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The prince who found love

Once apon a time in a far far away land there lived a butler named Charming.Charming lived with his ugly stepbrothers Dan and Phil and his cruel stepfarther Jon.Though Charming was part of the family,he would have to clean the whole house every day while Dan and Phil watched him.Charming also had a crush on princess Lucy.


One day Charming was cleaning the floors and the doorbell rang.Charming opened the door and was handed a letter,he opened the letter to find a invitation to a lunch-in with the princess.Charming's stepfather Jon walked into the room and snatched the letter from Charming's hand. 

"A lunch-in with the princess I see" Charming's stepfather repeated."Ye-e-e-es,may I please go" Charming asked "NO" shouted Charmings stepfather and at that moment Charming was thrown and locked in his room.Half an hour later his stepfather and his stepbrothers had left to go to the lunch-in while Charming was still in his room. 

'I wish someone would help me" Charming said out loude all of a sudden a fairy had appered on his room "wh-o-o-o-o-o" are you" Charming asked."I'am your fairy godfather" "Oh well it's nice to meet you do you think you could help me get a new suite and a ride to the lunch-in" "Yes can here we go,bibbity bobbity boo bibbity bobbity boo!" poof a suit appeared in front of him and a carage to the side. 

"Charming,do you have any animal friends" "yes I have my friend Cuddles the bear,Poga and bobby the tigars and fuzzy the lion" Charming said "Okay well bibbity bibbity boo" poof the bear turend into a coachman,the tigars turned into hores and the lion turned into a footmen."Wow,thank you so much" Charming said "your welcome,but remember be back by 3:00 or els the magic will wear off"and just like that the fairy disappeared.

As soon as Charming got to the lunch-in he was the first prince to dance with the princess.They ha so much fun together,but then the clock struck 3:00 "Oh Im sorry princess but I have to go" at that moment Charming ran out of the building,but as he ran his belt flew off and he was in to much of a hurry to grab it.Days after days of the princess looking for Charming she could not find him.

On one day Charming was washing the carrage and the princess came to Charmings house too see if any of them fit the belt.When the princess found out that Charming was the prince they got married and lived happily ever after.                                                         The End!