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Madd was founded on September 5, 1980 in Irving,Texas.  Candy lightner founded MADD when her daughter, Cari Lightner, was killed by a drunk driver. MADDs focus is on proven drunk driving prevention efforts to save lives and prevent injuries. They have helped pass over 2,300 anti-drunk driving and underage drinking laws. They also helped with the minimuim drinking age law in 1984 and the "Zero Tolerance " provision in 1995.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving mission is to "End Drunk Driving , Help Fight Drugged Driving , Support these Victims of these Violent Crimes, Prevent underage Drinking ."

         The History 

    The Mission

 -2 out 3 people will be affected by Drunk Driving  

-28 people die from this cause everyday

Every 2 minutes someone is injured by drunk driving " make those 2 minutes count" Donate and Take Action!!!

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