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Articles VS the Constitution


This is James Madison. He wrote the Articles of Confederation.

Fun Fact: The Madison Family served ice cream at many official events while living in the White House.

The Articles of Confederation just had one branch of government, the executive branch. This branch had most of the power. It could declare war and make peace. But it lacked any real power over the states. 

The goal under the Articles of Confederation was to let the states keep their power but have the central government take care of all the big issues.

Congress could not collect taxes or pay war debts under the Articles of Confederation.

Fun Fact: James Madison was the shortest President at only 5'4"

In 1785, Congress decided the Articles were not working well for the United States. So, James Madison wrote the Constitution.

The Constitution worked so much better. There are three branches of government under the Constitution. The Legislative Branch that makes the laws, the Executive Branch that enforces the laws, and the Judicial Branch that interprets the laws.

Under the Articles of Confederation, each state got 1 to 7 delegates but all together got one vote. Now, under the Consitution, each state gets a certain number of votes based on each population.

Under the Constitution, the Federal Government still has the power to declare war and make peace. But, it also gives the government the power to regulate commerce and make a Post Office.

All in all, the Constitution has made the United States of America so much better in many different ways. The End.