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Think Twice Before You Type


Kel & Erin

                   Digital Life 101





  1. Blog- A reguluary updated website or webpage which can be ran by one person or a small group
  3. Flaming- Posting or sending offensive messages over the internet
  5. P2P- Stands for peer to peer , the peers are computer systems which are connecte to each other via the internet
  7. Phishing-They send out e-mails that apperar ro come from legtimate websites such as Ebay to steal personal information
  9. Podcast-Audio and video braoscats that can be played on an iPod
  11. Aggregator-A website or progam that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them



       Keeping your password safe- 


  • Never tell anyone your password
  • Log out when your done using your computer
  • Ignore requestes by websites to "remember" your password
  • Dont use the same password for multiple accounts
  • Use a mix of numbers and letters in your password



Passwords :

  • Use Proper Languages
  • Be Precise
  • Avoid Emoticons and texting 
  • Be explantory
  • Read all your comments
  • before hitting submit


Protect Yourself Online :

  • Shop Safely
  • Watch out fo scams
  • Be smart when using instant messaging
  • Use email wisely
  • Pay attention to your childs online activities

Digital Piracy :



The illegal trade of software


and videos , digital video devices


and music , Piracy occurs when


someone other than the copy right


holder copys the product and


resales it.


  • Be polite
  • Dont Bully
  • Dont expose family problems
  • Be positive
  • Know your limits

Social Media

Cyber Bullying



Cyber bullying is the use of electronic


communication to  bully a person


typically by sending messages


intimidating or threatening .

Cyber Bullying

  • Alwyas think about what you post
  • Keep your password secret
  • Think about who sees your post online
  • Keep your parents in the loop
  • Talk to your parents about any messages or things that make you sad or scared