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"The Federal Art Project made to bring the many different types of Art into the life of everyone and anyone!"

Federal Art Project


The Federal Art Project was made to support and fund the differents arts that people enjoyed.

Examples: Literature, Music and Theater/Drama. 



~The FAP

August 29, 1935





The FAP used over $27 million to fund projects in fine arts.

Kaylee Reynolds!


June 30,


Ending Date:




     The FAP had a sad ending but the art was never forgotten. On June 30, 1943, the Federal Art Project came to an end. With World War II beginning the economy was in need of recovery and needed to focus more on the war, ending the era of the FAP. Though the project ended many still stuck with the art they had fallen in love with.


    The Federal Art Project was originally official on August 29, 1935. The founders of this project were, Franklin D Roosevelt and George Biddle but Holger Cahill, who is a curator and fine and folk art expert, was appointed to the direct the program. The FAP is used to fund the different types of arts around the United States. This project also brought all the types of Arts into the people's everyday life and gave the people a chance at trying out Art.

About the



 ~He is the only president to be elected four times. 

~Was the leader who helped people get through World War II and the Great Depression

 ~At age twenty-eight Roosevelt was invited to run for New York state senate.

~During the 1912 National Democratic Convention, Roosevelt supported presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson.

~Born on January 30, 1882, in New York.

~Married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on March 17, 1905.

~Has five children, four boys, and one girl.

~Was diagnosed with Polio at the age of thirty-nine, making him the first president to serve with a significant physical disability.

~One of his hobbies was collecting stamps.

~Served as Vice President for James M Cox in 1920.

Franklin D Roosevelt:

Unemployment rate- No change


Government spending- Increase. 


GDP- No change.


 Confidence-building- Increase.


Role of Government- No change.


Per capita income- Mostly Increase but could be a Decrease depending on the type of art you're doing. 


Specific population groups- Increase.


Increases & Decreases: