowning is a beautifully eerie story about the myths we are told the people we historical fiction Local historical fiction with a mystery woven in Set in Berkeley in 1944 Chua s excellent debut novel about a mixed race detective investigating the murder of a presidential candidate at San Francisco s Claremont Hotel is a well researched whodunnit that also touches on issues of race and class Brittany admire and what SUITABLE FOR happens when the YOUNG ADULTS MOTHER DAUGHTER truths we hold dear MURDER NIGHT begin to unravel Suitable for adults and young adults alike you need this book Joseline Nina Simon William Morrow Company 30 In this clever fast paced mystery set in Elkhorn Slough California THE HURRICANE WARS Thea Guanzon Harper Voyager 30 three generations of Rubicon women learn to depend on each other as they save the day and solve the murder A great setting likable characters and lots of twists An epic thrilling and romantic and turns make this book a winner Diane fantasy debut rooted in Filipino mythology The Hurricane Wars combines stunning world building witty banter and unforgettable characters into something truly STARTER VILLAIN John Scalzi Tor Books 28 99 special A searing A delightful romp through a enemies to lovers hyper capitalist world of dynamic burns at supervillains sentient cats the heart of this unionizing dolphins and a novel and I down on his luck substitute personally could teacher Scalzi s characteristic wit and charm not get enough of kept me glued to this book from start to finish it Donna And did I mention the talking cats Scott JINBOCHO Nestled in the heart of Tokyo Jinbocho is a bookworm s paradise boasting over 200 bookstores which cater to both Japanese and English readers alike An annual street JAPAN festival adds to the vibrant literary atmosphere of the area 5 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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BIOGRAPHY FATHER AND SON A MEMOIR Jonathan Raban Knopf Publishing Group 28 Published posthumously Father and Son brilliantly evokes Raban s parents love story through their letters while his father fought in WWII Raban also reflects on his personal battle in the rehab ward after a debilitating stroke An intimate meditation told with candor and humor it reads like a long farewell letter to his friends and makes me feel I m one of them Aggie THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JOAN DIDION Evelyn McDonnell HarperOne 26 99 Whether revisiting the genius of Joan Didion or experiencing her work for the first time this new biography is a wonderful and fascinating portrait of an American icon It is a treat to see Didion in this new light Michael A MAN OF TWO FACES A MEMOIR A HISTORY A MEMORIAL Viet Thanh Nguyen Grove Press 28 In this remarkably lyrical memoir by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Nguyen delves deep into his childhood colonization and the broken promises America makes to immigrants With its blend of humor and deep insights this gripping narrative transcends borders and cultures Joseline THE COMFORT OF CROWS A BACKYARD YEAR Margaret Renkl Spiegel Grau 32 Margaret Renkl s books are works of art she writes about nature and the human condition in a way that cuts right to the soul If you love Annie Dillard read this If you love Mary Oliver read this If you don t love either but do love thoughtful meditations on the natural world read this Kristin LECTURA EN LA PLAZA In Colombia lectura en la plaza meaning reading in the square describes gatherings in public squares where people come together to read books These events are 6 often organized by libraries or community groups COLOMBIA GIFT CARDS AND E GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS COM

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HISTORY THE SISTERHOOD THE SECRET HISTORY OF WOMEN AT THE CIA CURRENT AFFAIRS THE DICTIONARY PEOPLE THE UNSUNG HEROES WHO CREATED THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY Liza Mundy Crown Publishing Group 32 50 From the author of The Code Girls The Sisterhood is an impeccably researched account of the roles women played in the CIA Their incredible dedication and sacrifices in the face of blatant sexism and elitism is a testament to competent women everywhere who fail to get the credit they deserve It is an engrossing and chilling story Pam Sarah Ogilvie Knopf Publishing Group 30 Amazing Enthralling Inquiring Prodigious Wondrous Zingy With The Dictionary People Sarah Ogilvie highlights alphabetically no less many of the over 3000 volunteers who contributed to the massive seventy year crowd sourcing effort to codify the English language into the Oxford English Dictionary This is truly a reader s delight and a remarkable literary detective story Amanda LOVE IN A TIME OF HATE ART AND PASSION IN THE SHADOW OF WAR Florian Illies Riverhead Books 29 In a decade when much of the focus lingered on conflict and complicated politics artists continued to do what they did best create This book details stories of creative thinkers from poets to painters as they navigated the challenges of the 1930s it is truly a riveting and inspiring work Becca GOING INFINITE THE RISE AND FALL THE WAGER A TALE OF A NEW TYCOON OF SHIPWRECK MUTINY AND MURDER David Grann Doubleday Books 30 Another outstanding work of narrative nonfiction from Grann None of the adventure or intrigue is lost when he is at the helm of a story Shipwreck mutiny murder check check check Add in treacherous weather lies disease and well you ll need to read the book to learn the rest Carolee Michael Lewis W W Norton Company 30 The bestselling author of Liar s Poker Moneyball and The Big Short delves into FTX s mesmerizing ascent and descent under enigmatic founder Sam Bankman Fried This gripping journey through finance and power unravels the self made billionaire s tumultuous path from record breaking success to the looming possibility of 115 years in prison Praveen 7 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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SCIENCE DETERMINED A SCIENCE OF LIFE WITHOUT FREE WILL Robert M Sapolsky Penguin Press 35 If Robert Sapolsky doesn t believe in free will then neither do I do I Does it matter Drawing on a career of singular wit and curiosity this is the work of a genius His approach is thoughtful free of condescension and a pleasure to read even as it calls into rigorous question everything we know and trust Harry THE UNDERWORLD JOURNEYS TO THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN Susan Casey Doubleday Books 32 The Underworld takes the reader on a watery journey to the oozy depths of the ocean where sunlight disappears Down below enormous volcanoes rise up from the seafloor and magnificent creatures with see through heads hunt for food But the deep is changing and Casey chronicles how climate change and industrial pollution are disturbing our planet s future Heather A CITY ON MARS CAN WE SETTLE SPACE SHOULD WE SETTLE SPACE AND HAVE WE REALLY THOUGHT THIS THROUGH Kelly and Zach Weinersmith Penguin Press 32 We have reached for the stars for as long as we ve been human But have we really thought this whole settling Mars thing through Written with scientific rigor and good humor A City On Mars is your one stop shop for Martian living Perfect for fans of What If and The Martian Scott A BRIEF HISTORY OF INTELLIGENCE EVOLUTION AI AND THE FIVE BREAKTHROUGHS THAT MADE OUR BRAINS Max Solomon Bennett Mariner Books 35 An absolute triumph Bennett takes the reader on a guided full itinerary tour of how our brains have evolved over time as well as what s next in regards to artificial intelligence It s a considerable task and is pulled off splendidly through relatable prose cleverly presented real life examples and a bounty of helpful diagrams and illustrations Todd INZIRA Y IBYIVUGO A Rwandan cultural tradition that revolves around poetry storytelling and oral expression It serves to preserve and share the cultural heritage history and values of Rwanda 8 through poetic performances and narratives RWANDA GIFT CARDS AND E GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS COM

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ANIMALS PIGCASSO THE MILLION DOLLAR ARTISTIC PIG THAT SAVED A SANCTUARY Joanne Lefson Mobius 26 99 Move over Wilbur Pigcasso is here Rescued from slaughter in 2016 and weighing in at 1100 pounds Pigcasso isn t your traditional artist but who needs tradition when the world needs changing Written by collaborator and owner Joanne Lefson who rotates the canvas slows the brushstrokes and generally aids in the painting process Pigcasso tells of the unlikely but thriving partnership between pig person and paint This heartwarming and eye opening story is for animal people art lovers sustainability stalwarts and maybe even those looking for a little surprise Brittany ALFIE ME WHAT OWLS KNOW WHAT HUMANS BELIEVE Carl Safina W W Norton Company 32 50 Now that the adorable cover has grabbed your attention here s more this is one of the finest rallying cries for our fundamental need for communing with nature that I have ever read Safina s chronicle of rehabilitating an orphaned baby screech owl is thoughtful immersive and incredibly moving Todd TEN BIRDS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD Stephen Moss Basic Books 30 Using a given topic as a means for exploring man s history in that context is not a new idea but Moss does it so well here He digs into our complex relationship with nature elegantly and passionately exploring how humans have both impacted and been impacted by birds since our very beginnings Told with wonderful anecdotes and plenty of facts Ten Birds does not disappoint Carolee OF TIME AND TURTLES MENDING THE WORLD SHELL BY SHATTERED SHELL Sy Montgomery Matt Patterson Mariner Books 28 99 In this book the renowned naturalist embraces another gift from nature turtles She and wildlife artist Matt Patterson volunteer at the Turtle Rescue League in Massachusetts where they and others have saved hundreds of sick and injured turtles In return the turtles teach them patience persistence and optimism An inspiring read for any nature lover Diane 9 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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GIFTS WE JACQUES P PIN COOKING MY WAY RECIPES AND TECHNIQUES FOR ECONOMICAL COOKING COULDN T Jacques P pin Harvest Publications 37 50 I ve spent countless nights watching RESIST Jacques P pin cooking videos his familiar voice and techniques soothing me before I go to sleep Now all his helpful WHY WE LOVE BASEBALL A HISTORY IN 50 MOMENTS tips skills and stories are condensed in this wonderful book Learn to make easy souffl s fridge clearing stews and more Charlie Joe Posnanski Dutton 29 CAIN S JAWBONE Baseball is one of DELUXE BOX SET the quintessential Edward Powys Mathers throughlines of American history Unbound 29 99 Before basketball or football baseball was that sacred sport for Americans across the country Joe Posnanski guides us through 50 of the most impactful moments in the history of baseball with all the mythic power they still have today Charlie Puzzlers rejoice Or despair The original box set edition of Cain s Jawbone first published in 1934 is available again in an individually numbered limited run Between the front cover and back there are six murder mysteries and all the facts you need to solve them There s only one OH IT S YOU LOVE POEMS BY CATS snag the pages are all out of order If you can arrange them in the correct sequence you ve cracked the case Alex Francesco Marciuliano Chronicle Books 12 95 THE EYES AND THE IMPOSSIBLE Mom said DELUXE WOOD BOUND EDITION We had to write this poem About how funny this book is She laughed a lot when she read it We read it too seems right Perfect even No notes Okay if we sit on the computer now Or bite her toes again She seems to be done working Mostly Clementine and Tater Tot Brittany s purrfect cats 10 Dave Eggers Shawn Harris McSweeney s 28 Between these luscious wooden covers you ll find an unforgettable story of friendship freedom and belonging as told by the park dwelling dog Johannes Hilarious and fast paced yet leaving plenty of space for rumination what is the nature of freedom what is the point of being free if we don t seek to liberate others this is the perfect all ages read beautiful profound and full of swift pleasures and lingering delight Jasmine GIFT CARDS AND E GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS COM

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LOCAL INTEREST BAY CURIOUS AM I PRETTY WHEN I FLY AN EXPLORING THE ALBUM OF UPSIDE DOWN DRAWINGS HIDDEN TRUE Joan Baez David R Godine Publisher 45 In this whimsical and emotional collection of drawings Joan Baez creatively shares her upbringing career and story Her STORIES OF THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Olivia Allen Price Chronicle Books 15 95 artwork encapsulates themes of girlhood It won t surprise you that the Bay self expression and Area is funky colorful and bursting protest As a visual with energy If you re looking for album this work surprises though here s your showcases Baez s ticket to learning more about the passion for music and treasures of this jewel by the bay art and will be and its eclectic people Marilyn appreciated by readers from all walks of life Becca PORTAL SAN FRANCISCO S FERRY BUILDING AND THE REINVENTION THE DESERTS OF CALIFORNIA A CALIFORNIA FIELD ATLAS Obi Kaufmann Heyday Books 55 OF AMERICAN CITIES John King W W Norton Company 29 99 In his introduction King refers to the Ferry Building as a building through which one can read the past Consider this book your guide on a Obi Kaufmann is a time traveler s journey into cities as master at conveying we know them and don t the natural beauty of California His know them King looks at newest work is a rich breathtaking what San Francisco is was addition to his series on the and may yet become majesty of our state This is the Perfect for locals and perfect gift for art lovers nature visitors alike Portal lovers or anyone who appreciates positively vibrates with a beautiful book Michael passion and impeccable research Brittany L SLOV A week long reading holiday in which children are off from school and everyone is encouraged to participate in activities like writing competitions and book swaps The SWEDEN holiday is meant to celebrate the joy that reading brings 11 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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FOR THE LOVE OF STORIES THE IMPROBABLE TALES OF BASKERVILLE HALL Ali Standish HarperCollins 19 99 Dive into this brand new mystery adventure series led by the original master of mystery himself Join a fictional young Arthur Conan Doyle author of the Sherlock Holmes series as he finds inspiration for his books alongside his friends at Baskerville Hall the coolest school of impossible things A must read for AGES 8 12 mystery lovers Kristin VAMOS LET S GO READ Ra l the Third Elaine Bay Versify 16 99 We have a hit for library lovers this team can t be beat The characters The colors The details I would like to find my friend Coco Rocho do you see him As each new page bursts with action the longer you look the more you ll see Harry AGES 4 8 THE LOST LIBRARY Rebecca Stead Wendy Mass Feiwel Friends 17 99 MORRIS AND THE MAGIC OF STORIES Didier L vy Lorenzo Sangio Thames Hudson 17 95 Morris with the help of the neighborhood mice learns that stories have the power to inspire compassion ignite creativity and most importantly unite new friends Be sure to take a close look at the charming illustrations that really bring the story to life Perfect to read as a family this sweet and quirky novel has a little bit of everything An excellent gift for fans of the tales of Kate DiCamillo the animals of The One and Only Ivan the kindly ghosts of The Graveyard Book and the gentle mysteries of The Boxcar Children Harry AGES 8 12 Stephanie AGES 4 7 12 GIFT CARDS AND E GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS COM

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READ ALOUD BOOKS WHO S TICKLING TILLY Rob Jones Pavilion Books Ltd 8 99 Giggle along with Tilly while helping her find out what on earth could be tickling the end of her very long tail Little ones will delight in unfolding page after page of prehistoric silliness to discover sweet surprises at the end This sturdy accordion style book AGES 0 6 is as much an engaging object of discovery and play as it is a fun filled read aloud Jasmine STICKLER LOVES THE WORLD Lane Smith Random House Studio 18 99 AGES 4 8 What could Stickler possibly love more than sticks Well just about everything else in this world of wonders big and small Seen through Stickler s googly eyes every aspect of ordinary life becomes worthy of notice and admiration chirpy crickets misty fog shiny moon Like his sidekick Crow you might very well say Thank you Stickler for opening my eyes Jasmine HAVE YOU SEEN DINOSAUR David Barrow Gecko Press 18 99 Looking for a new bedtime staple for the dinosaur lovers on your list Look no further Adults will have just as much fun reading this captivating adventurous tale as the kids they are reading it to Jenna AGES 3 5 GRAND OLD OAK AND THE BIRTHDAY BALL Rachel Piercey Freya Hartas Harry N Abrams 19 99 Readers can pore over the illustrations for hours of woodland treasure hunts at the same time pithy lyrical text makes for a quick bedtime read No matter how you choose to visit the forest it s as cozy and sweet as any hundred acre AGES 4 6 wood Mariko SARAU LITER RIO A sarau liter rio refers to a literary soir e or gathering where people come together to read poetry prose and literature aloud These events often feature open mic BRAZIL sessions and discussions about literature 13 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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CHAPTER THE STORY OF GUMLUCK THE WIZARD BOOKS Adam Rex Chronicle Books 14 99 A HORSE NAMED SKY Rosanne Parry Kirbi Fagan Greenwillow Books 18 99 This is a lovely addition to the canon for the wee horse lover in your life or your little history buff Poetic and tactile with lovely illustrations this is a survival story with a lot of heart Harry AGES 8 12 SUPER BOBA CAF Nidhi Chanani Amulet Books 24 99 A must have for graphic novel fans Super Boba Caf weaves family humor and fantastical elements over a San Francisco backdrop to make for the ideal gift for locals and out of towners alike Jenna This charming silly and sweet fairy tale is the ideal book to snuggle up and read together on a quiet night You will love AGES 6 9 the kind hearted bumbling wizard Gumluck who only wants to help people and his cranky raven neighbor Helvetica who just wants to build her nest in peace Donna DOGTOWN Katherine Applegate Gennifer Choldenko Wallace West Feiwel Friends 17 99 Will Chance a real dog and Metal Head a robot dog escape from Dogtown Shelter to find their forever homes Can an odd pair of dogs with the help of a clever mouse manage to rescue each other Perfect for dog lovers and fans of adventure this heartwarming page turner will have readers wagging their tails with delight Jasmine AGES 8 12 AGES 8 12 DIADA DE SANT JORDI Every April 23rd Catalonia s streets burst into life with the vibrant presence of book stalls and flower vendors People of all ages leisurely wander through the streets carefully 14 choosing books and roses to present to their loved ones SPAIN GIFT CARDS AND E GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS COM

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CHAPTER THE DARK LORD S DAUGHTER BOOKS Patricia C Wrede Random House Books for Young Readers 17 99 Kayla just wants to have a fun day at the State Fair but WRECKER instead she has just been told Carl Hiaasen Alfred A Knopf Books for Young Readers 18 99 Carl Hiaasen is so good that I often want to stop reading Wrecker just so that there will be more of it left to read As I AGES 8 12 that she s actually the dark heir to a magical kingdom complete with a drafty castle overbearing relatives and endless rules to follow With Wrede s trademark humor and quirky characters this book is a must read Donna write this I m not THIEVES GAMBIT yet done but I m hooked no boat puns intended Part mystery part adventure part history of Key West Wrecker is AGES 8 12 even better than the gold the smugglers in the book are looking for Brittany Kayvion Lewis Nancy Paulsen Books 19 99 A simple heist goes horribly wrong when Ross Quest s mom is held hostage for an enormous ransom one Ross can t hope to pay unless she wins the Thieves Gambit There is only one rule in the competition don t kill your competitors needlessly Your new favorite thriller CATFISH ROLLING Clara Kumagai explosive action right until the last page Marilyn AGES 12 UP Amulet Books 19 99 FOREVER TWELVE If you ve ever wanted to read AGES 13 UP a book that gives Studio Ghibli vibes this is the one I fell into this lyrically written book following Sora a young woman seeking her mother through the time cracked landscape of post earthquake Japan Both heartfelt and thought provoking this book lives up to its beautiful cover Donna Stacy McAnulty Random House Books for Young Readers 17 99 Ivy has big plans for starting at her new super competitive school AGES 8 12 It s awesome but yes very strange that her roommate Abbey claims to be over 200 years old Ivy s world is about to change in unimaginable ways This story is wonderfully inventive Marilyn 15 KEPLER S BOOKS 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321

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JOIN THE LOVE Kepler s staff are the heart and soul of our work Please help us pay living wages by joining our membership program JOIN OR LEARN MORE AT KEPLERS COM MEMBER Love the staff recommendations I always discover something new and wonderful Liz I wish I had the time to browse at your bookstore EVERY DAY You have a great selection Anonymous I love Kepler s because everyone who works there is SO SWEET And the book selection is awesome Miya Your bookstore is my absolute favorite in the area It brings me such joy to walk in here and be surrounded by amazing creative work Melody One of my fave bookstores We love y all Ailyn You are my favorite bookstore ever I love the workers and the books You are great Phoebe You guys have filled the independent bookstore shaped hole in my heart I love y all so much I spent 2 hours of my birthday here Vivian WHERE OUR STAFF HAS TRAVELED TO THIS YEAR NEW YORK ATLANTA Donna FLORIDA Brittany COLORADO Diane BELGIUM FRANCE ITALY Stephanie MEXICO Joseline MOROCCO TURKEY Jasmine CROATIA BOSNIA Aggie UNITED KINGDOM Kristin INDIA COSTA RICA Praveen ITALY Alex CANADA Carolee JORDAN DENMARK NORWAY SWEDEN Todd 1010 EL CAMINO REAL MENLO PARK CA 94025 650 324 4321