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Research report about Modeling

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By: Katlyn Johnston

   Most people think modeling is an extermly glamorous and carefree job. But in a models perspective they would say they actually dont get enough credit for what they do. Yes, these ladys get to strut down a runway in clothing most of us couldn't even afford to touch but having a pretty face isn't what its all about. Its about the demands that they have and the wardrobe like makeup and clothing. Also you will learn about how they lived back then in the 1900s and how they live now. 


     In the 1900s woman wore fancy dresses for specific occasions. They also wore suits with blouses, and sporting clothing for there more active activitys like skating, cycling, and tennis.

    Today woman prefer rompers, skirts, and spring dresses. They also wear shorts, t-shirts, and crop tops for there fun and sporty activitys.



The 1900s


     Modeling isnt just a walk in the park there are many demands. For instance, one demand you face as a model would be maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine to stay in shape. The demands on a models figure are intense. They need to be tall, skinny, and flawless skin.

     In addition, they have to stand in uncomfortable poses for long periods of time and work crazy long hours. Sometimes the demand on their schedules requires them to travel constantly.


The Demands 



     We have models to help sell products and services. Many companies use models in their advertisements in magazines and on T.V. commercials. They use models to help sell products and make money.

     Models are also important to help get messages out to people around self confidence and to educate us on various topics. Modeling might also be a way for people to express their feelings and concur their fears.

Why do we have Modeling


     The wardrobe on a model depends on their personality and body type. For example it depneds on what clothes fit on them or what looks good on them. Companies that sell clothes are very specific about the type of models they hire to show off their clothes.

     Models spend a lot of time sitting around being fitted for their clothes. They also spend a lot of time waiting for their hair and make up to be done. I wonder if the models ever get bored waiting?

     A model might not like what she's modeling but it's about getting paid, not putting on clothes she or he likes.


     In closing I hope you learned a little bit about modeling and what it is all about. It might seem glamorous but the demands of a model are not only time consuming but are a life choice. From getting their hair and makeup done, waiting for their fittings, and traveling often, the life of a model is a tough job. Staying healthy and fit is a life time choice in Modeling and isn't for everybody.