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3OUR MISSING HEARTSCeleste Ng (Penguin Press, $29)Bird’s journey through a dystopian America to find his mother is an eerie and prescient tale. The America that Ng writes about is similar to ours, yet a creeping xenophobia becomes more and more pronounced throughout. Still, a faith in the power of the written word gives this dark story the hope of redemption. (Charlie)THE MARRIAGE PORTRAITMaggie O’Farrell (Knopf, $28)Maggie O’Farrell will steal your breath away. To read The Marriage Portrait is to clip along at a pace you didn’t know you could sustain, to solve a mystery you didn’t see coming, to fight for a girl who is desperately fighting for herself. Beautifully written and richly imagined, this is a book for anyone who loves storytelling and a demonstrated mastery of craft. (Brittany)WOMAN WITHOUT SHAME: POEMSSandra Cisneros (Knopf, $27)Read these poems aloud to taste their tangy spice on your tongue. Read them aloud to inhale their zesty perfume. Read them aloud to feel the power of the feminine embracing you. Read these poems aloud and let their desire, rage, and courage touch you. And have no shame doing it. (Aggie)IF I SURVIVE YOUJonathan Escoffery(MCD Books, $27)Jonathan Escoffery's novel-in-stories brilliantly captures the life of a young man's family of Jamaican heritage living in Miami, Florida. Challenging the usual immigration success story, this book will arrest you with its authentic, exuberant voice, humor, warmth, and compassion. A perfect choice for fans of Zadie Smith and Junot Diaz. (Aggie)THE PASSENGERCormac McCarthy (Knopf, $30)I can’t remember the last time I was so captivated by a book! What if I told you that in its pages, you'll encounter a forbidden love, a most profound sorrow, a cosmic loneliness, a young woman's brilliant math mind tormented by schizophrenia, a dreadful sense of futility, an intergalactic void between God and its people, a string theory history, and a mysterious missing passenger (thus the title)? And yet, this first volume is a true masterpiece! I cannot wait for the second book to follow in December. (Aggie)FICTION & POETRYFICTION & POETRYKEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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LESSONS IN CHEMISTRYBonnie Garmus(Doubleday Books, $29)Exceptional! Fast-paced and feisty, Lessons in Chemistry is the delicious story of chemist Elizabeth Zott, a trail-blazing feminist in 1960s California, trying to manage motherhood, meal prep, and misogyny - all in the name of science. An absolute JOY to read! (Amanda)LESS IS LOSTAndrew Sean Greer(Little, Brown and Company, $29)I wish for everyone the pleasure of discovering a sequel as good as the first, as I did with this book! All of the comedy, the bumbling, the jostling, all of the cleverness and the wit, all of the joy is here. Its predecessor, Less (Back Bay Books, $17.99), is my most gifted book, and this is the perfect companion. (Harry)BOOK LOVERS Emily Henry (Berkley Books, $17)Emily Henry can do no wrong. This time, she works her romance magic on Nora, a feisty literary agent, and Charlie, a brooding book editor, forced to work together on their star author’s newest project. Book Lovers sparkles with smart characters, witty bookish banter, and a toe-curling love story. It might even be better than Beach Read. Yes. Really. (Stephanie)NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PANICKevin Wilson (Ecco Press, $27.99)Two lonely, awkward teenagers find their creative match in each other and decide to quell summer boredom by posting mysterious homemade posters throughout their sleepy little town; what happens next is completely unexpected and far-reaching in scope. Wondrously quirky and full of heart, it’s a coming-of-age story unlike any other. (Todd)THE LAST WHITE MAN Mohsin Hamid(Riverhead Books, $26)This short, fable-like, thought-provoking novel is the perfect book club choice. Mohsin's writing is deceivingly simple and propelled me to reread it for its brilliance and masterly examination of personal and societal metamorphosis, race, and mortality. The pure force of this original book is haunting. (Aggie)FICTION & POETRYFICTION & POETRYGIFT CARDS AND E-GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS.COM4

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5BABEL: OR THE NECESSITY OF VIOLENCE: AN ARCANE HISTORY OF THE OXFORD TRANSLATORS' REVOLUTIONR.F. Kuang (Harper Voyager, $27.99)Babel is a stunning, complex, and hugely ambitious historical fantasy, unflinchingly addressing issues of colonialism, race, and the betrayal inherent in the act of translation. Despite these heavy topics, Kuang’s writing is enthralling and approachable. Her world and characters are crafted with such care that I couldn’t tear myself away. (Donna)MARPLE: TWELVE NEW MYSTERIESAgatha Christie et al. (Wiliam Morrow & Company, $28.99)45 years after her last appearance, Miss Marple is back in business! The twelve stories in this collection are written by some of today’s best mystery writers. They’re full of the classic twists and turns you expect from a Christie whodunnit, and successfully breathe new life into a beloved character. (Donna)LAVENDER HOUSE Lev AC Rosen, (Forge, $26.99)Lavender House is a delightful crime novel with a queer historical twist. The setting is 1950’s San Francisco, where an intriguing cast of characters is living in a secretive mansion. When the matriarch is murdered, disgraced police officer Evander Mills is hired to solve the case. This is a great choice for a cozy mystery. (Diane)THE ENIGMA OF ROOM 622Joël Dicker (HarperVia, $29.99)A great mystery! While on vacation in the Swiss Alps, writer Joël Dicker (yes, the same name as the author) discovers an unsolved murder. Thirty years ago, a corpse was found in Room 622 at the grand hotel where he is staying. The writer becomes a detective, and begins to unravel this case. This is a whodunnit full of twists and turns which will keep you guessing until the end. (Diane)THE MOUNTAIN IN THE SEARay Nayler (MCD Books, $28)Set in a near-future world where insidious AI dominates and tech companies battle to control all resources, a small group works to protect a newly-discovered, sophisticated octopus species hidden on a controlled archipelago.The stark contrast between humans and cephalopods is blinding. A fascinating story! (Marilyn)KEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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THE HIGH SIERRA: A LOVE STORYKim Stanley Robinson(Little, Brown and Company, $40)Dear readers, behold: the ultimate romance! Sci-fi legend Robinson has been hiking California's beloved mountain range for decades, and his unwavering love for those peaks shimmers from every page. Part personal history, part geography lesson, part nature meditation, it's also a rather beautiful object to flip through and admire; oh, those photos and illustrations! (Todd)SOLITO: A MEMOIRJavier Zamora (Hogarth Press, $28)As migrants and refugees become a larger part of our national consciousness, books like Solito become all the more necessary. Javier Zamora has written an amazing memoir of his two-month trek from El Salvador to the United States. His prose is immaculate, and he captures his memories as a nine-year-old migrant perfectly. This is destined to be a modern classic. (Michael)SIX CALIFORNIA KITCHENS: A COLLECTION OF RECIPES, STORIES, AND COOKING LESSONS FROM A PIONEER OF CALIFORNIA CUISINESally Schmitt, Troyce Hoffman(Chronicle Books, $35)Sally Schmitt might not be a household name, but in 1979 she founded the French Laundry. The Yountville institution is just one of the kitchens she invites us into while sharing stories, memories, and recipes from throughout her life. This beautiful cookbook will stand the test of time. (Stephanie)28: A PHOTOGRAPHIC TRIBUTE TO BUSTER POSEY Brad Mangin et al. (Cameron Books, $40)Relive the best moments of Posey’s twelve seasons with the San Francisco Giants with these gorgeous photographs by Brad Mangin. Essays by Mike Krukow, Brandon Crawford, and others provide a full history of Posey and the three championships he helped win for the Bay Area. (Charlie)6GIFT CARDS AND E-GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS.COM

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7MADLY, DEEPLY: THE DIARIES OF ALAN RICKMANAlan Rickman(Henry Holt & Company, $32)Alan Rickman is one of the most beloved actors of all time. Through his diary entries we get a backstage glimpse of his life as an actor, activist, and traveler. These stories will feel like you are having a cup of tea with Rickman and catching up with an old friend. (Joseline)MIRROR IN THE SKY: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF STEVIE NICKSSimon Morrison(University of California Press, $24.95)Stevie Nicks’ story is the most American story that began in that most American place: the West (or, specifically, the Bay Area). But over the last fifty years, her music has created intense bonds with millions of people all over the world. This stunning musical biography beautifully describes the story of this cultural icon. (Praveen)A PLACE IN THE WORLD: FINDING THE MEANING OF HOME Frances Mayes(Crown Publishing Group, $27)A lyrical and evocative collection of personal stories from the author of Under the Tuscan Sun. The pandemic has shown us that there is profound comfort in being at home and that joy can be found in cooking a meal. Mayes reflects on the comforts of home with intimacy and wanderlust. (Joseline)DINNERS WITH RUTH: A MEMOIR ON THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPSNina Totenberg(Simon & Schuster, $27.99)Smart. Capable. Groundbreaking. All of these words apply to both amazing women (NPR’s Nina Totenberg and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Their friendship, predating either's fame, was deep and lifelong. Dinners with Ruth is a wonderful gift for anyone who is a fan of these two and wants to know more, or anyone who knows the power of a badass bestie. (Carolee)BIOGRAPHY& MEMOIRBIOGRAPHY& MEMOIRKEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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AMERICAN MIDNIGHT: THE GREAT WAR, A VIOLENT PEACE, AND DEMOCRACY'S FORGOTTEN CRISISAdam Hochschild(Mariner Books, $29.99)Deeply researched and written with incisive prose, Hochschild's latest book examines America during and after WWI. It’s an ugly chapter in our history– plagued by virulent racism and a systematic assault on democracy- that is now mostly forgotten. I am such a fan of his work! (Carolee)ONE HUNDRED SATURDAYS: STELLA LEVI AND THE SEARCH FOR A LOST WORLDMichael Frank (Avid Reader Press, $28)Over the course of six years, Frank met with nonagenarian Stella Levi to talk about her extraordinary life; the result is one of the most fascinating memoirs I have read. Levi is one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors from the Greek island of Rhodes; her storytelling (accompanied by Maira Kalman's thoughtful illustrations) is an absolute marvel. (Todd)AGENT JOSEPHINE: AMERICAN BEAUTY, FRENCH HERO, BRITISH SPYDamien Lewis (Public Affairs, $32)Born in America, Josephine Baker is best known for her glittering life and dazzling performances in France, her adopted country. However, as World War II ravaged Europe, she became a spy for the French Resistance, using her concerts and tours as cover for missions. Baker considered her espionage to be her life’s greatest work. (Marilyn)STUFF THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, Noel Brown (Flatiron Books, $29.99)The spooky, campfire-story aesthetic that makes conspiracies so appealing has been increasingly frustrated by our knowledge of how damaging they can be when injected uncritically into the public square. Fortunately, books like this exist for those who enjoy conspiracies, but not the fact-free environment in which they thrive. (Lucas)AMERICAN DEMON: ELIOT NESS AND THE HUNT FOR AMERICA'S JACK THE RIPPER Daniel Stashower(Minotaur Books, $29.99)American Demon recreates the ultimate battle of wits between a hero (Eliot Ness) and a madman (the Cleveland Torso Killer), both brilliant at what they do. A non-fiction crime story to keep you up at night – it’s hard to put down this gripping tale. (Sina)8GIFT CARDS AND E-GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS.COM

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WHAT IF? 2: ADDITIONAL SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC ANSWERS TO ABSURD HYPOTHETICAL QUESTIONSRandall Munroe (Riverhead Books, $30)In his latest book, Munroe continues his whimsical AND factual exploration of science. More fun and zany questions answered. More great illustrations. Perfect for anyone with an inquisitive (and slightly bent) mind! (Carolee)THINKING 101: HOW TO REASON BETTER TO LIVE BETTER Woo-Kyoung Ahn(Flatiron Books, $28.99)The popular Yale professor summarizes thirty years of research on eight thinking errors that hold us back from addressing personal and societal problems. This book is fun, absorbing, and packed with actionable insights on how we can become better thinkers, live happier lives, and help our loved ones do the same. (Praveen)AN IMMENSE WORLD: HOW ANIMAL SENSES REVEAL THE HIDDEN REALMS AROUND USEd Yong(Random House, $30)This is candy for animal lovers. Through scientific study, we get a glimpse into the perspective of animals all over the world. The information will have you turning pages and leave you wanting more. (Jenna)SACRED NATURE: RESTORING OUR ANCIENT BOND WITH THE NATURAL WORLD Karen Armstrong(Knopf, $28)Scholarly yet accessible, this short book is dense with wisdom and practical ways toward world-repair – a contemplative text that is also a call to action. Armstrong offers hope for a return to a more participatory understanding of the natural world, with reverence and imagination at the core. I was deeply moved and inspired, heart and mind! (Jasmine)THE SONG OF THECELL: AN EXPLORATION OF MEDICINE AND THE NEW HUMANSiddhartha Mukherjee(Scribner Book Company, $32.50)Siddhartha Mukherjee continues his compassionate exploration of the fundamentals of medicine. Combining an impressive knowledge of the underlying science with compelling stories of those whose lives have hung in the balance, he chronicles our progress in understanding this most basic element of living organisms. (Lucas)9KEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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THE MOTH PRESENTS: A GAME OF STORYTELLINGThe Moth(Clarkson Potter Publishers, $17.99)If you’ve ever turned on NPR late Saturday night, you’ve probably been fortunate enough to hear the Moth Radio Hour. If you’re like me, and you’ve sat there listening and wishing you could have your own profound storytelling experience…it’s here. Richly colorful and loaded with thought-provoking questions, this gorgeous deck will have even the greenest of storytellers orating like a pro. (Brittany)READ DANGEROUSLY: THE SUBVERSIVE POWER OF LITERATURE IN TROUBLED TIMESAzar Nafisi(Dey Street Books, $26.99)Nafisi writes a wonderful series of letters to her deceased father in which she discusses the critical role that literature plays, highlighting universal truths in times of controlling regimes. Her analysis of several writers' works expands into refreshing and invigorating discussions for all of us. (Marilyn)THIS IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: WHAT THE MUSIC YOU LOVE SAYS ABOUT YOUSusan Rogers, Ogi Ogas(W.W. Norton & Company, $28.95)As a 24/7 playlist maker and constant music listener, I was immediately drawn to this book. I loved reading the science behind why my brain loves my favorite tracks. Whether you love hip-hop, classical, pop, or anything in between, you will learn something new about yourself and your taste from this fascinating book! (Sonia)CALL ME BY MY TRUE NAMES: THE COLLECTED POEMS Thich Nhat Hanh(Parallax Press, $17.95) This beautiful book contains poems by one of the greatest spiritual masters of our age - poems that are accessible yet thoughtful, simple but with deep currents underneath. They reminded me of Rumi's poetry. A perfect gift for anyone you know who could use a few moments of peace each day. (Kristin)10GIFT CARDS AND E-GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS.COM

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INCITING JOY: ESSAYS Ross Gay (Algonquin Books, $27)Ross Gay gazes into sorrow and sees the possibilities of a generous future. In each essay he comes prepared to the conversation with his boots on the ground and his trademark sparkling energy. I went in skeptical and came out with a garden in my backyard. Action: an antidote to dread. (Harry)WHAT'S FOR DESSERT: SIMPLE RECIPES FOR DESSERT PEOPLE: A BAKING BOOKClaire Saffitz(Clarkson Potter Publishers, $37.50)What’s for Dessert is a quick and uncomplicated approach to elevated desserts. It’s a great introduction to novice bakers and a great add-on for any dedicated baker looking for a quick and delicious dessert. (Michael)THE YEAR OF THE PUPPY: HOW DOGS BECOME THEMSELVESAlexandra Horowitz (Viking, $28)Having recently adopted our second dog, Dr. Horowitz's talent for confirming suspicions and dispelling myths is well-appreciated in our house. Her prose is tender, without veering into the maudlin. With a scientist's eye, she connects us with the joy and mystery of watching new life finding its place in the world. For the veteran dog-owner and neophyte alike. (Lucas)FRIENDS TO KEEP IN ART AND LIFE Nicole Tersigni(Chronicle Books, $14.95)What do you get when you combine pithy captions and classical art? A hilarious and surprisingly poignant celebration of female friendship! Friends to Keep irreverently honors the support and love we get from our best friends, and is the perfect gift for gal pals everywhere. (Stephanie)11KEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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MEANWHILE BACK ON EARTH . . .: FINDING OUR PLACE THROUGH TIME AND SPACEOliver Jeffers, (Philomel Books, $24.99)He means it literally. Jump in the car - it’s only moving at 37mph - as Oliver Jeffers takes us on a two-fold tour: to the planets while also backwards through history. (For example: It takes 150 years to drive to Mercury, so back on Earth it’s now the late 1800s.) Juxtaposing space (think outer) with space (think elbow room), Jeffers’ beautiful and creative book is sure to spark conversations and imaginations alike. (Brittany)BOOKS AREN'T FOR EATINGCarlie Sorosiak, Manu Montoya(Walker Books, $17.99)It doesn’t matter if they’re a reluctant, a silly, or a prolific reader - anyone and everyone will see themselves in this story. It’s as cozy as the bookstore it describes - you’ll laugh, you’ll want a snack, you’ll just devour (pun intended) this heart-warming book about loving books! (Brittany)THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFFMac Barnett, Jon Klassen(Orchard Books, $18.99)This reimagining of the classic tale from your childhood features the trademark wit and hilarious illustrations that have become the signature of every Barnett & Klassen book. A good fit for families with two or more younger kids who read at different levels. Perfect for reading aloud! (Kristin)WILL WE ALWAYS HOLD HANDS?Christopher Cheng, Stephen Michael KingRandom House Studio, $18.99)What wouldn’t you do for your best friend? Follow Rat and Bear in this beautifully-illustrated picture book as they explore what it means to be a true friend, through thick and thin. A heartfelt gift for children and grownups alike, this book will stand the test of time. (Donna)12GIFT CARDS AND E-GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS.COM

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THE DOOR OF NO RETURNKwame Alexander (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $17.99)An unforgettable story of a young boy in Ghana - it’s a story of friendship, rivalry, family, and first love. This boy loses his innocence in the wake of the worst tragedies: accidents of fate, and the inhuman cruelties of the slave trade. A novel in verse that soars from page to page, it is a testament to storytelling as a healing force. (Jasmine)A ROVER'S STORYJasmine Warga(Balzer & Bray, $17.99)Resilience is a rover who will explore the rocky terrain of Mars and send findings back to Earth; he knows it deep in his circuitry. I adored this Wall-E-esque story about intrepid robots and dedicated scientists, and I know it will spark a love of space exploration for many young readers. (Donna)ODDER Katherine Applegate, Charles Santoso(Feiwel & Friends, $16.99)In this gorgeous, lyrical book, Applegate and Santoso weave a relatable tale of the trials and tribulations that come with growing up and maturity. It might be a fast read, but it is an extremely rich one as well. (Jenna)SHUNA'S JOURNEYHayao Miyazaki(First Second, $27.99)This epic tale of young prince Shuna’s quest to save his kingdom from famine has all the hallmarks of a timeless classic. Mythic storytelling and fantastic adventure, so beautifully rendered by the legendary Miyazaki – it’s the perfect gift for kids who love manga and graphic novels, as well as the legions of adult fans of Studio Ghibli. (Jasmine)13KEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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WELL, THAT WAS UNEXPECTED Jesse Q. Sutanto(Delacorte Press, $18.99)This is a quintessential fake dating rom-com that hits all the right notes. It is so funny and charming, and takes place on the beautiful island of Bali. What else could you possibly ask for? I laughed myself silly while reading, and it’s the perfect gift for the romance lover in your life. (Donna)THE LUMINARIESSusan Dennard(Tor Teen, $18.99)Winnie Wednesday has only one goal on the forefront of her mind: kill the monsters and restore her family's good name. Hemlock Falls is a gorgeously dark world full of deadly forests and nightmares, and Winnie is determined to be its best hunter, no matter the cost. (Joseline)THE SUNBEARER TRIALS Aiden Thomas(Feiwel & Friends, $18.99)A Mexican-inspired fantasy that you won’t want to miss. Every ten years, ten Semidioses are selected to compete in a series of trials to replenish the sun’s power. But for the first time in over a century, Sol chooses not one but two Jade competitors. Jades are not trained for these trials, and Teo is determined to get himself and his friends through them unscathed. (Joseline)I WAS BORN FOR THIS Alice Oseman (Scholastic Press, $18.99)Perfect for every contemporary book-lover on your list. Oseman expertly integrates tender themes of identity, friendship, and mass visibility into a story that will warm your heart. (Jenna)IF YOU COULD SEE THE SUNAnn Liang(Inkyard Press, $18.99)Alice has always felt invisible, but never more so than when she actually becomes invisible. Deciding to profit from her situation, Invisible Alice learns people’s secrets and then charges to spill them. She finds herself caught up in a wild boarding school drama, all while trying to balance the rivals-to-lovers journey she’s also on. This book is so much fun. (Brittany)YOUNG ADULT NOVELSYOUNG ADULT NOVELS14GIFT CARDS AND E-GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE IN STORE AND AT KEPLERS.COM

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THE KILLING CODEEllie Marney(Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $17.99)A thriller packed with secrets, danger, and murders during World War II. Kit has been recruited to a team of codebreakers at Arlington Hall. A fellow codebreaker’s dead body is discovered near their dorm, prompting the team members to use their coding skills to learn what the victims have in common in order to stop the next murder. (Marilyn)ISLAND OF SPIESSheila Turnage (Dial Books, $18.99)This one has everything: wartime spies, real-life history, and a gang of young sleuths who hang out in a famous lighthouse. As a North Carolina native and a big fan of the glorious Outer Banks, I loved that this book tells WWII history from a unique location. With German U-boats hiding just off the coast, there's plenty of mystery and adventure for all! (Kristin)HOW TO BE A SPYDaniel Nesquens, Mathias Sielfeld(Little Gestalten, $29.95)Ditch the trench coat and fake glasses - you don't need those to be a great spy. Instead, you need to notice things and be stealthy, just like the kid in the background on the book cover. This book is your guide, so get out there and happy sleuthing! (Marilyn)SISTERHOOD OF SLEUTHSJennifer Chambliss Bertman, Vesper Stamper(Christy Ottaviano Books, $16.99)I enjoyed this book so much. Lots of mystery for readers who love mysteries, book nerdiness for readers who love talking about books, history for readers who love history, and friend drama for readers who love realism. Long live the Sisterhood of Sleuths! (Kristin)SECRETS, SPIES, & SLEUTHSSECRETS, SPIES, & SLEUTHS15KEPLER’S BOOKS · 1010 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 · (650) 324-4321

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