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By Kasia



The population of  Berlin, Germany is 


3,500,000. Its located in Germany in


the continint of Europe. It was


founded by Albert the Bear in 1237


and it has been the capital of


Germany since 1999.

 About Berlin, Germany

You should go to Museum Island

This is the Northern half of an island on the spree river. It is called that because it holds the 5 significant museams in Berlin.

Historic Sites


Some of the top historic sites in


Berlin, Germany.


Cheackpoint Charlie was given the name by the western allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the cold war

Food in



  • These are the top ten foods in Berlin, Germany
  • Schnitzel
  • Curry and chili
  • Doner kebab
  • Bockwurst
  • Ketwurst
  • Senfeier
  • Eisbein
  • Konigsberger
  • Schnitzel holstein
  • Pfannkuchen

I will only summarize a few so lets get on to the food!


First is the Eisbein

This food is Heavily marbled meat covered with a thick layer of crispy fat


Next is Currywurst

It is grilled pork sausage that are sliced in to pieces and seasoned with ketchup or tomato paste and blended with curry with generous amounts of curry powder





The Climate

The Climate in Berlin Germany is like ours. Fairly mild Springs and Falls, Cold Winters and Warm Summers


The best ways to get around berlin, Germany

is by bus, taxi, Cars and


Sports and



THey have all the same sports as us but they have motorsports and Handball

Local Languages and Arts and Culture

The local languages include british, english, and German. This city have gone through 5 different governments and few citys have undergone so much change. It symbolizes destruction and rebuilding.